August 30, 2011

Miss Stardoll World, You Know You Want It

Hey! I decided to whip up this short post about Stardoll's second edition of the huge competition, Miss Stardoll World. And the voting starts today.

Now I know we all know what it is, a giant Cover Girl competition that lasts for like a month. Even we all know trying to win something like it is cheesy and easiest when you have tons of cash. Sad, but true.

And well, to be honest, I will admit, yes.. I wish for my medoll to win it, there, I admitted it and feel weird for saying as much.. But its true, I am sure all girls get that feeling in their belly, in the back of their minds, 'I wish I were special.' If you don't, I mean thats okay, but I might think you're lying.

And well, I want to hear what you guys have to say.

Are you trying to run now?

If MSW wasn't mainly a money based competition, what kind of girl (or boy) would you want to win?

Would you 100% attempt running?

Love, Dei

Modeling Opportunity! - Outrage Factory

 Hey guys.

LadyGagaMcQueen is calling all models to apply to a modeling gig for Outrage Factor. If you would like to apply, click HERE. You have until Wednesday, the 31st to apply. 
Love, Dei

Will you apply for Amanda's new project?

August 29, 2011

Q's About Cora

I've been getting quite a few questions about Chronicles of Cora, and instead of continuing to answer them, time and time again, I'm going to answer them here(:

Will you be posting the next season of Cora on MDM?
-Yes, in fact, when Noelle finishes the graphic of the newest character, I will begin posting.

How many seasons does Chronicles of Cora consist of?
-As of right this moment, I have written ten seasons of Chronicles of Cora. All of which will be edited once more before I bring them to MDM.

What inspires Chronicles of Cora?
-My personal experiences and the personal experiences of friends, mixed with a hint of fiction.

Are you Cora?
-No, I am not Cora. Though she, as well as the rest of the characters possess at least one of my traits.
For instance, Cora is very headstrong and opinionated.
Knoxx has a great talent for cooking.
Luca is a great listener.
Ryder tries to diffuse bad and uncomfortable situations with humor.
Harlow does exactly what she wants, with no reservations.

When will Chronicles of Cora be published?
-There is no guarantee if Cora will be published. As of right now, I have sent what's completed of the book to three publishers. These include, Scholastic, Little Brown and Company and Random House.

Did you date a guy like Knoxx?
-I did.


Thanks for all of the questions and interest in Cora. If you have any other questions, please post them in comments below(:

August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

If you haven't already heard, the east coast of the United States is soon going to be facing hurricane Irene. She is expected to make landfall sometime in the next twenty four hours. The state of Maryland and New Jersey have issued a mandatory evacuation for their coast-side residents. North Carolina, Virginia and New York will also be in the danger zone.

Normally I wouldn't be so worried about a hurricane since I do live in Florida. They are of regular happening during this time of year. However, my boyfriend, who is a United States Marine, is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and is in harm's way at this moment. And due to orders by his command, he is not allowed to evacuate. This means he and the rest of the Marines of Camp Lejeune and surrounding bases such as Cherry Point, will have to stick it out until the storm is over.

I am making this post to ask all of MDM's readers to please keep my boyfriend and his fellow Marines in your thoughts as this storm makes it's way to land. Also, keep those that choose to remain in their homes during hurricane Irene in your thoughts as well.

I really want to thank everyone for all of their kind words, thoughts and condolences for my cousin, Emily. It was very much appreciated. I love you! And thanks again(:

August 26, 2011

Beauty Week

As you know, this week was my first week of my junior year of university. And up until Wednesday, it was wonderful. However, Wednesday afternoon I got a call from dad. This call was regarding a cousin of mine, Emily, who is two years younger. This Fall she was beginning her first year of university. My dad wasn't calling to tell me how she was doing. He was calling to tell me that she had  unfortunately committed suicide. In a short letter she left, she talked briefly about how her new classmates taunted, teased and whispered about how terrible her appearance was. 

Emily was born with a birthmark that covered her right cheek and eye. She was often very self conscious about this, because she was teased as a child and  teenager. These college students pushed her over the edge, and she killed herself because they made her feel like she was the scum of the Earth. 

Emily is beautiful, inside and out. She is smart, ambitious and creative. These people who made her feel like she wasn't beautiful, smart, ambitious or creative are only beautiful on the outside. They make me sick, and I hope this incident weighs on them so heavily that it forces them to look at life and beauty differently. So that way, other girls and even boys aren't hurt by their words.

All of this has inspired me to do Beauty Week on MDM. That way to remind everyone how beautiful they really are. During this week, I would love to include a day of confessionals, where people who have been treated the way Emily was can tell their story.  I have quite a few other ideas for Beauty Week, but I would love to hear ideas from the readers. So give me some of your ideas in comments below. Help me make this week memorable!

May you rest in peace sweet Emily.

August 22, 2011

Weighing my Options

Just because Stardoll has been left behind in my past, doesn't mean this blog is. I have come to love posting here, and my parting with Stardoll hasn't changed that. Though I won't be posting about Stardoll related topics, I still hope to post Cora, as well as other things that I hope you'll all enjoy.

For anyone that may have became a fan of Cora, I hope you'll be excited to hear that I am working very hard to get the story published. It's a long shot, but maybe sometime in the next year or so, Chronicles of Cora will be on a shelf near you! And what's even more exciting than that, is what I plan to do with the proceeds. But I'll keep that a secret for now.

As many of you are aware, school has started back up for a lot of people. That includes me! Tomorrow I will begin my third year of university. Only two more years and I'll have a degree! For anyone that has reached their first year of high school, or even their first year of college, I wish you all the luck! 

Is there anything you're looking forward to?
I'd love to hear about it(:

For Or Against: Abortion

Hello, and I am back with another 'For Or Against'. 

The topic being: ABORTION.

Abortion, for those who do not know, means basically to stop and rid of a pregnancy/birth of a child.


A summary of the history of abortion is that pretty much, abortion dates, from Wikipedia, "can be traced back to civilizations as varied as China under Shennong (c. 2700 BCE), Ancient Egypt with its Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BCE), and the Roman Empire in the time of Juvenal (c. 200 CE)". So its been around for a LONG time. But over its long history, its been debated between whether or not its 'ethical' or 'okay' to perform between scientists and doctors. And even though advances in technique advanced over the 1700's, the people deemed it something not to tech, so the spread of safe way to perform it were few.

But not until the mid-19th century, abortion was okay to practice, but later banned in both the UK and the US. And later, the US was the first country to ban all forms of it due to the fact it was claimed, in the 1930s, that it was more dangerous than childbirth.But in the 1960s-70s, abortion grew in demand, due to various mass factors. And over time, has been more permitted and used in many countries of the world today legally, including America.

File:Leis do aborto.png
International status of abortion law:
  Legal on request, though various countries have different time limits
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, mental health, fetal defects, and/or socioeconomic factors
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, mental health, and/or fetal defects
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, and in some countries physical and/or mental health
  Illegal with exception for maternal life, and in some countries mental and/or physical health
  Illegal with no exceptions
  Varies by region
  No information

The procedure, I will not explain in detail, but imagine this, think of an empty bottle, and in it, there is a little teddy bear that grew everyday inside of it.

And then lets say the person who owned the bottle wanted to get rid of the growing teddy due to whatever. Well then they go to a doctor and open the bottle a little in the opening and then, depending on how far along the teddy bear had grew, if he is an itty bitty bear, he will be vacuumed out, while if he is more developed bear, he has a.. I'll call it a large needle, that goes through the crown of his head and he is pulled out of the bottle from it. And the bottle is awake during all of it most likely. And that the owner of the bottle can wait up until the birth of the bear to get rid of it. And if it is after 24 weeks, then the 'teddy bear' can in fact feel the pain from the procedure.


The reasons people do it vary really, examples include:
  • They think that they can not provide for the future child.
  • Their family/mother does not want them.
  • They are a teen who isn't ready or want children.
  • They aren't allowed to birth a child/their body can't. (most times, mandatory)
  • Failed pregnancy. (mandatory)
  • Rape victim.
*For the ones I listed mandatory next to means that they will have to be aborted/removed anyway in most cases.
(Pro-Choice Activists)
Most people who are for abortion are for women's choice, which is, if a woman wants to not have a child, she wants the choice to and not have to 'suffer' with the child they do not want. That the pregnancy was a mistake that they wish to rid of. And to be honest, I believe if a person wasn't ready or planning to be a mother, they might be very sad, hurt, or mad at becoming pregnant. I am sure if I got pregnant right now, I would just feel like a whore.
(Quote from President Obama)
But there are cases where the mother physically can not keep the child where it is life or death for the mother. And where, due to illness (either of the mother or the baby) they cannot keep their baby.

While most people who are against are against it due to the fact that either they are for life or from religious/ethical reasons. The main issue people have with it that it IS either ending the life of or preventing the life of a baby from being born. While religious reasons are because of it not being permitted in the person's religion to rid of pregnancy. And studies have shown that abortion can cause depression, psychological issues, the natural pain of a mother losing her child since its a fact that the longer a woman is pregnant, the more she bonds with her unborn baby. And there are tons of cases where women regret doing it in the first place.
(Pro-Life Activists)
The fight for and against it has been a raging battle over many many years. To kill an unborn child, or to suffer an ongoing pregnancy?


So tell me, are you FOR or AGAINST abortion?

Why or why not?

Love, Dei

P.S. I am not trying to be a bitch, but I believe if you choose Life BUT say 'but if they were raped, it is okay' then I do NOT believe you are pro-life, it is you being a hypocrite.

August 20, 2011

Stardoll Role Model Cycle 2

After the success of the first cycle of my competition, i've decided to open up another.

I'm now holding auditions for Stardoll Role Model cycle 2 and looking for 8 hopefuls to compete for the title of "Stardoll Role Model."

To join, just go to and complete the form given on the latest post.

Join now and prove to the world that you have what it takes to be beautiful inside and out.


Fierce Is Forever

Hello lovelies, it is I, Dei, your favorite MDM'er.. *coughs*

Jokes aside, I am here to present an exclusive spoiler from an upcoming fall issue of the most talked about and well made magazine Stardoll has seen in years.

(click to enlarge)

As we all know, Fierce is the magazine made by the amazing Alice(Hunnigall), and co-owned by the infamous Emma(mysecketlover), and they are coming back with a brand new issue of the ever so daring Fierce magazine! As new and as fresh as ever, they plan for a glorious comeback issue.

Be prepared to have your mind blown, I guarantee.

I hope to see Fierce during Stardoll Fashion Week! Whenever that is...


Are you exciting for a new issue of Fierce?

Love, Dei

MMC9 hacked? Nope

MMC claims he was hacked. If this was indeed true it would be the proof that karma exists, but it’s not. I think this may be a way to say he is innocent and to show he is the victim. Unfortunately, for him, this was so badly planned.

*picture of the bazzar given to me by MIZZMILEYCYRUS9 himself.*

If you look at this picture it is clearly photoshoped he claims his account was full of glitchs. Let’s say that’s true and he was actually hacked, I decided to go to the supposed hacker’s accounts and in the two above they haven’t been online for months.

It’s clear it is a lie. He never learns.

This just made me laugh. Of course I told him I would make a post so he would collaborate I just didn't say how it would be.

August 18, 2011

Stardoll doesn't feel like a second home anymore. I don't possess the excitement of a child on Christmas morning when I log in.  My projects no longer entice me.
I think this is farewell.

August 16, 2011

Modeling Opportunity! - Substance

Hello, back so soon, I know. And yet another case of me finding out a modeling opportunity just by visiting a winner from 'Can You Make It Up'. Ironic right?

"Substance is a stardoll fashion brand based on shoes, jewellery, make-up and some what clothing. The style is based on posh mixed with being rebellious all with an insane twist. Each collection will be unique and hopefully different."
- from the owner pinkbg

If you wouold like to apply as a model for Substance, you have until the 25th to enter and must be a follower of the blog!

(click the HERE to apply)

Love, Dei

Can You Make It Up? - Scene Emo Winner!

Hello lovelies! And the voting for the last 'Can You Make It Up' has ended!

And the results are in..

Even though the results look pretty weird if you ask me.. but after a total of 142 votes! (I even counted all of the votes to make sure it was correct). And we have a tie!

(click to enlarge)

#10 & #11 
Who really are...

AislinVictory & pinkbg!

And well, I've decided since the first place prize money is 150 stardollars, and the second place is 50 stardollars, I've decided to add those two prizes together and split it between the two (so each receive 100 stardollars)!

So hurry and claim your prizes girls!

Love, Dei

August 14, 2011

For Or Against: Little Girls In Make-Up

Hello! Here is another 'For or Agaisnt' topic that many talk about!

The topic I am bringing to the table is: Little girls(or boys) having or not having the option to have make-up on! Meaning pretty much, anytime where we see a young girl in lipstick.
(Little girls in VOGUE Paris spread)
Its become more and more current in our society today to see girls younger and younger wearing a face full of make-up. Girls as young as 13 now-a-days can be seen with full foundation and the works when they are wearing make-up while other cases, parents let(throw) their young girl(sometimes boys) into child beauty pageants and usually give them a face full of make-up that usually makes them look 10 years older! While many think its really cute or harmless for a girl under 15 to be using cosmetics as a young age, others find it disgusting and over exposing the child into mature habits and ways.

(10 year old model)

The history of make-up dates back all the way back to ancient Egypt when the royals would color their lips and eyelids, then later in the middle ages, even though it was frowned upon constantly by church-goers, the trend was to have a pale face, so women would go to such lengths to apply chalk, lead, flour, or bloodletting! (which is where you pretty much cut yourself to bleed out blood, and in this case, to make yourself look paler) And though make-up continued to be a 'bad' thing to have and considered only for whores and actors, over time it grew more and more popular and eventually was expected over time due to its popularity to 18 and up women of the world.

But noticeably, in today's time, cosmetics and starting to affect our youth and it is slowly becoming something girls of younger ages grow to use daily more and more often. Most likely its because of how often they see older girls use it and along with the media's alluring 'pretty dollies' like Barbie, Bratz, or any other doll that is also crashing the trends by becoming sexier by each passing year.
(Newer Barbie[left] standing next to the first Barbie[right])

Some say that they love that their young girl is embracing beauty and desires to look 'prettyful.' That they do not mind purchasing their daughters lip gloss, eyeshadow, and a bit of blush if they want to 'look like mommy.' But who's to say they aren't growing up to fast? And there is also a more higher demand for younger models! More and more girls under 14 get cast as a model, for fashion magazines, where they usually end up looking like a 20 year old.
(girl having a photo taken for a beauty pageant & modeling)

And another case of caked up youth is with child beauty pageants, where we see thousands of under 13 girls looking as perfect as a porcelain doll, or as skimpy as a hooker.. you decide?
(Beauty pageant girl)

But usually they are covered in tons of make-up, sometimes told to wear a false set of teeth to hide their real teeth or missing teeth (they are usually around 2-8 years old), sprayed with constant hairspray, and end up having some kind of dance/performance where they 'shake their booties' in hopes of getting a giant tiara.
(From Toddlers & Tiaras)

While studies have shown, girls who participate in beauty pageants (no matter what age) end up growing up being extremely high maintenance, shallow, self conscious/overly concerned about appearance, and frequent thoughts of never being good enough and grow a lower self-esteem towards themselves.

So what do you think? 

Are you FOR or AGAINST little girls being put in or even having the choice of wearing make-up?

When was the age when you first starting using make-up (if you do)?

Tell me in the comments and why!

Love, Dei

P.s. I thought I'd add a lot of photos to make it more visually interesting!