March 05, 2011

Hide your cookies, hide your fizzy pop and hide your sweeties!

Whilst indulging in my immensely delicious apple turnover I decided to check for any guestbook comments, to my bewilderment there was a girl who seemed rath
er 'foody' happy about being on someone's blog. I thought I'd check my Blogger to see if there was a post about this spooky food crazy figure in my guestbook, there was.

I made way onto 'Beg for more' where Selena wrote about this girl who has been harassing members of Stardoll about, food. I myself have NEVER come across such a person I my Stardoll lifetime!

This fattyGirl.salty person seemed to feel very sorry for herself, however my senses tell me she lies! Who in their right mind perform such antics? I'll introduce you to a character who has existed in 'Dollywood' since anyone can last remember-'Attention Wh*res'.
Why she wants attention I don't know but clearly she's put a lot of thought into this as she's taking an unusual route.

Is that an open buffet I see? Oh wait no it's her suite!
'FattyGirl.salty' if you really are someone who has no life and eats shed loads of crap I'd advise you to put down your hamburger, fries, cherry pie and slushy and take a walk!

This post has been verified by Nojo. Cheerio!


  1. Wtf o_O girl got ISSUES!

  2. hmm...i think that nojarama and hunnlgall are the same person..did u notice the blue colour in their responces? hmm....

  3. ^^ I C&P'ed from Selena's post. I'm just that lazy. ;D

  4. I think Nojo borrowed that graphic from "Beg for more..." (posted by Hunnlgal) and added his own response to it that's why both their responses appear to have come from just one person.

    Excellent eye for details though! :)

  5. oh sorry guys...and thnx noelle ..
    p.s yes indeed..that girl got issues o.O

  6. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Saturday, March 05, 2011 5:40:00 AM

    lol. Carzy people! That post made me laugh!

  7. First, the first anon... Uh get a life, mate.

    Secondly, Nojo, I LOVE YOUR POST ;O <3


  8. Hey MDM,
    Well, she sure has a unique way of attracting attention to herself.
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  9. Haha xD LOL She is gonna be ''FOODY HAPPY'' now, she's been featured on TWO blogs, whoa, her life is complete!!!! :O xD Thanak you for featuring my little blog in ur post Nojo :D Love ya :D

  10. @Vicky
    excuse me? Actually,i have a life! Fine,i made a mistake about Noj and Hunnlgall,i asked should try it more often :)

  11. I wish my living room looks like that though. :P

  12. I think she got deleted. Try searching her. She was SOOOOO crazy,


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