April 30, 2011

Creepy, Yet Funny, Viral Videos

Hey guys! Its me Dei, and I have been taking a break from other things, and lately, after the fun times died down for my life, I kick back and relax, and so whats the number one place for boredom when you are chilling out?


And I have watched a massive amount of videos over my 5 years of being a YouTuber.

So here is my top 5 videos that are really creepy, yet really.. funny!

#5 - Double Rainbow
This video is basically a guy who is camping who pulled out his video camera and saw a glorious rainbow, but it wasn't just one, it was a double rainbow!
Creepiness: 7 ; Funniness: 6.5

#4 - How to Kiss: Practice Tips
This video is a guy who has kind of a Jim Carey humor about him who is providing you with lovely kissing tips for you to practice on your girlfriend/boyfriend! 
Creepiness:6.5 ; Funniness: 9

#3 - Trololo Song
This video is a music video.. Features a weird looking guy who is horrible at lip syncing!
Creepiness: 10 ; Funniness: 5

#2 - Insane Driver!!!
This  video is made from a famous YouTuber called  and it is showing us that he is not an insane driver, but.. really he is.
Creepiness: 7 ; Funniness: 9

And #1 - Double Dream Feet
This is a newer video craze that is the sequel to Double Dream Hands! The man has made up his own dance and song and is just having a good time teaching us this dance! Its really not THAT creepy.. but.. 
Creepiness: 8; Funniness: 9

Well.. here are my top five!

What videos around YouTube do you find really creepy, yet funny?!

In what order would you place the videos?

Love, Dei

April 29, 2011

Scene & Heard: Be Inspired

Lately stardoll sceneries have become all about posing. But they were not always that way. In fact it took quite some time for someone to even dream of the idea of posing. So what set apart a good scenery from a bad one?


Atmosphere is still really important in present day sceneries. A scenery with a powerful background and a minimal or even nonexistent pose can be more stunning than a scenery with a complex pose.

This week of scene & heard I want to give people who may not be so skilled at posing a chance to show their talent. The task for this week is to create a scenery with atmosphere. Only one pose is allowed (2 bodies total), but you don't have to do a pose at all!

Here are some examples of atmosphere (with one pose in each one):

(my scenery, the one pose is the hand)

(tigre89's scenery from MelsModels. The one pose is the arm.)

So I since you can't express yourself though posing try changing your expression to match the atmosphere you set.  I look forward to seeing your entries!

The winner will receive 50 shiny stardollars!



1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.
2. Sceneries that were digitally enhanced (ie: photoshop) will be disqualified.
3. Print screen your outfit and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM (non Tinypic links will not be clicked on)
4. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.
5. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.

April 28, 2011

Anonymous Commenting: We Welcome It

You would think that with all of the complaining that has been thrown around about anonymous commenting, blog owners(who I am sure are just as sick of it as the readers are) would do something to halt it. However, owners of almost every blog have yet to do a thing about it. Is that because while it annoys them, they enjoy the controversy it stirs up beneath posts.

Sure, anonymous commenting brings a certain vicious flavor to the blogging world.  But it's just as useless as it is controversial. And for the writers who are creating posts, it's always nice to hear opinions, both good and bad...but when they come from people who cannot seem to reveal their criticism along with their identities, it down right pisses you off.

These annoyances leave us asking ourselves what can be done about the anonymous assholes who think they are invincible as they hide behind a mask and throw their often ridiculous opinions in our faces. I recently proposed to Noelle, an option that would leave anonymous commenters more pissed off than ever. And that idea was to remove the option of commenting anonymously. With the removal of that option, it just might provoke the unidentified commenters to show their faces in an attempt to express how they feel about being shut off.

Is this idea something you find appeasing? If not, what do you suggest?
From this point on, anonymous comments will be deleted or ignored by me.
Anonymous commenters, you are nothing but pathetic, sad excuses for human beings.

Scene & Heard winner!

Although some people in the comments seemed to have struggles choosing who to vote for, a total of 140 people seemed to be able to make up their minds. 45% of these people all voted for the same person, giving us a clear winner:  

(click to enlarge)

Congratulations Iovanca! You are the first ever Scene & Heard winner! You will receive 50 stardollars. 
Here is her winning scenery for your viewing enjoyment (:

April 27, 2011

Hot Item: Stolen MeDoll Bodies

Do you still remember this post from a very annoyed Zoe?

Just to refresh your rusty memories, Zoe talked about how Official Stardoll Blogger Dapao apparently stole one of Verojun's graphics and claimed it as her own.

 Left photo: Verojun's grpahics for Dina Edition
Right photo: Dapao's "stolen" version 

To add insult to injury, the stolen hot item was published in the official Russian Stardoll Magazine which you can see here.

A few days after the scandal broke out, Dapao issued an official statement which she published on her presentation. It read:


"I want to make a public apology to Verojun.
In my magazine I have a pose of a doll that is the same of a pose that Verojun created.
I am not trying to justify the publication, but I will explain.
My magazine was made using photomontage, silhouettes and templates, FREE from internet, but I don't have any of these poses on sitting position this is why I asked for help to a girl of stardoll, and she provided me with two doll images for my magazine, girls always give me these type of presents for my blog. The girl gave them to me as a gift and told me there was no need to give her credit because they were only two dolls on a white background and I didn’t see any bad intention, but one of the images that she gave me was a part was taken from an image created by Verojun, specifically the arms and the legs.
The girl that gave them to me is a minor and I am an adult, so I will not reveal her name, unless she accepts what she did, which I hope she does.
If you can see in the two editions of my magazine, I look just for talented people in stardoll and always give credit to those who help me in it, models, designers, graphic designers, translators, etc., is so easy for me to give credit to those who contribute to my magazine.
I am not a problematic person, and those who know me, can prove that what I say is true, and I greatly value the work of others. If I had known that the image was from Verojun, I would have removed it or given her credit for it.
I already wrote to stardoll telling them to please remove that image from the magazine, but I’m still waiting for their response.

I honestly believe that she is telling the truth. I actually applaud how she owned up to the mistake and apologized for it.

As of the moment, the stolen image is still up on the Official Stardoll Magazine despite the author's request for them to remove it ages ago... This as usual goes to show that Stardoll doesn't give a flying f*ck... but that's another story which we all know about. 

*rolls eyes*

The question left unanswered now is: Who stole Verojun's graphics and gave it to Dapao?

Do we have another mizzmileycyrus9 on the lose?

I certainly hope not. 

Article written by Ysadora Powers.

Why So Anonymous?

Anonymity is a growing trend on our beloved Stardoll.com. Everywhere you look, you see those comments marked "Anonymous" in your guestbook or the comments on your blog, you either love them or hate them, read them or not. Most of the time, these comments speak the truth, and they say it like it is, no sugar coating whatsoever. However they also can be ridiculously stupid and just a waste of time for everyone.

I find that these Anonymous users come in two forms, or how about we call them two different species?

Species One:
TheIHaveWayTooMuchTimeOnMyHandsiblius or The Anonymous Account.

Gahh these ones annoy me the most I must say. Who really finds the time to create fake accounts and do things like "Protecting Elites" or start randomly bashing people in guestbooks? It's incredibly sad on their part. It shows they have waaay too much free time on their hands, and it also shows how boring and dull their real lives must be if they are spending their time creating fake accounts just to annoy/worship whom they consider "Elites". And we all know that the ones who hate Elites the most are the ones that want to be Elite, cause you know, they secretly resent the fact that they have what they don't. ;D

Exhibit A:
These so called "Protectors of the Elite" try and well, protect Elites. Anyone else think this is ridiculous? Seriously, what is the point? Want to really protect Elites? Go to England and apply as Prince Williams or Kate Middleton's body guard. Or better yet, get of the computer and go outside and stop wasting your time with this.

Exhibit B:

The "I know the goss", "Listen to me as I rant against Elites", blah blah blah, they're all the same.
They do the whole shabang, create new Stardoll accounts, create new emails so they can make a new blogger account and then create blogs which have been done a million times before where they 'expose' Elites, or write posts expressing why they hate them which we have read a million times before. I mean, if I read one more post about how Lolita is a famewhore I will scream. We've heard it all before, don't bother repeating it.
Although the good thing about these guys are that they are very short lived and only continue for a couple days before getting bored with it and moving on with their lives.

Species Two:
TheIAmToCowardToTellYouMyRealNameicus or The Anonymous Comment.

The most common of the three species by far, easily spotted in many popular blogs where anonymous comments are permitted. They tell the truth, although sometimes they may be a bit biased. They tell it like it is, because they are anonymous they have nothing to lose. No one knows who they are and they are able to express their opinion.
Personally, I think people who use anonymous accounts are idiots. Honestly, you've got a right to your own opinion, say it with your username, the worst that will happen is that someone will not like you. And really, if you say something mean about them it's to be expected and obviously you don't want to be friends with them if you say it in the first place.
... Unless of course you secretly want to be friends with them because they are higher on the social ladder than you are... if that's the case, I feel sorry for you.

Above, comments from PSG.

What is honestly so hard about saying that with your real blogger account? Especially when there are a gazillion other comments, it's not going to be that noticeable in the sea of comments.

Above are the two types of the very common Anonymous species.

So let me ask you a couple questions:

Why do people hide under the persona of "Anonymous"? Are they too scared to let people know about their opinion? Are they too scared to people will hate them because of it? Because honestly, there are a lot worse things then being hated on virtual website...


Talk about Haute :)

I sit down with my Mocha and biscotti. I can do this.
Fingers poised at the mouse.  No. There is no way I can write a blog with a thousand followers.
Fingers at the keys. Oh, yes I can.
I write the words I had been waiting for a month to get the courage to do so: Haute Buys
So begins my life as a blogger.

Well, as much as I love writing about my own personal experiences, I am here for your enjoyment.  This week is going to be at Maximum Capacity for the Haute, Fresh, and New outfits that the uber creative Stardoll members have to contribute. 

Each week there is going to be an outfit piece, collection, style, or other fun requirment to base your outfit from.  All outfits will be judged by me, or maybe even a special guest once in a while! The top 5 outfits will all be posted, along with a poll, to determine the winner!  Of course, your creativity will be paid in full with 50 nice, shiny Stardollars. I think its worth it :)

Well, as for the peice this week, we have a......
Faux Fur Jacket from Bonjour Bizou- 7SD

Anndd... Yes.  Think what you like of it, its more of a basic, so there is SO much you can do with it.  All outfits will be judged on originality, hair and make-up, and creativity. Well, the rest is up to you!
P.S.S. By entering your outfits into this contest, they are NOT copyrighted in any way.
P.S.S.S. I will gladly take suggestions for outfit competition ideas.
P.S.S.S.S. I really enjoy making footnotes


1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.
2. Print screen your outfit and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM (non Tinypic links will not be clicked on)
3. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.
4. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.

April 26, 2011

Scene & Heard: Finalists Poll

I have to say I was quite pleased with all of the submitted entries. There were some misunderstandings with the task, (doing a scenery not inspired by Edie, not showing inspiration...) but overall I have to say I was impressed. After looking at the 20+  entries, I have chosen 8 finalists. The top image is their scenery and the bottom image is the inspiration. Some entries were turned black & white to match the photo, this was perfectly acceptable. The fate of the winner is now in your hands. Take a good look at the following sceneries, and vote carefully in the poll below.    







Denise (ntenia)


April 25, 2011

Top Blogger Mail!

Hey MDM followers!

We are on to the last elimination and next week, we will have the final challenge that will determine the winner of MDM's Next Top Blogger Cycle 1!

For this week's challenge, we are joined by three of the most recognizable faces in Stardoll. They are amongst the forefronts of Stardoll blogging and own one of the biggest Stardoll blogs.

MDM is proud to have this challenge given by no other than M_Themis, Superoh & Mirka_17!

...and here's what they have to say:

Have your posts ready for criticisms on 
by Sunday, May 1, 2011

...you know the drill.


PRIZES: 1.) TITLE OF MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER 2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 3.) 1000 Stardollars Cash 4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog, medollmemoires.blogspot.com

April 23, 2011

Help Yourself Be A Better Blogger!

Hi guys! My lovely friend along with her partner have starting the most best idea I have seen in a while! Though a school isn't new to Stardoll, but this isn't just any school, its a school of BLOGGING!

I think this is really what is needed, to be honest. I remember constantly when I did 'Ask Dei', people were begging for help about blogging and such, and I found it sad.. I wish I was a better help for those who didn't know how to explain blogging to them that much.. But here, blogging will be explained to the T and help YOU excel with your writings!

The owners/professors of the blog school are xxevie23xx and my dear friend Welsh_witch, have already started schooling, but students can still enroll

I don't really know much about xxevie23xx, but Rhiann(welsh_witch) is a very VERY good writer/blogger! In the past, she had a very sucessful blog, and at this moment, we actually have a blog together, but its in need of a fresher-upper! But believe me, she is the best and so, you should at least check out this project if anything, maybe even a follow would also be a big help too for yourself and them! I really want to see this thing come through!
I am positive that if you read the lectures they have in the future, they are sure to help you in later in your blogger life to succeed and achieve!

Check out their blog HERE!

What's your opinions about a blogging school?

Do you think you are a good blogger?

Love, Dei

Gone for Good?

One particular Stardoll fixture has gone missing. Again.

Now I know a lot of us are immune to this kind of thing she pulls off but this is kinda different this time.

She didn't make much of a drama of it. Unlike somebody we all know...

Also, it seems like her closest friends didn't see it coming as well.

If this is indeed the real thing, what do you think prompted her to just go *kapouff!* on everyone?

If this is isn't on the other hand, how long do you think this is gonna last?

As of the moment her account has gone M.I.A.

Will you be R.I.P. now Loli?

April 22, 2011

VSSD Needs You!


Hey guys! The interesting project VSSD(Victoria's Secret Stardoll), is on the look out for one or more graphic designers! The reason I blogged about this is because I am really curious about how this whole project will look when it is really started up with its first catalog. Aren't you? Victoria's Secret may be a more 'sexy' store, but truly, its lovely! The lingerie they have isn't trashy, and they also sell really cute clothes, hot attire for when you want to look spicy, and I just adore their perfumes, lotions, washes, make-up, gloss, etc. So a version just for Stardoll makes me fall in love with the idea!

So if you want to apply, please click HERE.

And guys, the owner, ashley4ever1 is having a party for VSSD! Its this Saturday, the 23rd! At her questbook! At 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So for UK and other European members its really late (or early Sunday morning, depending how you look at it).

But remember.. weird, the Classique Awards party is still Saturday too! 
(click to enlarge)
I hope you haven't forgotten on me. :) So I am sure if you plan to attend both, you could easily keep your outfit! Haha

What's your thoughts of VSSD?

Do you like Victoria's Secret in real life? 

Do you plan to 'party' that day?

Love, Dei

April 21, 2011

Haters gonna hate

I've noticed over the past few days Selena's got some crazy hate going around people seriously despise the poor girl! A perfect example would be the comments on one of her blog posts, I sort of agree with them because I don't see the need for her to post that she's won NCG but after reading some of the comments I realised there's something else bugging these people and not just her post.

Selena kept her head high and didn't say anything in the comments section-who's the bigger (wo)man?

Also I'm sure a bunch of people have received a friend request from an anonymous account called 'IKnowTheGossip.' she mailed me asking if I was interesting in some gossip and well of course I said hells yeah but then I realised this girl is a total phony.

(click here for a enlarged view)

So I think we all agree that Selena's been sh*t on quite a bit this week-but why? Is she turning into Lolita-a bubbly personality everyone hates for no apparent reason.

Are all the anonymous' Jack, JessJen and NorthGirl?
Is Selena causing some conflict with these people for attention (which I just gave her)?

UPDATE: The haters have made there way here as well..

This post has been verified by Nojo.Cheerio!