March 05, 2011


Hey Dolls,
 GossipGirl4real here, updating you about Dollywood.

I now turned my back on the problems I had before and will bring you a new topic.
Style_Magazine is a very successful member in Dollywood. She is known for her Magazine called "Style Magazine." 

Aside from her magazine, she is also known to be one of the classiest members in Stardoll.
Because of her classiness, people often call her "boring" and that she "lacks personality" but recently she showed us a LOT of it.

She dressed up as Britney during a Stardoll event. 
That's not all, she even made her guestbook "twitter-like"
and her tweets are all about Britney.

And her replies to some guestbook comments are a little funny. :D

I personally love the new attitude of Style, but that's just me.
Tell me your opinion.

I'll end this post with a Britney video. :P


  1. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Saturday, March 05, 2011 3:41:00 PM

    1st comment :D


    michael jackson: king of pop
    Madonna: Queen of pop
    Britney : Princess of pop
    I love all 3! As for lady gaga, she may be an inseration and i love her songs but she has a LONG way to go. Justin doesn't get a title!

  2. Honestly, I think this is another 'Famewhore' thing... I seriously never knew what Style_Magazine did... But why would someone keep posting Brittany Spears quotes and info about her, on a paperdoll website, trying not to achieve fame.

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  4. @Princess_Dumini
    I love your list, and I agree about GaGa and Justin :P
    @Anonymous I think she's not really "FameWhoring." Maybe this is the real her, and she's showing who she is :)
    @Alex OUTRAGOUS!! XD

  5. I can't really understand why she's doing that.

  6. She is obsessed with Britney Spears.

  7. Hey MDM,
    I personally love Britney Spears and think she's doing a wonderful job at playing the part. I mean, not everyone would be able to pull of something like that, yet she can and she does it good. I think it's original actually, although some may think it's attention seeking, she's doing something different on Stardoll and for one, being original.
    Love you,
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  8. She went batshit in my GB just because I said 'I'd like to see Britney die so that Style would perform necrophilia on her'..... :|

  9. It's nice to finally see some personality from her.


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