February 28, 2011

New Skins Options - Tan Lines!

(I always forget this.. :D )

 Hey guys! Its me, Dei.

So if you have been on Stardoll the past few days, you've had to had noticed the new skin slider for Superstar members!

Personally I love it! In real life, I am a tan skin tone, and now I am more able to be that color which is one reason why I love it. It gives members a chance to make their dolls look even more like them for real, or more like their perfect me-doll!

But then today, when I went to finally go chance my doll's clothes.. I noticed something..

Tan lines!

I know you may have noticed before if you use those Stardoll bras, but it was a shocker and quite funny discovery if you ask me! But it makes me happy Stardoll hasn't thought to create Stardoll thongs or else I would puke all over the screen at seeing bikini tan lines! Ew!

So then I got curious.. 'what if someone instead of making their doll darker, made it light?' And soooo, I saved my doll as it was and went to slid the skin slider to a more paler version of my old skin tone. And we have...

Reverse tan lines?!

Now, I know this is Stardoll, but if I had a reserve tan line in real life.. I would be pissed or mildly confused. Luckily, this is all virtual so it makes sense... :)

How do you enjoy the virtual tan lines or reserve tan lines?

Are you sporting one? :D

Love, Deidra <3

February 27, 2011

Bringing Back the "B" Word

Lesson learned!

And I am back... with a new tattoo.

No more nice girl.

The bitch is back.

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

From my last post on gay marriage, it recieved many mixed comments and opinions on the subject- it even went as far as one reader accusing another of not being a good catholic just because she was bisexual and for not attending mass.

Some certain people- who I will not name, I shall spare their blushes this time- were calling some "snobby liberals" for supporting gays. Oh come on...grow up!

And the topic of abortion was abrubtly thrown in, although it was extremely inrelevant and no one commented on it, so I have decided to write about it. Some call it an act of murder, killing innocent baby, whereas some find it as a means of way to remove an unwanted child.

Instead of sharing just my view, I have asked some opinionated and insighful characters to tell us theirs:

I think we should allow abortion, it's completely up to the woman herself, why should other people get involved? It's HER life. ~N1mka4eva

I don't really think abortion is necessary, because it's like your killing someone inside of you, and adoption is there, to someone take care of the life you couldn't stand. ~ Brit-on-me

Well, I am totally against abortion if you take the time to make a baby you should take the time to raise that baby. ~ Elite-girl

Abortion is the worst act a female can do. ~ Miss_LolitaF

I'm pro-choice. When the baby is in the womb, it isn't quite human yet. If the parents are too old, young, or can't support the child, why should they suffer? They should be able to choose what to do with their child, and abortion is an option for that. ~ xxDrivebylove

Abortion... well, my opinion is that it is wrong. killing an innocent baby who doesn't have the ability to tell you ''I want to live'' could never be right in my eyes. However, this is just my opinion.

Imagine you waking up, early morning, regardless of your reason, and imagine right then when your eyes just opened taking a short glance on the dark surroundings of your room and someone suffocates you - intentionally, and you don’t live. That is what you are depriving a child of when abortion takes place, because just as you have a life that is important to you that child has a life too, and human rights aren't just for developed humans, but are for everyone in all stages of life, even if it is during the embryonic stage. To be honest, it is a crime and no matter what should remain so.
~ Findurlove

And my opinion on abortion?
I was against abortion when I was first told about it, I did not understand how one could "kill" another without feeling remorse or regret. But I looked at both sides and put myself in the position, I spoke to a lot of people about it and they seem to be against the idea, I actually support abortion.

We should not bring up an unwanted child in this world, it is morally wrong- and if you go on to talk about adoption; are there not enough orphanges in the world today?!
I do not believe it to be a cold-hearted act of murder, it is removing a group of cells which cannot exist outside of the body, there is a substantial difference between human life and "humanhood".
People are dying because abortion in some places is illegal, this only encourages backstreet abortion which normally leads to death.

And some of you may think that it is the female's fault if they got pregant, yes unprotected sex is a factor but have you heard the Pope's preaches?
He is against condoms. Talk about eradicating AIDS and other stuff along with it.

Wait...look at the shape of the Pope's chair.

February 26, 2011

Ask Dei II

1. Hi, I need Boy advice! There is aboy that I reealy like but he is totally oblivious to me. He hardly talks to me, only tiny things. But sometimes I do catch him looking at me. The bad thing is, is that one of my close friends likes him too, but everyone k 

- Well, I see that you basically are saying, I like him a lot kind of thing? Well my suggestion is for you to get up and flirt with him! I hope you don't just sit around and hope for him to come up and ask you out. Most times, guys are oblivious to girls liking them unless they are talking to them a lot and all giddy and such. So just try to talk with him more, try to hang around him more. But not too much, don't become a leech! So maybe start by seeing something he likes and talk about it just to start up conversation and then go from there.


2. Hi, I would like to ask you, If you think that emao's and goths can get well known on stardoll, without doing something weird like the tyler sacndal... 

 - Sure! Anyone can in my eyes. I don't believe you have to look like a typical 'elite' to be well known. :)

3. Why do you like Stardoll? 

- Well, because... maybe because I can buy all the designer I want and dress haute couture all I want and have pretty much a little virtual escape world on the side.

4. Hi;) Tell me what should I do... I kinda want to have a BF, but I am fat and have a "heavy character"... I don't really have a huge social life, cause I go 2 private school and have lessons afterwards... I am just so in need of an advice ...  

- Oh, pfft, fat has nothing to do with getting a boyfriend! Yeah, sure, people see the world like, 'Oh its not good for a girl to look like this or look like that'. So please, you are a beautiful person no matter size you are. And really, I am fat :)And I have a boyfriend, so.. :D But maybe you should just talk to guys more often? It may be hard to but you should get more comfortable to talking with guys before you actually look for one to date. But my guess is that you just need a bit of esteem to help you! And if you want more help from me personally, contact me on Stardoll, I would be glad to help.

5. Does my outfit on my medoll look good? I was going for a culture type of look as your last post inspired me to dress my medoll in a different fashion -Coolgirl185 (incase you need the outfit :) ) 

- I love it! :D But maybe without the green sleeves/top?


6. Who's Your Inspiration for fashion? 

- To be honest, I don't really know. I am easily inspired to something I think is new and different. So I guess new things inspire me?

7. This isn't for the Ask Dei section, so please answer :D Are you giving out prizes for TCA? 

 - Well anything in the Ask Dei section which is a question is still asking 'Dei' something.. But anyway.. Prizes? The prize you get is the gift of winning. :)

8. How do you think you got to your status. And please I wouldn't enjoy an "idk" as an answer. Please try to answer to your fullest ((: 

- Haha, well.. my only guess is that I had knew a lot of people who were 'famous' on Stardoll and people really liked my outfits? 

9. Who was your first elite friend? And who was your fav. elite when you where just getting around stardoll 

- I think it would be Perez (PerezStarGossip)! :D Since I use to go to her parties ALL of the time, haha. And she would have to had been my favorite one because she is so nice and funny!

10. whats ur stardoll name?? 

- ... uh.. its To_Royal..(Click the link to visit me?)

11. What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment on stardoll, and why? 

- My first Best Dressed List that I was featured on! :D I was so happy when I did, I literally was about to have a heart attack seeing myself featured and NOT being bashed!

12. Thanks for the answer last time, and I have another question. I'm in a bit of a situation... I get constantly bullied in school.. To the point of some threatening to shoot me a few years ago. How do I get through this? To put it nicely, my school 

- Sorry that Formspring cut off your question! Well, I know its not cool to, but tell someone. I mean, you don't need to tell on the people bullying you, but you need to find a way to stand up for yourself and get past it all. Being bullied sucks, and sometimes it leads to horrible situations. So you should find an outlet for it all. But also, maybe try to avoid it if you can, start walking different places, sit different places, be closer to teachers or administrators, anything to help you feel safer at school. School is not meant to hurt you.


13. How can I build up my self esteem? People tell me I'm beautiful, but I don't feel that way & it makes me cry at times. 

- I know exactly where you are coming from. Yeah, sometimes its hard to believe things people tell you when you yourself can't believe those very things! My suggestions would be: start trying to date, get a small make-over! (like new clothes, or try out make-up more, or perfume!), dye your hair to a color you really like (but like a natural-like color, like blonde, light brown, black, orange-y red, etc.), and force yourself, thats right, MAKE yourself, everyday in the mirror say, 'I am beautiful.' :) Do it, I dare you. I know its hard, but after a while you get use to it.

14. What is your faviourte brand on stardoll DKNY , MKA RC , PP RC , LE , Antidote ? 

- None of the above. :)

15. Do you think stardoll is going downhill in someways? :) x 

- Oh it is, believe it, I know it is. But maybe it will come back? Who knows..

16. Whats Your Stardoll Talent? 

- Idfk. 


17. honestly, i want to be elite. i want everyone to know and like me. how can i do this? 

- Well, don't be the creepy wanna-be who likes to reply to every 'elites' outfit or them in their guest-book. My guess is that you should be more social though. Everybody tries to be popular by either becoming a 'model', a blogger, or own a magazine. Those were OLD methods, they don't work like they use to. So yeah, try to just be more social to people, maybe go to more parties and have a Skype! >=D

Love, DEIDRA <3

The Stone Age

Today I had the excitement of babysitting (boo) and between making meals and cleaning up after little kids, I decided to make you all something. After all, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Today the spotlight is placed upon one of my favourite models, Lara Stone. I've created three little pieces about her that hopefully you will enjoy.

(Click to enlarge)

What are your opinions on Lara - thumbs up or thumbs down?

And, who is your favourite model?

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo

February 24, 2011

My Apology....

I know, I know. I'm guilty of doing something bad and this is my public apology to everyone.

Many of you have heard of my and LadyGagaMcQueen's newest project, The Stardoll Elite List. I personally love the idea from her but a lot of you didn't share the same opinion as mine.
The main reason of the blog is to give some recognition to those people who gave a lot of time and effort to make their marks in Dollywood, and to advertise some new dolls who have real talents.

But, the wrong part of me just kicked in....

I told my friend to put our names on the list.
Yeah, it's pretty stupid and mean for me to do that, but I don't know........
I think I just wanted fame?

To tell you the truth, since from the start I really wanted to be a part and have a feature in those big Stardoll blogs and I don't know why. By God's grace, I was able to be a part of MDM but i'm still not contented, so I created some projects that I think will make me big. 
Here comes the Elite List and i'm on PSG and SMW, giving me some negative views and it's not exactly what I wanted......
You won't get everything you want, trust me i've learned from the hard way.

and as to MaryKate, it was never an intention of us to copy you. Someone suggested us to do your idea or maybe that someone hasn't heard from you too. Sorry.

I'm not going to trash the blog, instead i'm going to find a way or formulate an idea to make it work.
I will work hard and try not to step on anybody's toes.

I am contented now on where I am in Dollywood...


MDM's Next Top Blogger: 4th Elimination and Raffle

The 4th elimination for MDM's Next Top Blogger is now on!

A few days back, Deidra (aka To_Royal), was introduced as one of MDM's newest writers. Dei was also the one who gave our finalists their weekly challenge.

To refresh your memories, here's what it was:

I have chosen to introduce this week's entries as i found this week's challenge quite interesting.

I myself have been a victim of, should i say, irresponsible blogging. From multiple burn books years ago up to the most popular gossip blogs in Stardoll today.

Just recently, one blogger came to a conclusion that I (Noelle Page), Isabella.Arci & Bubblyminty is just one and the same person.

There is a borderline between a hypothesis and a conclusion. The latter being the final ultimate truth and the former, as an observed phenomenon that requires more explanation... or investigation.

There is freedom of speech, i agree. But really... how far is too far?

Isabella hasn't been logging in for days due to some commitments she would have to attend to in her real life. When she gets back though, here's what she'll be welcomed with in her guestbook:

As mentioned in the Top Blogger Mail  from Dei, writing has such potent powers that can make or break. 

Soothe or hurt. 

Yin and Yang.

The remaining 9 finalists have more opinions of their own about this timely topic and i myself found a lot of interesting points in their entries.

Responsible Blogging?
"So many hatred is in the air these days. Yeah, so Stardoll is virtual but the people behind the computer screen aren't. They are actual people with actual feelings.
I should know how they feel like when they are made fun of, trust me. Even if it is over the computer, they still have feelings just as you do. If someone takes advantage of me for my age on the computer, deep deep down inside it hurts....  read more"

Is there a Limit?
"When you blog, it should always be the truth. Not something that your foolish brain makes up for the amusement of yourself and the supposed amusement of other people. No, that wouldn't work. There are people on Dollywood that do contradict what others are claiming. Some of those are using their common sense, when the Blogger is simply giving it away to get so called "fame" on his or her part. What I am getting at is, truth is a necessity... read more"

Mind Boggling Blogging
"Blog before was just the online version of Dear Diary…

Little did we know, different kinds of blogs are starting to spring like Tulips in Vondelpark Amsterdam or Saffron in Cyprus... read more"

OTT Blogging?

"Responsible blogging.

Sensible blogging...

Proper blogging...

What defines these qualities?

Lets start with some definitions.... read more"

Over the top?
"Are blogging crimes over the top or just good juicy gossip?
Are they inappropriate or exciting and daring?

Honestly, I have no clue... read more"

Right Or Wrong?
"Sometimes while typing on our keyboards a little thought comes to our mind.......What's The Difference Between Right or Wrong? (In blogging) How will the world be affected by this little puny post? What will happen when I press that 'Publish Post' Button located on the bottom left hand corner of my screen? Like the Tyler controversy that I won't push further on the topic... read more"

Are there blogging crimes?
"Stardoll had become a parallel world to the one that we live on.
We can find magazines with gossips, elites, the ones who replace celebrities, blogs, and now even movies.
But at the time to create, do we think of our readers and that person we are talking about?... read more"

Too much?
"In light of recent events that have ocurred on Stardoll, it truly makes me wonder if there is a fine line between right and wrong on Stardoll blogging. Gossip and blogging is so powerful, and a simple opinionated post on a blog such as Perez Hilton of Stardoll or Memoires of A MeDoll can be enough reason to completely alter somebody's personal opinion... read more"

Is This My Limit?
"Every person has his limit and every single blog has also his limits. But which are they really ?
Difficult question, no ?... read more"

Like with all the previous weekly eliminations we had, YOU, dear MDM follower would have to make a choice on who you think should progress in this competition and be the ultimate Top Blogger.

Vote for your favorite here:

Would you be able to guess who will be this challenge's Top Blogger of the Week?

Write who you think it would be in the comments section and if your guess is as good as the poll results, you will win 100 Stardollars!

Good luck to all the finalists!



Ask Dei I

Hi beautiful Dollywoodians :) Here I am to answer the first set of questions I have received! Here I go..

1. Do you have a Stardoll role model, from which you take inspiration?
- Well.. yes actually, but not just one, I have a few :) Like Isabella.Arci, I was always so amazed by the way she always flawlessly layers her outfits! And by Noelle_page(Noelle <3) who seems to be so classy and creative. And by Brit-on-me(Effay), I hate Taylor Momson, but I love his doll's style :D And I have many more.

 2. What do you do if you are in love with your Bestfriend , and you dont know how to tell him ?
  - Well, my suggestion is to find the right time to, don't rush your emotions and feelings just to ask a guy out. But don't lolly gag around! But you need to make sure first that you are really into him for the right reasons.

 3. Hi! :] I needed some advice! Well it might sound a bit nerdy but I am not doing too good in school. I got A's B's and two C's. My goal is to only get A's and B's. I think I am a bit too addicted to Stardoll! I still am going to play stardoll but what can   
- I guess you are asking how can you makes better grades? My thoughts is that you have to makes yourself not be so distracted. The older you get, the less help you will receive with doing your school work, so you need to maybe start planning when you do your work and when you roam around Stardoll.

 4. Would you say that there is hidden staff around stardoll? I remember when there was a time when poeple wonderd whether Cia was, and I thought that maybe you would have some ideas? x  

- Hmm, I have no clue. But my guess is that there is. But then again, Stardoll has a very lacking staff.

5. deidra how do i become known on stardoll?  
  .  Hey Dei! How do you become famous on stardoll?  
  .  hiii! do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a member of the stardoll "elite"? 
- To answer these 3 questions above.. It depends on you! From what I've seen over the years, most 'elites' or famous people are either drama queens, fashion icons, assholes, or entrepreneurs,  so to be honest, you will most likely need to do something related to those things to spark some fame. But please, if you really aim to be, you should try to be different. The same ol' same ol' will not get you very far.

6. Hello I was wondering how you are today? xD and I wanted to know what helped you discover your sense of individuality, your style?.. Thank you 
- I am lovely. :) And to be honest, I just went with the flow.. Like.. I believe you should just lead yourself to wherever is your forte, if you like to be girlie, emo, goth, jock, high fashion, be that way! Some people like to be a follower-er all their lives, and that is truly okay. But myself, I choose to be different, I strive to be innovative when it comes to everything. So just follow what you believe in. :) 

 7. What do you do if your friend is mean to you but is your best friend? 
- Tell them straight up about it. And if you don't have the courage to up front, then wait until a time when they do something offensive to you again, maybe say something like, "Hey.. I really don't like they way you treat me/have been treating me as a friend.. I know you like to joke around, but I not cool with you being that way with me anymore." And go along from there. If they don't like the message or don't take a hint, leave them alone for a while, give yourself space from them, if they really want you as a friend, they can ask for forgiveness.

8. Oh Dei I'd love advice, so I have this friend Brad whom I known since we were 4 and he tells me he likes me. Well that was 5 years ago and I turned him down because I wanted to remain friends, which was a bad idea because now I like him. What should I do?
-Weeelll, depends, is he taken? If not, then you should go for him! And you're telling me it was FIVE years ago?! Time heals wounds (and rejection), and you are young! As long as you are a good friend to him he should totally give you a chance.

9. Well, does this count for real life also? I need some boy advice.. I have my close friend, that I love like well, a brother, but he's gotten really close to me lately and it's weird, I've never been used to this. And, he knows I like girls more than guys

-Yes, if counts for real life questions too. :) Well.. you need to ask yourself, do I truly want him to be close to me? But if it is seriously weird to you, ask him is he trying to move in on you or maybe is he growing more feelings towards you, and well, talk about it.

10. where i can find a trustable page where i play to earn points so i can buy a superstar membership 

-To be honest, I knew of from when Dan posted on Perez Star Gossip before like a year or so ago, but honestly, I can't remember. Sorry :(


11. What inspired you to make the Classique Awards you must of never thought it would be so big ? - Destiny

 - Really, what inspired me was old Stardoll! Like the parties, the Star Awards, and drama, and so I wanted to create my own piece of that pie, ya know? And no, I never believe it would be as successful as it is :D

12. What is your favourite thiing about YOU? 

- Umm, my eyes I guess?

13. How did you become so amazing and creative?? 

-Haha, thank you for the compliment. But I guess because.. I was BORN THIS WAY.. (;

14. What (or who) is the biggest inspiration in your life?

- My mom. :) She is very brave and strong and I love her.

15. whats your favourite book? and what types of books do you prefer? 

- I don't really have a favorite book.. :O But I love books with drama, mystery, a nice plot, and maybe a romance or two. :)

16. What advice would you give a teenagers mum if her daughter were going depression and she wished for an easy fix?

- I believe they should be shown that life is okay. So maybe a nice trip or two to have fun! Or maybe a make-over? Something to boost their esteem since most times, depressed people have very low esteem.

17. Do you see yourself as a Elite?

- To be 100% honest, no..

18. What are your suggestions for someone who wants to start blogging about stardoll? 

- Try to do something different.. Really, blogging is fun, but if you do the same thing as everybody else, you will most likely get no where..

19. What's your life like? 

- Hmm, odd I guess. I don't really have some glamorous life style, but I would say its.. something interesting.. :)

20. are you a hacker? 

- HAHA! PUH-lease, I don't the first thing to being one! I am such a ditz! And pulse, I hate hackers and think whoever does it is the scum of the (Stardoll) Earth!

21. How do u become so awesome 

- Lol. If you are asking me, I have no clue.. But for yourself, just be yourself :D


22. why did you start going on stardoll? 

- Well, if you read my preeevious posts about myself, if was because I loved paper-doll dress-ups. :P

23. None of my Stardoll blogs get anywhere, because they never have any followers/popular enough. And when I auditioned to be a writer for MDM and other sites, I never got anywhere with that. How can I make my blogs successful? 

- Truly, if you ask me, I know the feeling. Blogs now-a-days are hard to get popular, unless you are extremely well known, or a good whore.. And really, its sad to see people try to blog ABOUT Stardoll, seriously, there are like thousands of blogs about the site.. So if you ask me, you need to do something innovative! Something you think no one has ever done before about the site! And then, get the word out :) 

24. Are you a man? 

- Laugh my ass off! No.

 That's all for now pretties! If you would like to ask me, Dei (To_Royal) something, ask below in the Formspring box!

Love, DEIDRA <3

February 22, 2011

Ask Dei: Introduction

Hey you guys! One thing I have always wanted to do is to share my advice and views on something sooo.. I am starting an advice column :D

Maybe 2 or 3 times each week I will answer questions that YOU, the readers, ask me!

It can be anything you want/need advice on, curious about, or wonder about me :)

But please, be mature, don't try and ask me something like 'Are you a virgin?', or anything that is way too sexual towards myself. You may ask, but I will answer it over Formspring and you may not get an answer, more like only a witty reply.

So please, ask you questions below in the Formspring box :D And if you want it to be anonymous, click the 'Hide my name' box.
How do you like this idea?

Love, DEIDRA <3

Oh SO Good!

I'm still alive and I'll do some more posts this week and the weeks after. Because of my exams and group projects I was unable to post, anything.

Althought, this week I spotted, yet, another creaction of Style_magazine.
I give her props it looks very good. The colours are stunning I just love all the mixtures of blue. She is wearing it reaççy well in my opinion I love how the belt gives it a pop of colour.

Our very own bubblyminty has started her career as a clothes designer. And look she started it with the right foot.
I've seen quite a few people wearing her dress, If I am not mistaken there were a couple in Perez pARTY including Jenny herself.

Fashion week will soon start. Will we see amazing stardesigne dresses like this? Will these two apply as a stardesigner for fashion week? Only time will tell.


February 21, 2011

Instead of the NOH8 Dish, How About A NOH8 Ashtray? Yuck!

"Smoking? Is It Bad for you? 

Smoking is the Number ONE cause of preventable death in america, Obesity #2.
What NOH8 has done is talked about #1.

What is in Cigarettes?
What is in Cigars?
What is the difference?
Are cigars safe?
What potential threats can smoking cause?

Aside from everyone knowing that your lungs shrivel up into a ball of black stinky tar and tumors (AKA Cancer, AKA may be Terminal, AKA- you can DIE)
What is the reason people smoke?

All the questions answered in ONE post.

"Starting with Cigars and Cigarettes. Most teens think that cigars are a safe alternative to cigarettes. They Are Wrong. Many people believe this because, indeed it is easier to get addicted to cigarettes than Cigars, but it is VERY Possible to become addicted. Here is something most do not know- you can become addicted to ANYTHING. Yes, Anything. Heck, most of you are addicted to stardoll- whether you admit it or not. I know to this day, I am not admitting anything, but I just may very well be."

Topic: Smoking
Join the Discussion.

Also, after you have read an commented on the post, there is a post under it that AislinVictory has done, telling the world a confession- hoping to inspire all.
Check it out, Thank you.

Stardoll Elite List

According to my previous post, I'm hungry for some new fresh faced dolls to be in the spotlight.
So, I decided to create a blog with LadyGagaMcQueen, about the elites and the FUTURE elites.

Stardoll Elite List, is a reference blog about the Stardoll elites. It's like the Dollywood's own version of Walk of Fame.
All the names of the people who made a mark in Stardoll are listed here.
We are also looking for some NEW passionate dolls to add in the list.

Being an Elite in Stardoll is a huge accomplishment.
It's not like the star/diamond thing that you get by paying money, it's something more than that.

The only question now is...
Are you on the list?

How To_Royal came to be.. (Part II)

Hey guys! I have been checking my last post and was so happy to see all of you guys post you stories about how you were introduced to Stardoll and some explaining how they were introduced to what we like to call now.. Dollywood. Here is how I was introduced to Dollywood..

Well like I stated in my last post, in April 2007, is when I created my second and main account, To_Royal*. To be honest, my self-esteem on Stardoll was so SO high, I felt like I was the all mighty princess of America online, even though I only had basic clothing items.. Since.. before Stardoll became sooo nice to noobs, all you got for joining up around then was 25 Stardollars and a pack of stickers for your album.. No free clothes, no free day of Superstar, and no way to earn Stardollars by playing a game or voting on something. But.. with my first and only items (at that point) and yet, I felt like I looked the best of them all with these 7 items circled below.
The t-shirt is a whole 'nother story.. 

But pretty much what I am saying is that I was very obliovious, I didn't have a care in the world to meet people over the internet.. I gave a rat's ass about anything that wasn't about paper-doll dress-ups and my own me-doll. And really, I wasn't unhappy with my small wardrobe, until one day..

It was early 2008, and I was bored around Stardoll, so I visited peoples suites, something I did a lot but never really cared what they had to offer, and I visited a boy's suite who's user-name was ChrisFresh..

To be honest, Chris was pretty much, to me, the Tylerisbomb/bold before I even knew who Tyler was. He was considered snobby and bossy, and had an eye for taste. And the ironic thing.. he had an exclusive modeling agency.. and now so does Tyler.

So yeah.. I joined the club and checked out how it was like to model, and saw all the girls who were already models and looked at each with envy of their (virtual) beauty. And for the first time I saw.. I was a poor Stardoll.. Those girls had the hair, the make-up, the Starpoints (when hairs and rewards were much better), and style.. I knew he would never even look my way if I didn't improve myself before I even applied.. so about a week later, I bought my VERY first Stardoll card, the $10 one just to try out SS and have money, and I was hooked to buying them ever since..

So then I instantly bought more clothes, make-up, the works, gave my me-doll a virtual make-over. And so then I got the courage to apply to be a model.. and he looked me over and told me to change my lips and then bam, I became a model. :) 

No you are thinking.. so.. how does that have to do with being introduced to Dollywood? Well..

About a couple of weeks later, Chris posted in the club that they were holding the 3rd (or 4th?) annual Star Awards and that he wanted his models there to represent the agency.. And reading that I was a bit confused but then rolled with it, so I dolled up my doll just before and went to the guestbook of Star_Awards and then swoosh.. I just couldn't keep up, all the messages and people, it was baffling... and I loved it. But I soon noticed I was a nobody. Just a random member.. Not an elite. A word a never really seen used until that very day. And later I saw a person there by the name of PerezStarGossip say 'Best & worst dressed list will be posted on the blog' and so I checked out Stardoll's Most Hated for the very first time and was floored by all I was missing.

The guestbook parties, the drama, the scandal, the Loophole! Gosh, I was pretty much unknown when the loophole was in play and kind of shy, so I didn't know who to ask for clothes from and then it ended before I could grasp my claws onto any MKA.

Instantly, I also got hooked to Stardoll blogs, and made a blogger account later on to follow all of the madness. And along with blogging, there came the premier and just for fun parties. Soon I got into Stardoll partying a lot. At first I was just a random member, but people started to notice me little by little, go or bad ways. One of the parties I remember getting the most negative feedback from was the Mean Girls party, which BDL/WDL was posted on both PSG and It's Stardoll Gossip, Bitch! At the party, I talked to Springate(right after he came out as a boy and everyone flipped out) and DanPuffs (SaltyDan) and I don't remember what I said, but I think it was like 'Wat are you talking about? :P' and they deeply roasted my writing as old and pretty much retarded, which is one reason why I hardly use typing slang today as it is actually, and I was put on the worst dressed, my costume was the girl who dressed as a mouse at the Halloween party, since Anthony's outfit was the same thing. :D So he called me a hooker on the blog.

Slowly but surely, I started to improve the way I looked, getting tired of constantly being told my outfits for parties were rubbish. And I started to gain more friends! Such as Perez herself, she was so use to me at her parties by then. And then leading up to a pool party she hosted, I started to do what I was too scared to do, layer.

Ahh, laying, I won't lie, I have always been a layer-er, but I was too scared to in the past, and then for the party, I dared myself to do it, to mix and match my me-doll's ever growing closet. And finally, my first best dressed list! I was so happy, and even Perez was surprised at how well I dressed for once so basically, soon after, I started to improve my style basically. And the more I improved, the more best dressed lists was featured on, like for Stardoll Fashion Forward parties, which were very frequent and very fun. And I gained more party friends like Keisha, Lou, Arna, Perez, Anthony eventually, Sam, Britney, etc.

So to anwer the question asked in my last post, the reason I became so 'popular', I would say rather than elite, is because I was featured a lot on BDLs pretty much. :)

Soon enough, people congratulated my layering more, and even compared me to the likes of Isabella and Noelle, people who I thought to be untouchable to in fame and beauty on Stardoll. Which after all this time is ironic to me since..

I don't see how people think of me as an 'elite' and yet I've..
-Never been in a magazine.
-Never been on a runway (yet)
-Never been covergirl (or NCG)
-Never won a contest of any kind
or -Never been in any major or minor drama scandal

But yeah.. this is my story. And I am sticking to it. :)

So I am curious.. do you remember how your me-doll use to look? Has it changed?

What about YOUR style/closet on Stardoll? Has it changed?

Love, DEIDRA <3

Gossip: Beauty or Beast?

Gossip, it can be such a cruel thing.

Oh, come on, don't kid yourself, darlings. It's fun to write. It surely is fun to read. But when it turns on you? False information gossip can ruin you.

For example, just now, there has been a stupid accusation on Perez Hilton of Stardoll about how...wait for it, wait for it... Noelle_Page, Isabella.Arci, and BubblyMinty are the same person. I'm sorry but what kind of sick lie is this? I'm friends with both Noelle and Jenny, and they are obviously not the same person. How would you feel to be accused of such? I mean, really? And the Tyler & Lolita scandal that happened this past week, and many more similar scandals/drama.

The writer was bored, lacking posts with comments, and starving for attention. And they definitely got what they wanted. 100 comments on this post, it's made stardoll history. Drama! OMG! Gossip! All eyes on it.

On the other hand, positive/neutral gossip, like 'So and so got together' etc. can be fun to read for our cravings for that juicy little something, while not hurting or ruining reputations in the process.

Gossip can be a beauty, but, it can also be a beast.

Which one do you think it is?

February 20, 2011

How To_Royal came to be.. (Part I)?

Hello beautiful Dollywoodians. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.. :) 

But no, I am here to introduce myself personally to all of you fabulous bloggers. Lately I have been very busy so I am glad I do not have to deal with too much anymore, at this point, so I can be more relaxed and it leads me to fall into the fantasy world we dub 'Dollywood' a.k.a., Stardoll.com..

Its scary to think.. I have been using my very account, To_Royal, for almost FOUR years now.. Its funny to look back and think of the past. If it was as if it was yesterday..

When I was around 11 years old, I was a huge fan of paper-doll dress-ups online, they were so fulfilling for my tween fashionista flair (I dare you to say THAT five times fast..) that I wanted to show in my dress-ups. Mainly I would always be on the look out for new dress-ups on this website called DressupGames.com. And then one day I got bored of them not updating for a minute, so I started to check out the websites they had listed.. Which led me to discover Stardoll. 

All Stardoll was to me back then was a website with tons of paper-doll dress-ups! Seriously, I couldn't give a flying flipping hotdog about 'Fame, Fashion, and Friends'.. And then one day I discovered that you could actually save what dress-up creations you created.. with an account, funny right? So then I made an account.. with the prefect name to suit me.. I remember, it was PrinCessDei, when I was about 11 or 12.. I have no clue if that account is still around or not, so..

Eventually, after a laptop mishap with lasted over half a year of no internet, lead me to buy a computer.. I forgot the account's password, sooo, I decided to start over new. So in April, 2007, when I was 13 years old.. To_Royal was made.. No clue what Stardoll had to offer and yet to discover the drama filled world we now call Dollywood..

To be continued(?)

This is the story of how I came to be introduced to Stardoll.

How were you introduced to Stardoll?

How long have you been using Stardoll overall?

If me talking/telling you guys stories about things, me or other people, actually entertains you guys, please, PLEASE, tell me in the comments.

And if you hate it, tell me that too. :)

And also, if you have any question or wonder about anything I wrote here, please ask me in the comments! :D

Love, DEIDRA <3