October 27, 2011

Lego Man Washes up on Beach

I was listening to the radio this morning(like five minutes ago) and they were talking about a "giant Lego man" that washed up on Siesta Key Beach. So I quickly Googled the image and burst out laughing. 


As you can see, this thing is huge! over eight feet tall. And according to an article online, similar "Lego Men" have washed up on beaches in Holland(2007) and England(2008). The public is clearly puzzled by this giant Lego man, who's shirt says "no real than you are". Many assume that this is just a publicity stunt. And in the even that it is, it really has everyone's attention.

What do you think this Lego man's purpose is?

October 25, 2011

Kasia is an Autistic Mental Case & Deidra is a Total Bitch

Gossip is a very fragile subject, and must be written with care and precaution. More importantly the information should be written with as little bias as possible. We are only human, so standing with both feet on neutral ground isn't always easy. However, there is no need for one to people completely one-sided.

I'm sure most of you have read the post made about Deidra(To_Royal) and Kasia(Undamyumbrellla), over at PSG. Who can blame Jack for attempting to turn any sort of Stardoll news into juicy gossip? No one. We're all in desperate need of a gossip fix. But slandering the name of one person and sucking the shit from the arse of another isn't the way to go about it.

I want to say, before I go into details, that Deidra is one of my greatest friends on this website. She has never treated me badly. She is by no means a "total bitch" as Jack stated in his post. Kasia is also a good friend of mine, as far I am a concerned. When I chose her as covergirl for Risqué, I had quite a few long and in depth conversations with her. Where I learned that while she isn't your average Stardoll member, she isn't some mental case. She has her quirks, as we all do. Her quirks just may be a bit quirkier than others. And in my eyes, there is nothing wrong with that.

In Jack's post, he commented on the multiple comments Kasia left in Dei's guestbook yesterday. Saying that he believes Dei really did something to upset Kasia. He also goes on to say that he knows Deidra isn't the kindest person, and he has seen her being rude other Stardoll members.

I find this funny because I can remember many times where Jack has been an absolute asshole to people for no reason. I'm sure you've all been to at least one Stardoll event where Jack was present. Maybe when the two of you are chatting alone, he is this really funny guy who is nice to you. But when he has an audience to perform for, he throws your ass under the bus. It's happened to me, it's happened to Dei, and I'm sure if you've been friends with him, it has happened to you at some point. 

As you can see in the image above, these comments aren't really out of the ordinary for Kasia. One might even assume that Kasia was joking when she wrote these words. The story goes something like this:

Yesterday I was talking with Dei on Skype. And she mentioned that Kasia had spammed her guestbook. obviously, I asked why. And she tells me that when she got back onto her laptop, Stardoll was still up and it reconnected her to Stardoll chat. Kasia chatted her commenting on the lack of people online as of late. Kasia also spoke about being lonely. Dei later told her that she was logging off because she had to go do something. She also worried that Kasia may not have seen that message.

In my opinion, Dei did nothing wrong. She is not obligated to act as a personal therapist and remain available at all times. Though I have seen her show compassion to even the worst members of Stardoll. Reece is a prime example. When everyone is against him, Dei doesn't join in. They don't have matching best friend bracelets, but she doesn't put him down for absolutely no reason.

Kasia also wasn't to blame. Either she was just joking, or in her eyes, Dei left without saying goodbye. And while she felt lonely and vulnerable, she pleaded for Dei to return.

This situation is just the result of a misunderstanding. Something that I am sure can, and probably already has been, worked out by both Dei and Kasia.

October 24, 2011

Why it's Okay to Not Like Toaster Strudel

I know the person behind this account just wants attention, but I couldn't help laughing when I saw the image they linked me to. And I figured you'd all want a crack at this high fashion magazine. So check it out!

As you can tell, this person went out of their way to misspell almost every word on this image. But I must say, that is one sexy cover model!

LAYLAIZMINAME is the name of the account who linked me to this image.
And this is what I found after visiting his/her page.

Going for the shock affect, of course.

October 23, 2011

This is Not a Goodbye... but I have been MIA purposely, obviously o.0

I am sorta done with stardoll, "sorta"
Not that I would expect you to care...
I will post from time to time, if I have time.

Not coming on, just slithering behind the scenes...
Will pop out when you least expect.

YES, I was too lazy to get my banner, and frankly don't care want you think about it
Don't mean to be rude.

I was planning to release these during SFW, but forget 'bout that
I will have more surprises during that time- no need to say more.

What am I posting?
Well.. I sure well think that the winners of the SDNOH8 SFW contest last SFW should get there prize, and I just think "Why should I hold it back any longer?"

Here they are:


Congrats to you all(: These came out beautifully.

And to all the people whom I cherish you know who you are, and even though I am not on, you will not be forgotten. No need for me to give a big paragraph on how I love you and how you will be in my heart forever. If I was a real friend in the first place, you would know EXACTLY how I feel about you.

This is not the last time I will be saying, Take Care 'Cause I Care.

October 21, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week: Is It Really Worth The Wait?

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine, Robyn(evermore1girl), the owner of her very own Stardoll orientated fashion line SD Roses and she asked me, 'Is Savage still on?..' And well it was so funny to hear that since the last time I even looked at the blog and the clothing for Savage was in August, when I finished it.

Well everything but the runway since well.. I had a small bit of hope that maybe Becka(Psychotic-Freak) would have chosen Savage and so I was waiting to see if my hope was true and I could add that simple, notorious 'Stardoll Fashion Week' banner over it.

But after a week of being done with my own personal line, I started to ignore my hopes of SFW and eventually, I just forgot about.

So then months later, here I am today thinking, 'What should I even do with Savage now? Should I wait or should I post it myself?'

And really the initial thought is to just screw waiting and do it yourself, and the fact that I am not even positive I even have a shot at it just helps the pull to that chose of action even further than I thought beforehand.

And then a thought popped up in my head, 'What about the tons of other applicants?' Since if I remember correctly, the only official thing that was released about SFW was the sign up sheet, which was in the beginning of June just an f.y.i., and that was about it. So, then it made me curious, how many people have finished their lines/magzines? How many people have been waiting patiently for it? How many just gave up waiting? And how many haven't even started?

So many questions bombarded my mind and all I did.. was laugh. Though I would feel bad if I heard someone is really serious about Stardoll Fashion Week and is starting to become angered at Becka (like some people I know), but really, I always need to remind some of my Stardoll friends that, 'Hey, its only a website, you don't need to dedicate your life to it, and neither does Becka.' And to be honest, you can't say it is delayed since she never said when the official dates for it was anyway, for all we know if could be planned for December!

So now it still left me thinking, what to do, what to do, all those graphics I did.. all the ones others have probably did also. I don't really mind if there is or isn't one overall, but it would be nice to showcase mine and others 'creations'.

Robyn suggested that there should be a Mini-SFW for those who do have completed brands ready to be viewed and tired of the wait and not knowing if they even have a shot.

So what about you guys? Whats you opinions about the Stardoll Fashion Week at this point and time?

Love, Dei

*Links are if you don't know what I am talking about.


No matter how many times I reiterate this, people just don't seem to be catching on. Sorry for sounding a tad frustrated, but it's a simple concept. A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday is completely and one hundred percent fictional. The story and characters are not based upon real people. And the situations, scenarios, and events depicted are also fictional.

Once more, A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday is not my personal journal and has not affiliation to me, other than the fact that I write it. Aside from the main character, Abyie Saturday(who is not me) having a few of my likes and dislikes, there are no likenesses between the characters, myself, and friends.

Sorry for anyone who was confused and thought that this story was some sort of portrayal of my life defined in a journal. Again, one hundred percent fictional.

October 20, 2011

A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday

After the all too pleasant encounter with my mother the previous day, I found myself in the best mood anyone could be in. I dreamt of frolicking through a field of flowers and performing other cliche montages. No, but seriously, I am so angry that the only way my body could express the amount of rage I was holding in, was to vomit. Yep. All over my bedroom floor. Quite honestly I didn't care if I made it to the toilet or not. I wonder if dogs felt this triumphant when they barfed on the floor and waited for their owner to find it. After a steaming shower that left my skin bright red, I brushed my teeth to rinse out the vomit taste and got dressed. When my nerves were this shot, a walk was one of the only things that could calm them. So down the stairs I stomped, only to find my dad sitting on the couch like he owned the damn place. Okay, he did own the place, but it wasn't like I didn't already know that. I could tell that an argument was about to erupt.

"Do you mind telling me why your mother had to call me home?" he asked like he actually cared. "I'm sure she's already told you, otherwise you wouldn't be here." I laughed and kept walking. "Young lady, you get back over here." he scolded me like a puppy who had peed on the floor. At this moment I was relieved that I had cleaned up my rage vomit. "I quit being a young lady at five years old." I said, stopping but not turning around. "You have one last chance to clean your act up and start taking your therapy seriously before I have to break your mother's heart by sending you off to rehab." he yelled, raising his voice. At that point, I had had enough of the rehab threats. "You have got to be out of your fucking mind!" I yelled, spinning around. "How much fucking sense does it make that I am the only one in this godforsaken family that has been committed to therapy! He was your damn son!" I screamed stomping the rest of the way out of the house before slamming the door. I almost wanted him to come after me so I could embarrass him in front of the entire neighborhood. But he wasn't about to let the neighbors see that. After all, he had worked too hard to keep up the perfect facade. So I just kept walking, headed towards the park.

Today the park closest to my house was obnoxiously crowded. There was nothing more I hated than crowds; especially in outdoor areas. I thought the purpose of a park was for fresh air. This annoyingly large mass of people seemed to be hogging all of the fresh air. My frustration with the crowd was peaking, and I felt myself tensing up; the only thing I could do was walk. I kept walking towards the edge of the park where the woods began. Not many people wandered near the woods. It has been a rumor for many years that homeless people live in those woods. Lucky for me, I don't care where homeless people set up shop. They canvas our neighborhoods and rummage through our trash cans for food, so I don't see the harm in seeking out peace and quiet near their dwellings. 

Just as I had broken away from the large crowd, I noticed one last obstacle in my way. It was a frail lady with mousy brown hair and a large cardboard box resting at her feet. It was most likely filled with mutt puppies or feisty kittens. Either way, I wanted to avoid her at all costs. The last thing I needed was something else bothering me. As I neared closer and braced myself for her pleads to take an animal, I noticed that she wasn't eagerly waiting to speak to me. Instead she pinned a sign to the box, grabbed her dingy bag and walked away. Puzzled, I slowed my pace and waited for her to disappear. When the coast was clear, I jogged up to the box and snatched the note. It read: Please give me a good home.

I threw the note down and peered inside. Curled up in the corner of the box was a fat, white ball of fur. The puppy's body was shaking. Despite his thick fur, he was freezing. Was this woman insane? She was seriously going to leave this poor puppy here to fend for himself, in this freezing weather. Some people have no heart. Why didn't she just take him to a shelter? Fucking moron. I quickly scooped him up and buried his body inside of my coat, letting only his head peek out. There was an animal shelter about four blocks away. That could be considered a lengthy walk for some people, but I walked everywhere, so it wasn't a big deal.

Half way there the puppy started wiggling wildly in my coat and I couldn't help but laugh, at first. But after I tried to situate him several times with no success, I became annoyed. So I set him down next to me, hoping he would follow. But he just started whizzing on the sidewalk. The sight of him throwing caution to the wind and pissing in the middle of the sidewalk brought back my laughter. And when he was done, I scooped him back up and he went right to sleep.The shelter slowly crept into view as I rounded the corner, pup still in hand. Some degree of anxiety came over me. Never in my life have I owned a pet. We haven't even had a family pet. So I was lost as to what I should do or say upon entering the animal shelter. Still, I walked forward and eventually entered the main door of the shelter. A cluster of employees in scrubs walked about the space behind the counter. The main lobby was vacant, save for an older lady with a tiny ball of fur in her lap. As the small puppy caught sight of me, it went to yapping so loudly that I wanted to shove my boot down its throat. I did my best to ignore it as I made my way to counter. I had to clear my throat loudly a few times before the the woman at the desk acknowledged me.

"Yes, may I help you?" she asked pleasantly. "Um, I found this puppy in the park today. He was in a box. Some woman just left him there with a note asking for a good home." I presented her with the information as I remembered it. "Okay, so what would you like us to do?" she asked as she raised her brow. "Um, what exactly can you do?" I asked, not quite sure what services they offered. "Well are you planning to keep the dog or would you like us to take him?" she replied. "Are you kidding!" I laughed. "My parents are already pissed at me. Imagine what they would do if I brought this home!" I said, shaking the puppy slightly. "Okay then.." she said, filing through paperwork behind the counter. "It's going to cost you fifteen dollars to admit him to our clinic. We do adoptions on Saturdays. And every animal that is not adopted within two weeks will be put down." she said frankly as she handed me the papers. "Wait a second." I said, ignoring the papers. "You're going to make me pay you, when I am the one offering this thing over? And you're also telling me that he may not even live if he isn't adopted?" I said, disgusted. "Well he is a puppy, and he appears to be a pure bred Saint Bernard, so he stands a great chance of being adopted." she said. "This is fucking nuts! You people are crazy, sadistic, animal killers! What happens if a child isn't adopted within two weeks? Do you think adoption agencies just kill them off!" I raised my voice, causing the small dog across the room to yap. "I am certainly not paying you to kill this dog!" I yelled as I stuffed the puppy back in my coat as I stomped out of the clinic.

The entire way home I ranted about the vet clinic to the puppy, who obviously couldn't weigh in on the situation. "Those people are fucking crazy!" I yelled into the open air. "Just who the hell do they think they are, trying to make me sell you, knowing good and well that you could die!" I finished. After a few moments of silence I began to laugh. "My parents are going to be so pissed about me bringing you home." I laughed louder. He wiggled a bit in my coat in reaction to my laughter. Walking up the steps to my front door I braced myself for the scream-fest that was about to take place. "I'm home!" I said happily. "And I brought a puppy!" I giggled a bit. Dad came running into the living room with a clear look of disdain hanging on his face. But before he could start screaming my head off, mom jumped in. "Honey, where did that puppy come from?" she asked as politely as she could manage. "Some lady at the park left him in his a box. There was a note on it asking to give him a good home." I said, petting in between the puppy's ears. 

Dad obviously wasn't buying my story, even though it was true. "No, you are not responsible enough to have an animal. March yourself back out that door and take that mutt to the pound." He said seriously, pointing towards the front door. "He isn't a mutt." I countered. "I already took him to an animal shelter and they said he is a pure bred Saint Bernard." I stated, in a matter-of-fact fashion. "I don't care if he is a pure bred trophy dog, you're not responsible enough!" dad said, raising his voice. "Now wait a second." mom said, joining in. "She may not be the most responsible child, but Dr. Elliot has mentioned that having a pet could really help Abyie cope with Avery's death." she finished, looking to my dad for a response. He hesitated for a moment before speaking. 

"You can keep that mutt under one condition." he said sternly. "What's that?" I asked, not really caring. Whatever it was, I would probably agree to it. "You have to start treating myself, your mother and Dr. Elliot with more respect. And you must also start taking therapy seriously. That offer for rehab still stands." he stated. At this point I really wanted to bring up the discussion from earlier. Why aren't him and mom in therapy? Yeah, Avery was my twin brother. But he was their child. I've read that losing a child is the most traumatic event a parent can experience in relation to their child. But I figured bringing it up would ruin my chances of keeping Dexter. That's what I decided to name the puppy. I looked back at my parents who were still waiting for my response. I nodded slightly in agreeance before walking upstairs and yelling back at them, "He's not a mutt!"

I'm Abyie Saturday and I approve this message.

October 18, 2011

Bucket List

Bucket List: A list of things you wish to do before you die.

Everyone, at some point has thought of something they would like to do before they kick the bucket. But not too many people have actually comprised a list of things they hope to accomplish before their lifetime is up. Maybe it's because some people believe that a bucket list is only appropriate for someone that is close to their dying day. I believe, however, that it is almost never too soon to start making your list and accomplishing your lifetime aspirations, be them big or small.

Though a bucket list is often centered around death, that being because you wish to do the things on your list before you die - the sooner you start it the more fun it can be for you. And often times, the littlest accomplishments on your list are the most fun to carry out.

And one of the best things about a bucket list is that you can always keep adding to it.

Here is a portion of my bucket list!
All the items that appear in "strikethrough" format are things I have already accomplished.

Open my own restaurant
Buy exactly one gallon of gas
Visit at least three of my favorite countries(Russia, Japan, Sweden)
Buy a 2010 Jeep Rubicon(4 doors & black)
Graduate from Culinary School(Only a year and a half left!)
Tell my dad I love him twenty times in one day
Save up ten thousand dollars(I'm at 5k)
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Get at least twenty tattoos(Eight so far)
Donate to a charity
Start recycling
Adopt at least two exotic animals(skunk & raccoon)
Learn to use a bow
Go snorkeling 
Leash-train my cats
Get Lasik Eye Surgery
Road trip across the country
Write and publish a book
Go sky diving
Learn two languages(German, Russian)
Swim with dolphins
Learn Sign Language
Take a cruise with all of my siblings.

If you have a bucket list, or just a few things you'd like to do during your life, post them in the comments!

October 17, 2011

Life Without Stardoll: The Good And The Bad

Last summer, in the month of June, 2011, I left stardoll.
This was after a year of non-stop projects, the elite scene, and a lot of fun.

But let me tell you this: Getting to my level of success took a lot of work.
Work that took time and energy.
Time and energy out of my real life.

I loved stardoll. It was hard saying goodbye, but after spending a few months without it, I can tell you this: Real Life was better without stardoll.

I had more time to spend with friends, on hobbies, with school work. I remember skipping out on parties and movies with friends because I had stardoll project deadlines. That was how crazy it got to at some points!

And yet...
Life without stardoll led me to missing all of the amazing people on stardoll that have become my friends. The surge of happiness I would get after I released a successful project after hours and hours of work. The fun and games of the social scene.

Will I come back? I don't know.
Have I really, truly left stardoll all these months, or did I find a way to get back into the scene while I was gone after a couple months of no stardoll? That will be found out soon ;)

October 16, 2011

Elites Exposed Christmas Special?

Once again, my banner is absent. My apologies.

As some of you may recall, this time last year I introduced Elites Exposed. She was definitely a controversial topic among avid blog readers, as well as Stardollians. And though I wasn't a fan of some of the negative attention I received because of her, it wasn't unexpected.

There have been several requests to bring her(EE) back, but quite honestly I lack the appropriate amount of time to do so. However, due to the fact that Elites Exposed made her debut around the holiday season, Christmas to be more specific, with her Naughty and Nice list, I'd like to gather your opinions on whether or not to make than an annual event.

If you aren't familiar with Elites Exposed and her Naughty and Nice list, I'll give you a quick overview. Basically, the list consists of two parts; naughty and nice. I will hand select a number of people, as I did last year and divide them up into the naughty or nice categories. On the first of December the list will be revealed. And each day leading up to Christmas day, I will make a post about each person on said list; alternating between naughty and nice. And on New Years Eve I will release a story that involves each person on both the Naughty and Nice list. Last year the story centered around a New Years Eve party hosted by EE herself. So it would only be appropriate to continue the fictional party with the fictional hostess, also known as my alter ego.

If this interests you in the slightest, and you would like me to bring Elites Exposed holiday madness to MDM annually, please say so in the comments below. I'd love to hear all opinions, good and bad.


October 15, 2011

Who are you?

While it isn't so fancy of me to pop out of no where, especially after months of dedication towards my academics - which is falling into tiny fragments until finally I reach my breaking point by which there is no return - now I need to just open up my journal - in this case an internet-based, family-supported website designed to incorporate not only our stardoll-based virtual lives; but also our own lives in real life.

My topic for today is identity. Who are you? Is a basic question, the answer - however - is quite problematic. While it is quite simple for a person to look at themselves in the mirror - staring uncomprehendingly at their own reflection - and consistently make themselves believe they are who they want to be; is not who they truly are. Sure, I want to be a perfect 5'11 model who has long and wavy blonde hair doesn't really define myself. It just defines a perception I believe of fulfilling. Whilst self-fulfilling prophecy is quite effective in most cases, here, we are just fooling ourselves. Consequently, we lose the sense of who we are.

It might not be a predicament for everyone; it still is a disease that plagues our society. That is, shadowing who we are by who we want to be, or who the society wants us to be. It has come to my attention that many of us are not who we are because people perceive a certain image of us, and honestly, that's what pushes us to work hard to get to their image. Why do we do that? The answer is basic yet the reason behind it is quite complex. We want acceptance, we want stability, we want someone to say 'Hey, that person did that and that and that'. Why study Business when you're a lover of the arts? Why hide yourself behind the books because you're afraid of what people would think of you if you preformed on stage? Why burden yourself to seem acceptable in the eye of the society?

Whilst people have a problem expressing themselves by hiding who they truly are, some people have a new found love to seem unique; such as dying your hair blue, calling yourself 'punk' or 'scene', generally speaking, you stereotype yourself. These people have a rage against society, its basically a person who was hiding their identity until they burst - and as it seems, it burst in all kinds of directions.

Lastly, there are those people who went past hiding and exposing yourself in the wrong way; there comes a time where you say enough is enough. That exactly my friends where I am right now. I - once - gave two shits about what people did think of me - honestly, no one really pushed me to get into med. school, it was just the pressure of not choosing a profession that got me into the wrong area of study - but now, I am going to be changing my major, getting started all over again. At least - my friends - this was an experience, and life is full of such surprising experiences that no matter how perplex they seem are essential to live a healthy life.

I think I want to take this year off to travel, meet new people - experience the heritage of the Indian, or learn to tango like the Spanish, or eat the best linguine in Italy, and live in the cold like the Russians; I have no other choices! What do you think?

So, next time you are facing the mirror, whether it was for five minutes whilst applying final make-up touches before going out to the mall or a fancy dinner with friends or family, or for hours just figuring out yourself, who you are and what you want to be; just remember that you don't need to know who you are now. You got high-school, college and practically your whole life to decide that. Just live your life knowing that you are who you are and not who you were told to be.

adios amigos,

October 14, 2011

Can You Answer This Question?

Hey, of course everyone has noticed by now Noelle (noelle_page on Stardoll), the main owner of MDM, has been M.I.A. for at least 2 months, give or take. And well though I know she is most likely just busy and having fun in her real life, I hope as much, she deserves the best. But she was a dear Stardoll friend for me so I am curious about how she is doing what she's been up to, you know?

So just for fun and this whole post is just a small filler one, but, I want you to think up a bizarre location and doing that Noelle could be up to.

My example: Noelle is in the Serengeti riding a lion and wearing gazelle horns eating a taco.

So now its your turn to answer, WHERE'S NOELLE?

Love, Dei

October 13, 2011

You Have Got To Be FUCKING Kidding Me!

You may have noticed that my banner isn't here. My old laptop is dunzo and I am using my fiance's Mac until my new laptop arrives.

Normally I wouldn't waste my energy making a post about the entity that is Reece. Also known as Mizzmileycyrus9 on Stardoll. But my smokestack is blown and I need to vent. As you all may be aware, he has hacked many accounts, stolen rares and other precious goods. Not only that, he has many times "let people take over his account". In other words, he assumed a new identity in order to gain the trust and friendship of unsuspecting victims.

Not once have I ever fallen for Reece's attempt at friendship or his identity changes. But what I find funny is that so many people have! Just to name a few:
Supa_star4real, SeasonalHotbuys, and recently, Momijigal911.

I personally have nothing against these three girls. In fact, two of them are pretty good friends of mine. But what irks me about these girls is that they fall for the little magic shows that Reece puts on. Today, Momijigal911 sent me a message saying that her friend "Kristen", who is now the "new owner" of Reece's account has started a blog and she would like me to write a review about it on MDM. She also mentioned that Kristen had worries that people wouldn't believe she wasn't Reece. 


"Kristen" has written a small presentation to establish herself on Reece's account. I find it hard to believe that Kristen exists because the first half of her presentation is a complete mockery of my old presentation, which read something like this:

My name is Aislin Victory. I am twenty years of age and currently residing in the sunshine state, also known to many tourists as Florida. I am working on my third year of university, maintaining my major in culinary arts.

I am sure many of you have wandered onto my page while a portion of my presentation read very closely to what I have typed above. Now get this. Below is a portion of "Kristen's" presentation.

My name is Kristen I'm 18 year old, 19 soon, I am from Barbados but I currently reside in the busy city that is California, Los Angles known to many people as 'the golden state' I am studying Art in University, I am passionate about art.

If you'd like to see the entire thing(which also has similar formatting as my presentation), you can visit Reece's page.

Let's all ask ourselves who is known for ripping people off. Hm, Reece! That was an easy one. And this "Kristen" girl claims that she doesn't like drama. So why would she rip off my old presentation, which she wasn't even around to see! That makes absolutely no sense to me.

I am up to my ears in frustration at not only Reece, but also the numb-skulls who continue to eat the shit he feeds them! I have had so many people, including two of the girls listed above, come to me for advice after Reece fucked them over. And I've told them all the same thing.


Is my message unclear? Do people not understand? He is not that great of a liar. So everyone must be just so damn gullible. 

I want to apologize if I got a bit out of line, but I am absolutely fed up with Reece and the people who continue to forgive him, knowing he hasn't and won't change.

October 12, 2011

The Dark Ages

We are living in the dark ages of Stardoll.

Throughout history this time period was also known as the middle ages. This time period got its name because it was between the classical age and the renaissance. 

If I continue the comparison, that means that Dollywood's "classical" age was 2008-2010. This was a time period when new ideas flourished, and there was always intrigue. For those of you who were not yet a part of Dollywood then (and I was just barley) this time period is something of a conundrum. We sit around here waiting for the intrigue, but we are barley satiated. 

But wait! If we're in the the dark ages now, does that mean the renaissance is soon to follow?

Hypothetically, yes.

The word Renaissance means re-birth. Historically it was a time period in which people in the dark ages took a new found interest in the classical age and way of thinking. All that was in the classical age was restudied, and reevaluated. Great progress and new discoveries were made.

Now I'm not saying that we're all a bunch of numb skulls who think the earth is flat, or that we're going to make a sculpture of a naked guy that will be copied for centuries to come to embarrass small children and adults alike. I'm saying that we need to look back on what was successful in the past, and make it our future.

In the comments of Aislin's post "Bring Dollywood Back" Lolababy90 said she was inspired, but asked "Where [she could] sign up". I think everyone wants to make Dollywood better, wants to see it reborn, but maybe some just can't figure out how. Another comment by Coolgirl185 showed promise. She has stared a blog for the "revival of Dollywood". Hmm, revival is awfully similar to rebirth. Is our renaissance beginning? If you want to jump on board I'd say that coolgirl185's blog is a good place to start.

We all know that gossip was a big part of out classical days. People have been complaining about this gossip drought for months, but is that over too? I felt strangely hopeful when I came across Victoria.94's new gossip blog. It's "pure honesty", I think dollywood could use some of that. Maybe all it takes to turn things around is a little determination. 


It was called the dark ages because, once the renaissance began, there was a realization of just how wrong the actions and thinking during that time period were. 

I have one final question: When will we realize the error in  our ways?

A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday


This post contains material that might not be suitable for all ages.
Viewer discretion is advised

It's one thing when parents take sides and unite against you. But when your own mother sides with the enemy(that being Dr. Elliot), she's practically saying "hey, I know you're my daughter and all, but fuck you!". Come on, mom! I know what you're thinking, I'm on a constant downward spiral. You don't even know the half of it.

Today I had a visit with my therapist. I have a visit with this woman who has the most annoyingdelusions of grandeur, every week. In lamer terms, it means she talks a whole bunch of shit that she really isn't familiar with. Dr. Elliot is basically a fake Dr. Know-it-all. Sure, she has a degree, but lumping me with all of the other troubled teens she has dealt with doesn't seem to be doing much for me. And the most it's doing for her is lining her pockets with oodles of cash.

Okay, so I'm sitting in this vacant waiting area. So vacant in fact, that I swear I saw a tumble weed roll by; tumbling to the tune of a whistling wind. My arms are sprouting goosebumps because whomever controls the thermostat must be a 45 year old divorcee with menopause. Just before hypothermia sets in, Dr. Elliot steps out to let me know she's ready for me. Oh really, Dr. Elliot? It took you this long to "get ready" for me? What were you doing, stuffing illegal narcotics up your arsehole? Because I've been ready for over an hour!

Once I'm inside her dull and lifeless office, I realize it's quite warm and toasty. God forbid the doctor gets cold. She might not be able to perform her therapeutic duties correctly. Therefore leading her to prescribe some Schizophrenic psychopath Flintstones vitamins instead of his usual medication. Which in my opinion they probably need to change up anyway, because I've never seen a schizo act remotely sane.

"How's the diary coming, Abygail?" Dr. Elliot droned, which made me raise an eyebrow. "Haven't we discussed this, Patricia?" I said with a scowl on my face. "Abygail, I'm your doctor. You can call me Dr. Elliot." Patricia scolded. Who the hell does she think she is? "Well, I'm your patient, Patricia. Shouldn't you have some obligation to adhere to my demands, if you will." I scolded back in a mockery of her voice. "What might those demands be, Abygail?" she said curiously, as if she didn't already know. Is this woman trying to admit me to the loony bin!? "Dammit! Don't call me Abygail!" I shrieked. It's not like me to lose my temper. Most days I'm cool, calm, and collected. Even when I have a piece of shit therapist spiting me. "There is no need to shout." she says calmly, leaving outAbygail this time. I simply shake my head as if I'm disappointed with her and hold up a finger. "Let's count." I say. "How many times can you remember.." I count to three on my fingers. "..me asking you to call me Abyie?" I find it amusing that she doesn't respond. Instead she refers back to the "diary". Maybe I should yell at her again for not calling it a journal.

"Well I'm wasting a good portion of my limited free time, writing...if that's what you're asking." I said as if I has already decided I wasn't going to let this conversation go anywhere. Usually, If Dr. Elliot thought she wasn't going to make progress that day, she'd let me leave early. Let's just say I pushed for an early release every week. "I was actually wondering if it might have been helping you." Dr. Elliot pushed. Okay, she's lost it. The first time she proposed this preposterous idea, I told her it wasn't going to help. It honestly doesn't take a doctor to see that. "Quite the contrary, actually." I say while crossing my legs and resting the palms of my hands on my knee. I knew my annoying mannerisms got to her, so I tried to sneak in as many as possible. "Well let's discuss the issues you're having with the diary assignment. Maybe I can help get you on track." she says politely.

"Get me on track? I'm not a fucking train, you moron! It's not like your fucking "diary assignment" derailed me!" I shout, throwing my hands into the air. She simply sighs and adjusts her glasses, fiddles with her notepad and then looks at me. "I think that will be all for today, Abyie." she murmurs, squinting at the notepad, now. Without a word I walk out, not caring if she had anything further to say.

On the way home I saw Declan. Since I refuse to drive anywhere, I spend a lot of time walking, which often times results in my being a creepy observer. He was with a group of friends at this ice cream parlor near Dr. Elliot's office. I love that ice cream parlor, but I hated the ice cream he was eating. It was actually the only bad flavor combination they had. Chocolate and strawberry cheesecake. Yes, chocolate cheesecake is delicious, but transform it into ice cream and it's the most disgusting thing, next to childbirth. For some reason the sight of him eating this monstrosity made me want to walk right over to him and shove the pointy end of the waffle cone down his throat. 

Instead of getting arrested for attempted murder, I entered the ice cream parlor and ordered a mint Oreo cone. Aside from Delcan, there was no one I knew in the parlor. Lucky for me, I never had an aversion to sitting alone in public. So after my cone was ready I sat down and silently thanked him for tempting me to come in. Because mint Oreo ice cream cones are delicious! While I was ordering, I felt his eyes on me. But not the whole time; just briefly. About five minutes into my cone, him and his friends were finishing up, leaving me to my sweet solitude. With the exception of the always silent ice cream scooper, of course. "Is that any good?" I heard someone say. and when I looked up, it wasDeclan standing at the edge of my round table. "Yep, you should try it sometime." I managed with a mouthful of mint Oreo. "I was just asking because it looks kind of disgusting." he giggled, clearly not trying to be a jerk. "Well it's a lot better than that chocolate cheesecake shit you were eating." I said in the bitchiest tone I could muster. He laughed. It was obvious that it took a lot to offend him, not that I was trying. "How did you know what flavor I had?" he asked. 

"Because I'm a fucking rocket scientist." I said flatly. "What does rocket science have to do with ice cream?" he asked with a raised brow. "Not a goddamn thing." I said, as I left the ice cream parlor.

As I walked through my front door, I was feeling pretty great, with a belly full of mint Oreo ice cream. However, I guess my mother decided that it wasn't a good day for me to be feeling triumphant. "Abygail Elise Saturday!" she yelled in that motherly tone. Usage of the middle name assured me that I was in some sort of trouble. Was she mad that I didn't offer to get her any ice cream? "Oh hey, mom." I said, trying to play coy. "I just got a call from Dr. Elliot." she said, super pissed off. I simply pretended to vomit. "This is not funny, Abyie!" she yelled. "You cannot keep doing this! I don't pay for therapy just so you can undermine your therapist!" her face was turning red now. That always happened when she was contemplating ringing my neck.

"Well then stop paying her to play doctor. It's quite evident that I don't need her." I shrugged. "She is a doctor, Abyie! And either you start paying her some respect and taking those sessions seriously or I'll have to side with your father on sending you to a rehabilitation facility where you can get some serious help." she sighed. My father is such a fucking numb-skull. Who sends their kid to rehab because her brother died. How come I was the only one in the house who needed help coping with his death? "Real classy, mom." I said as I threw my bag down and stomped up the stairs, slamming my door for effect.

I'm Abyie Saturday, and I approve this message.

October 10, 2011

Bring Dollywood Back


Dollywood, like any properly functioning community, needs not only relevant businesses and entertainment, but successful businesses an entertainment. For instance, Dollywood was created in the likeness of fabulous parties, gorgeous socialites and oodles of gossip. Corresponding activities and well oiled companies that provide those activities are vital for maintaining the livelihood of Dollywood.

While the venues, businesses, and entertainment sources listed below may already be in affect, they clearly aren't making a big enough impact. For example, any one person can create a magazine. However, creating a magazine that will prosper and be successful isn't a task that just anyone can take on.

One of Dollywood business owners biggest faults is not following through. I believe that it's safe to say that I am not the only one who is guilty of dropping a project like it's last season Versace. The excitement from creating a project isn't always enough to get you through the long haul. And on average, newly created Stardoll projects die out in the first few months. These first few months are crucial to a projects success. Those months should be the time in which you're supporting and promoting your project the most.

Another issue we seem to have with our projects is lack of planning beforehand. In our rush to produce a finished project, we often times skimp on the most important of things. And more often than not, we don't think things through. Without proper planning, almost any project you create is doomed to fail.

Event Planner/Party Guru
While everyone may be successful at having a good time when they attend a party, creating the perfect party and making it a success is an entirely different story. Over the course of Dollywood's uprising, there have been many event planning venues. Most recent is The Chimera(owned by To_Royal). And while it was a modest success, it wasn't something that people will be remembering for years to come.

Dollywood needs a successful event planner/party guru. This person would be responsible for planning, promoting, and sometimes hosting major parties or events for their clients. Skills and traits a person would need for this job would be:

-Upbeat & Optimistic Personality

Having a charismatic person promoting your party is key. They will be responsible for instilling excitement in potential guests. And we all know that without guests there is no party. Being an assertive person with an eye for perfection is also very key. Being assertive prevents someone from being walked all over. Whether it be by the graphic designer who is creating the invitation or the out of hand client who has unrealistic expectations. Making sure your event planner is a perfectionist is very important, because having someone who is okay with minor errors means they'll eventually allow larger errors to slide. And guests who are expecting the best will nitpick at every aspect of your event. Organizational skills are one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of a perfect event planner. Let's face it, having someone plan your party who can't remember what day it is or where they left their half eaten sandwich is a sure sign of a bad time.

Gossip Go-Getter
Over Dollywood's evolution, gossip has become the key fact or in keeping livelihood. While there are many gossip blogs, and a few that over the course of their existence, have been outstanding, a gossip blog is nothing without gossip to keep it alive. And lately Dollywood has been having a gossip drought, so to speak. However, that doesn't mean that there is no gossip. There just aren't people willing to go get it! I think we've all learned that sitting around and complaining isn't going to get the gossip gorge spouting again. That's why Dollywood needs a gossip go-getter! And not just anyone can take on this job. Here are a few things you might need to get it done.

-Poker Face
-Refined Writing Skills

A gossip go-getter is like a reporter for a great news station. They don't just stumble upon juicy news; they have to go get it! Hence the term gossip go-getter. Having guts makes a difference. You have to be willing to get down and dirty to get a story. And sometimes you even have to put on a poker face. wiggling your way into someone's personal life is often times a great way to get news. So having a quiet conscience is important. If you're the type to feel scummy after deceiving someone, being a gossip-go getter is not for you. Ambition is extremely important. Just because you love gossip, doesn't mean you're going to be willing to do what it takes to get it. And I don't mean making up fake gossip. That's like fake breasts. They look like the real thing, but when you feel em' up, you just don't get the desired effect. So being ambitious and willing to seek out those who you believe have the juiciest stories to tell is important to keep the gossip flowing. Lastly, it's all about delivery. Anyone can write a story, but writing a story that people cling to isn't as easy as it looks. Having refined writing skills and an extensive but understandable vocabulary is key in turning a simple statement into an elaborate story.

Dollywood's Vogue
Dollywood has had quite a few great magazines! Great stories, great graphics and great fashion. But after a while, that magazine seems to die out. And it isn't always because the magazine is poorly done. Sometimes the owner loses interest or the graphic designer flakes out. There could be hundreds of reasons why a Stardoll magazine stops production. When it's a poorly done magazine, no one seems to care, but when it's something you're always dying to read, seeing it go is a bit heart-breaking. The best writers, graphic designers, fashionistas and editors need to band together to create something that will continuously knock Dollywood's stilettos off! Of course, that's easier said that done. With such a diverse community, the best Dollywood has to offer aren't always on the same page.


With all the right people in place, two key factors need to bind them together. Commitment and organization. If there is a shred of doubt in anyone's mind, it needs to be washed away. Being committed to something, especially a magazine is of great importance. When you're swamped or just down and out, remembering the final outcome is a great way to get your head back in the game. And no magazine can come together without good organization. Timelines, realistic deadlines and connection between team members should be a first priority. One day, if the stars align and the magazine dream team comes together, we'll be astounded by what they create.

There are so many more things I would love to add, but I'm at risk of constructing a novel here, so if this receives good feedback, I'll make a second post!

And lastly, I hope that one days these dreams can become a reality, and we can get Dollywood back on track. And hopefully restore it to greatness.

October 07, 2011

MDM Catwalk: Results

The first ever MDM catwalk is a success! For the contestants to the voters, you all did a great job.
But of course, there can only be one winner in every competition,
and the winner of the first ever MDM Catwalk is:


This sexy yet classy outfit won the votes of the viewers.

Total Percentage of votes:

Here's what the winner has to say for those people who voted for her:
(click to enlarge)

More MDM catwalk and other posts where you can participate are coming your way :)

October 05, 2011

I Heart Boobies!

Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I am here to talk to you about breast. My breast, your breast, his breast, her breast.

Lets talk about breast.

And WHY should we talk about breast? Because its October, which means, its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So get out your pink items, ribbions, and I Heart Boobies shirt, and start squeezin' those melons.

What? I am being serious. Its better to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. And there are tons of different type of it, but the most common one is where it forms in the milk ducts of your chest, and yes, men can get it too, though breast cancer is more common among females.

A good way to make sure you don't have it is to routinely check is to rub, squeeze, and feel your boob for any different shape or any possible abnormal lumps in the breast. You can do so where ever really, I suggest the shower or while you change clothes. And to also review the symptoms to yourself.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer may include:
  • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple
  • Change in the size or shape of a breast
  • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling
  • Inverted nipple
  • Peeling, scaling or flaking of the nipple or breast skin
  • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange
And if you worry you may have one or more of these symptoms then you should talk to your mom or someone close to you that is mature enough to handle it well. And the best way to see is to ask your doctor to help.

The cure for this cancer hasn't been found but many people have rid of breast cancer and live to tell the tale. Like my boyfriend's grandmother has had it three times and fought it each time like a champ. While it can possibly be deadly. And they say anyone can get it, men and women, and the chance increases with age. But don't worry, as long as you take care of your body and have a healthy diet, most likely you will be fine.

And to support breast cancer awareness you can do something from wearing pink to buying merchandise from many outlets of the Pink Ribbon Foundation to just donating time or money for the cause.

Even Stardoll is showing there Brest Cancer Awareness featuring the founder herself of the Susan G. Komen.

And there is a Pink Ribbon calender for October.

*Click either photos for their links*

Au revior!

And remember...

Squeeze A Boob Save A Life Women's Pink T-Shirt

Love, Dei

October 04, 2011

Back to School Advice Competition Winners!

About a month ago I announced that I was holding a competition in which the prize was a full time writing position for Editorialized. To enter you had to write a post giving advice for going back to school. After reading over all the entries, I have to say I was quite impressed. There were many wise words spoken. After a lot of consideration I have decided to have 3 winners! The three winning entries were all so good in their own way, that I could not chose between them.

It is my pleasure to welcome the following people to the Editorialized team:

 Take a look at their advice here:

Joanna's advice: http://i52.tinypic.com/2nv5heq.jpg

Megan's advice:
http://momijigal911 portfolio.blogspot.com/2011/09/school-survival-guide.html

Shannon's advice:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1owY8rBqb1XvkcxKtqrUP-6cY1D3UvHM3ec866ZherBs/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1

October 03, 2011

A Slightly Sarcastic Saturday

Reminder: This post contains mature material that may not be suitable for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised.

Why must people insist on being so damn useless? Seriously now. Teenagers aren't the biggest contributors of usefulness in our society. But aren't they supposed to maintain at least a smidgen of usefulness? That doesn't seem to be the case with the diverse variety of morons at my high school. I sometimes regret not taking my parents up on the offer to attend a magnet school. At least those morons are slightly more intelligent.

Why are my panties in such a knot today? Oh don't you worry about asking that! I am about to spill the biggest fucking can of beans! You might could call it a tank of beans! Not funny? Yeah, didn't think so. Anyway, today I am using a full trash can as a metaphor for the numb-skulls I attend school with, as well as the school itself. Wonder what my therapist will think if she ever reads this? I can see myself in a white gown with thick socks on, picking up my daily meds from a creepy looking nurse with a mole the size of a plum under her eye.

As I said, my high school is a giant fucking trash can. The exterior is dull and lifeless. On the inside it reeks of week old leftovers and rotten vegetables. The contents are of a wide variety but they all smell of the same shit. The typical and regular kids make up the bulk of this trash can, but the few interesting people bring out that sweet stink that your nostrils cannot bare to smell.
First on my list of useless morons that make my life a living shit hole is Marcus Gibson. He's what I like to think of as the banana peel in the trash can. Fairly normal on the outside, but slimy and disgusting on the inside. Most would assume that this freak is your average nerd with the intelligence of Albert Einstein to the fifth power. However, he does not fit that mold. Instead, he is your not so typical perverted sex addict(even though he's a virgin) of average intelligence. At this moment, two rows away and one desk up, Marcus is ignoring our history teacher and drawing a pair of over-sized tits on his desk.

Since elementary school, I have been drooled over and later on(in his middle school years) masturbated to, by the likes of Marcus Gibson. Many late nights/early mornings my cellphone has danced to the tune of a blocked number with Marcus on the end of the receiver. Perverted notes of lust and longing have been left on my locker door. He is more than a stalker you see. In fact, Marcus Gibson has a class of his very own. He outranks even the best and most experienced stalkers of today. And that is a very terrifying realization for anyone Marcus deems "prey".
I'm sure you're wondering what could be worse than Marcus Gibson. You have probably assumed that I listed him first because he was the least of my worries. Well you're wrong, jackass. Marcus is the most of my worries and I couldn't bare to list him last, due to the anxiety it would cause. Therefore, he has been listed first. Which you might think is very unorthodox. But let me tell you something my friend; I am a very unorthodox bitch!

Next on my list is Connie Whore-monger. I Mean Connie Eastland. Here we go again with the presumptions. No, she is not my arch rival who is head of the cheer leading squad. And her interests and hobbies do not include having a wardrobe of entirely pink clothing and tormenting me every chance she gets. Connie is what we call the coffee grounds of the trash can. Like the whore she is, Connie has a fascination with spreading her contents throughout this dump we call school. But why should I hate Connie so very much for being a dirty rotten whore? I mean her daily activities that include but are not limited to whoring herself out and being a dimwit should be none of my business, right? WRONG! Wrong I say! Don't make me capitalize it again, because that's annoying.
The root of why I wish Connie would contract aids and live a solitary life in a single-wide trailer comes directly from the fact that any guy I have every dated either slept with Connie at least once before we got together, cheated on me to sleep with her or slept with her after we dated. Seriously! I can't rid myself of the whore that is Connie Eastland!

Not only is she the biggest sluttastrophe(yes I made that up in her honor) on the face of this planet, she's got quite a knack for making a fool of herself. Let's talk Facebook. Ah the social network of the Internet; wiping out the gutters of Myspace. Status updating could be social suicide depending on how you go about it. And let's just say, Connie should be dead right now. And I don't mean a shallow death from natural causes. I mean dead like a squished bug on linoleum! Just let me tell you why. Connie is one of those slutty teenagers who seems to be the life of every party. She doesn't roll with girly drinks, oh no. She is the queen of hard liquor. And it isn't necessarily because she enjoys the taste. I like to believe she enjoys the attention(good or bad) she receives from being a sloppy drunk, slut bucket. Why is this fact(yes it is a fact. I don't get down with rumors) relevant to Facebook? That's the funny part where social suicide should smack her in the tit. After having a shot too many, Connie spills her guts on Facebook, mainly cursing every guy she's ever been with, whilst still attempting to maintain the idea that she doesn't give a shit about them. And the funniest thing of all is that people don't see what a hypocritical, cock sucking, clingy little whore she is. Ugh!

You're probably raising a brow and thinking I must be jealous of this questionable attention she's receiving and that I shouldn't be wasting my efforts speaking about her. Well let me tell you something oh wise one. My therapist insists that I should jot down(in detail) anything and everything that weighs on my mind. Whether that be the death of Avery or how I got a chunk of Jolly Rancher stuck in my teeth. Anywho, Connie bothers me so terribly much because despite all the stupid things she does, people just look past it. She could sleep with the entire city council(which she probably has) and no one will call her a whore...except me. Yet if a girl the same age as Connie so much as hints that she and her boyfriend of over a year finally did the deed, she gets called the class whore. The lines are a bit blurred here, are they not? And I think before I decide to use this pencil to gauge Connie's eyes out, I should move the final piece of metaphorical garbage on my list.

The least of my problems, but still a bother to me is quite as stereotypical as you would assume. He's the sweet and stinky smell the lot of rubbish gives off. He's sweet but his deceptions are what make him stinky. His name is Declan Richards and as a key player for our high school soccer team who boasts devastating good looks, he's quite sought after by the female population. The only thing you wouldn't expect from him, is his attitude. Which is a polar opposite of your typical cocky jock. He's pretty humble, decently intelligent and doesn't resort to tormenting other people in hopes of making himself feel better. After learning all of these great things about the Almighty Declan, you're probably curious as to why he irks me so. Declan is in love with me. Okay, maybe not head over soccer cleats in love with me, but he definitely has a thing for the delightfully sarcastic AbyieSaturday. So why don't I just date the hunk? Because he refuses to admit that he has any feelings! No, I didn't directly ask him, but it's so fucking obvious! I sometimes catch him staring at me. No, not like the creepy love interest in chick flicks; he doesn't gaze into my soul. But his eyes are on me. We rarely talk. In fact, we're not even friends. And before you make some disgusting connection, him and Connie have nothing going on. I secretly think he shares my same opinions about her. The rest of these little instances I have witnessed about Declan, I can't quite describe to you in a way that make you agree with me. Instead, you'll have to witness them for yourself.
So my novel of the metaphorical trash can is complete. Let's face it, I suck at conclusions.

I'm Abyie Saturday, and I approve this message.


Today is October 1st.

One of the main events that pop into my mind when I think of the month of October is... Halloween!

For some of you, Halloween is a day for kids to dress up and you won't pay much attention to it. For others however, Halloween is an exciting and fun opportunity to take your fiercest fashion fantasies and make them come alive.

Apart from the candy, I love Halloween for the costumes. Not only is buying or designing my own costume something I love to do but viewing other people's unique, stylish and sometimes humorous costumes is always fun.

When I woke up this morning and realized that it was October, I grabbed my laptop and began looking online for some Halloween costume inspiration. Here were some of my favorites:

After viewing so many costumes, I got excited for Halloween and came up with an idea. What are your opinions on a MDM Halloween Ball this year with a terrifyingly fierce best dressed list to go with it? Sounds fun, right?!

Also, what are you, and your medoll dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Lots of love,
~ Zoë xoxo