December 18, 2008

GLITCHES in Disguise & a ROOM to Spare


In the not so distant past, a welcomed glitch came over Stardollandia. Items from the Sceneries suddenly became available at the minishop and were up for grabs for just 1 Stardollar each. The items stayed there for just a few hours and I was then one of the lucky few who were able to get some.

Tons and tons of medolls became quasi celebrities because of the items from the glitch.

The possibilities were endless for majority of the items that I got including the white screen, cameras, a car, some floral arrangements and a... PERSONAL STYLIST!

Yes, that's right. Another Medoll inside our own suites! However, Stardoll had to take Vice Ganda (that's what Isablella and I named our Personal Stylist. Ü) away because of endless complaints from young little devils who weren't able to get a stylist of their own.

Just recently though, last Monday to be exact, another glitch angel came by and made more scenery items available for some lucky boys and girls (who happened to be logged on at that moment).

Do you still remember the Pop Art scenery?

I sure do

And I do think that there's no other way for me to keep my memory refreshed about it but to actually have the items in my suite. Have a look:

Uh-huh, you are seeing it right, the items are available for... NOTHING!

By that, I know that it is indeed a glitch because Stardoll won't give anything this fab for free to everyone. Haha!

I bought every single one of those items, for I know that sooner or later, I'll find something to use it for. Ü

On another note, Aside form the free (and fabulous) stuffs that we have been receiving lately, Stardoll gave us yet another unexpected early-Christmas-present.

A 12th room!

That in itself is an answered prayer for I now have another room to stash some of my clothings in. At last, my closet would have some more room to breathe in.Ü

What do you think about the scenery items and the extra room?

As for myself, I have nothing more to say but thank you Stardoll! Ü

December 16, 2008

We Finally Found Our First



December 11, 2008

Bare Beauties

When Noelle asked me to come up with an image for a Louis Vuitton post, I came up with a graphic concept which she thought was too risque for the blog.

The ever stubborn me decided to do it anyway and I'll be putting it up here now, and I do hope the other three girls I am with on this blog won't have any (violent) objections on me posting the graphic.

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... and I am in a free country.


December 07, 2008

I ♥ LV

Louis Vuitton was trained as a luggage packer for upscale Parisian families in the early 1800s. His claim to fame was being the official packer of Empress Eugenie, as appointed by Napoleon III himself. In 1875, he created the Wardrobe for travel in the posh oceana liners of yore. With its hanging section for dresses and suits, travelers needn't unpack upon arrival at their destination. Rich with history and symbolic social cache, it was - and still - is - a symbol of ultimate luxury.
Drawing inspiration from the ethereal appearance of a butterfly in flight, the Papillon was born in the swinging '60s where its minimalist silhouette was an instant hit. Then IT girl Twiggy was a definite fan, as were couture house models who fell in love with the short handles that looked like butterfly wings. Offering instant access via a tubular shape, this practical bag is perfect for the woman who needs only the bare essentials.
Feminine, simple, and elegant, the ALMA was named after a famous location in Paris "La place de l'Alma" located at the end avenue of Montaigne, a symbol of Parisian elegance. Created in 1934, the Alma's pure Art Deco lines were reworked in 1992 to make it one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags. The quintessential multipurpose city bag, as roomy as it is supremely elegant, it was the first bag to be reinterpreted by modern artists Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami, who created limited editions for Marc Jacobs' ready-to-wear shows.
The Speedy is Louis Vuitton's archetypal soft bag and a celebrity fave ever since it was introduced in 1930. Even Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn couldn't get enough, and, in 1965, had a smaller version specially made - the Speedy 25. It is the bag to own for its simple, ample shape and classic charm, modeled on its larger sister the Keepall. Reminiscent of a doctor's satchel, this city bag is constantly reinvented in different materials, the latest of which is the Mini Monogram and the Mirror Speedy.
The forerunner of modern travel bags, the Keepall's lightness and large capacity gave it its original name of "Tientout" , which means "hold all" in French. Like the Steamer bag, it first appeared in the 1930s as an additional item of luggage that stylish travelers folded at the bottom of their trunks. As air transport rapidly expanded over the 20th centery, it gained favor as the original cabin bag. Its multiple uses symbolize the new face of travel, characterized by increased individualism and a tremendous thirst for freedom.
Topped by elegant leather handles, the Louis Vuitton Bucket has aristocratic origins. Most likely to be spotted on the front row of fashion shows, the Bucket was launched in the United Staes in 1968 as a shopping bag. In the 1980s it was discovered by Japanese women on the look-out for an original bag that would go well with a kimono. More recently it has been adopted by sharp-eyed night owls, alert as always to trends.
Originally a laundry gab for soiled clothes hung in the boat cabin, the Steamer is a symbol of a chich journey by boat, car, or plane. Created in 1901, the age of transatlantic steamship voyages, the Steamer bag met a need among travelers for a spare, versatile luggage. The very first soft bag, it was designed to be slipped into one of the compartments of a trunk. Exceptionally robust and roomy, it combines elegance with timeless simplicity and is as essential, refined, and modern today as it was a century ago.
Originally created in the 1950s, the Lockit is quite the classic handbag. Discovered form the label's archives, it was reissued in Autumn of 2006 as one of the house's iconic bags. Practical and ideal for the busy working woman, this bag was made to carry files - and their - secrets - protected with the legendary padlock.
The Noé bag was dreamed up in 1932 by Vuitton's grandson Gaston-Louis, after a champagne maker asked him to design a robust bag that could carry several bottles of his precious bubbly. A tote bag tied at the neck, it was produced only in leather until the soft Monogram canvas was introduced in 1959. Finished in the revolutionary new material, it quickly became an essential fashion item for refined, active women worldwide.

December 01, 2008

And This Is What It's All About

I have actually been having my doubts about all the nasty comments I am receiving on this blog about my graphic designs. Take note: GRAPHIC DESIGNS. But the one just made by dodence_bt actually sealed the deal. I have kept silent this long because I respect the owners of this blog. I have not written a single reply to answer all the insults a few people have been posting here even though some of the comments are already personal in nature.

I compile different images into one picture.
I make a graphic representation of a Louis Vuitton bag for example and do a picture out of it such as the picture I have previously posted. I, not even once claimed that I am the designer of the item I have used on a picture (The bag is a Louis Vuitton design for God's sake!!!).

I have high respects for dodence_bt since I think his works are amazing. However, reading the comment he just made had me thinking again. Let me answer all the accusations he hurled at me:

DODENCE_BT: That guy does this in photoshop, I'm sure...
Dodence_bt, it was not a kept secret that I arrange and build a picture or a scene in Photoshop CS3. However, the graphic representations of an item is done using a completely different program.

DODENCE_BT: Why are his designs the same as on the pic?
Dodence_bt, Since it is a graphic representation, I try my utmost best to recreate the original image as closely as possible.

DODENCE_BT: Tell him to make an outfit of your choise and see if he's going to make it!
Dodence_bt, Is this what it's all about? About me doing what you are supposedly doing? The one insinuating that you are in competition with me is just yourself. The two girls I am with on this blog, Noelle Page and Isabella Arci have high respects for you, but I don't know if they are going to look at you with the same regard after reading what you just said.

Real talented people have respect for other people's talents as well.

Dodence_bt, Yes, you are talented with what you are doing but are you gracious about it? NO. Yes, people do admire your works but are you humbled by it? NO.

With this comment of yours, it only shows that you are threatened by me. But you know what, I am not going to compete with you because what we are doing are completely different... and I am not going to stoop down to the level you are currently in.




I downloaded the picture made by blogger "FAY" this morning.
I just thought that I'd download the original image and redo the picture using my own technique.
I just finished masking off the layers now.

I placed the picture side by side just so you can see the differences.
If you were reading the comments on this post, my technique has already been disclosed by one smart girl... and yes, it is NOT EASY to do and IT DOES take time.

This is actually getting fun. Fay, have you got other complicated pictures that we can do?
(The design of the bag you chose was way too simple)
You can do the one step cut out filter while I do my own thing.

I just want to get over and done with this and my point across.

Fay, are you up for the challenge?


Sorry, for posting this late. The fibers of the peacock bag took so much time to mask and this was a challenge for myself too. Anyway, here is the comparison:

I opted to include the original image this time so everyone can clearly see the difference.
Fay used the cut out filter on the bag but if she does that, she will not be able to get the details of the bag's fiber. All she's going to end up with is a blurred image.

If you are going to look closely, she placed the filtered image on top of the original and she deleted majority of the parts of the filtered image to let the details of the original image show through.
But when she did that, even the stitchings on the original image showed (look at the top black part of the bag). Also, if you look at the fibers of the peacock bag, you will see that the original image almost does not have any difference to that of Fay's work, which again was done using Photoshop's cut out filter.

This is the third and the last comparison I am going to do since 1.) I know I have already sent my point across (strongly); 2.) Noelle & Isabella already asked me to; and 3.) The person who started this all already made an apology.

Again, I have included the picture of the original image so everybody can see the differences better. I won't talk about the images anymore since they can already speak for themselves.

With this, I do hope this discussion ends here and we can get on with our lives. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

I just want to encourage all of you to click on the image to see the full size version.