July 31, 2012

A Bittersweet Intuition

We often forget how quickly time passes, and before you know it something is out for a return:

Ah, Miss Stardoll World. So we meet again.
I feel almost as if it was just a few months ago that Miss Stardoll World was announced for another go, it's almost surreal that it's recently been hinted for coming back another year.
Though MSW (as it's commonly known as) seems to be worth trying out for, my opinion of it has been dwindling after seeing how much effort it takes to seal yourself the crown of a virtual world. How much? That's what varies.
I first thought that the people who moped and groaned over MSW were just exaggerating.
Too much advertising? Who cares, there's a delete button.
Too much false promises? There's something called ignorance.
Too much cheating? Well, we can't confirm that yet, so let's give MSW a shot.
Advertising, promos, and cheating. Those are some of the reasons why a couple of us are scared of the upcoming MSW. Every year we know that it's coming, but somehow all of us are hesitant to take the step towards it. Why should we? Because there's always the looming pressure to succumb to the virtual pleasures that are promised to us. Before we know it, we're buying more Stardollars to broadcast and make ourselves prone to winning this grand competition.
All in all, it's a bittersweet feeling.
Bitter, because we want to ostracize ourselves from this weird form of contamination. We do not want to give in to our want of that fabulous sash and title. That crown which promises instant fame and glory. We don't want to be the laughingstock of several jokes.
"Wait, jokes?"
Indeed. If you haven't noticed, the current Miss Stardoll World, Ceren.gk has been the high point for many fame-related jokes. And let's not forget MSW the first: Perilice2. Both are known for their overuse in rares, which Lovegossip4life clearly scrutinizes here:

"So when I went to go out about Dollywood, I thought, "Who is someone we all know 
well, and all don't necessarily like and/or look up to?" And then it hit me. Miss Stardoll World.
 From the two previous years after stardoll holding the "once in a lifetime oportunity" competition, 
I rushed over to the two unforgettable Oh-I'm-So-Famous-Everyone-Is-Going-To-Kiss-Up-To-Me-And-I'll-Be-Ever-So-Perfect Turkish queens *shivers* and sought out a mistake or two in their outfits."
gif animator
A lovely GIF by Lovegossip4life
Ok, I'm going to say this once, and one time only, but that LE Faux Fur Blazer has never let my food go down easy. It reminds me of a stripper ready to woo over the guys when she takes off her robe revealing not-so pleasant body parts (If you get my perverted side of me...). Buuuut, maybe you have already realized that from the emphasized gif.

What's really wrong with her outfit? Its the fact that she overuses LE. My problem with Limited Edition is each piece makes a big statement. See, the blazer, shorts, bag, and shoes all overpower one another. It definitely sets the eyes darting every which way."

Lindsey (LoveGossip4Life) and I ourselves have mocked both the girls, and as heartless as that seems, slight criticism is one of the unnamed 'prizes' that come along with the oh-so-amazing ones. But I'd say that if someone who wasn't covered in delectable LE won MSW, I'd actually be impressed. Hopefully that will take away from the 'teasing' factor. There are several reasons to why the MSW competition would be the bitter in bittersweet. But there is also another word in this compound: Sweet.

The nice side of MSW is a very small portion of the pie. If anything, i'd say the 'sweet' is the outcome of the 'bitter'. Only a select few will be able to benefit from MSW. In fact, only about 3. After all the campaigns and money spending, 3 girls (or guys; that would be fairly amusing to see) are going to get what they'd climbed the ladders of competition for, while the rest of us slump against our chairs and release a sigh of agony. If we decided to give in, our money bags have been depleted. If we've stayed ignorant, we're happy these days of intense voting and frantic pleas are finally over.

To be quite honest, the only thing I'm looking forward to is the MSW store.

Do your opinions waver on Miss Stardoll World?
What do you think of it?
Will you be trying to win it?

Rate Our Child Writers!

As you may of known, about 2 months ago I hired a band of 4 lovely girls to trial write for MDM, seeing as MDM was having a great decline in posts recently which I am glad to see its improving.

Anyway, you may not of known this, but the trial period for the writers was a 2 month period, meaning they have until AUGUST the 13th to write on for their trial periods!

But what does this mean for them? WEEEELLLLL, I'm glad you're reading this, YOU the readers can rate each writer! And also choose which writer was your favorite!

Below I listed a brief list of all their post they've published up until this point if you wanted to check them out before voting or just judge them because of the amount.


Name: Pandora
Username: Pettiskirt
  1. Change 
  2. Stardoll Escapism
  3. Deadly Beauty
  4. The Rat Race
  5. The Effect of Our Standards of Beauty on Children
  6. Forbidden Language?
  7. Nostalgia

Name: Amanda/Manny
Username: Aurelieke92
(oldest to newest)
  1. Reminiscing
  2. "Call Me Maybe?"
  3. The Stardoll Takeover
  4. Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!
  5. Adieu Femme?
  6. Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin
  7. Will you try?
  8. A False Belief. 
  9. Bold, Beautiful, Red.


Name: Sara
Username: sarabear123
(oldest to newest)
  1. It's Okay, They're Only 20...
  2. Fame, Glory, or Enjoyment? (Part 1)
  3. Fame, Glory, or Enjoyment? (Part 2)

Name: Sierra
Username: iswim19
(oldest to newest)
  1. Summertime Skin
  2. Violent Beauty
  3. Fashion can create an eco disaster?
  4. Victory & Klaus Releases Fragrance!
  5. One Ticket to the Art Museum, Please
  6. Review: Forever Chic Magazine
  7. How the Mighty Have Fallen
  8. 60 Hours of Fashion: Would You Watch It?
  9. Review: Muse Magazine
  10. Review: Hype Magazine
  11. I salute you, red, white, and blue.
  12. MDM Exclusive: V&K Collection Preview
  13. You Tell Us: New LE
  14. Review: VOGUE Magazine
  15. "You Tell Us" New LE Follow-up
  16. Reminder: Contest Ends Soon!
  17. Rihanna X River Island Contest Finale Round
  18. MDM Presents: Victory & Klaus Spring/Summer 2013
  19. Rihanna X River Island Contest Results

So please take two minutes of your time to complete the writer survey! And please in the comments list your favorite and least favorite trial writer and explain why. 

July 29, 2012

Rihanna X River Island Contest Results

Two weeks ago, I asked you all a question: what do you think the Rihanna X River Island collection will look like, and three amazing ladies, StarChic319, OrangeAnnax, and StarMinimon, responded with beautiful and thoughtful ideas. But of course, there can only be one winner, and that winner is:

Congratulations StarMinimon!

Please put one item up for 50sd in your StarBazaar and there will be 1 item of DKNY in my StarBazaar reserved for you at 1sd. Please pick the DKNY and put the item on sale within 4 days. Please notify me by guestbook when you put the item up on sale.

And here is the post...

Rihanna is known for her style of dress when she goes glam on the red carpet and when she works she uses a casual look or to captivate the audience with her outrageous stage costumes. She already announced it will be Street To Chic but surely amaze us with something casual between this. Shoes with high heels with extravagant colors or pleather platforms, blazers would be a thing of the past to something new and draw even more of her style, street chic, we've seen a lot in street chic. Not forgetting to include casual shorts for the spring, gold and white colors maybe. What is to be, she will come from street to chic!

So inspired! This could be in a magazine!

False Advertisement

Advertisements are essential to any campaign, to gain a benefit, such as winning covergirl by broadcasting, or by hanging up posters for a garage sale. Essentially, advertisements are made when many firms or individuals exist in a single industry or are working towards the same goal.

Biggest example, fast food chains. For a person who has never tasted a burger in their life, how can they choose between McDonalds and say Burger King? Well, it all comes down to these ads you see on billboards and commercials they air on TV. But are those advertisements depicting the real deal? Hmm, lets see...

The advertisement has perfect proportions, because to catch the perfect frame those in-charge of such ads have to make sure that the cheese isn't over flowing, the burger is juicy, the lettuce isn't a week old, the ketchup shows at the right places. Well that looks appetizing doesn't it?

No, not really. Not when you look at the burger on the right. 

The same goes for these chocolate chip cookies. Just look at the container, its full of scrumptious little pieces of chocolate that make you want to go ahead and buy a packet but what does one find inside? A cookie with ONE chocolate chip.

Where'd the rest go? :(

And possibly the most important and prominent example is of the false advertisement of beauty in magazines.  Models are chosen specifically for their beauty right? Their cheekbones, their facial features, their age etc..

But aren't those models people too? I mean how can they have no flaw? Nothing a little makeup and photoshop can't fix right?

Oh look...


July 28, 2012

MDM Presents: Victory & Klaus Spring/Summer 2013

As part of MDM's exclusive "presents" collection, I am pleased to present to you all the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection of Victory & Klaus by the fabulous duo Amanda (LadyGagaMcQueen) and Clement (Klem1). I'm sure all of you remember the fabulous spoiler Amanda presented to MDM awhile back, well here is the heavily anticipated collection!

 The V&K Women's Collection:

If you can't view the slideshow click HERE to view on Photobucket.
The V&K Men's Collection: 

If you can't view the slideshow click HERE to view on Photobucket.
I'm absolutely in love with this V&K collection. The collection's French origins are definitely shown, with it's cute and loose solid colors and sharp, minimalistic lines in the women's collections and the strong masculine lines and tight ribbed shirts so so chic. Bravo on yet another fantastic collection, V&K! Where do I buy?

Enjoy! What do you think about the V&K Collection? Comment!

And also coming up on MDM Presents, an interview with the designers! 

Fifty Shades of Grey

Disclaimer: For mature audiences. Those uncomfortable with sexual content should not read.

British author, E. L. James really pushed the envelope with his Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy; an erotic novel that includes elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism, as explained by Wikipedia.

What woman doesn't enjoy a filthy, romance novel? I can honestly say that I'm probably one of the few women who wasn't under the trance that was cast by this explicit piece of work. I will, however, say that from what I've read of the first installment, it is a well written book. My opinion aside, nearly every woman from 16 to 60 has raved about Fifty Shades of Grey. And when it was announced that the international best-seller would be making its debut on the big screen, those same women nearly lost their panties in all of the excitement.

But can Fifty Shades of Grey make the transition from a novel to a movie? I'm not so sure. And this is why. 

There is a certain air of privacy that comes with reading a book. In most cases, you have this experience alone. And in my opinion, that is why Fifty Shades of Grey has done so well. Women can indulge in this taboo novel in complete privacy, without having to share the experience, that might otherwise be embarrassing or uncomfortable if it was to be experienced in a group. Will fans want to further indulge in the Fifty Shades experience by sitting in a crowded movie theater and watching the novel play out on a big screen? That's Debatable.

Let's say, for arguments sake, that not one single fan is embarrassed of witnessing soft porn while among a large group of women. Onto my next point. Even if Fifty Shades fans are completely and utterly comfortable watching the novel as a movie, what sort of rating will the movie produce? In my opinion, a novel like Fifty Shades of Grey should rate X as opposed to R, for the simple fact that there is an abundance of graphic sexual content throughout the book. That of course is if, and only if, the movie follows the novel. Otherwise, a PG 13 rating would most likely be appropriate, depending on how much content they gloss over.

In the event that the movie follows the novel, the audience that is permitted to see an R rated film is somewhat reduced, therefore causing potential profit decline. And the potential for profit decline is far more likely is the film is rated X or above. But in order to ensure a PG 13 rating, producers would have to cut and/or fluff a great deal of the more graphic content featured in the novel. Content that women have been lusting after since the first Fifty Shades novel was published.

So which direction do you go? Keep all the juicy details and lose a portion of your viewing audience because of the rating, or skimp on the graphic scenes and risk disappointment from loyal fans? All in all, I believe that Fifty Shades of Grey is risking its popularity and praise by attempting a transition to the big screen. But hey, there is reward in risk sometimes, right? Maybe it will pay off in the end. After all, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo made the transition beautifully. I believe it's all in the execution.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Are you excited for the movie? 

July 27, 2012

Opinions: MDM Monthly CG?

This is just a post to ask you guys what would you feel if monthly MDM had its very own covergirl?

Basically, when picked as our CG, they will have an in-depth interview, photoshoot of 3(?) graphics (including their "cover"), and their monthly "cover" will be shown on the sidebar with a link to their interview and page there.

Though I am rarely on as much, I still want to contribute some form of project to MDM, so please tell me how do you like this idea?

Any changes?

Love, Dei

Bold, Beautiful, Red.

Two topics diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not write about both
I just wrote about fashion instead.
(Oh yes, I think I just mangled the best poem of all time)
If there is one thing we all should love, it should be fashion. And as Autumn starts approaching us quickly, trends are starting to come up and fall out. One of the more renown trends that are going to creep up on Fall 2012 soon is red. Yes, that's right; specific solid colors aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Though red is known as a color to substitute for anger, it is also a color that is used to represent a bold elegance. Several have incorporated the color into their designs, especially monumental designers like Elie Saab:
Just from these dresses alone, you can probably tell that red has an ineffable kind of effect,resulting in the possibility of eyes focused only on the dress; In cases like those, using red in a sort of minimal and streamlined way is the way to go. As I mentioned (or sort of mentioned) before, red is a strong color, 'overdoses' of it is can be downright unappealing.
 I personally love to use the color in accents. For example, shoes, earrings, and clutches are great ways to decorate a simple dress or blouse and a pair of trousers.
A touch here and there and Volia! you have succeeded in making yourself a red embellished outfit.
Of course, we shan't forget about our dear website Stardoll, so below I've collage-d some pixelated redness for you all to see.

Stardoll has a surplus of red items scattered everywhere, but what matters is how you manage to incorporate the color into your doll's outfit. Red doesn't need to be the stereotypical 'stop sign' red, of course; Feel free to play around with certain hues of the color like, burgundy, maroon, or coral.

This would be where I'd show you some cleverly made outfits with this trend, but let's just say this is where you come in. That's right! Let's get our competitive mood on. Like Sierra did with her Rhianna x River Island, I'd like to propose a contest of sorts:
Could you make an outfit of your doll wearing the 'red' trend?
(Don't skimp out on your red!)

1. Create an outfit with the stated trend. (It can be in your suite or in the Starplaza)
2. Printscreen your outfit and upload it to imgur or tinypic
3. Plop it down into the comments with the submission below:
Outfit Link: 
Description: (optional)
- - - 
The prize, you ask? Well, to keep me from spending on stuff just for myself, The prize will be 50 sparkling Stardollars for you (AKA the winner)! 
Entries after 7/30/2012 will not be counted.
So get your Olympics-esque attitude on and start outfitting!

(P.S. sorry for all these corny sayings. I know, they're horrible)

July 26, 2012

Important Announcement: Enough Is Enough

Hello everyone, though I am ashamed I have been on my hiatus and not posting, I still try and check MDM when I can since I partly take care of it along with Aislin, but looking over all of the comments today, I am hurt by the readers!

I come on to see what debating comments I shall see, and no, I read tons of hate comments telling people to leave, that they are idiots, and other things that are far past just slight judgements, more like full blown harrashment.

I love the readers, but I will put my foot down about the comments based upon someone who makes a decent post and they get hated upon by tons of people who try to bring them down.

I don't like to here that a trial writer feels like quitting from how harsh it can get or an old or new writer feeling like just quitting because of it. And I certainly was fustrated by it from how often I see such rude comments.

So, I've decided to start off by turning OFF Anonymous commenting for the time being.

That way if you seriously have something you feel the need is nessicary to whine or complain, or even just erks you to death, if its THAT important you can, just not under the anon cloak.

And clearly if it was so important to bash people that you make fake accounts JUST to do it, they will be banned from commenting. And if it gets too out of hand, I will just turn on code boxes for every time you comment you have to copy the words shown, and I know EVERYONE hates those.

No, I don't hate rude comments but I think there is a line of how rude you should be to people trying to please you.

Sorry if I came off as ranting but I am hurt by this and saddened I feel the need to decide this.

What a negative, imaginary world we reside in. The incomprehensible lust for negativity, the constant and undying hatred, the abnormal amount of spite that seems to radiate from us all. Where does all of this come from? Surely this isn't a perfect reflection of the lives we lead outside of Stardoll. If that's the case, why do we lead that type of life here?

We have carefully created a place where we can all join together, as one. Those of different sexual orientation, race, religion, and ethnicity can form a friendship based on one shared, common interest. Stardoll. Yet, instead of embracing those of different personality and persona, we choose to produce a plethora of hatred and animosity toward them. But why? 

Life here in Dollywood has become miserable, hostile, and at times, unbearable. We've made attempts at resolving this issue in the past, but only failure seemed to follow. How can we fix something that we don't understand? I've gathered my assumptions and opinions as to why we act the way we do. But the firmly planted, evidence-supporting answers are no where to be found. 

Is there any hope left for us? Or are we just waiting to fizzle out? What will become of the cherished memories we've all made here, when Dollywood is no more? And just how long do we have until that happens? Is there even enough time to fix this?


Childhood should be a time that people try to hold onto with all their might, and never want to let go. When the innocence escapes, and you realize how the world really is, it should be one of the most sad things in a person's life. For a lot of people, it doesn't work that way. They were exposed to the evil in the world at young ages, and didn't get a chance to experience the sense of safety that comes with thinking that everything is right and bad guys are always punished and the good guys always win. I imagine that people that grew up in that sort of background would want the innocence back even more than the ones who grew up with a happy background, because the innocence was gone even faster.

People have different ideas about what makes a person a child and what doesn't. For some people, it's purely age related. They say that once a person reaches a certain age, they're an adult. Others say that it has to do with how much a person knows about the world. Now, I know that I am not an adult in any way. I'm fifteen, and I still have a lot to learn, but I still think I have a pretty good grasp on what's screwed up about the world, like most people do.

If I'm thinking about childhood, especially from the not knowing much about the world idea of childhood, I would do anything to get it back and stay as a six year old forever. I can't do that, for obvious reasons, so I hold onto things as hard as I can. It may not be material possessions, I'm not going to keep a doll I hardly ever played with or anything like that, but I will still do some things I would as a little kid. For example, I still play Neopets, even though I'm above the target age. I have a different account and I save my neopoints for different things than I would have when I was eight, but it's the same in many ways. Sometimes I still wonder if I'm still on Stardoll because it was such a big part of who I was when I was eleven or twelve. I still like to chew the really bright pink Double Bubble gum that I would always have a kid. I have a picture in my room that's still on the same place on my wall that it was when I was three. Little things like that.

What do you all do to try to preserve the innocence of childhood?

July 25, 2012

An Apology

I'd like to present an apology to one of our trial writers(manny), along with our permanent writers and our loyal readers. Yesterday I altered a draft that was written by a trial writer, and proceeded to post it. It was all in good fun, but I realized a short time later that my perception of the situation was not shared among the MDM family, as well as some of our readers. So to anyone that came across said post, I am terribly sorry. My actions were irresponsible, childish, and unprofessional. And it will not happen again.

Rihanna X River Island Contest Finale Round

Although I was rather disappointed with the contest overall (only 3 entries by the deadline, seriously?) I do appreciate the effort, so I will be publishing all entries here. However, the other prizes still go to the winner, so please let's all review the entries and vote on the best one!

Contestant #1: Starchic319

I think that the Rihanna x River Island collaboration will look this because Rihanna has a very eccentric and edgy style but at the same time matching and well put together. I looked at some old River Island collections and picked outfits that were fierce, bold, and daring, just like her fashion. Lots of blazers, ripped denim, and funky shoes, clothes that looked like what she would wear. In fact, the River Island model on the bottom left has a lacy black outfit on, which is almost identical to the one that Rihanna wore to the Balmain show in Paris in 2009 (see bottom right pic of Rihanna).

Contestant #2: OrangeAnnax

I think that in her collection Rihanna will use bright colors, flowers, and alot girly stuff but she won't forget to add some "harder'' elements in her clothing. I think Rihanna is now more girly then in the past, so thats why I think she will choose pink, yellow, white colors. I looked at few Rihannas latest outfits and I didn't think they where dark, or in dark colors like black or grey or brown so I don't think she will use dark colors in her collection. I'm more then sure that she will have dresses, skirts, high heel shoes and cute clutches, but also I added pants because I don't think shes soo girly so there would be only dresses & skirts. I added the red shoe, because I'm not sure that it fits the other stuff but its all Rihannas style so she could have something familiar added too.

Contestant #3: StarMinimon

Rihanna is known for her style of dress when she goes glam on the red carpet and when she works she uses a casual look or to captivate the audience with her outrageous stage costumes. She already announced it will be Street To Chic but surely amaze us with something casual between this. Shoes with high heels with extravagant colors or pleather platforms, blazers would be a thing of the past to something new and draw even more of her style, street chic, we've seen a lot in street chic. Not forgetting to include casual shorts for the spring, gold and white colors maybe. What is to be, she will come from street to chic!

Thank you for sharing your vision with us!

Voting ends 7/29/12 at 12:00 AM EST.

Which entry do you like the best? Vote here!

July 24, 2012

A False Belief.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother staying in this weird virtual world. I tell myself it's for the blogging; that it's the one place I can truly be myself. I am constantly reminded that the reason I stay is far from that. Who am I kidding? Being myself? That in itself is a big huge joke. 
If the former reason as to why I bother 'staying' in this blogging community was "to be myself"; it's a whole different reason now. I am now inclined to impress, even if I don't want to. I find myself hesitating before posting anything, because what if I get negative feedback? What if someone calls me some insolent little loser? People call me variable forms of that, and still I am not immune.

Why do I put myself through that small, petty pain?

My closest guess would probably run around the jaded lines of "You've got to impress him, her, anybody!". Slowly I was, and still am, making myself a slave for trying to get positive feedback. 
When I was accepted onto MDM for trial writing, I got that pang of happiness in my chest. Finally, I could show a greater mass of people how I can be capable to write. At the same time, I will be the first to let you know I haven't done a good job of it. My topics were childlike and full of platitudes. 
The one that got published without a true finish (or true meaning)? That probably takes the cake of the words listed above.

My want for impressing people started in a quite small place, a place that grew to be inflated with drama. Almost as quickly, that place deflated into a premature PSG. Having potential, but not quite reaching it yet. If you've guessed the place as 'The Antagonist', you're right. I am -or was- the Analyst. Even from the mere beginning, I wanted to find a solution for those negative comments. I was being rather naïve, because as the cliché statement goes: "Haters will be haters!". I let myself roam loose on The Antagonist later, trying to embrace the anonymity, but always found myself flinching at the rather, hurtful comments. There are things I've said about people that I would take back, but there are also instances where I wouldn't.  Being human, I'm always quick to judge. Sometimes I am right about them, and sometimes I'm dead wrong. However, I probably will not apologize for various statements because in all reality, they are what I honestly think: I cannot say sorry for my opinions.

I can catch the gist quickly that people don't want me here. Like I'm a piece of litter that is tarnishing a rather beautiful place. I keep that single thought as a way to inflame my want to impress, to succeed, to do more. And it still exists inside me. I know a lot more people are going to dislike me now, and now that I've chosen to say what I've been meaning to say I can do nothing but sit back and allow whatever comes my way.

As much as I'd love to say that I didn't even hesitate before posting this, it's not true. Still I find myself under the influence of trying to prepare for whatever is going to come. That small desire to inspire. I'd like to end on this note:
I hope that someday I will prove myself to be a better writer than I am doing now.

Thank you.

July 23, 2012

Will you try?

Earlier yesterday I received a message in my inbox from Patrick (Devie44) about The Stardoll Shiner:

"Spread the word! The Stardoll Shiner is coming back, 
and we're better than ever! Apply to be a writer 
now! only 10 spots open!"

I was never there to see TSS in it's active state, but even when inactive the blog was stunning with graphics made by Hunnigall and the writers who had posted seemed to have a great voice (not literally speaking, of course). I am looking forward to seeing how things will turn out for TSS this time around.

Do you think The Stardoll Shiner will be bound to impress?
Will you try to become a writer for TSS?

July 22, 2012

Reminder: Contest Ends Soon!

Hello everybody! Just a quick reminder the contest ends TOMORROW! Click HERE to enter right  now, an entry only takes a few minutes for fantastic prizes. As of now, I don't have enough entries to run the contest so I urge everybody to enter! Here are the prizes again:

  1. 50 Stardollars (and we all know that we are short of some sd after that LE) and if you're not capable of getting Starbazzar items, 50 sd worth in gifts
  2. Your collage and explanation posted on MDM for us all to appreciate and read!
  3. A surprise piece of DKNY! (or if non-ss, another 30 sd worth in gifts)

ENTER NOW, MDM! Show us your skill!

July 20, 2012

Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin

Yesterday, several people were thrown into a shock when Stardoll decided to...update the face shapes. 
To be quite honest, 'update' is a bit of an understatement.
After observing several posts that complained about the new change, I decided to take a look for myself. 
The faces that Stardoll has changed in shading
The face shapes on the second page seemed to have not been changed yet, I really hope not because I wouldn't exactly want a look that's similar to this:
(click to expand)
Agh! What is that, I ask you? The shading on the doll looks awkward, with a rather odd color that is spread across the forehead. The way Stardoll has shaded without much blending makes it look like the doll is holding something in her mouth. I think we can all agree that the most unattractive characteristic of this face is probably the upside-down 'U' right in the place of the mouth. 
Very unattractive, indeed.

But wait, there's more!
(click to expand)
Anybody want a chin plumping? (if such a thing exists) 
And as Mandylou4 stated here:

"They could have at least blended out the random line on the chin!"

I'm honestly dumbfounded to see that Stardoll even thought about updating the faces like this. I mean, a ton of graphic designers we see in the blogosphere can do so much better than this. Stardoll has turned into some sort of laughingstock by attempting to re-shade the face shapes.

What do you think?
Has Stardoll done well with the new shading?

July 19, 2012

Revenge wears prada: The devil wears returns

Nope, this isn't some false advertisement or some wish-upon-a-star, but in fact news!

The juicy(couture) mouth-watering and entertaining novel-then-movie had our hearts and laughter struck back in 2006, and thankfully our enjoyment continues!

Bestselling Author; Laura Weisburger has some tantalizing plans for this 360 page babe of a book and those look into a sequel. And by tantalizing, I mean we'll have to wait one more year! This is in fact the worst for me as I am VERY impatient...waiting for the hunger games trilogy to come out as a movie was barely survivable and I do not know how I will get over this major elevator ride either.

Enough of my life crisis, I am relieved to see Laura has not left us astray.

"Revenge Wears Prada picks up eight years after Andy parted ways with Miranda on bad terms. Andy is now editing The Plunge, the hottest bridal magazine around, alongside Emily, her one-time Runway nemesis turned current BFF. While Andy is planning her own wedding to Max, a handsome media scion, she remains haunted by her impeccably heeled former boss — and the magazine world being as small as it is, it’s only a matter of time before she hears the dreaded syllables “Ahn-dre-ah!” again."    -Entertainment Weekly 

Well I need to know MORE! And if you know me personally, you'll realize I cant sleep at night without knowing the full story. So I guess, Ill have to add 365 more sleepless nights until I get hands on this crown jewel...

Reading the summary leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth though, for the following reasons:
  • -Thank GOD she left her other boyfriend, he was one of the least supportive creature to ever walk on this earth along with her friends.
  • -Okay I thought she wanted to be a serious writer?? And  didn't she end up in that Newspaper as a journalist??? How did she end up in a bridal magazine?!
  • -It would have been more dazzling if Revenge wears Prada could have changed to Revenge wears Rodarte, or Vengeance wears Versace.
Regardless, I'm super stoked for the arrival, and fingers crossed it's a big success, because I'd LOVE to see another big screen adaption!

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think Hollywood is plunging this book or continuing its success? Would love to read your comments!

I'd like to end this off by saying...

July 18, 2012

Rihanna x River Island + Win 50 SD Contest!

What do you get when you combine a Barbados native pop/ R&B singer with a classical, bordering on edgy British fashion line? The best answer would probably be a fashion collaboration between Rihanna and River Island. The first collection will be released Spring 2013, and boy are we excited here at MDM for its release! There may not be any "Rihanna" clothes out, but you can get some funny Rihanna face masks for £3 here!

In all seriousness, however, I was thinking though... What do you think the Rihanna collection will look like? Here's my take on what it should look like, or at least the inspiration behind it.

So, I have a challenge for all of you MDM-ers! 
  1. Create a collage (like the one I have above) with 3-6 frames [a.k.a. 3-6 pictures] with Rihanna showcasing her style mixed with River Island's style, to show what you think the Rihanna x River Island collection should look like. Submit by posting a link to a imgur of your collage. Make sure the link is valid or I won't bother!
  2. Write 100 words or more about WHY you think the Rihanna x River Collection will look this way. Make sure to post this part in a comment for this post, WITH your imgur link!! No explanation = invalid entry.

3 Finalists will be chosen, you will vote on the winner!

Submit by 7/23/12 at 5:30 GMT.

And what are the prizes? The winner will get:
  1. 50 Stardollars (and we all know that we are short of some sd after that LE) and if you're not capable of getting Starbazzar items, 50 sd worth in gifts
  2. Your collage and explanation posted on MDM for us all to appreciate and read!
  3. A surprise piece of DKNY! (or if non-ss, another 30 sd worth in gifts)
The prizes are pretty great, so make sure to enter!
 (You must be a MDM follower, I will check.)

July 16, 2012

Online Friends

First, I'd just like to apologize for not posting in so long. I've been having some problems in my personal life, and I had to put some things on the back burner, and Stardoll was one of those things. I'll try to post more often.

The internet is a great thing, for most part. Sure, it has its dark points, but it also has some wonderful features. One of my favorite things about the internet in general is its ability to allow us to communicate with people all over the world. You can meet people you never would have met otherwise and form really close friendships. Some people would rather have real life friends and some would rather their friends be online. It's a part of being human - everyone's different.

It doesn't matter to me if I can see a friend and talk to them face-to-face or not. In some ways, it's preferable than having to face someone when you can see their facial expressions and it's easier to remember that they're judging you every second. Of course, it seems so much less personal to me when I'm typing words into a computer than it seems when I'm actually talking to someone. The friendship is still there, though. Nothing really changes; you still have the same sense of companionship and trust that you'd want in any friend.

So, do you think it matters whether or not a friend is in real life or just online?

July 15, 2012

Running a Race

 We're constantly running a race. A race to be perfect, accepted, or just noticed. No matter what our aim, we're always running; never taking time to stop and smell the roses, however cliche that may be. In our paths, obstacles arise. We either find a way around them, or we turn away, running in another direction. Whatever decision we make, it will ultimately affect our overall outcome.

Lately I've been running a race. A race to be in control. A race to be perfect. As expected, there were obstacles along the way. And the more that appeared, the more frightened I became. So I eventually gave up. And for a while I had accepted that. I felt no remorse. I felt no sadness. I felt no desire to begin again. And I now realize how sorry I am for that.

This race is just a blog, and being accepted and understood by those who read it is just as well as being perfect. I felt alone before. I feel alone now. But at this point I have realized that you never run a race alone. Whether it be a partner running alongside you, or an entire team, you're not alone. Those who prepare you for the race are also in it with you. And it's a sad thing to ever forget that. But sadly I had forgotten, until now.

All in all, I'm just trying to convey my apologies to all of the writers and readers of this blog. I'm sorry for leaving you high and dry. I know that it may not be as big of a deal as I am making it, but it means something to me. In the scheme of things, this blog has or does mean something to each and every one of us. Even if it is a small something. I'm having some hard times in life, right now, and this blog is my resting place. I can lose myself here and forget all that is undesirable. I do hope that you'll all allow me to do so.