1. NEVER give anyone your password. No matter what they offer or promise you, no matter how much they swear they won't hack you, do not trust anyone who asks you for your password! This goes for people you consider friends as well, some hackers on Stardoll go to great lengths to establish a friendship with you and gain your trust. You don't have to be paranoid, just use your judgment!

2. I know a lot of you gets beyond euphoria when you get offered an interview or a feature on a magazine. That's fine... and congratulations to you...

But be very suspicious if someone starts asking you random personal questions like "What's your mother's maiden name?" or "What was the name of your first pet?" because they are trying to get your Security Question out of you so that they can gain access to your email account through the "Forgot Your Password?" feature.

3. Be careful what you click on! Don't go to unfamiliar links sent to you by random people, they could be leading you to a keylogger virus that gives them access to everything you have typed over a period of time, including your passwords. 

Try not to run competitions that require you to click on links, have tasks in Albums or Sceneries instead of having people print screen and upload to

4. Use a Virtual Keyboard to type in your passwords, not just on Stardoll but in general, especially when paying for things with a credit card online. Most operating systems have a virtual keyboard built-in, and you can also download a free one online.

Click on Start -> Go to All Programs -> Click on Accessories -> Select Accessibility or Ease of Access ->Click on On-Screen Keyboard

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to access your virtual keyboard on a Mac.

5. Beware of proxies! I know using a proxy is popular now to gain access to items that Stardoll gives away in other countries, but it exposes your personal information to third parties and can make you vulnerable to phishing and viruses.

6. No matter how little (if there's any) help they can offer, you can always contact the Stardoll Staff through this link in case you managed to do everything that was mentioned above... by mistake. :)

Go to Help -> Rules & Safety -> POPULAR ARTICLES: Help! I have been hacked... -> Contact Customer Service

Please do put this up on your blogs.

Let's take care of each other and fight this thing ourselves!