June 30, 2011

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

It's Official.
No... not Lindsay Lohan Addicted, and not Stardoll Addicted,
(Okay, take that back. Just maybe a tad bit).

I know that the title of the irregular post makes you high ;)

Ahhemm - The Good High. Not the Bad High.

Anywhoo. I just thought Every Single One of you should listen to this sick, astonishing, fantastic, fantastical, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, stupendous, unbelievable, bewildering, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, staggering, startling, striking, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, wonderful, wondrous


NOW That you have Experienced Shrillex...
Listen to it a second time

and Again



Doesn't it make you feel

Just Here to Spice Up Your Day!

Have a Wonderful One, Jucii

Also... The Loading Graphic Never Loads- Gotcha!

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June 29, 2011

Air Freshener

Since the release of a spoiler for my new magazine, Risqué, I haven't gotten quite a lot of feedback. Some asking to model for the magazine, others congratulating me on a new project, and a lot of people running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

This post isn't to promote or whore out my magazine. 
I am not asking you to follow, and I am not expecting you to do so.
I just want to address a lot of the questions and concerns.
And I felt like this would be the best place to reach all of you at once.

As many of you have seen, there are and will be nude editorials within the pages of Risqué.
However, that does not mean that I am creating and promoting pornography.
In fact, lots of fashion magazines use nudity as a form of art.
That is what I intend to do.
As well as show the skeptics that nudity isn't just for pornography. 
Another concern was me exploiting nudity to a young audience.
This is me informing you, that any and all nude models are of age.
And anyone naked that has their private areas covered are at least sixteen.
Also, any spoilers I release will NOT include an exposed, nude model.
This due to the fact that people may post said spoiler on their blog,
making it able to be viewed by all ages.
Having said that, anyone underage who views and follows my blog should be aware of adult content.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please MATURELY post them in a comment below.
I will do my best to answer plausible questions in a timely manner.

June 27, 2011

Scene & Heard: Be yourself.

 Who am I? One of the biggest questions in life.
You may need somewhere around a 1,000 words to describe yourself.
But if a picture's worth a thousand word, that just might be easier. 

This week's scenery challenge is to create a scenery that embodies YOU. 
Be creative and have fun! Who knows this could be an enlightening experience.

Submit a link to your scenery in the comments!
I will chose 5-10 finalists, and the winner will receive 50sd!



1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.
2. Sceneries that were digitally enhanced (ie: photoshop) will be disqualified.
3. Print screen your scenery and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM (non Tinypic links will not be clicked on)
4. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.
5. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.

Chronicles of Cora

Season Three, Episode Four: Oh...oh...OOOOH!
(Episode Fourteen)

New Years  was now resting peacefully in the past, and Cora and Knoxx were resting peacefully in her bed. Their fingers were intertwined; Sacha was sleeping soundly between the two of them. The ceiling was the focal point of the room, as they held a quiet conversation of things to come. "Will you miss me?" Cora breathed quietly in an effort not to wake Sacha. "Of course I'll miss you." Knoxx said, squeezing Cora's hand tightly as a sign of reassurance. She smiled in her mind as butterflies formed in her stomach. "You have to promise to write as often as you can." Cora remarked with a serious tone. "Of course." Knoxx smiled, squeezing Cora's hand once more. "I don't want to lose touch with you. But you have to make me a promise as well." "What's that?" Cora asked lightly. "You have to promise to keep me up-to-date on our little Sacha. He's like our love child." Knoxx grinned as he used his free hand to pet Sacha. A content silence flooded the room and the couple basked in one another's prescene. After a while, Cora sprouted a new conversation. "So I was thinking of getting you a parting gift." Cora said with confidence. "Is there anything you need or would like to have?" Even though Cora has enstilled confidence in her voice, a long silence captivated the room, after Cora spoke her question. The silence worries Cora and her heart began to thud loudly in response. Finally, Knoxx spoke, and Cora breathed a sigh of relief. "Nothing that I need, and only one thing I desire." Knoxx breathed as he neared closer to Cora. "And I'll only take it if you give me the pleasure of doing so." Cora became puzzled. "Where are you going with this?" Without another word, Knoxx leaned in and sank his lips into Cora's. The kiss was no doubt a mood-setter, and it succeeded in taking Cora's breath away. As she longed for it to continue, it suddenly came to a halt. "That's all you wanted?" Cora said, breathless. "That's all I am willing to take without your permission." Knoxx said like a true gentleman. This comment left Cora speechless, and the only thing she could muster was a nod. And with the go ahead, Knoxx gently removes Sacha's sleeping body from the bed and turns his attention to Cora.

Knoxx's cocky smile lights up the dark room and slides Cora's shirt up just enough so he could place soft kisses on and around her navel. Soon his lips meet hers and warm, steamy kisses that seem to last an eternity crash onto Cora's lips. They range from short to long and soft to hard. Soon enough the temparture and the tension in the room rise and Knoxx slides Cora's shirt over her head. Cora mimicks his motions and removes his shirt to reveal his perfectly tan and perfectly toned chest. Something she would die a thousand times to see. Knoxx gently places Cora on the edge of the bed. He looms over her and kisses her softly from her neck to her navel, and all the way to the top of her jeans. Where he proceeds to unbutton each button, one by one. Slowly, he slides them off and tosses them to the floor. Leaving Cora in nothing but a bra and panties. She feels uneasy at first, but she removes his jeans and then goes a step further by removing his boxers. She's never seen Knoxx's body completely bare and she was afraid that she would faint, but before she could, he sweeps her long, black hair aside and unhooks her bra like a pro. Next come her underwear. And just like that they stand at the end of Cora's bed, both examining each other completely bare. Knoxx touches Cora's face gently to let her know that he can be trusted. With one quick, yet gentle motion, Knoxx picks Cora up and places her back  onto the bed. He tosses the pillow, blankets and sheets aside. Nothing to hide what is surely about to happen. Knoxx gently begins this process and while the first few seconds feel uncomfortable for Cora, things ease up and she lets Knoxx work his magic. Trying to contain herself she bites softly on her lips which works for a few minutes. As things speed up, Cora is afraid of biting her lip off so she resorts to grabbing the sheets, which she soon realizes are on the floor. So with one movement of the mouth, she lets everything she has been holding in.

June 26, 2011

Take A Survey!

 Hello beautiful medolls! Here at MDM, we care for our readers a lot! And so, we've decided to ask what you guys think our writers!


You can either click the link above or click the on on the right side and it will be open for 2 weeks! It is an annoymous survery, so you may answer completely honest and not be judged because of what people think. So please fill it out soon!

MDM needs you!

Love, Dei

June 25, 2011

Thank You For Nothing Stardoll!

Hey guys!

First, I'd like to say thank you Noelle for handing Haute Buys to me to run. I won't let you down!

What a lovely Friday am I right? Sadly I wake up to it in udder shock of my occurring dilemma I have on Stardoll.

Let me back track for you guys, shall I.

Before we had nails on Stardoll, on my medoll forever it seems, on her left hand holds a giant, purple ring that I bought in '08. Its one of my favorites aside from the Voile Gents ring I also own. So lets just say I've been wearing the ring for a good 3 months, right?

But then Stardoll created the nail design options, which also came with the nail preview thing in medoll's suites. The VERY VERY annoying nail preview pop-up that does NOT let you click, drag, or use your medoll's hands very easily.

Relate with me, haven't you wanted to adjust the way gloves were on you hands, and bam, nail pop-up, and you still couldn't move the gloves after 10 tries. Or when making an exciting scenery, BAM, nail pop-up, and right in your way!

Now here is the start of MY issue..

A little after the nail options were made, I decided to take off my ring, right? So I go to click on it, and bam(I like saying bam, hee hee) nail pop-up and yet no success removing it! So lets fast forward about a month, since that pretty much how long ago nail options were made.

About 4 days ago after weeks of trying to remove the very ring in question, I contact Stardoll about it. The reason I contacted them about it is before, my Voile Gents ring was stuck in my medoll's neck (Don't ask..) and I asked for them to remove it, and then did. So then I decided to request the ring to be removed. And here was their reply.

(click to enlarge - you should read it)

And after seeing this, I was thinking.. 'Obviously no one can VISIT MY SUITE and look at my hand for a ring.'

So then after replying, here was the message I got today..

(click to enlarge - the best message yet..)

So I was thinking, 'So they are mother-effin' telling me I can't layer anymore?!! Let me go check my suite to see which 'items' were taken off.. It better be that ring! '

And THIS is what I come to find changed.

I come to find the items they took off were my purse, bangles, hat, shades, and a pair of my shoes.. Yet oh look! The ring is still THERE.

And then I  sholl over the hand trying to see if I can remove the ring myself, which no, I couldn't, but then I see this change!

The after is what I saw when I scrolled over my hands... so then when I went to my Beauty Parlor to fix my nails and show you guys whats the difference.. I notice my medoll's face!

Not only did they change my medoll's nails in my Beauty Parlor, they also changed the very look I gave her with the moles! I was so in shock.

And so I decided to conact them again! And here is a printscreen of the message I sent before sending it.

(click to enlarge)

Lets see if they can finally comprehend my dilemma.

*UPDATE - Thanks you guys suggestions about removing the nailpolish, I did it myself! :D

What do you think about this? 

Do you think Stardoll has good services to the community?

Love, Dei

June 24, 2011

Haute Buys, Haute Overhaul!

Same concept. Same awesome competition.



Outrageous Party

If you haven't heard about it yet, 
There will be a party around Dollywood soon.

Outrage Magazine is throwing a party and expecting people to have fun and be outrageous with them.

They also released a spoiler for their upcoming issue:

What do you think about it?
Are you gonna be partying with Outrage Magazine?
Will you read their 1st ever issue?


Gaga Jesus Dressup

Totally irrelevant to Stardoll but I just felt the need to share just for the lols
Click here

*click to enlarge*

June 23, 2011

Scene & Heard winner!

Another record number of votes: 161! And just about 50% went all to one talented person...

Congratulations Miloshki! You are the winner of 50 stardollars!
And cograts to our second place winner Melody-Miss.

I have to say I agreed with the voters on this one. This was a really stunning and unique scenery!

June 22, 2011

Take a Poll!

June 21, 2011

Feature: Beyond Beauty

As promised, here I am with my first project feature, Beyond Beauty.

I am sure you are all wondering where you've seen this jaw-dropping graphic before.
And you're right to think it was on Dioguardi Group's blog.
Beyond Beauty was created quite some time ago, but was never really released.

Beyond Beauty owner, Christina Grau, otherwise known as Sevillana94 on Stardoll,
is officially releasing this unique fashion blog.
She along with notorious graphic designer, Mario Dodovski(Dodence_bt)
have brought this blog to it's fashionable and glamorous birth,
in hopes to create a fashion blog like no other.
With talented writers covering a series of hot fashion style,
Beyond Beauty is sure to be a must-see for all of Stardoll's fashion fanatics.

To become a follower of Beyond Beauty, or to check it, please follow the link provided below.

June 20, 2011

Signs you may be addicted to Stardoll...

One) You check your account and/or blogger in the morning before school.

I'll admit I used to do this a while ago, I would wake up and try to do everything fast so I'd have time to check my messages, it's really a bad habit to get in to. These days I have way to much stuff to do in the morning to worry or even think about Stardoll.
What's worse? If you wake up earlier than usual to check your accounts; you need your sleep!!

Two) You're often on your phone checking Stardoll

I have to admit I do this with Facebook when I'm bored and in front of the TV doing nothing and am too lazy to get my laptop out. x)

What's worse? You check it while hanging out with friends, during school (when you're not supposed to have your phone at school!!), stop focusing on Stardoll and be with your friends!

Three) You have four+ projects on the go

You have a magazine, blog, fashion line and some other random project in the works. You may love doing it, or you might just be doing it for more attention - but newsflash; having heaps of projects won't make you that much popular, it'll just make you busier. Do a project because it makes you happy!! :) And don't spend all your time on it, go outside!
What's worse? You are apart of lots of other people's projects and can't keep up with the the workload of their things, let alone your own.

Four) You go online before your homework

I used to this a lot, and although currently my workload is not that much, it's still a really bad habit of mine to go online before my homework, especially since time just flies by when I go on.
What's worse? Knowing that you're meant to be doing homework and not going off.

Five) You buy extra stardollars every month

200sd not enough for you? Are you spending an excessive amount of money on virtual clothes? Begging your parents for money so you can buy something from the latest Versus tribute store? Well stop right there, what do you think your parents and friends would say if they knew you spent their money on virtual clothes? Mock you? Scold you?
What's worse? You're spending hundreds of dollars a month on these clothes.

I'll be one of the first to admit  I do a few of the above, although I'm definitely not as bad now a days. Maybe we should make a group for all those Stardoll addicts out there? Stardoll Anonymous? ;)

I could probably go on and on, but I'll stop now. As you can tell I'm feeling very bitter towards Stardoll at the moment, I hate the fact that I spend so much money on virtual clothes, that I spend so much time on this site so I can get a glimpse of virtual fame. It's so not worth it.

Love you guys!! :) xo

Heavy Metal Pop!

Hello! I am as bored around at home as the hard wood flooring! But no, I know, that was a horrible pun, but anyway.

While bored on YouTube, the viral video home it seems, I wandered at Rebecca Black's Friday parody videos, my favorite one is this one.

But then in the suggestions, I saw this one..

When I first started listening, I was like, "Yeah, okay, sounds the same." But wow, after the alarm rang for Rebbecca to wake up, I was stunned.

Its kind of.. scary! But after a while I really liked it! I thought it was funny AND catchy.

And then, I decided to look up more random pop songs that are hugely popular!

Are you a Lady Gaga fan? Here is 'Telephone!'

Not a Gaga fan? How about Ke$ha!

Or what about some Britney Spears's hit 'Hold It Against Me'?

And those are just the few I looked up, but there are tons around.

Whats your verdict on the songs?

Scary? Funny? Or amazing?

Love, Dei

Chronicles of Cora

Season Three, Episode Three:  Teeny-Bopping Floozy
(Episode Thirteen)

Cora looked forward to New Years more than anything else, including her birthday. But this year it was extra special, because she actually had someone to kiss. Someone that she knew wasn't going to sneak off and kiss three other girls, that is. On her sofa that seated her and Ryder in her living room, the topic was New Years. As they laughed about embarrassing moments at past New Years celebrations, they watched Sacha gallop back and forth, constantly sliding into furniture because he was unable to come to a complete stop."Any idea who you're going to kiss this year?" Cora said as she nudged Ryder with her elbow and winked suggestively. "There is no telling. Probably some poor, defenseless girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Ryder smirks. "Aw, I'm sure you'll find a great girl to kiss. And one that is willing to kiss you for that matter." Cora smiles reassuringly. "What about Luca? I know he started seeing that Banana girl." Ryder burst into laughter. "Her name is Brunella, and I think he invited her to our New Years party." Ryder said still laughing. "She's really pretty and foreign. Indian I think. Her only flaw is that I think she's still in high school." Cora's eyes grew wider than an anime character's. "High school?!" she shreiked. "What the hell is he thinking?" Ryder was silent for a moment; clearly trying to find an explanation. "Maybe she is really mature for her age?" he said, still unsure. "Wait, I thought you met her?" Cora said, confused. "No, I've only seen photos." he answered. They both sat with peculiar looks on their faces. "Well I guess we'll see what she's like when we meet her at your party." Cora said with reason in her voice. "Speaking of guests." Ryder said. "Are you bringing Knoxx?". "Of course I am." Cora grinned. A loud thud, followed by whimpering was heard coming from Cora's room. And when she and Ryder ran to check it out, they found Sacha sitting next to a stack of books that had fallen over. There was no doubt that Sacha's clumsy body had collided into said books. Cora and Ryder laughed, but it was clear that Sacha didn't find it funny. He stood up and flopped out of the room.

The night of New Years Eve, Cora stands in her bathroom, still in pajamas with her long black hair in rollers. Since she never seemed to be able to hold curls in her hair, she decided to put the rollers in early that morning and they had been securely in place ever since. Her face was freshly washed, a blank canvas ready to be painted. She begins with a concealer that matches her complection perfectly. As she wipes it on her face, she prides herself on searching every make up store until she found something that didn't make her look like a clumpy oompa loompa. After a smooth glow was achieved she dusted blush on the apples of her cheeks, giving her a perfect shine. She followed with a clean liner and volumizing mascara. Sultry eyes were a must on New Years. The look was completed with a deep red lipstick, accentuated by a non smearing gloss. She keeps her proverbial fingers crossed as she removes the rollers from her hair, and breathes a sigh of relief when she sees how amazing her hair looks. After sliding into a fitted black dress with a shimmering creme sash, Cora fits her feet with black pumps and fashions a shimmering creme mask over her eyes. Cora marveled at the idea of a mask-themed party. Dressing up was always something she enjoyed.

A knock came at the door and Cora's heels click clacked away as she made her way over to see who it was. At the door was Knoxx, adorning a casual tux and a classic black and red mask. He looked dashing as usual, but also very mysterious and sexy. Cora liked this look and proved it with a warm kiss on the lips. "Are you ready to go, my darling?" Knoxx said, mocking a British accent. Cora giggled and nodded her head. Off they went to Luca and Ryder's.

Standing outside of Luca and Ryder's aparment, Cora could hear the music inside, along with guests talking and laughing. She was excited to be fashionably late. With the ring of a doorbell, Luca answered, wearing a tux, complete with a bow tie, and a mask that looked identical to Knoxx's. Cora laughed at the two of them. "Come on in you guys." Luca said, laughing along with Cora. "There is someone I want you both to meet.". Luca ushered them in and took their coats. He then escorted them over to a petite girl with a killer tan. Her hair was thick with curls; untamed and messy. She wore a gold sparkling dress. It bore no straps or appropriate hem line. However, it made her complection all the more beautiful. Just as the three of them made their way up to her, she turned and smiled. "Cora, Knoxx, this is Brunella." Luca smiled. "Brunella, this is my best friend Cora and her boy......friend Knoxx." Though she smiled and shook both of their hands, Brunella didn't seem particularly excited to meet them. Instead of sticking around for a bit of conversation, she trotted off to make a call. Luca, Knoxx and Cora all exchanged looks. "So is it true that she is still in high school?" Cora wondered out loud. "......yes". Luca said hesitantly. "I know it looks weird, but she's really mature for her age." Cora did a mental eye roll, but nodded her head. She wouldn't judge a book by its' cover. More importantly, she wouldn't offend Luca without just cause. Ryder came over and joined the conversation. Turns out, he did find a very nice girl to kiss. She went by the name of Emily, and from what Cora could see, this girl could be a keeper. As the hosts retreated to converse and mingle with other guests, Cora and Knoxx made their way to the bar for some drinks. Cora immediately notices that over half of the bottle of vodka is already gone. "Wow, someone must really want to get their party on." Cora laughed, holding up the bottle. "Maybe a bunch of people took shots?" Knoxx suggested. "Doubt it." Cora said, looking into the cabinet where the glasses were located. "there is only one shot glass missing. I should know, I bought Luca and Ryder these shot glasses." Cora set the bottle of vodka down and looked around at the selection of drinks. "What would you like?" she asked Knoxx. "I'll just have some juice." he said, looking around. "What about you?" Knoxx asked. "That green tea that I had on the way over made its' way to my bladder so I am going to go use the ladies room." she laughed. "I'll be back soon. Can you handle yourself while I'm gone?" she giggled. Knoxx shooed her away and she made her way towards the guest bathroom. Unfortunately is was occupied and she couldn't wait. So she makes her way towards the bathroom in Luca's bedroom. However, that bathroom seems to be occupied as well, with Brunella. Wasn't she supposed to be making a call? Who makes calls in the bathroom? Cora placed her ear next to the door and began listening. Inside, Brunella was speaking on the phone. "I'm at this party." she said, sounding annoyed. "I'm not sure what time it ends, but I'll make an excuse to leave soon." the person on the other end of the phone speaks and then Brunella replies. "Don't worry baby, I'll make it to your house soon and we'll celebrate with clothes on the floor." Cora momentarily thought of kicking down the door, guns blazing, true action hero style. But she decided that this wasn't her battle and she shouldn't be spying on Brunella in the first place. Brunella abruptly ends the call with her mystery man and starts opening the door. Before Cora could hide, Brunella spots her. "Um what are you doing in Luca's room? Snooping? Brunella snears. "Um...no. I was waiting for the bathroom." Cora replied, caught off guard. "Yeah, I'm sure." Brunella said with venom in her words. "Since you're such a good friend of Luca's, we'll let this be our little secret.". Brunella exits the room and leaves Cora standing there, mystified. Her urge to relieve her bladder was suddenly gone. Now her mind was racing. Though spying on Brunella wasn't right, neither was letting her best friend get cheated on my some teeny-bopping floozy. Checking her phone, she noticed that she only had about half a minute until midnight, so she sprinted from the bedroom, running down the hall in her heels to find Knoxx. She finally found his familiar mask and gave him a smooch. Only he wasn't returning.  Luca started laughing, "You've got the wrong mask." Cora backed away, slightly embarrassed. "I knew this mask would get us in trouble." Knoxx saw the both of them, as did Ryder. And they both came over laughing. "These are your lips, dear." Knoxx said romantically as he gave Cora a proper New Years kiss. Apparently Brunella saw everything as well and she rushed over, steam practically blowing from her ears. "What the hell is going on here!?" she shreiked in true drama-queen style. "Nothing, Cora just kissed the wrong mask." Ryder laughed. "Yeah right!" Brunella yelled, drawing the attention of the rest of the guests. "That whore has it out for you! She was even in your room! Snooping through your stuff!". So much for keeping secrets, Cora thought. Everyone turns to face Cora. "Cora, what is she talking about?" Luca questioned, clearly puzzled by the accusation. "I wasn't snooping. I had to use the restroom, but the guest bathroom was occupied." Cora admitted. "Whatever, you nasty slut!" Brunella screamed. "Then why were you all the way across the room, trying to sneak out before I caught you?". Cora's temper flaired. She had only known Brunella for a couple of hours, and she was already sick of her. She stomped over to Brunella and got as close as humanly possible. "You're right. I was snooping. but not through Luca's room. I was spying on you." Cora snarled, angrier than ever. "While waiting for you to get out of the bathroom, I heard the conversation you were having with your mystery man about how you were going to meet up with him after the party and celebrate with your clothes off. I couldn't get out of the room quick enough after you hung up the phone." Everyone's eyes moved to Brunella, who was red as a beet. Luca's expression alters from confused to upset and angry. "Is this true?" Luca said, obviously hurt. "Of course it's true." he said aloud to himself. "Cora wouldn't lie to me. What the hell is going on, Brunella?". "Don't get mad at me!" She yelled. "You're the one who cheated on me right in front of my face by kissing that whore!" Luca's expression grew dark. "That was an accident, which we all saw. And she isn't a whore. You're the one who's acting pretty whore-ish right now. I think it's best for you to get your shit and get out of my apartment." Brunella grabbed her purse and took the walk of shame to the apartment door. But before closing it, she turned to say something. Only she was interrupted by Cora, who had followed her to the door. "Don't you ever call him again." Cora growled. "Do, and it will be the last call you ever make." Brunella scoffed. "Is that a threat?" Cora laughed and pushed her out of the door. "No, it's a promise."

June 19, 2011

Dont you just...

Don't you just love it when you're in a dream - alone - walking by a meadow full of sunflowers, tulips, lavender and pretty much any other kind of flower you can possibly imagine. The sun tickling your skin but not to the point of heat or sweating, and clouds fill the sky, dispersed in an odd pattern. As you lay on the grass watching the breeze move the different shapes of clouds away and bringing about new ones you begin to wonder if what you're living is reality or fantasy.

Let me answer that question clearly it is fantasy. Reality is more brutal and harsh than it is in a dream where you live alone or with people whom you control, and if you'd like you can make them disappear. The thing that makes reality and much similar to it virtual sites such as Stardoll much more of a harsh place are people. The people you come to know may make it pleasurable and in most cases a living hell.

It takes no more effort to make a person's life a living hell as it does to say drink water. If the necessities are there, you can make a person live a life of torment, and the reasons are often crystal clear to why people attempt and usually succeed in tormenting you. Greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, and in a lot of the times people just want to use you then dispose of you.

Take for example, Eternity Magazine, how could it have reached such a level that it overshadowed all the new and upcoming magazine? Of course, the magazine gained publicity, and with the right connections and often making fake friendships often get you to a such a status that then you end up ignoring the person that helped you reach where you are right now. What's the use of helping people if their intentions are for the worst? Why hope for the best but often forget to expect the worst?

Sometimes you know a person so well that you tend to omit the fact that they use you at times, that they make absolutely no effort into feeling what you're going through before laying out what they are going through. Some people say that it's the way of life, that without the harsh realities we get from people then what good is there in life? Well, the answer is using people, or feeling greedy or being angry or jealous is acceptable, but in the right times and if they follow the right conditions. Yes, I think on Stardoll if we never did broadcast any project I would not have written on this very blog, nor will there be comments because this blog would have been just another blog that was created but never really publicized by large blogs such as Stardoll's Most Hated and Stardoll's Most Wanted.

The reason behind this post is not to critique any person, nor is it to put any spotlight on any example used above but its just a rant that I had to discuss because I think that many of us are being exploited for being who we are and doing what we do. Most of the times we do it because of the kindness of our hearts, generosity and sometimes its to gain friendships, but then when you know what you have done is over and that person doesn't want to be your friend can you take it back?

Can you?


Scene and Heard Finalists: VOTE!

This week we were deifying gravity! Whether the entries were flying or falling, I have found 6 amazing sceneries to be finalists. Vote for your fave in the poll below.