March 07, 2013

Why hello there...

It seems like forever and a day has passed since I last scribbled here on MDM.  I can still remember most of all articles that I wrote...and I can still remember when I took a break from blogging.

Now I am back home. And I want to sincerely thank Noelle and Isabella for opening their doors in such a welcoming manner and allowing me to, once again, write for MDM. I cannot wait to pick up my pencil and start scrawling in the next couple of days!

March 06, 2013


SIX years of ridiculous, consuming & addictive years with Stardoll.

In my endless on & off playtime, Stardoll has been dynamically revamping its site to accommodate the whims of every member (yes, including myself). From showcasing your achievements on your profile page to "Reserved For" between trades (two thumbs up for that Stardoll!), almost everything has been tweaked for the better (though I seriously believe that the minimum price of selling an item should be higher). Out of all the improvements & additions, my favourite would still have to be StarDesign Hair. Why?

To think that 2007 face won CoverGirl 5 times

StarDesign Hair presents numerous creative options, & as from I have witnessed with some, bizarre. I ♥ the opacity slider! It just doesn't cast shine & sheen onto your tresses but it can also add depth to a MeDoll's features & intensity of expression. I am still learning the art of shading (& saving it in its right place can be a pain!). In earlier years, manipulation of a MeDoll's appearance was only possible with the assistance of editing programs outside Stardoll. In game is a totally different story. Quite tricky, to say the least.
UNFINISHED by yours truly

Despite my countless futile attempts on shading via StarDesign Hair, I admittedly pale in comparison to these SIX stunning & über-talented Stardoll members who unfailingly impressed me, along with millions who are still in awe. 

I know, right! AMAZING! They should seriously consider making a tutorial on how to do this! Better yet, sell their masterpieces in their StarBazaar 'cause I'll be first in line.

And of course, Doll2005 who gave me a fabulous make-over below!

I am not sure how they created these shadings but one thing is for sure, they are just made of AWESOME! I can't wait what these SIX girls can do in the next SIX years! And to everyone who has been with me throughout my own virtual SIX in Stardoll, here's to another SIX more!

March 05, 2013


Well, not you again.

After what seemed to be a needless drama of sorts, MDM is having a HUGE overhaul of the whole blog from what was left from it (whoever thought that the tacky blue-green damask background was cute is certainly disturbed). In the next couple of weeks, MDM will be undergoing a HUGE restoration from writers, to graphics to the overall look & feel.

SPECIAL OFFER DENIM SHIRT on a Stardoll member & on America's Restoration Rick Dale.

And since MDM is evolving into a mature direction whose target audience is not of the faint of heart (read: NOT KIDSAFE), we are on a wild hunt for quick-witted vicious writers, deviant graphic artists & just about any eager freelancer who has a say about anything Stardoll!


Oh no no no no no. We are not looking for kids who scrawl about overly emotional rants, or heavily dramatic teens pouring out senseless real life realizations & definitely not the brats who have personal issues & are just angry by nature. They're just plain boring.

And neurotic

After all, this is MDM. Not your personal diary.



Send us a sample at:


March 04, 2013


Everyone seems to be into Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express. .. .minus Hercule Poirot. First was Audrey Tautou's Chanel No. 5 commercial in 2012. Now, Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter Collection 2012-2013 Campaign echoes the same concept which inspired Film Theory's fresh release.

I wish Stardoll made these bags instead. 

I think it is about time that Stardoll actually releases a Louis Vuitton Tribute. Oh, I'd snatch every single piece of them! And multiple duplicates!


LV, I'm a fool to want you.

March 03, 2013


The beloved MDM blog is at its rightful owners once again.

And why shouldn't it be?

Denying the owners' access to their own blog is unforgivable. And stripping them off completely is just plain disrespectful.

MDM does not owe anyone any explanation.
"Noelle's removal was unintentional, Isabella's was not. Isabella never posted here, and never spoke to me about the blog's care, so I didn't honestly care if she was removed."
"However, I will not add either of them back until I receive and explanation from Noelle. I believe that I deserve that much."


Especially not you

. .. .

Welcome to Mémoires Of A MeDoll

March 02, 2013

For everyone who is calling me a thief and saying that it is a shame what I have done, shame on you.
I have not stolen anything from anyone. I don't owe you an explanation, but since I am being accused of things that are not true, I feel as if I need to defend myself before my name is slandered any further.

First of all, This blog was left in mine and Deidra's hands when Noelle left. 
I'm not concerned with your opinions about how we took care of it, that is not the point of this post.
During the time that Deidra and I were managers of this blog, Isabella was still a part of Stardoll.
She was not completely active, but she was still here. And not one time did she speak to us.
Not one time did she post. I have not heard or seen her speak about MDM until Noelle reappeared.
So I don't understand why she's so concerned about it now, when she wasn't concerned with it before.

A while ago(several months ago), as you all may know, I removed everyone from the blog. Noelle's removal was unintentional, Isabella's was not. Isabella never posted here, and never spoke to me about the blog's care, so I didn't honestly care if she was removed. However, when deleting the writers from this blog, I accidentally removed Noelle. I didn't remember her email to add her back, so I couldn't.

The other day when Noelle reappeared on Stardoll, I tried to reach out to her in order to add her back to the blog only to discover that she had blocked me from Stardoll. So I created another account and sent her a friend request asking her to add me back so we could discuss why she blocked me, and also to add her back to the blog. Several days passed and she never responded to me. So I went to Isabella's suite and sent her a friend request asking her to add me so that I could add her and Noelle back to the blog. She did not respond to me either. So I just left it at that. I figured they must not have wanted their blog back if they weren't responding to the only person who had access to it.

A friend of mine Skyped me this evening to let me know that there was a lot of drama on Stardoll regarding MDM. She also let me know that she reached out to Isabella to get her contact info so that I could add her back to the blog. Surprisingly, Isabella responded to her. Why she wouldn't respond to me, I do not know.
But I would like to. More importantly, I would like to know why Noelle has felt the need to ignore me for no reason at all. I will add both of them back because I never intended to steal this blog from them. If I wished to do that, their names wouldn't still be listed as founders. However, I will not add either of them back until I receive and explanation from Noelle. I believe that I deserve that much.