April 29, 2012

More SNTGD Drama?!

Many will agree with me that xxlovexx's newest project, Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer, has been the focus of a lot of drama over the past few days. First there was the whole Lige and Nicole quitting issue, but now that the 3rd task has been posted, even more controversy arose...

[Image taken from http://inside-dollywood.blogspot.com/]

As you can tell, the 3rd task requires contestants to create a banner for devie44's blog, The Stardoll Shiner. No big deal you may say, but what if I told you that Patrick offered a guaranteed win to somebody for creating a banner using a reference picture that he, himself, chose? That's right! According to multiple sources, Patrick did make that offer to one of the participants of the competition.

[Click to enlarge]

As requested, I won't reveal any names of those who were involved. Props to the girl for not taking up that offer. Regardless, I doubt Patrick could actually guarantee her a win, since he isn't even a judge... 

I just received these screen prints:

It's a little hard to understand who is saying what at first, but I can tell you that Patrick is the one using text talk excessively. 

April 28, 2012

When Stardoll Pals Write Gossip Posts

*This post was meant to be out a month ago*
Though this is not anything shocking or fresh, I've been wanting to talk about this topic.
- - -

You guys know Vanessa(Star_Awards), correct? Who we later found out to be the owner of Elite News and the account EliteNews which for a while we assumed was owned by some chick named Baya Nikolas and also the owner of another side account by the username of -Inspired-. Though I can't seem to find Vanessa's coming out post as 'Baya', it wasn't really a big deal to people since at the time she wasn't around for the most part when she stated it, but plenty of people were shocked at how well she kept her fake persona a secret.

But the icing on the cake for me was that even after she revealed HERSELF as another person, she continued to keep up her fake account and its identity. I can't say its a bad thing, but to me its a bit.. awkward..? I mean having an alter ego is fine and all but I just don't think it works on Stardoll when you try to keep up both personas.

And I came to realize that basically over the years, she's been posting about herself over and over again. And after counting the number of posts she's made about herself in the archives, it was roughly over 30+ posts she's written including her medoll, most posted before she revealed herself, but she did continue to feature herself even after she admitted being Baya.

But this post isn't about that, this is just a refresher.
- - - 

Moving along, Vanessa or Baya, Emma, whoever, stated on EN that they were "cheating" on Stardoll with The Sims 3, which was kind of odd to me since the Sims is an offline game..

But continuing to my point, which I have yet to reach, later after she posted that she left Stardoll, someone started to post on her blogs by the name of Lee Que.

Who is Lee Que you ask? Lee Que is "Baya's" girlfriend, spotted here in her suite:

Now, Vanessa proudly states she is a lesbian which is awesome! But.. I can't tell if is being serious that Lee Que is a real person she dates, let alone the new(er) writer for all her 'Elite Only' based blogging style. The reason I doubt Lee Que is based on a real person is because Vanessa never made any effort to 'show off' Lee Que in her Star_Awards suite making me assume its just her persona Baya's arm candy.

But what does this mean that 'Lee Que' is now a writer for EN? Does it mean Vanessa created ANOTHER persona to be seen by or did she just not want to give up Stardoll like she said she was for the Sims 3?
- - -

I am just confused all over from this. 

What do you guys think? Another personality or is Lee Que 'the real thing'?

Love, Dei

April 27, 2012

Opinions Please!

Hey, I just wanted to make a quick post asking what kind of posts do you guys favor and want to see.

Firstly I would like to input that Scene & Heard, Can You Make It Up, and Haute Buys will be coming back later this year so be excited for that. Plus we do have new and upcoming MDM based productions that I am sure you guys will be thrilled to see/take part in.

And like I stated before, later this year we will have another writer search for those who want another shot at writing here and sharing you creative juices.

So please take this quick poll and if you answer choices aren't in the poll then please tell me in the comments section, thank you!

Love, Dei

April 26, 2012


Introductions are written daily, by writers, journalists, students, and even bloggers. However, only some find the hook that will get you reading their whole post. This is no small trick; One of the hardest things in any sort of presentation is getting people's attention in the first place. Readers claim to judge books by the first few pages, I think they exaggerate. The essential judgement is made in the first few words - great writing pieces have great beginnings. If you want to get somebody's attention, then speak to them directly. Look at them in the eye. Set in front of them a very simple fact, perhaps use a conversational tone. If you have some surprising information, deliver it without delay.

After doing some research, I've concluded that a in order for a post to be interesting, an introduction should, without a doubt:
  • Prepare the reader from the information they'll gain from the article
  • Convince them that they want to read the article
  • Shouldn't be too long - you don't want to bore the reader
  • Shouldn't contain just one sentence
  • Shouldn't be completely absent from the article
While brainstorming ideas for my first post on this blog, I couldn't help but address this topic. I find myself reading the oh-so-cliche "I'm bad at introductions" at the beginning of a post far too often. Rarely do I see a topic sentence - possibly the most important part of an introductory paragraph. I guess I only recently noticed the lack of good introductions in the Stardoll blogging world. After all, our initial impressions of anything are the ones that stay in our memories the longest.

April 23, 2012

Review: L'enfer Magazine

L'enfer Magazine, owned by Jack(freeduck__), is new to the Dollywood magazine scene—and it promises to send you on a journey through the alternative world of fashion. Unfortunately, there are a few kinks in Jack's travel plan.

So why L'enfer? Here's Jack's response to how and why he chose L'enfer.

"Well L'enfer is French and loosely translates to English as "the hell" and I believe that upon making their magazines, many people want them to be heavenly and perfect. They want everything to be wonderful and fit the category of perfection, but the truth is not everyones idea of heaven is the same, and we shouldn't be afraid to publish a near train wreck instead of something we see as flawless. I wanted to show people my idea of the hell that is being different and trying to stand out."

The Hell. Yes, how lovely. What I gathered from his statement is that everyone wants their work to be perfect. When they create something, perfection is strived for. That's only natural, right? We know we'll never reach perfection, because it does not exist. But there's no harm in trying our best to get there.

Jack, however, doesn't want to strive for perfection. He prefers to produce work that is considered a "near train wreck", in hopes of being different and standing out. In my opinion, that entire statement was a cluster-fuck. It made little sense, and he came off very delusional.

If you're scratching your head as a gesture of confusion, don't worry, so am I.

 In the Editor's Letter he tells us that we should be prepared to expect, mixed trends, diverse faces, and exciting articles.

Unfortunately, I saw none of those things in the first issue.

This is only the first issue of L'enfer, so I'll give Jack the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's just trying to lay his foundation. Whatever foundation that might be. Maybe he's saving all the mixed trends, diverse faces, and exciting articles for the next issue. I sure hope so. But it's doubtful.

As usual, it was no surprise to see Zenonas(.pease.) on the cover.  Z is such a delight, but he's slowly becoming the next Mel. Not that there is anything wrong with being a great model, but we all seem to get annoyed when we see an over-used model. Jack probably shouldn't promise "diverse faces" and show up with Z.

 Here's what Jack has to say about why he chose Zenonas, and how he thinks it will affect his magazine.

"I've always seen Zenonas as a very unique individual. He stands out to me. His skills in both fashion and interior design are extremely of high standard, and one thing I was looking for in a Covermodel was high standards. The first issue of L'ENFER covers the topic of alternative fashion and Zenonas is always conjuring up fresh, new, and alternative outfits. He was just the perfect choice."

Are you at all concerned that people might complain about seeing the same face over and over again?

"This was actually one of my biggest concerns when selecting .pease. as my Covermodel. I was and am fully aware that .pease.'s doll is so overused in magazines etc. but I think what many people don't understand is that behind every doll there is  a person who possesses a personality. Not only did I choose .pease. because of the fabulous doll, but also because of the personality behind the doll; Zenonas.  Let's not forget that Zenonas is the new owner of .pease., if it were still Linus, I don't think I would've chosen .pease. because the interview would be almost the same as previous interviews with Linus."

I love both Zenonas and Linus(dog_boy96). I think their sense of style, as well as their personalities are unique and they are amazing people. But make anyone answer the run-of-the-mill interview questions, and they become a bore. I rarely read the interviews in Stardoll magazines because they all tend to flow the same way. I did, however, read Zenonas's interview for L'enfer. But as I suspected, it wasn't very impressive. Since Jack is so taken by Z's personality—you would think he might have tried harder to showcase it. 

Jack's attempt at 'mixed trends' also left me feeling rather bored. He explored the world of platforms and even provided several pages of Stardoll platforms, complete with descriptions.
The graphic wasn't so bad, but then again—it wasn't necessarily a graphic. Just a cluster of Stardoll-made shoes. The descriptions fit well, but who seriously wants to read a lengthy description for over ten pairs of shoes?

Aside from a decently written article on the Boy London fashion line, there wasn't much fashion. Just a few graphics with Stardoll clothes and an article explaining what alternative fashion is. It was all very plain and seemed to lack any amount of depth.

When asked about what to expect for L'enfer's next issue, Jack says:

"Better graphics, better articles and lots of blood and a gothic feel throughout. I have no plans who will be on the cover as of yet, but it will most definitely be a fresh face that has a fresh personality to match."

All in all, I can't say I was impressed. The magazine wasn't good or great. But according to Jack, we shouldn't aim our sights over the decent line. So maybe this "train wreck" of a magazine is just was he was going for. 

Oh Boy is right

A great woman once said (actually it was me): "there is no point in building an empire if you let it crumble."

Such a thing can mirror personalities, projects, ideas...etc. And such a thing was presented today as we witnessed Chloe Davis' tantrum over spilled milk. (you can see the post by Dei here) This made me think of many things, some of them laughing at how much of a numbskull she looked like, but also how much she reminds me of a familiar face we have witnessed through ought stardoll. Yes you know who it is..

Tapstar went by the name of Chloe Davis

I had my doubts and suspicions beginning last October when I heard of her, and it totally sparked in my mind  that these two "people" had to be the same person...I had a good image of who Nicole was, and it didn't take me much time to see Chloe was the exact same thing, maybe she was a poser? I could've been wrong..but all the pieces came together to form the puzzle and I soon realized everything began to make sense. 

Investigating on Stardoll doesn't always lead you to the right assumptions or answers, but everything was quite obvious when it came to this case. A fellow observer (who's name shall not be mentioned) said "Nicole was like that too. She could NOT take criticism. And neither can the same person otherwise known as Chloe."

Here below is a list of facts I gathered up regarding Chloe and how she can be Nicole:
  • Rhfcjnrf owns a modeling agency and a photo shoot agency thing that was featured on Medoll Memoires. What I find strange is that this girl came out of nowhere right after the quitting of Nicole, Tapstar321.
  • check out Rhfcjnrf's modeling agency "fresh face models" and her graphics blog. You can see HER graphics and Nicole's are highly identical AND for her photo shoots, Rhfcjnrf chose Gillian/jucimama and Aislin/AislinVictory which is odd..because those two were known as the closest friends of Nicole - Tapstar321.

  •  Look at Rhfcjnrf's blogger profile and you'll see one of her blogs is forever chic. This is odd because Nicole owned forever chic. So why would she be joining if Nicole quit?
You might think I am a sociopath and as it might look like it...I just do my research well.  Maybe she has multiple-personality disorder, or maybe I am just a lunatic with twisted facts..oh wait...
Well, I guess if you had no trust in the research I gathered up, this picture can be your last lullaby to unmask Chloe Davis and find Nicole under that masquerade.

Nicole...your secret is out. All I can do now is quote you by saying:

SD Next Top Graphic Designer Drama?

Since I have a nice and boring Sunday, I decided to start posting now, haha.

But do you know of the competition 'Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer'? If you haven't its a very cutting edge competition that features young, new, and talented graphical artists who are competing for a 1,000 SDs, an Editorial Spread, be the face of TTT, and 10 free items of clothing of their choice*.

With awesome prizes and great judging with Kim(xxlovexx), Nika(Princess_Kiara1), Eliza(Wooldoor) and Ciara(ciaraleanne), the competition was off to a great start! And we get to see gorgeous graphics each time to fall for and pick a designer to cheer on all the way.

But then.. talking to my friend Ciara, who is one of the judges, she told me some very strange comments made by one of the contestants Lige(Lige07), saying that he wanted to drop out, and then I went to ask Kimberly why he said it.

She said he told her that at first that he was having family issues which is understandable, I know one day I would be excited to use and work on a Stardoll project the and next day something awful happened, so I don't blame him, but then later admitted these things to her:
  •  "I am opening my empire next year."
  • "I just found the whole task sorta stupid... How is that task going to help us in the future." 
  •  "Anyway i got offered to do graphics for one of stardolls most famous blogs. So that is also why I have to quit, to make more time for it. And the prize isn't really that big , you could sell all 6-8 graphics for 1000sd+ lol ... I am not trying to be rude , just being realistic! "

What..?  It seemed a bit obscene and selfish to be so ungrateful that someone plans to try to pay you for you hard work and reward you with goodies and yet you tell a judge that its not good enough and basically over-prioritized yourself to the point you can't even work around. And the fact that before it even started he use to tell me how excited he was for it and that he was going to practice really hard, and I actually was rooting for him before now.
- - - 

So then still talking with Ciara and Kim we saw this comment made by a very angry contestant Nicole(tapstar321.. I mean, CholeDavis).

 Her entry:

In the post stating the next theme to be created, she rudely stated her anger of her 22/40 score she got at last week's judging.

Saying this in the comments:
Larger view HERE.
Let's point out some things. Why are you made you got ONE point less than someone? The judges are very very nice people, if I was one of them, you would of gotten a 2 because of how tacky it is, or for the overly chubby vagina hand. Clearly she is stating that her poop green creation didn't deserve the low(er) score it received.

Another that she is stated ".. after looking at some of the graphics now I realize that there are two other graphic designer competitors that are at my level of graphic design."

Your level of graphic design? Pfft, that is just plain rude! What a snide comment, thats like saying everyone in the competition is bad and that you are the only real threat, meanwhile you use the same shading the highlighting for hair you do for your clothes.

In addition, after Nicole started to get comments stating how wrong she really was she started to babble on and ended up apologizing in the weirdest of ways.

Larger view HERE.
She was basically eating a poop sandwich that came from her own ass. And she ended up deleting most of everything she said including the very first comment she made. And even though she said she quit, she later states she was going to try to make the deadline?

- - - 

What a roller coaster this competition brings.

Love, Dei

April 20, 2012

The Start of a New Beginning

(to see the image above in a larger view, click here)
 You may look at this photo with torn feelings, maybe, "They all look so different." "What is wrong with her outfit." "Are they serious?"  Even more-so, "What is up with that bird?!" Or maybe a joyful look towards the reveal of our 'family' photo and its graphics. No matter what you feel, just know so much is coming to the table.

With the blessing from Noelle and the guidance we soaked up from Noelle & Isabella's print onto MDM, we redesigned and refreshed it to thrive again in the blogging community. 

Though we over-shot the opening date by a long shot due to so miscommunication, people (including myself) losing the desire to make improvements, and failure to find a graphic specialist who we could put up with as well as if they could actually deal with us, but finally, we got there, the reason waited for ALL the dolls to be finished is because we wanted to arrive as a family, together. And though we are all so different in our style, personalities, and even our looks, we share one goal, to entertain and show our views, discussions, dramas, and whatever else we damn well please to have a ball writing for you guys.

Now, I, myself, can tell you it such a roller coaster of hair pulling work to get to this point, and its worth it. From the start when decided to pull in some new talent to write, people who I barely knew but saw them write amazing work which I hope to see here, and they end up being my new best friends as well as the current staff of MDM, and no, its not because of friendships they are here, they are here because they are smart, witty, and have a huge imagination as well as an intriguing personality that shown to us which granted them a spot here even before I knew them as personally as I do now.

And for those who are down in the dumps if they couldn't write, don't be sad! We are planning to add more additions to our collection in the near future! But first we wanted to find a little fresh meat before we load up MDM right after just renewed it, if that makes since.

- - - 

Now be expecting brand new posts, ideas, and much more starting this Monday! 

I am a bit busy this weekend, and like Aislin said before, she got married last Friday and is still a honey-mooner, so the blog will be on hiatus still until then.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Dei

April 11, 2012

Blog Layout Update

Hey, this is just a quick post from me to anyone who had problems with the width of the blog before.

And for those who didn't have that problem, the blog was too wide for the background we had in place for people whose resolution size or browser didn't fit that, so what I did was made the blog smaller, that way it should fit just about any screen (other than phone/tablet screens).

Whether or not you had this issue please in the comments tell me how the blogs size, the layout, and any other issues you may or may not have with it, and please tell me if it fits your screen.

Thank you, love Dei.

Edit: Also, if the problem is not fixed or now a problem for more people, then I am going to put it back to its original size, so sorry to those who says its off, but it may be your browser like I said before.
This post is going to explain a couple of things so that Dei(hopefully) won't be badgered with questions during my absence. 

 ICÔNE is a blogger account that represents both Deidra and myself. When MDM was created Noelle and Isabella used it for the same purpose. If you take a moment to view a few of the first posts, you will see that. ICÔNE will continue to post, as it is primarily used to convey information related to things that you would not see in regular lifestyle posts. For instance, the poster series, and results of the MDM Radio Show Poll.

Speaking of the poster series, they have all been revealed. The three writers(Cian, Gladis, Sofi) that we have added have already been revealed. So you should not be expecting anymore posters. However, all of the banners(for old and new writers), will be revealed soon, all at once. Please be patient, we're busy.

Lastly, as usual, the commenters have expressed that we aren't posting as much as we should be. All I have to say is—that isn't your decision to make. We value your opinions and we try to implement as many suggestions as possible. However, the frequency of our posts is not something we can always change.

This blog is something we do for fun. And while I'd love to be able to post daily, I have a life outside of Stardoll. And the past fews months have been especially busy. This may not be something you want to hear, but after today I won't be posting here at MDM until sometime after the first of May. I'm getting married on Saturday and Sunday morning I will be leaving for my honeymoon. 

So that just leaves Dei in control. As you may have guessed, she has a life too. So please be a bit more understanding when you don't see MDM cranking out posts on a daily basis. We are not robots that sit at a computer and wait to act on your desires. And if that realization pisses you off, that's just too damn bad.

April 06, 2012

MDM Radio Show Results

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us decide whether or not MDM should have a radio show. The results are in, and here they are!

A total of 137 votes,  97 in favor of a radio show, and 40 against a radio show.
Thanks to everyone who supported this project.
We haven't set an official start date, and we still have some kinks to work out, but we're looking forward to ranting with you all, on air.


We're also interested in your opinion on broadcast days. Let us know whether you would prefer Fridays or Saturdays,  and what times you think would be best for optimum audience viewing.

April 04, 2012

Poster Series #3

Welcome Sofi(lulla96) to the MDM family.
She's not a whore, and she's not Paris Hilton.

Cast a Shadow 2

She's got nice shoes and an even nicer booty.
That makes for one sexy shadow.

April 02, 2012

Poster Series #2

Welcome Gladis(dingyfeathers) to the MDM family.
She's got the faith of a preacher and the mouth of a sailor.

April 01, 2012

Cast a Shadow

Wonder who's casting this shadow?
You'l find out soon enough.

Poster Series #1

Welcome Cian(Sakutaro) to the MDM family.
Our little Japanese-loving Irish boy.