November 30, 2011

Sleigh Bells Jingling

This year has flown by so quickly. It seems as if only yesterday I was celebrating the arrival of 2011, and now it is nearly gone. Luckily we have one big holiday to celebrate before we ring in the New Year. And unless you've been living under a rock all of your life, you know that holiday is Christmas! Or if you're Jewish, you may be celebrating Hanukkah. Either way, the holiday season is exciting no matter what you're celebrating!

And with Christmas and/or Hanukkah celebrations nearing closer, many people have started making plans for holiday, myself included. Mine are a bit unorthodox, however. In 2009(also my first year on Stardoll) I began a tradition of sorts. That being the tradition of travel. All of my life I have dreamt of traveling abroad and experiencing new places and culture. In 2009 I visited Colorado, which isn't out of the country, but it's somewhere I have always wanted to visit. And in the fall of 2010 I took a trip to Russia, followed by Japan during the Christmas holidays. And this year is no exception. And after much debate, I have decided that I want to travel to the ever-beautiful Sweden. I have been saving up for holiday since around March of this year, and today I booked my plane ticket and lodging at the Rica  Hotel in Stockholm. I'll be in Sweden from December 18th to January 4th.

Since my holiday interferes with Christmas, I'll have a mini Christmas celebration with my family before I leave. It's much like regular Christmas celebration, except for the fact that it won't be on Christmas day. I'll present my family with the gifts I bought for them and in return I'll open the gifts they bought for me. We'll also have a small dinner. And on Christmas morning they'll celebrate like normal without me.

What are you doing for Christmas?
If you're going on holiday, where are you traveling to?
What sorts of presents are you hoping to receive?

November 27, 2011

I'm Not My Doll

Being a part of this blog, gives me a privilege to share my life in and out of Stardoll.

My life went to a massive whirlwind these past few weeks. I am not able to log in often for I am applying for college. While doing this, I was also able to figure out who I really am, and i'm going to reveal it to you.

The truth is, i'm really a guy. A guy who once hated his gender, that's why he created an alter-ego that features his imaginations. When I created this account, I was so low on self esteem and I thought that being a girl, virtually, can help me become more confident. But I turned out wrong, for the only thing that this made me is to become a prisoner.

But these last few weeks, I regained my strength. How? by being busy for my future and not logging in Stardoll. I'm not writing this post for attention, i'm just sharing this great news for you. I'm a guy and i'm PROUD of it!

I also wanna say sorry to all of you for making you believe that i'm a blonde girl, but the truth is i'm a black haired guy :D

I'm gonna take a short brake from blogging but i'm not leaving Stardoll. I'm staying and will prevent myself from being a prisoner again, I can do this much more easily now for all of you knows who I really am :)

BTW I need new friends :D the ones who can accept me for who I really am :)
( I wish I could change my username to gossipguy4real )

November 26, 2011

Posh Magazine

I haven't post anything sd related, and I won't do it often. But this I just had to share, this is one of the best stardoll magazines, if not the best. Everything is just perfect, from the styling to the make-ups to the articles. If you want to take a look at it click here.Black Friday is today, I may do a post tomorrow on all the deals I found. I am searching all HOME MADE tipes of thing. I found some not know sellers with GREAT discounts

November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m grateful for the life I have, I’m grateful to write for this blog, I’m grateful you are reading this.

Well I am not very good at this but I am not American, I have an excuse. I really hope you have a really good thanksgiving. This day doesn’t mean much to me, not disregard, but tomorrow will be a really special and exciting day. Tomorrow is my first eveeeer BLACK FRIDAY since I shop online; I bet I’ll buy some good bargains. I’ll do a post about my wishlist.

'Its Thanksgiving! Give me your account details!'

Hello guys, and a Happy Thanksgiving or Turkey Day to all my fellow Americans today, even though I don't find the day to be very amazing, but I wish everyone the best meal and get-togethers possible.

So I decided to check out Stardoll randomly, and I got a friend request that made me feel so special.

I am not saying its special because the person wants to know my account details, not, but the fact is that I feel that they made an account JUST for me and my account details. Because I visited their page, and it said it was made today, and no one has visited them before me or written in their Guestbook, so obviously the account was just for me.

I never knew I was so wanted.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, and now a stream of random GIFs of Kim Kardashian being thrown over by her soon to be ex-husband Kris.

Who thinks their marriage was real anyway?

My personal favorite.

Love, Dei

November 20, 2011

Just a little bit of 'T.L.C.'

I might be remaking and changing up an original story I made like 2 years ago called 'Tender Love and Care'.

Plot: A young woman, after years of being alone, poor, yet happy, a suave, rich gentleman comes into her life one Thursday night and just won't let her go.. literally. How will she make the best of this, or even out.. alive..

Themes: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Romance

Warnings: Contains sexual themes, swearing, and violence.

I have been wanting to re-do this story for a while now since the original finished story i made, which I wrote in a journal, was thrown away when I lasted moved, so all I have is the memory of it to go on, so I plan to twist around the outline a bit.

If I stick to it, I may make or hire someone to make a better 'cover' for it.

So what you think of the idea so far? I know its not Stardoll related other than the characters, but I am sure you will enjoy the read.

Love, Dei

November 17, 2011

DIY movement

Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket and I was immediately attracted by all the toys, all the decorations. You should have seen me standing there with my mouth wide open. That made me question “what should I give to my mum?” I though instantly of some DIYs I had seen.

I have been looking through all kinds of DIYs, from fashion to decoration and even greeting cards. I know it’s still a little too soon but If you are as clumsy as I am you need some time to practice. I haven’t started but I will, hopefully this week, may be tomorrow or Friday.

source: P.S- I made this...

This one is very simple but simplicity is best for me. I want something more elaborated but I am a mess with crafts.

PS- I made this… has the best and the easiest tutorials, everything is well explained and comes with pictures too. They have a book and everything, if you are not good at crafts you can always offers the DIYs book. I am considering that.

The New Greatest Thing To Hit Stardoll, Stardoll Jewelry Maker

Hello, long time no see? I know, buuuut, I decided to talk about the new Design Studio Stardoll has released today, StarDesign Jewelry!

Its fun and easy to use and I am applauding the fact that Stardoll ACTUALLY thought to create this, though I could have seen it coming since we could make interior and clothing. But the way we can create our jewelry is just flawless really.

First, you have to pick a base item, something to grow off of. There are a LOT of options to choose from.

After you choose an item you want to customize, just select a texture for it and colorize it! For this necklace I picked the solid plastic/smooth texture, but as you can see, you also have wood, clear (maybe its glass or plastic?), and metal also.

Then after that, you can start playing around with different decals and jewels. You can rotate them, change their size, and color them different which made me fall in love with this even more and more. And for every five of the decals, items, whatever, you use, it only adds one Stardollar, the most expensive any of the jewelry I have made only cost me 7 Stardollars. And the cheapest being 4 Stardollars!

Here are some finished designs I made in only about 5-10 minutes for all of them.


And here is one of my finished products that clearly was Gaga inspired on my medoll. Only cost me 7 Stardollars to make too!

I honestly love this new feature and will be using it over and over again.


So how do you like this new feature?
Have you or do you plan to try it out?

Love, Dei

November 16, 2011

Reach for the Stars

Editorialized's Next Top Model is heating up. After the completion of the 2nd task the judges had a difficult time choosing a task winner. But one was chosen, and I'm so proud to share it all with you! 

The inspiration:
Coco Rocha

The winning scenery:

This amazing work of art was created by MMAlovergirl!

MDM insider tip: The top 3 contestants will be "traveling" to a foreign country, and YOU can help decide which one! Just keep your eyes pealed for more posts, and a poll will be on one soon! 

November 15, 2011

Try trying

I’ll skip the “I’m sorry…”, I won’t apologize. Lately I really feel like writing but not stardoll related news, or gossip. I prefer to give people something to think of, some real life issues. We are going to philosophe. The picture You’ll see bellow has such an inspiring attitude

You should never give up, not at first try, or second, never give up. You will take something new from each try. You can always overcome everything someway or someday. I have given up at some point in life and I have taken something from it. If you give up, try to at least take something from it.