October 29, 2008

You're NEXT

Isabella.Arci & Noelle_Page in ZARA

Patent Bags by Melissa Bags by Rustan's
Accessories by Bvlgari

October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat!


On a spooky Halloween night,
When Goblins and witches come out to fight,
When children go out to say "Trick or Treat",
When goblins and witches and people meet.
Around the town loud noises roar,
And when you hear the sound,
"Knocking" at your door.
Should you open it?
Should you be scared?
Trick or Treaters are everywhere!
But don't you worry,
And don't you fright,
Its only one day,
One evening,
Its Halloween Night!


It's time to let your MeDoll live out its fantasy.
Free your wild side. Come up with the wildest and most creative outfit you can think of and be featured in our blog.

Trick or Treat...

October 26, 2008

Toute Ma Gratitude


Who among us doesn't want gifts?

I suppose nobody.

In fact some Stardollians go as far as sending multiple broadcast messages just to receive some.
Aside from the fact that the mere act of touching and opening presents pump adrenaline through your veins, it's the feeling of being remembered and thought of that's more exhilarating. Almost surreal. It is especially overwhelming to receive these from random people you just have casual conversations with over the word wide web (Stardoll.com).

Just looking at these wonderful works of art, I know that it came from the heart of the masters who did them. We (Isabella & myself) were just very lucky that they have chosen us to share their God given gifts with...

We've received this illustration from the fabulous Steelone. This sketch had us at hello Ü. Works done using pen and paper never looked as good. Her works are honest, unpretentious and pure. All of them done by hand, this girl's masterpieces are worth being taken a look at (www.artbysteelone.blogspot.com).

Isabella and I went on partying last night. Heavy partying. I was doing as little noise as I can while sneaking up to my room just to avoid waking up my parents (It's already 5:15 am). I'm sure almost everybody can relate to what I am about to say:
When Stardoll beckons we take heed and follow.

Racing the break of dawn I hurriedly logged in just to check things out (what a convenient excuse to play Stardoll at such an hour! haha!)... and this what I found:

Done by Mimi_Mami, not only are the details on the portrait of my MeDoll is genius but the thought of her actually doing one was really really sweet. I asked her if she does have a site to showcase her graphic creations, but she doesn't have any yet. However, with works such as this, I'm sure she'll have one in no time.Ü

At the end of the day (or before I went on a deep slumber for that matter), I ponder on the thought of why I can't enough of Stardoll.com.

When I looked at these illustrations I then knew what the answer was.
Apart from clothes, suite and stardollars, it is all those wonderful people you'll meet and treasure as friends. People who have amazing gifts which is meant to be shared to everyone, for the whole world to know what Art is.

Thanks girls.Ü

Post Script:
A special shout out goes to Carlo for animating our blog banner. It's fabulous and super fetch!

October 25, 2008

New HB! New Brand! NEW LOOK!

Has anybody seen this?

No no no no no. .. . not my MeDoll minus all the vibrant make-up, big, bling & black couture & layered bangs cramped in a claustrophobic dressing room, silly. I meant the pink dress I have on. Correct, that short unfamiliar one. So, have you?

Only a few, perhaps.

Before I continue this spill of juiciness, I just want to say that I haven’t really introduced myself formally on this blog yet, since I am amidst a glorious vacation here in Manila. Nevertheless, I still log in at Stardoll at times when I'm letting my tan sear to a golden honey like this refreshing dewy morning. Ah. .. . I could stay like this forever!


With only my MacBook Pro as my trusty steed, I JUST have to make this short post after reading a quick tip from a good friend!

Linkin_Girl whispered that a NEW HB from a NEW BRAND has been secretly released at StarPlaza!


ONLY 5 Stardollars!


Don't you just love this kind of rush?

So, follow these simple steps to get a hold of this candy:

StarPlaza ~ Search ~ Pink ~ Page 15


Indubitably, pink is STILL the new PINK!

Can I just say, why wasn’t this released on the advert of
10 HOTBUYS for October ?

Unless of course, they've recently revamped it to include this newest addition.


Okay, before I sizzle into a crisp, I must take a 5 minute soak in the tempting Boracay waters before I have my all ~ Philippino breakfast buffet!

And for once, I am not doing any mirepoix!


All you girls {& girly boys, or boyish girls} enjoy the dress, enjoy the weekend & hopefully enjoyed reading my first article. And again, THANK YOU Linkin_Girl for the heads-up! You truly made my morning, & surely everbody else's {evening to some} worth all the excitement for!

Oh, & Noelle, don't worry, I'll zip back to the city to make it on time for our usual Saturday Clique!

9pm still, right?

~ xoxoIsabella

October 22, 2008

Redemption Will Come...


These past few days of my MeDoll's life, from the time that fake Chanels took over Stardoll country, the latter seems to be doing everything (no matter how small and unnoticeable they are to some) to redeem itself. Leaving the endless pour of Voile dresses behind (I wonder if they would ever stop?), the biggest change so far was the renovation of our very own Starplaza. Everything worked smoother and faster since then and waiting for the whole thing to load from out of oblivion became a thing of the past.
Looking back farther, who can forget being treated to the best looking hotbuys collection in Stardoll history for a month. I can just imagine how dry the throat of the most addicted fashionistas went as soon as those peepers caught a glimpse of the fabulous October collection. The items are well composed and the whole collection is not a hodgepodge of ukayukay (cheap bargain) finds (as what we've grown accustomed to a few months back).
And if that ain't enough yet, to satisfy the insatiable thirst of the well dressed few for the beautiful and exquisite, extending the extravagance for another month is nirvana. Behold, the November collection.
Tonight, as I was rounding up my last set of nightly sit ups, the familiar message alert tone of my p1i sounded. It was a text message from Isabella. When her message finally went up the screen of my mobile phone, a familiar feeling came over me. The feeling of being given a present and anticipating what's inside although it's already within your grasp and just waiting for you to open it. "There's a new set of lips available!" Long before her second message came, I was already loading my Styling Studio...Ü

I know a lot of you still remember this advertisement:
Did you, Fab Stardoll Fanatic, not wish that in a sudden twist of fate, those luscious puckers would be seen on your MeDoll's face? Did you not fantasize with a little tinge of hope that those lip glossed smacked smoochers would be among the choices you have in the Styling Studio? Well, wish and hope no more...

Those fashion savvy lips are now ours. The best looking amongst all the available options in my own opinion, the new puckers have an expensive sheen to it, and so the richest elites (or so they claim) won't be mortified to use it. It has depth and character as evident on its silently smiling angle, as if saying and validating: I know you want more.

I moved my cursor to the leftmost tab and lo and behold...
The Paulina tresses could already take its much needed rest (thank God!)... These are just a few of my favorites from all the other new ones and if you are going to look closely, there are a few more to come.Ü

Stardoll may have a wronged us in the past and may have done some injustice to some extent, but with an effort such as the one that we are slowly seeing, Stardoll.com, redemption is on it's way. And to you Fab Stardoll Fanatic: To err is human. To forgive is almost always... fashionable.

...I'm out of here.

October 19, 2008

Inside the Trade: Royal Blood


It is not enough to want and an understatement to need. The difference is in the know. Let Noelle and Isabella bring you closer to the things we love. And love to love.

Audrey Hepburn pop tank top designed by Nephthys

October 11, 2008

The Endless Saga of the LOOPHOLE


Slouched on my computer chair, staring into the familiar screen of my PC, I browsed through the endless queue of broadcast messages. Rares, DKNY, Scuba, Skyscraper and so on and so forth. Same old sh*t. As I was about to click away from the page, one particular ad caught my short spanned attention: VOILE dresses for sale.. until supplies last. Interesting. I wonder how many has she got and does she have the purple one I am so wanting to have. Perhaps I can buy one for myself. I clicked on the message and I was immediately redirected to that user's suite.
VOILE dresses for sale.. until supplies last. And what a supply it is... here's what i saw:

I was in disbelief for a few seconds thinking that my senses were just fooling me. How is this possible? A new loophole perhaps? The inquisitive side of my brain then started to work. This doll that is making use of this unknown loophole has 8 star points, a blank presentation and a close to non existent closet. This meDoll may but definitely can be a decoy. Taking into consideration what has happened to one infamous user of Stardoll (who blatantly abused the loophole), these new breed of hackers do know how to be more careful this time.

The cloned Voile gift dresses, as I observed, are selling like hot pancakes and are disappearing from her closet faster than a bullet train. However, she is refilling her starbazaar with that pink ruffle dress faster. much much faster. The average price of each one is at 20 stardollars. If she sells 50 of them dresses, that is a clean 1,000 stardollars for her (less of course the 1 stardollar charge for each sold item). If this account then is not a main account, how is this user going to transfer all those moolahs to the main account (it would be a shame of course if all that virtual cash just goes to nothing once this account gets deleted, right?)? That's where the magic of Starbazaar comes in.

From whom will a stardoll user who's on their right mind buy nasty clothing worth 60 stardollars from? From their other (main) account of course. Look and learn:

a closer inspection of one of these accounts revealed more than what I expected.

...and a dead giveaway on who really owns these accounts. Click on the image to be amused:

Don't get me wrong. I am not condemning this user. No, I definitely am not. In fact I am amazed at how technology savvy (or should I say, Stardoll savvy) some kids are (if this one really is a kid).

In the coming days one of these accounts will definitely get deleted. Again. And for what? For doing something which Stardoll.com specifically told us not to do. A question then presents itself: How could you resist on doing something if that particular thing (the loophole) is right in front of you? Stardoll f*cks up and punishes us for something, which in essence is a fault on their end. Stardoll.com, that is POOR customer service (or do the guys working there even know what that is).

It is not fair for majority of Stardoll users who are actually saving money and spending real cash on that website just to get all the perks (or VOILE dresses for that matter) being a superstar and having disposable stardollars can give.

It is not fair for all those users who got deleted because they used some of a lot of available cheats on Stardoll because when you come to think of it, it IS Stardoll.com's fault.

If by any chance, a stardoll employee gets to read this post, there's just a few things I would want to say to you: Deletion of accounts is not a solution for it would not really clean up the mess you did in the past, is doing today and will be doing in the not so distant future. You guys would have to fix your messed up system, get some good technical support and have a decent and functioning quality assurance and customer service team. That is the answer all of us are waiting for.

And before I forget, the FAKE Chanel items you sold us won't do the trick either.

October 10, 2008

Persona: Oh, Anna!


Every so often, this blog will be featuring people who served and or are continuously serving as true inspirations for people, especially to young girls, around the world.
As Isabella and Noelle go back to their roots, one name popped up as a first subject for this post.
Anna. The Anna Bayle.


As one of the most popular models in the 90's, of course it didn't come as a surprise when an artist made mention of her "Anna Bayle Walk" in one of his compositions...

October 03, 2008


I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin.
I took a step and with new strength I’d never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.
a quote from “My Comfort Zone

Noelle_Page & Isabella.Arci in Ivarluski Aseron
Accessories by Bea Valdes - Jacob

Mémoires. An account of the personal experiences of an author. The report of the proceedings of a learned society. A vague recollection of what has transpired in the past, of what is currently unraveling in the present and a premonition of what is to unfold in the future.

This blog is the brain child of two young ladies, who, a few months back were seeking outlet for thoughts that would be most appropriately expressed in writing. This is the online journal that will always be visually stimulating and at times thought provoking.

Today the 3rd of October, the wait has come to an end. Mémoires of a MeDoll has taken its place.