September 30, 2011

Two Trends I'm Sick Of!

Let's talk fashion trends for a moment. First I want to begin by saying what a big impact Stardoll seems to have on our fashion tastes. I've fallen in love with so many different styles, and not just because some of them were trendy. In fact, it's some of the trendiest things that I despise the most. 

First up is the "Cross Trend" as I like to call it. 

Ever since Lady GaGa decorated herself and her music videos with crosses, I've seen them become a widespread phenomenon. People are wearing cross necklaces(like the one shown above), t-shirts and even shaving crosses into their hair. A common thing on Stardoll is to decorate your doll's face with moles in the shape of cross. That I think I hate the most.

And to be clear, I don't dislike this trend simply because I'm Atheist. I also hate the inverted cross trend, which didn't first symbolize satanism. While many view it as a "satanic symbol", the inverted cross was first called the cross of St. Peter, who refused to be hung in the manner of Christ. Which many mistook as an opposition to Christ.

Back to the point. My reason for disliking the cross trend is simply because I view it as a symbol of faith for all religious followers. I believe if you wear a cross, it should be because you're proudly showing your faith for whatever vision of God you believe. 

If you love the trend because you love God, that's great!
I still don't like it. -.-'

Next on my list is something I am seriously angry about. xD

the scene trend

First of all, I want to give you a history lesson. The term scene actually refers to people that were in constant support of their music scene. Mainly local bands in their area. But it could also refer to the genre of music. Basically, scene kids went to every show they could, in support of their bands, local or not. So in lamer terms, being scene wasn't something that you had to dress a certain way for. It was  a "label" you adopted by loving music and loving to support it.

Not long after came the scene fashion trend, as shown above. I absolutely hate this trend! The hair is one of the most annoying parts about it. I absolutely love hair, fake or real. But this hair and haircut in particular makes me laugh. Mainly because it's a different take on a mullet.

It's even called a fashion mullet.  xD
Basically what you do is cut your hair in the style shown above, dye it crazy colors and you're cool(: Also, if you have a bunch of hair bows from when you were four, that adds to the cool factor. Next thing you need to do to achieve the scene style is to acquire the tightest pair of skinny jeans you can find. Neon colors are nice. Then you should visit the children's section of any store that sells Carebear, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, or any other character on a t-shirt. To top the look off add a belt, but don't put it through the loops! You can also add some colorful necklaces earrings or bracelets. Or you add a ton of all three! The more the merrier, right?

I have a feeling all the "scene" kids out there are going to be real upset with me. Well I've got news for you, oh colorful one, you're not actually scene if you don't actively support your music.

MDM Catwalk

 The comments from my latest post asked me to think about ways on how to make Dollywood more interesting. Aislin even said that she hates it when someone is complaining instead of working for his/her concerns. I can say that these people are right, I am a part of this great blog and it's my job to make ways to kill the boredom in Stardoll.

After minutes of thinking, i've finally came up to an idea. I think I should create a "just-for-fun" competition where ANYONE can participate.

In stardoll, we have this thing called "Catwalk." 

It's a feature, where we can vote for people's outfits and participate. But I don't think all of us are able to send our dolls there and show people what we're wearing, because there are just a lot of people who are trying to do that too. With all of the stardoll members, some of the greatest ones are on the back of the line.

So I decided to create a new catwalk for the MDM readers. People who wants to be featured WILL be featured and those fashion critics out there can vote for their favorite outfits via poll.

 If you want to be on the 1st ever MDM catwalk (will be posted tomorrow), Dress your doll with the theme of: NIGHT OUT then comment here saying your username. I will then check out your suite and take a screen shot of your outfit and you'll be featured :D


Two Questions

1. Do you think that Stardoll is getting more and more boring?
2. Any creative ideas on how we can revive Dollywood?

Please do answer the questions above, cuz i'm getting desperate to kill the boredom that stardoll is giving me these days.
A couple of months ago, I decided to take a little break in order for me to focus on my real life. I thought that once I get back on stardoll I will once again feel the addiction and excitement that this site is giving me, but it turned out to be untrue. Stardoll is not the same anymore. There are no interesting news, projects and movements. All we have left are the same old magazines that releases a billion of spoilers before they create the main issue. We have to be more creative and revive this site before it dies.

Will wait for your answers,

September 29, 2011

A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday

This is a little story I began writing not too long ago.  And to further improve it, I would like your opinions. Keep in mind that this story is for mature audiences, and contains vulgar language, as well as some adult situations.

The title of this humorous, journal-style story is A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday. It it based on a seventeen year old girl named Abyie Saturday, who after her twin brother, Avery, was killed, is sent to therapy. The idea for a journal comes from Abyie's therapist, Dr. Elliot, whom Abyie despises in every since of the word. The story, narrated by Abyie follows her, with her witty and sarcastic remarks as she goes through everyday life, reeking havoc on all who she comes in contact with.

This is the first "entry" of A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Composing a journal filled with the tales of my existence was a never on my bucket list. In fact, the very idea of writing about one's self seems a bit conceited to me. However, my therapist sees fit to make me become a living contradiction, and therefore a hypocrite. How sad and cruel it is to be forced into self-contradiction and hypocrisy. Furthermore, speaking to a inanimate object such as a journal might lead one to believe that they have lost their head. What a terrible psychologist my therapist is.

At this very point and time, you might be asking why my therapist has ordered or "suggested", she says, that I should scribble detailed thoughts and happenings onto bound paper. You might be even more curious to question why it is I have a therapist to begin with. Well, to make a rather sad and tragic story less of a bummer, I'll simply say that the death of my twin brother, Avery, followed by my bout with extreme depression, left my parents(as they put it) with no choice but to commit me to therapy.

Though I love my mother dearly, I don't believe her choices are those of her own. Instead, I believe that my father, whom I manage to tolerate when he's around, influences my mother to agree to quite ridiculous ideas that leave me rather pissed off. What's the deal with my father you ask. My answer to that is "Quit asking so many damn questions!" No, but seriously, my father is required to travel frequently because of his work. I don't want to drag you into details simply because I find his choice of profession obnoxiously boring. So boring, in fact, that thinking of it might result in drool pouring from my mouth, which could be detrimental to all of the writing I have done thus far.

Any-who, back on topic. Like I mentioned, my therapist, whose name is Dr. Elliot, has politely suggested(say that with sarcasm) that I keep a journal so that I can openly and honestly express my thoughts and feelings about my life at any given moment. Quite frankly, I could give a shit less what a notebook thought of my life. So the point of a diary, or a journal as I like to call it, is a bit unnecessary in my opinion. Maybe if I were an introverted shellfish with no balls(I don't have balls anyway because I am a female), a journal would prove quite useful to me. However, I like to think of myself as quite vocal and annoyingly honest about how I feel at any given time.

I'm Abyie Saturday and I approve this message.

September 28, 2011

Cora's Coming Back

The entire third season of Chronicles of Cora landed on MDM. And for those of you who have kept up with her from the beginning, you have witnessed Cora deal with so many things. From heartbreak to falling in love, she is no stranger to relationships. Cora also dealt with a friendship on the fritz and enough drama to keep an entire high school occupied for at least a year.

But she's getting warmed up. The fourth season of Chronicles of Cora tips the drama scales, and that's only the beginning. New characters, new experiences and new betrayals. This season is taking things to entirely different level.

To catch up on everything you've missed or details you've forgotten, click here!

Keep an eye out for season four of Chronicles of Cora!

September 26, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

I want to give a special thanks to Sam(rascal313) for making such a breathtaking spoiler and banner for the Beauty Week Blog.

CLICK HERE to read more about the inspiration for this spoiler and updates about Beauty Week.

Abortion is Serious.

I Must Put A Disclaimer Up:
I personally am neither for or against this matter because I haven't learned enough about it to make a decision.
I read this and my eyes swelled up, therefore I am posting this to make you all think.
This is not to make anyone choose a side, but rather provide a view that hasn't been seen before.

Today I was on Facebook, and I couldn't help but notice a long post a friend of mine put up. Thinking I was going to pass it, I scrolled down, but instead started reading. This is what I read, and I hope to inspire you all with this post:

"Hi, Mommy. I’m your baby. You don’t know me yet, I’m only a few weeks old. You’re going to find out about me soon, though, I promise. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is Angel and I'm a girl, and I’ve got beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don’t have it yet, but I will when I’m born. I’m going to be your only child, and you’ll call me your one and only. I’m going to grow up without a daddy mostly, but we have each other. We’ll help each other, and love each other. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. You found out about me today, Mommy! You were so excited, you couldn’t wait to tell everyone. All you could do all day was smile, and life was perfect. You have a beautiful smile, Mommy. It will be the first face I will see in my life, and it will be the best thing I see in my life. I know it already. Today was the day you told Daddy. You were so excited to tell him about me! …He wasn’t happy, Mommy. He kind of got angry. I don’t think that you noticed, but he did. He started to talk about something called wedlock, and money, and bills, and stuff I don’t think I understand yet. You were still happy, though, so it was okay. Then he did something scary, Mommy. He hit you. I could feel you fall backward, and your hands flying up to protect me. I was okay… but I was very sad for you. You were crying then, Mommy. That’s a sound I don’t like. It doesn’t make me feel good. It made me cry, too. He said sorry after, and he hugged you again. You forgave him, Mommy, but I’m not sure if I do. It wasn’t right. You say he loves you… why would he hurt you? I don’t like it, Mommy. Finally, you can see me! Your stomach is a little bit bigger, and you’re so proud of me! You went out with your mommy to buy new clothes, and you were so so so happy. You sing to me, too. You have the most beautiful voice in the whole wide world. When you sing is when I’m happiest. And you talk to me, and I feel safe. So safe. You just wait and see, Mommy. When I am born I will be perfect just for you. I will make you proud, and I will love you with all of my heart. I can move my hands and feet now, Mommy. I do it because you put your hands on your belly to feel me, and I giggle. You giggle, too. I love you, Mommy. Daddy came to see you today, Mommy. I got really scared. He was acting funny and he wasn’t talking right. He said he didn’t want you. I don’t know why, but that’s what he said. And he hit you again. I got angry, Mommy. When I grow up I promise I won’t let you get hurt! I promise to protect you. Daddy is bad. I don’t care if you think that he is a good person, I think he’s bad. But he hit you, and he said he didn’t want us. He doesn’t like me. Why doesn’t he like me, Mommy? You didn’t talk to me tonight, Mommy. Is everything okay? It’s been three days since you saw Daddy. You haven’t talked to me or touched me or anything since that. Don’t you still love me, Mommy? I still love you. I think you feel sad. The only time I feel you is when you sleep. You sleep funny, kind of curled up on your side. And you hug me with your arms, and I feel safe and warm again. Why don’t you do that when you’re awake, any more? I’m 21 weeks old today, Mommy. Aren’t you proud of me? We’re going somewhere today, and it’s somewhere new. I’m excited. It looks like ahospital, too. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, Mommy. Did I tell you that? I hope you’re as excited as I am. I can’t wait. …Mommy, I’m getting scared. Your heart is still beating, but I don’t know what you are thinking. The doctor is talking to you. I think something’s going to happen soon. I’m really, really, really scared, Mommy. Please tell me you love me. Then I will feel safe again. I love you! Mommy, what are they doing to me!? It hurts! Please make them stop! It feels bad! Please, Mommy, please please help me! Make them stop! Don’t worry Mommy, I’m safe. I’m in heaven with the angels now. They told me what you did, and they said it’s called an abortion. Why, Mommy? Why did you do it? Don’t you love me any more? Why did you get rid of me? I’m really, really, really sorry if I did something wrong, Mommy. I love you, Mommy! I love you with all of my heart. Why don’t you love me? What did I do to deserve what they did to me? I want to live, Mommy! Please! It really, really hurts to see you not care about me, and not talk to me. Didn’t I love you enough? Please say you’ll keep me, Mommy! I want to live smile and watch the clouds and see your face and grow up and be a doctor. I don’t want to be here, I want you to love me again! I’m really really really sorry if I did something wrong. I love you! I love you, Mommy. Every abortion is just… One more heart that was stopped. Two more eyes that will never see. Two more hands 
that will never touch. Two more legs that will never run. One more mouth that will never speak."

What do you think about this?

September 25, 2011

X-Factor Peep Show

Hello my little lily pads. I am back with another opinnated post, sort of like for For Or Agaianst is, but this is NOT that big of and issue.

The problem? - This X Factor 'x-rated' audition that was on earlier this week.

 It is censored, but I suggest you to not watch it if you are faint of heart by nudity.

(I suggest you turn up your computer & YouTube volume if you would like to hear the full audition and what the judges have to say, though I could have gone without the song..)

Basically, explaining the video, the contestant, Geo Godley, (Ironic name right?), wearing a shiny velvet matching shirt and pants, and a tye-dye shirt underneath that, and a lovely ponytail to match performed his very own song, 'I'm A Stud ', which is, you guessed it, about how much of a stud he is. And in the middle of his song, he proceeded to undo his pants and let them fall to the ground (some people say he was wearing a g-string, but I am not sure) and danced around a bit while the judges and crowd were either horrified or laughing.


And eventually, Paula Abdul got so sick by it, she went to a bathroom, and the judges were not taking his singing seriously and even L.A. Reid said, “that was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting — get him out of the building please!”

And after the man's performance was done, he stated, “I was in key, everything was going well. My pants were down and I was jumping around and all of a sudden the audience turned against me. I don’t know what happened. I thought they’d like it.”


Now the X-Factor's producers are being hit with an FCC complaint for the vulgar performance and people are bothered by what they thought would be a family show, turning out to not be 'appropriate' in the least.

And that producers are the ones who chose to let the performance air on television, let alone be as long as it was, so they are getting hit with that claim of crude displays.


My opinion on the matter that I actually thought it was funny, but its because I didn't see it when it aired on TV, so I suggest that a person who saw that and wasn't aspecting it would have been more shocked than I was.

But it was also very disgusting, though I laughed, I laughed because it was nasty and gross (like if you laugh at stuff on the movie or show Jackass), NOT because I thought he was funny, cool, awesome, or a stud.

Some people are talking about that Paula over-reacted about the whole thing, and talk about how she has been 'around ' too many times to have been offended by a penis, if you catch my drift. And others say it was all staged. But to me, it was just some troll on national American television who had a high self esteem.


So I am asking you guys, what do you deem the performance?

Was it sickening to view, stupid, or hilarious for you?

What do you think about how the producers allowed that performance to happen and that it was aired on prime time television?

Love, Dei

September 22, 2011

And the Winner is...

After 268 votes, MDM readers have chosen their favorite wedding dress. And while I loved them all, only one can be chosen. Almost by a landslide, the winner is....


The detailing on this dress is what really made it catch my eye after my good friend, Deidra pointed it out to me. The shape and seemingly thick fabric also made it one of my favorites.

Saturday morning is my dress fitting and I cannot wait to put this dress on, knowing that my MDM family picked it out for me(:

I want to say thanks to everyone for being so excited to take part in some of my wedding planning. It really means a lot to have your blessing.

September 18, 2011

Fuck the Troops?

"Fuck the FBI/and fuck all the Army Troops/Bitch, be your own man/I'll be flying through the clouds/with green, like I'm Peter Pan"

In his new song, "Let's be Real", 21 year old rapper, Soulja Boy slams United States Army troops and the FBI. In this rap he tells those who are enlisted in the military to "be their own man". When I heard about this, part of me wanted to rally my fiancé's platoon, make a visit to his home and let them beat the teeth out of his mouth.  Soulja Boy should stop worrying about someone being their own man and take a moment to teach himself how to be a man.

In all honesty, I somewhat understood him slamming the FBI. What rapper is friends with law enforcement. It was still completely unnecessary, but slamming your military, that's just absurd and downright disrespectful. These are the people that put their lives on the line and sometimes die just to ensure your safety and freedom. If anything, they protect Soulja Boy's right to rap. Where would he be without freedom of speech?

My soon-to-be husband is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. About six months ago, he was deployed(he's back now). That's not an easy thing to do. Being so far away from home, your loved ones and in the way of sometimes extreme danger is enough of a load to bare without having to come home to ignorant rappers talking down about what you're doing for him and his country.

Though Soulja Boy did apologize, stating that as an artist, his words sometimes get the best of him. And his frustrations with the military came out wrong in his rap. I honestly believe that this is a crock of shit and a piss poor job at making a genuine apology. Soulja Boy, if you want to genuinely say you're sorry and show how much you should appreciate your troops, enlist and learn what it's like to be a soldier or a Marine. Maybe then you'll truly appreciate what my fiancé and men like him do to protect your rights, your safety and your freedom.

Oh..... and...


Beyond Fabulous Fashion Blog

If you remember me posting about Beyond Beauty, owned by Chris(Sevillana94), you remember me saying what a great fashion blog it is! With a fresh new layout and a slew of exceptional new writers, Beyond Beauty is officially reopening on Wordpress.

Yes, that's right, I said Wordpress. So if you don't have an account, get to making one! It doesn't take but a second, and you'll need it in order to follow Beyond Beauty and keep yourself updated with all of the great fashion and interior design content from the writers!

If you already have a Wordpress account, click the link below to start following Beyond Beauty!

September 15, 2011

Are you an addict?

Hey stranger!

Remember me?

I have just returned to Stardoll after my Stardoll-free summer and I've realized that taking some time off Stardoll and the internet wasn't such a bad idea after all. Even though I have never spent an incredible amount of time on Stardoll, hours were still spent blogging, chatting and dressing up my doll.

Without Stardoll in my summer, I used the time I would have spent online for extra time with my friends, taking part in activities I wouldn't usually take part in, going on trips and enjoying myself. It turned out to be one of the greatest summers of my life.

My absence from Stardoll got me thinking about how much time us members spend online.

After asking 10 members of Stardoll the question - 'How much time do you spend on Stardoll a day?' the answers ranged from 2 hours to 10 hours!

That is certainly too much of our day spent with our dollies.

For those willing to take up a small challenge, I challenge you to try and reduce the amount of time you spend on Stardoll this week. Instead of coming home from school and sitting on your laptop, take part in an activity or hang out with some friends. Even if it is just for an hour it could make a dramatic difference to your life.

I love Stardoll, it's addictive and maybe one day I will be able to cut off my supply of Stardoll completely but until that time I want to enjoy my time on Stardoll without letting it take over my life.

(To enlarge click here)

Will we ever be able to throw away the drug we all depend on called 'Stardoll'?

Do we spend too much time on our precious dolly site?

Just a thought :)

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo

September 13, 2011

Pick my Wedding Dress!

In my last post, I mentioned something about MDM readers selecting my wedding dress. I checked out all the links you guys sent and a lot of the dresses were fabulous! It was my wish to have a black wedding dress. However, I remember my mother telling myself and the rest of my sisters what she had in mind for each of our wedding days. And it was always her wish for us to wear white. And while I still hope to have the wedding of my dreams, I also want to honor my mother's wish of a white dress. And though she isn't here to be at my wedding, it will help me to feel a bit closer to her, knowing that I am doing something in her honor.

Enough mumbo jumbo! I have selected three dresses from David's Bridal that are in my price range and in my range of taste as well. The photos below are of the dresses I chose, in no specific order. Vote for the one you like best, and the one with the most votes is the one I will wear!
(click to enlarge and see better quality for all images)
dress one

 dress two

 dress three

September 12, 2011

9/11 10th Anniversary

Hello, this post will be very short, but I just wanted to state about today is the dreaded and remembered day of Sept. 11, 2001 where the world trade center, the twin towers in New York City were bombed by two hijacked U.S. airplanes and caused a mass murder and destruction that still rings loudly in American hearts 'til this day. (Better explanation of the event HERE.)
(Twin towers after the planes hit)
And I am not going whine and wail about how much of a sad event it was or how horrific it was for everyone, including the current president, George W. Bush, but I am just stating this I am giving my respect for all the lives that had been wasted over due to hate and war.

And I remember when I was a little girl, I will honestly say, I didn't understand it at all, all I knew is that I was checked out of school and watched the news with my mom. And that since they requested help from all over the country to help look for trapped victims and other various and hard tasks to save lives, my mother with up to New York during the events to help. The duties were extremely life threatening and til this day, I still get torn up thinking just what my mom had to have seen while there, all that destruction and sadness in the air.
(Heroic firefighters during 9/11)
To remember the event, my mom actually got a tattoo for it. Though I am curious now at why she decided to get one for it, but I know it was something that was tough for her to deal with and she highly respects other firefighters and soilders who were there to also help deal with the situation.

(A photo of my mother's tattoo I took when I was like 15, she like cherries by the way, that's why there are there)
 (It says '9/11' (top) 'Never Forget' (middle and bottom))
So even though it saddens me to remember it, I am happy America could pull threw such an act of terror and gladly commemorate the loses of that day in history.

Love, Dei

P.S. How did 9/11 effect your life if it did at all when you were around during the time?

September 11, 2011

Attention Whore

I know, I'm being such an attention slut right now.
But I'd really love for you guys to follow my personal blog

It's pretty much a personal blog that Ebony(ebonymeme) inspired me to bring back, after I saw her personal blog, The Real Ebonymeme.
She has several really great tutorial videos that I think you all would love!

My blog will contain videos, product reviews, maybe some cooking lessons?
Anywho, I really hope that you guys will take a moment to follow mine and Ebony's blog.

If you have a blog that you'd like me to follow back, I'd be happy to do so(:

September 10, 2011

Graphics By Dei #1

Hey guys! Like I said, I am randomly starting to do graphics to improve my editing and graphic skills.

So here are the first batch, like I said before I post them in 3's, so once I do 3, I will post.


(The hardest part about this one was the face, because she has VERY light cheeks on her medoll, and I hated it, so I had to fix them to my liking.)

(I think I did a terrible job on this dress :< And the arms need a bit of work :( )

(Lol, I kept you snitches like you requested Chihiro)

 All of the hairs are not mine, they come from Stardoll and I-Dressup. Everything else I made myself.

Please PLEASE, comment and tell me what you think I need to improve on, anyone that was your favorite or that you think looks horrible, anything, I need criticism. :D

And if you haven't signed up to be a random model for me, you can always sign up HERE. And please do NOT ask for one in the comments, I only look at the sign ups at my link stated before.

Love, Dei

September 08, 2011

Beauty Week Expansion

In order to reach out to people more efficiently, Beauty Week has expanded into a blog of its own.
It would be much appreciated if you'd take a moment to check it out.
The decision to follow or not follow is completely up to you.

September 07, 2011

Want To Be In A Graphic?

Hello beauties, this is a very short post.

Lately I have been making more graphics to imporve on my photo editing and drawing skills, and so I have been also making Stardoll graphics.

And I was wondering if anyone wanted to sign up to be random models for my random graphics?


All I need of you to do is take a photo of your medoll like this: (Please use this hairstyle, and zoomed in so I can mainly see all of your head)


And NOT like this: (Meaning no makeup [or very VERY little makeup], and no face accessories [like bows, hairclips, fangs, tears unless they are your eye color, etc.])

 I took this photo using the Stardoll camera, so I don't mind if you linked a photo from your photo album.

 But if you save the photo and upload it to something like Tinypic or Imgur, please save the photo as a .png format. If the photo is bad quality I won't look at you twice.


And thats all you have to do, post the photo link in the comments, and after I do at least 3 peoples graphics, I will post them here and have you guys, the readers, critique me. And if your medoll's face was chosen then you can use it if you like for whatever.


Take care!

Love, Dei

Wedding Updates

I want to thank everyone for all of the congratulations. It truly means a lot to me. I'm overjoyed to have my MDM family on board. It's wonderful to have you all interested in a very special moment in my life.

As promised, I am going to keep you up-to-date. 

Since the wedding is not until April, I haven't confirmed many things. However, there are quite a few things that must be taken care of as soon as possible.
(So my wedding planning book says)

First are the wedding colors. I have chosen black, white and grey.
Next comes the venue. This was a tough one for me. There are so many beautiful places in Florida, and so many different options for a wedding location. I did, however, find a great place that my fiancé and I love. 

I will provide a link so that you all can check it out if you'd like.
Under  "Carillon Beach Venue Costs" you will find a drop down menu.
The Meeting Room is where the wedding and reception will be held.
I'd love to hear your opinions on it.

With a date set, venue booked and colors chosen, I decided to order my invitations, response cards, etc. That way I can get them out as soon as possible.
Below is an image sent to me from the website I order the invitations from.
Hope you like them(:
(click to enlarge)

When more plans and decisions fall into place, I will be sure to post as much as possible for you guys to see and give opinions on(:

End Note:
How would you like to choose my wedding dress?

September 06, 2011

For Or Against - Sexually Active Teens

Hello! And I am back with another For Or Against!

My topic of choice this time is.. *drumroll*, Sexually Active Minors!

I don't know how to just describe the history of the reason why teens have sex.. but I will tell you that.. 

a long time ago, before and during the Middle Ages, as soon as you had your first period you were considered a full grown woman and can be married as young as 11 and it was common for you too see a 12 year old mother. But after such times, the age limit people were allowed to start a life started to increase for various reasons. But usually the same idea stood that you shouldn't have sex before marriage or else you were considered a harlot.

And growing into the 18-1900's, people started to stop just throwing themselves into marriages as fast and easily as they have before, and romancing before marriage was more the rage. And then the swinging 60's came around, and sex became more of a free and fun-loving activity and people of all ages, including teens, wanted to share with everyone at the time. So around that time sex started to be a thing a person just.. did.
(Photo from the 60s/Summer of love)

And then, in the 1980's, the first sexually transmitted disease formed, HIV/AIDS, and though at first people only thought gay men got it, then it started to spread heavily, and so then people started to use protection more often. BUT, over the years teen pregnancy greatly started to increase as well as the number of teens who are sexually active in the world.
(Teen model/mom) even though protection is even more enforced than ever, and that there are even a larger scale of diseases and infections to worry about from sex, more and more teens grow to do it because of various reasons.


Now, the reason I chose this topic of choice is not because I personally care about sex, but because I am curious about the opinions of others about your morals on sex before the legal age in your country.

In America, you can freely have sex with anyone over 18 after you turn 18, but it is considered illegal to have sex before 18, even if you both are under the age limit. But in some states, the age of consent varies. Like in my home state, you can have sex at the age 16 and can with anyone 16 and up as long as they are within two years of age of you. (Ex. If I were 16, I could have sex with an 18 year old, if I were 17, I could have sex with a 19 year old).

In some countries, the age can be as low as 12 for minors to have it, and others just do not care even though they hold laws for or against it. AND there are different laws for same sex sexual relations also, so not every place even allows it at young ages. Did you know that?

But it is rather ironic because parents usually can't stand 'the talk' to be said in schools, while they most likely haven't even told their own kids!


But in today's day and age, sometimes teens do just want to have fun and do whatever they like, and just throw their bodies around like its not to be cared for.  And some girl's get their feelings seriously hurt from a guy who pushes her into where she is either forced into having it or left with a broken heart. While other teens just like it, so they say, and think 'you're a loser if you haven't had it yet'. And it can cause girls and boys of younger ages to be slutty or promiscuous, and doing things such as sexting or cybering over the internet with people in place of actually doing it for real.

But then on the flip side, there are the ones who find a suitable partner and don't feel the need to wait until marriage and decide that 'they are the one' to loose their virginity to. And that they want to only have it with that person. Or just a smart teen who doesn't care to be like everyone else but doesn't rush into sex and uses protection/birth control wisely and checks themselves out for any issues. But not many are that self-aware.


The cons of teenagers, I think having it would have to be:
  • Teen pregnacy
  • STIs/STDs
  • Breaking laws.
  • Morals being broken (depending on the family or religious views)
  • Teens personal reputation
  • Peer pressure to have it, the "Everybodys doing it." statement
(Teen boy regretting having sex)
And the pros would have to be:
  • Freedom for the child
  • Fun*
  • Teens thinking it is cool
Really, this is a huge moral issue, not really a life changing issue.

So please tell me below..

Are you FOR or AGAINST minors being allowed to be sexually active? And why?

Do you think its an issue or not?

Did your parents give you the Birds and the Bees talk?

 Love, Dei

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Love, Dei

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