March 31, 2011

illegal IMMIGRATION in Stardoll?

As defined in the Urban Dictionary:

3:28 PM, Manila time.

It's f*cked up at work today. Again.

Time to make a French Exit unto my virtual world to recharge (nah, this is just a lame excuse for myself to go on Stardoll).

As soon as i hit the Log in button... I'm instantly sucked out into my virtual world. Aaahhh... the magic of the world wide web. :) In just a few seconds, the cover page loaded with the usual stuff.

National Covergirl. 
I thought i saw Isabella (aka IsaMIA) as the National Covergirl for our country a couple of days back so i decided to click on it to make sure when exactly, or if she indeed was.

I was dumbfounded with what i saw.

The last time i checked, the Philippine Flag looks like this:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I'm sure you would once you see this:

I've heard that you can change your flag to a country with the least number of Stardoll users to get that coveted NCG trophy... BUT WHY WOULD YOU 'EFFIN ACTUALLY DO IT???

How can you bask in fake glory and hold something you know you don't deserve in your hand for everyone to see?

As i pay homage to my country and to my country's flag, I wonder if these virtual illegal immigrants will join me in doing so.

I'm sure they won't.

Top Blogger Mail!

Hey MDM followers!

This week, we get on with the quest to find that one person who will be able to fill in the spot and bear with the pressure of being the first ever MDM's Next Top Blogger.

The next top blogger challenge has been one of the most controversial topics in the history of Stardoll. So many opinions have already been given, a lot of inputs have already been heard... except for those of our top 5 finalists

Taking Kylie's article, Superstar, Is It Necessary? as an inspiration, here's their chance to give their take on this subject:

Have your posts ready for criticisms on 
by Monday, April 4, 2011 (a day after Noelle Page's birthday!) *wink* know the drill.


PRIZES: 1.) TITLE OF MDM'S NEXT TOP BLOGGER 2.) 14 MONTHS SUPERSTAR CODE (inclusive of 200 Stardollars weekly allowance coming to a total of 2,800 Stardollars 3.) 1000 Stardollars Cash 4.) Permanent Writer Position at Stardoll's first ever Lifestyle Blog,

Leaving Party!

As you may know I am leaving Stardoll. Some of you have challenged me by asking if this was an act of "publicity" to gain fame and calling me a "famewhore"; and as I sat laughing at some of your comments and accusations, the truth could not be any different. I am not leaving and coming back the day after to gain virtual fame.


Is that even a real thing?!

Oh puh-lease. Virtual fame is no fame. It confuses me greatly why many of you are looking for such a thing.

"Oh look, I am famous because I am well-known of a shitty doll website!"

Through the exterior of the at first welcoming appearance of Stardoll, it is soon obvious that everything is not what it seems, the malicious people you mstumble across, the fakes and the "famewhores". There is more to life than crying behind a screen.

And there is so much more to life than trying to achieve "virtual fame". The reasons me leaving Stardoll is that I have quite frankly got bored of it. Stardoll has outgrown me, the immaturity of many young girls compels me. The hackings and threats. The fake friends....need I say more?

I need more time to focus on my studies, they are very important to me, I want to keep going in the direction that I am currently in, with Stardoll no longer bothering me, I have no excuses.

Stardoll is not all "evil". I have met a few great people who have been amazing friends to me and kept me going. I want to thank Noelle and Isabella for letting write for such a fabulous blog! Noelle you have always been there for me, guiding me through Stardoll, thank you. Even though Stardoll may not mean much to me anymore, the people I have met here always will.

      • Zoe for being an absolute dear (coconut head)

      • Chad for constantly making me laugh!

      • Lolita for keeping me company and cheering me up.

      • Maggie for your great friendship we shared.

      • Charlotte for keeping me company and being able to see the truth.

      • Nojo...well for being Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

      • Selena for constantly pestering ( joking haha!) me.

      • Khadijah for sharing your beautiful personality with me and being my best friend here.

      And a special thanks to Kasia to help me open my eyes. You are all amazing, and thank you to everyone who stood by me all these years. You know who you are.

      After announcing my departure from Stardoll quite some time, one of my friends here suggested to host a virtual funeral...

      Here it is!

      I think I shall rephrase it. It is now a leaving party- more optimistic than before!

      The invite is above; this was made by the fabulous and hugely talented graphics designer Eliza- a.ka. Wooldoor. The event will be this Saturday. I have tried to make the time convenient for most people, time zones can be such a bother!

      I will post the link just before the party is about to start. Initially the leaving party was only going to be for close friends but I have decided that everyone should be welcome: those who know me and those who never got to know...feel free to come along! Oh and, there might even be a best dressed list :).

      March 29, 2011

      What's Wrong with Advertising Oneself?

      "What a dumb title!" is what you're thinking and coming from a writer like me, who failed at advertising before, you must be cursing right now.

      but seriously....
      What's wrong with advertising oneself?

      You might say that the writer is just using the blog to advertise his/her projects, well doesn't the blog uses the writers too?
      The blog needs the writers for it to be active and have a lot of readers while the writers need to be part of a blog to be able to showcase their skills.
      The whole blog and the writers are in a relationship and in every relationship, the ones involved should benefit each other.

      "You're just famewhoring" some of you might say.
      Some people are advertising themselves or their projects to get fame, but not ALL are like that.
      Some may want to prove himself/herself to others.
      And if we do want fame.... who doesn't?

      We all know that our job is to inform the readers, doesn't advertising our projects informs you about ourselves.
      Gosh! give us some recognition.

      Speaking of advertising, here's one from me
      Blonde Collection is my newest clothing line 

      Dollywood's gates to glory is so hard to get in, but is it worth it?

      March 28, 2011

      Superstar, Is It Necessary?

      No-one wants to log into Stardoll and see *gasp!* this:

      So, my superstardom ran out… again.

      I only pay monthly [even though it probably is more expensive in the long run], and honestly I don’t want to give Stardoll all that money to have a year code, it doesn’t appeal to me. Plus, I doubt my parents would be happy if I suddenly asked for $70aud [or however much it is] to be a “Superstar” for a year on a virtual website, seeing as though I can’t buy that much on my mobile.

      So, what to do, what to do?

      I have two options.

      Buy Superstar, or don't.

      I'm the sort of person who looks at the pro's and cons, evaluates each option, then decides. It's the logical thing to do. And that's me right, all logic [most of the time ;D].

      What will buying Superstar honestly get me?

      200sd and being able to say [if I wish too anyways] "I've got a gold star*!! Love me! Visit me!". *Because I buy monthly I'm not even in the so-called "Royalty" club.

      It also entitles me to buy any of the overpriced graphics [and they are honestly, just graphics] they call clothes. And really, my medoll already has like quadruple the amount of clothes I have. What's to say she needs more?

      Plus, I'm allowed to use their broadcasting system. On the old stardoll, I used to use it lots, it was fantastic! Nowadays, when I broadcast, I get what? Three, four people? [the last time I sent a broadcast was three months ago? Correct me if I'm wrong.]

      And I can use the superstar only hair, the superstar only mouth, the superstar only skin. Stardoll! Honestly! It's superstar only this! Superstar only that!

      I especially love this quote I found on Brit-On-Me's presentation:

      I loved it. :D

      Oh, and I can also design stuff and sell my old clothes in the Starbazaar. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to me, I fail at designing and I can't bear to part with any clothes, no matter how ugly!

      And let's not forget, by buying superstar, we're signing up for horrible customer service! If we're ever hacked, who's going to save the day? Not Stardoll, for sure. It's like we need insurance for virtual clothes these days.

      Why is continuing to buy superstar pointless?? [for me anyways].

      Because, I can do everything I've done in the past, exactly the same right now as a non-superstar. I can read blogs, I can create outfits, I can write, I can make graphics and I can talk to my friends... none of these things are affected by me being Superstar or not, and they are the things I come onto Stardoll for. Sure I can't use my favourite hair, or have the latest clothes, but all those things are superficial.

      So, I'm going to continue being non-superstar, at least for a little while, and see if it makes any difference to me.

      ...Who wants to start the bets on how long I'll last?

      x Kylie

      Final Party starting in 5 minutes!!!

      Ok guys, final night beginning in a matter of minutes!! I know all the times are confused thanks to the summer time transition last night, but in 5 minutes the final of Stardoll Fashion Week is beginning!! We have the results in for the SFW lottery, the NOH8 raffle and the SFW Excellence Awards, as well as a magazine or two! Party HERE, best dressed as ever on Tylers Top Trends and State of Fashion. Have fun!!

      PS: A little spoiler for tonight's release!!

      FCM. Are. You. Ready?

      Its Right Around The Corner!
      Debuting this Fashion Week... Forever Chic Magazine!

      From Style With Love

      A couple of days back I get a message from Style, the oh so stylish and ritzy Style! She tells me she would like to unveil a couple of outtakes of Model-Selena's editorial along with the a little interview, how lucky are we this Sunday afternoon?

      I myself felt that these graphics weren't up the immensely high standards Style left us with however that pretty much explains why she decided to not use the graphics after all I guess.

      N-What made you finally decide to give in and unveil the never before seen sought after graphics?

      S-To be honest, I just felt that this was the right time to show them to my fans.

      N-Do you have ANY intentions in bringing back the magazine seeing as you won the Classique award for the project everyone wishes returned!

      S-Unfortunately, no. I have considered making one last issue in the past, and I even managed to get a couple of graphics done. Kasia was supposed to be the Covergirl.

      N-What are your future plans on Stardoll?

      S-I do not have any plans. Stardoll is just something I do in my spare time.

      N-What got you to make a 'come back' to the social world of Stardoll? For the past few months you've been seen at parties, events and award shows rather frequently!

      S-FUN! FUN! FUN!

      This post has been verified by Nojo. Cheerio!

      March 27, 2011

      As We Grow Old

      Hey guys, its me, Dei!

      Ask yourself, when will you want to say no to Stardoll?

      That's a question I have just now recently asked myself. But to be serious, when?

      Added on to the collectors bug, the need of LE & Antidote, and the want to feed off our Stardoll social lives and society, it gets hard to picture yourself leaving the website itself. Really, to be honest, only reason I am still on Stardoll is because I love the Stardoll we made, not themselves. I love to read gossip blogs, look at magazines and fashion lines, and I love a party or too. And for the most part, the friends you've made though Stardoll! Its okay to have friends, no matter how far they are, they can always be your buddy.

      But everyday I notice more members actually permanently leaving for good.. which is saddening, but, is actually something I am okay to accept. We have two lives, real life, and Stardoll life. Weird right? But its true! Don't actually tell me in real life your closet is as big(or small) as it is on Stardoll, or that you dye your hair everyday, or is actually that dark(or light!) skinned when you are not. And the number one thing that I think is that, just because you are popular on Stardoll doesn't mean you are in real life! And vice versa, give or take.

      But really, you can't say you don't like this fantasy we live in, now can you? I mean really, you right now reading this post, if you deny that fact that you like your Stardoll fantasy life, then why are you still on Stardoll? You are saying you don't like the endless outfit combinations or choices, to be whatever you want to be, the socialization, or the blogging? Get real.

      On Stardoll you can be another person, you can be yourself! Its what you make it. Some people are more open, and not afraid to show their faces, and some, we still ponder their look and type. But truly, you can't prove them right or wrong, so why bother.

      But then eventually on Stardoll, sadder things happen.. Some girls(or boys) may become extremely addicted to the site.. BUT, that is something you can't really stop from starting, people are addicted to anything, including internet programs/websites. But those addictions lead to loss of social life in real life, back problems, carpal tunnel, even depression! And while on the flip side, we may have to just.. let go. Now, personally, if I wanted to leave Stardoll, I believe I could.. But there are those who are in love(give or take about what part) with Stardoll, not just as a website, but at what they have been given to view and perceive as fun. But then there is when you get older, you may grow a bigger social life, fall in love, go to college, get a job, start a family, lose family, and many other reasons a person would depart from the site.

      We will all grow old of it, when will you?

      Love, Dei
      P.s.Click the ad below if interested! And please spread the word! :D

      A Stardoll Elite will Soon Leave?

      Recently, there had been a lot of famous Stardoll socialites who chose to leave Stardoll and focus on their real lives. Now, Undamyumbrellla a.k.a. Kasia seems to be leaving too.

      She told me that she wants to do all in her life and stop relying on her famous alter ego.
      She wants to become her own doll and be able to achieve her goals in real life.

      It's quite sad, I've only known her as a friend these past few days.
      She's a member since 2007 and now she's going to leave.

      As a friend, i'm going to support you.
      Go out on the sun and be who you want to be.
      oh, and don't forget your umbrella :P

      UPDATE: It turns out she's not yet leaving. She told me that she hope she doesn't rely on stardoll so much and she's not yet going away.
      She's just fantasizing about leaving on the message shown on the first picture.


      Lisa Couture Is Out!

      The fashion line, Lisa Couture, made by the lovely Lisa Earsley(IrishLily09), has just been released after the final releases of Stardoll Fashion Week. Sadly the brand was unable to be apart of the activities, but it still is a line highly worthy of attention!

      To see more stunning outfits from the line, please click to visit it here!

      Love, Dei

      P.s. Your thoughts of the SFW events?
      Your thoughts of this line?

      Pseudonyms: Epic Success or Epic Fail?

      A pseudonym (or "nom de plume") is a fictitious name used by a person, or sometimes, a group.

      Pseudonyms are often used to hide an individual's real identity, as with writers' pen names, graffiti artists' tags, resistance fighters' or terrorists' noms de guerre, and computer hackers' handles.

      In the Dollywood world of blogging, it's synonymous to a highway to success.

       Well... if you play it correctly that is. *chuckle*

      Perezstargossip as we all know is the pioneer of this craft.
      She managed to open the possibility to other Dollywood writers to have access to limitless possibilities through blogging

      I don't know if you all still remember though... but Perez is a Pseudoaccount for another relatively popular Stardoll user.

      There were strong rumors back then that Perez was in fact Style_Magazine or maybe the BurnBook abomination lusciious.x.

      A few years back, she held an unofficial competition open to anyone who will be able to guess who her other account was... or is.

      I don't know if I missed it, but did anybody win the gift code?

      The next Pseudonym Starlet who attempted to replicate the success of Perez, is ElitesExposed.

      In all fairness to EE's effort to take the express route to Blogging Stardom though, she did manage to get to the toll gate, paid the toll fee... but her bandwagon made a sudden U-turn when she revealed her real identity.

      Aislin Victory's revelation that she was in fact EE, I personally believe was done all too soon. 

      She continued on with her blogging career (I think she's one of the best writers in Stardoll too), but she lost all those momentum she gained when she was using that pseudonym of hers. 

      Just recently, she attempted to revive the drama that catapulted her to where she was before.

      ...I don't really know if she's really won though... but what I do know is that she's definitely coming home.

      To the real world that is.

      Bye Bye EE.

      The next Pseudonym attempt to climb up the Dollywood Blogger's Hierarchy was a huge PseudoFail attempt altogether.

      Currently out of a job, and MIA, Soulless Entity's journey wasn't exactly a smooth one.

      Her blog posts were met with contrasting opinions. Mostly against her. Her materials were just tastelessly harsh and had so much anger in them, too much for a typical Stardollian to digest.

      Interestingly though, sometimes the juicy contents of a story are within the Comments Section and the Soulless Entity was caught completely unaware of her impending Soulless Failure.

      There were multiple guesses as to who she really was back then but she seemed to have been uncovered when she deleted a comment like the one above on one of her failed posts.


      Regardless if she really is Jenny or not, her attempt was a Huge Fail


      Currently, on the newly passed on TTT, there is another blogger creating some commotion under the name of...

      She seem to have a mouth full of opinions on a lot of Stardollians and rising duo Jack & Selena got the first blows.

      EpicPhaail., is your pseudonym already giving us an idea of your fate?

      *claps hands*

      I'd have to say that the success of an attempt to blog using a Pseudonym revolves around the suspense and thrill of being concealed.

      Anonymity is the spice on the recipe that keeps readers coming back for more.

      Lose it... and watch yourself plummet faster than the rate of your rise.

      Poll for SFW Excellence Awards is out!!

      All the collections are out now, go check them out HERE, then click HERE to vote for your favourites!! Open until 8:15PM GMT tomorrow, so hurry hurry!!!


      It's the final night of releases, and before the finale tomorrow it's time to reflect. We've had some INCREDIBLE work this week, and it will all be celebrated tomorrow, as we have lottery results, competitions and awards!! But first an apology.
      Last night, blogger failed for me. Stellar presenting work from Noj and Ciara, but the scheduled release of WOE RTW didn't happen. I apologise to you all, but mostly to Egle. I checked and checked but it didn't happen. It has now bee released, check it out HERE.
      And now, one dropout. Coconut will NOT be released tonight. As you know, I've been strapped for time recently so simply haven't been able to create anything at all, nevermind anything presentable. I apologise to Noj here, my long suffering co-owner. But all is not lost!! Our autumn winter collection will NOT die silently, a spoiler will be released tonight, and a full collection is to follow in a very special event we have planned.. but that's all I can say.
      Now, onto more pleasant things. THE NIGHT!! Party going on AS WE SPEAK over at FashionWeekSD [a new venue next season, I swear. I hate the lag as much as you do....], and the final collection [and hopefully a mag or two!!] will be released. And straight after, the moment I know all the designers will be looking forward to.
      The second the last collection graces the runway, the poll link will be available for you to decide. You can now ALL vote for winners, so make your choices carefully!
      Remember, you haven't long now to buy from our fabulous stardesigners, and our LOTTERY tickets will cease sale tomorrow midday GMT, so buy fast!!
      See you over there!!

      March 26, 2011

      WOE face hunt!

      (Click on the picture to apply!)

      As you can see from the post tittle and pictures, WOE is looking for their collections permanent face, Egle (vampire_) and Emily (pirata111) will choose 2 or 3 permanent models and looking to their already released collections (which I honestly, do love) I can say that whoever those 2 or 3 models are, will be very lucky to model for WOE!

      Now tell me, how's everyone enjoying SFW?
      Isn't it an amazing project?

      Stardoll's Next Top Role Model Winner

      The first cycle of my competition is now over.
      With almost three months of looking for the first ever top role model, we successfully found her.

      Iovanca, a 15 year old girl from Romania, won the first cycle of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model.
      I personally admire her works in every challenge she's in, and it looks like i'm not the only one who likes her for that.
      The viewers chose Iovanca to become the first ever Top Role Model

      Challenges from SNTRM in which Iovanca proved that she is a true role model:

      2nd Challenge:
      I asked each contestants this question: Who is your role model growing up?

      6th Challenge (the photo shoot challenge)

      The Finale Challenge:
      or the final challenge, I asked the final two girls some important questions:
      1.) What will you do if you win this competition?
      2.) Did this competition improved you as a person?
      3.) What will you do if you found out you didn't win?
      4.) To whom will you dedicate your win in SNTRM?

      Here's an exclusive interview with Iovanca:

      1. How does it feels to be the winner of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model?

      When i first saw your message telling me that I won the finale task for The Next Top Role Model, believe me that i had to read it twice to realize that I really won this amazing competition! I'm super exited about it, and the prizes are WOAH! This was a competition that always surprised every contestant, and i'm sure that they all agree on this point! It was a great experience and I'm proud that I won this title!

      2. At the beginning of this competition, did you already knew that you're going to win?

      You can never know what is going to happen next. When i joined the competition of course that i was hoping to win and i did my best to win. But i can't say that i knew that i was going to win. I don't wanna think too much about the future or the past. I'm just living the moment because i can never know what is going to happen in a minute, hour, day or year, and i don't wanna loose any moment of my life for nothing

      3. any advice to the people who wanted to be successful on being a role model?

      My advice for people who want be role models is to be yourself. Be original because people will admire you for your originality and your own style. Be the best by being yourself. Be your own role model!

      Congratulations, Iovanca and good luck on your future endeavors