April 19, 2009

LoVe LV!

Ni Hao!


Can I just say, I.WANT.THEM!


Isn't Stardoll.com THE Main Stardoll? So how come the "franchise" is more advanced? The clothes have a wider variety? And the availability of one-of-a-kind pieces are more outrageous?


I don't have an account at Stardoll.tom.com but if I only knew Mandarin, I would rather spend my cash over there in a heartbeat!

Indubitably, Louis Vuitton is way MORE WORTH IT than LE!

Hmmm. That got me thinking. Why am I spending too much on an ordinary line like LE when I can fatten my purse for some fab LV?

I so can't wait for this!

That is, if Stardoll ever decides to release LV on the so-called Main Star Plaza.

Keep you fingers crossed!

I know I am!


April 18, 2009


By now, you would have known how to snatch this Free Chihuahua from the Cinema. But doesn't this pup remind you so much of a comic royalty?

It does to me.

I wonder why Stardoll hasn't made a Doll out of
Dame Edna.

*scratches temple*

. .. .

Now try this one.

Look closely.Those piercing eyes. Strong nose. Perfectly arched brows. And signature dirty ash blonde layered bob.

No. Guess again.

No. Guess again.

No. Guess again.

Okay. Here's a clue.

They should've named the Latest Stardoll For Superstars

Martha Springdoll

. .. .

I suddenly felt a need to redecorate my suite.

(photos courtesy of Stardoll, Dame-Edna.com & Martha Stewart Living)


April 09, 2009

LE & Antidote Surprises!

This latest LE Charm is just irresistible!



Aside from a few interior pieces, ANTIDOTE is almost sold out.


But as I sneaked in at Stardoll around midnight amidst folding Puff Pastry for today's breakfast, a familiar yet unopened black AND beige bag welcomed me.

*scratches temple*

If my memory isn't rusty, I remember hoarding the WHOLE Antidote collection as soon as its doors flew open at the Star Plaza. And I even dedicated a room to shadow the window display of the original Antidote store.

So, finding this unopened Antidote Shopping Bag in my Main Suite surely left me in bewilderment. Also, I remember organizing all my Star Plaza purchases before I started rolling my dough yet, I have an unopened Star Plaza Shopping Bag as well.

Impulsively, I was tempted to click both bags to end all this confusion BUT I decided to let the suspense linger for a while. I also bought the complete Antidote collection at my other accounts but those didn't get any "surprises".

This morning before I rolled my croissants, I decided to check those mysterious shopping bags again just to confirm that I R-E-A-L-L-Y have them in my Main Suite.

Yes, they're still there.

Any guesses what it could be?