November 29, 2010

What would Christmas be like...

…without the advent calendar. Every year we ask ourselves “Where is it? Where is the Christmas calendar?” It’s nowhere to be seen. We get excited as the 1st of December is closer, but we never know. If you don’t know what I am talking about the advent calendar also know as Christmas calendar, is a normal calendar with number from 1 to 25. Every day you open a gift corresponding to the number of the day you are in.

This is 2008 calendar.

Last year we had two calendars, one for superstars and one for non-superstars. How will it be this year? Now that we have the Royalty Members will there be a third calendar? I don’t think so, I think.. I have no Idea I just hope stardoll surprises me. I made a litlleee. I mean really little wish list.

I want some knit for my medoll. I want a cape maybe one like this. I want it grey there are so many good ones; you guys have a lot to choose from.

The other thing I want. Louis Vuitton bags. LOTS of them. Anything LV would be good, I am not picky. See I don’t want much, please have something like that on the calendar stardoll.

This is my first ever post. I hope you all enjoy it. See you soon guys.

November 26, 2010

Did Stardoll forgot something? Yeah, they did.

Yeah, I think that they did and they are trying to make up for it.

Remember that every time there have been L.E (Limited Edition) Clothes in Spoilers, along with them, a few similarly themed Charms were shown too?
The ones that are supposed to be given for free to everyone who purchased a piece from the collection the charm belonged to?

Well Guess what?




You are nearly there, keep scrolling down.



They were NOT given to anyone.
Well, the chains and charms from the 1st & 2nd season were given but not the ones of the 3rd, 4th ... 9th.

Guess what there was today in spoilers...

... Nah, you are wrong. Guess again ...

Yes, you are right this once, the L.E Charms from the 3 last Collections were re-released in Spoilers today.

This brought a lot of questions in my mind and a lot of suspicions too.

- Are they trying make it up to us for their "small" mistake?
- Was there a technical issue and now they fixed it?

- Tell us what YOU think.

BrunoExclusive's Unofficial Banner

...and the hottie's name is Bruno.


Bruno lives in Portugal. He's a born dreamer and someday, he plans to work overseas and travel the world. Bruno spends his spare time playing Handball and a game he and his friends like to call "The West" (you're all more than welcome to ask our resident hottie on what this is).

Join the MDM family in welcoming BrunoExclusive.

Again, Welcome Home...

To Lolita, With Love

Lolita's first post, Memories From The Free Things has harvested mixed reviews.

And I wasn't surprised.

As I was writing a comment in defense of Miss_LolitaF at Stardoll's Gossip Girl, I thought of sharing my thoughts with our MDM followers. Besides, this is where all that craziness has started.

A couple of readers have actually responded quite positively.
And some just wanted to be rude.When I posted my first article at PerezHiltonOfStardoll (Stardoll's Most Wanted) a couple of years back, I "suffered" the same negativity. Some loved it, but a huge chunk thought my article was quite lengthy, wordy & "not-kid-vocabulary-friendly", haha, whatever that meant.

I wanted to lash out at every single tasteless comment. I wanted to retaliate. I wanted to quit. But PerezStarGossip believed in me. And that confidence has challenged me to write better. And I THANK her fully for it.

I guess the "success" of a post all depends on a variety of factors from its readers: the age bracket, how "news worthy" an article is, & mainly on the interest. I'd rather re-read any Agatha Christie whodunit than Twilight.

And I'd definitely enjoy engaging myself with such outstanding cookbooks such as At The Table Of Jim Thompson & The Blue Elephant (which I both got from Phuket, Thailand after taking the Royal Thai Cuisine Course) than any Harry Potter Books.

Sorry Sci-Fi fans. I'm just not THAT into vampire ménage à trois or pre-adolescent magicians. .. . Come to think of it, I am quite addicted with World Of WarCraft. Oh well, but that's another story.

Aaanyway, this might not be Lolita's strongest welcome but let's see what she still has to say in her upcoming articles.

We just can't push someone down when she's just learning how to walk.



And yes, I actually DO play WOW. Level 50 Human Rogue/Engineer/Blacksmith

Duel anyone?


November 25, 2010

The Lovely Liu Wen

Today I came across one of Stardoll most recent Dolls. I don't really check out the dressup much, but I stopped when I saw someone I recognised.Yes. Liu Wen. She is one of my all time favourite models making it big on the catwalk today.

I didn't know who it was until her name came up on the screen, Liu Wen. I think that Stardoll could have worked a little more on the graphics. The make-up is somewhat tacky, and her skin seems to be pink...Asians have yellow and honeyish undertones. Not pink.
I browsed some other asian dressup doll and guess what colour the majority of their skin was?
The Stardoll graphic designers could pay some more attention to details.
But I still love the doll anyway!

Now a little more about the fashionista herself. Wen was born on January 27, 1988, in Yongzhou, China.
Before she started to model full time she was working as a tour guide.

She was first noticed for her fierce looks after entering the New Silk Road World Model Contest, although she did not win, she won national success.
She started gracing covers of famous chinese magazines ans becoming one of the most talked about models in Asia.
In 2008 she was ushered to the trendy and chic city of Paris and signed up to Marylin agency.

One of her most notable achievements was that she become the first Asian Model to represent Estee Lauder. She was named one of the faces of the huge cosmetics company along with Constance Jablonski in April 2010. Her being the first french model to ever model for Estee Lauder.

Her unique features have made her name grow from country to country. With her sky-high and well defined cheekbones, full luscious lips and her amazing mesmerising angled eyes, no wonder!
She has elegance, yet there is something about her looks which cannot be touched upon.

I frankly am just in love with her!...<3

November 24, 2010

Those That Never Was

Time and time again, Stardoll would come up with various campaigns to well, simply put, make us spend, spend and spend some more.

The new LE collection just came out, and it literally left me almost-virtually-destitute.

Just as I am beginning to think that everything's settling down, I got Stardoll BLACK FRIDAY on my mail.

The promise of these soon-to-be-RARE-items are too much to resist for a collector like myself. Yum.

The mechanics is for us to spend, fill up the spendometer up till it reaches the highest point (which is $500) to get all the freebies. Not that bad I thought. When you come to think of it, how much do we really spend in Starplaza without getting any freebies back?

More Than $500 im sure.

But wait! There is a catch though: We have to do this (spend like crazy) only up till Friday. Bummer.

Ok....well, again, that's fine. But the thing is... Stardoll, please stop giving us these JOKES to buy... not to mention WEAR:

C'mon... we are willing to spend. But we spend wisely! (or probably some of us like to think that we do. :P) Some of these items are just so-so, others can be worn once... but majority are just downright fugly.

Stardoll... I know you can do better than this. Please do.

...and while I am at it...

has anybody seen the oh-so-fab ruffle dress and the clutch bag with a crown lock below?

This is what I am talking about spending my money on. Delish.

Good vibes!

November 23, 2010

Who's Exclusively Who?

Guess who's joining us next...

He's coming soon!

Memories from the free things:

Hey everyone,
I am sure that everyone has a lot of 1st memories on Stardoll, the 1st hair their Medoll had, the 1st friend they did, the day when they became Superstar, when they bought their 1st rare and more.

But I want to talk about the 1st memories from the free things that Stardoll gave us, sometimes furniture, sometimes clothes, sometimes with proxy but at least free.

I think that each clothing/furniture they have been giving for free meant a lot for someone.

I remember it like yesterday that on my 2nd day on Stardoll I saw a girl wearing a free Taking 5 t-shirt and directly I went on Goggle and I started searching about it and learned how to take it. That was the day I came across blogs who told people about free stuff and well since then I have been reading them and I still do.
Now its time you tell us what memories you have from free things.
When you think of the old free things what memories come in your mind?
- Tell us.

November 22, 2010

Miss_LolitaF's Unofficial Banner

The newest addition to our growing MDM family... Miss_LolitaF!


We know this girl does not need any further introductions but anyway...

Lolita is a 17 year old girl living the US. She's taking up Political Science at a University currently.

She describes herself as calm, peaceful and nice. Self pampering is one of her weaknesses, and as all of you know, Lolita does speak her mind!

On behalf of the whole MDM family, WELCOME HOME!

November 21, 2010

Racism on Stardoll?!

The fabulous virtual world of Stardoll is a truly multi-cultural one.
There are members from all across the globe, from almost every single country are thousands of
Stardoll lovers, possibly in some millions!
People of all origins, skin colours, backgrounds and regardless of gender can share their talents and display their creativity here.It seems such a great place to learn about one anothers' culture and alike. And not a place for racism.

It seemed like that for a moment, after finishing my biology homework on myosis in cells, I needed to log in to Stardoll. I started checking my guestbook to look at the comments and found some less "generous" ones.

Click to Enlarge

I am not sure why but some people clearly had a racial issue.
Racism is pathetic.
And not to mention just a tad stupid.
I found the generalisations and rude words somewhat offending.
(Yes, I can do good nails actually , that is due to years of practise, I can do other things too :p.)
Whether they said it out of jealousy or sheer xenophobia, or some other lame excuse,
racism is not acceptable, anywhere.
Really, there is only one race.

November 19, 2010

Guess WHO!



The lady you all LOVE to HATE has found a new home.

Guess who she is and Follow her next move only here on...

November 15, 2010

Familiar? It Figures.

Not having any internet connection for two days disconnects you from the reality of the virtual world and it makes you notice a lot of things.

Too many things as a matter of fact.

Before I lost my wi-fi connection, I changed into a dominatrix-but-still-a-fashionista kind of look. Pearl necklace, open black blazer, black transluscent leggings, black stilettos and a whip... Voila!
For the final touch... *Where's that fierce black panther of mine? hmmm...*

... something about this black Panther seems so familiar. All TOO familiar.

Then it struck me.

Do you guys remember this?


This picture was a gift of Vittorio (I don't know if you still remember him) to both Isabella and myself when we first launched this blog more than 2 years ago!

Now look closer:


Is it possible? Did Stardoll really looked into our blog and got this image as an inspiration?

My inquisitve mind started churning again. I started to click away on's new features and offerings. And not too long after that, I saw this old post of ours


What do the colors remind you off (well, aside from the obvious that it's Tiffanys)?

C'mon.. make a wild guess.

Got it?

So did I.



I am in love with the color of the Stardoll Diamond on my profile.... and i am so in love with the Tiffany Blue color on that article I made almost 3 years ago too. :)

Okay, okay... I may be going out of my mind and had probably jumped into tons of conclusions. All these may have been just conincidences and Stardoll might have just been in-synch with our subconscious (although it's almost 3 years apart).

But just this morning, here's what made me jump right out of my skin:


scroll down

...and don't batter an eyelash


I've worn that exact same gown for one of our 2 year old teasers back in August of 2008!


Click here to read the entire post.

Coincidence or not, It's actually nice to know that the website we all love, loved and learning to love actually take time to listen to what we want and look at us outside our suites (thanks to the proliferation of blogs all over Stardoll!).

To sum it all up, I am so loving everything Stardoll's given us.

From the black Panther.

Down to the Lime Ruffle Dior Gown.

Thanks Stardoll!


November 14, 2010

Bubblyminty's Unofficial Banner

Our newest MDM writer, BubblyMinty!

Bubblyminty is a talented Chinese~Vietnamese girl from Great Britain. A musician, a food lover & a wild shopper, Jenny, as she is known to her close friends, aspires to be a lawyer soon. She has been a Stardoll member since February 2007 & has a suite that boasts of such creativity!

Welcome to the MDM family!


Free Harajuku interior

Whilst logging into Stardoll this afternoon after a tiring week, I began to check my mailbox.
I look at my mail, seeing that half of it is worthless chainmail, cheats etc.
I begin to read through them all, then I re-read one, originally thinking that it was some sort of cheat.

No, it wasn't a "cheat", it contained the code that allowed me to unlock the fabulous Harajuku interior. This is no ordinary interior one just buys on Stardoll.
You must purchase the Harajuku Fragrance and enter it in the box at the club.
I am not a fan of the fragrances, so I never intended to buy them or even get the interior in the least!

Being quite skeptical about the code the mail contained, I quickly made another account to see if this really worked, to my surprise it did! I then done this on my own account...and voila, there was my interior waiting in my suite!

Here is the code, just go and join the club, enter the code in the box and enjoy!
Be quick, it is probably only a matter of moments before Stardoll suss this out, or maybe not.

Note: The club seems to only allow members from The United Staes of America or Great Britain to join, if you are not from those countries, just change your country and join, then you can switch it back to your original country after obtaining the suite interior.

November 11, 2010

Noelle's Unofficial Banner

I told you I enjoy doing this.

It took me almost a hundred edits before I was satisfied with this outcome. And I really R-E-A-L-L-Y adore how this turned out!

An intricately detailed set of pools framed by a strong earthy make-up. The cheeks are tainted with a hint of blush & the lips are polished with a subtle sheer lacquer.


I still had to get Noelle's nod if she was as enthusiastic at this edit as much I am, & thankfully, she LOVED it!

And I also re-edited my previous unofficial banner. Nothing huge but I just corrected the shadows & adjusted the hues.

These are still unofficial edits & don't you think this is way too large to use as a banner everytime we post an article? Noelle & I have been thinking how to re-size this without really having to splice more than half of it.

Also, I shall be doing all the banners for each of our writers, future co-writers & hopefully, graphic artists so if you want to be a part of our team, leave us a note at the Comments Section. We'd love to hear from you!


Great Hera!

Don't blink.

Yes, that's my new unofficial banner for MDM.

I recently just found the joys of the Camera Feature at the PARTY at Stardoll & I have been longing for my photos to be attached at my profile. FINALLY, it can be done! And I am TRULY AMAZED at how crisp close-ups can be!

3 years ago, Stardoll used to allow random jpegs to be uploaded at our presentations but apparently, some people have abused this kindness reason why Stardoll stripped us all with it.

But now, after what seemed to be an endless pursuit of the PERFECT shot, I contented myself with a single photo which I proudly attached on my
Stardoll Presentation

And being the person with an inexplicably high satisfaction level , I just had to edit this original photo if I was going to use it as a banner for my column here at
Mémoires Of A MeDoll. So I quickly perused through my laptop's editing programs & tweaked this shot a little bit.

And below is the BEFORE & AFTER comparison of the original & my edited version. As always, CTE to view the full proof of how narcissistic I really am. Aw, c'mon, I'm pretty sure you are, too! HAH! Click away, girls!

I'll be doing Noelle next but I so enjoyed doing this project that I am seriously thinking of choosing a girl to have her MeDoll edited like this. So, I am encouraging everyone to leave their suggested MeDoll at the Comments Section as to who will be the next girl I will be taking a whirl at. And I do have a couple of girls in mind.

I wish our Stardoll virtual selves will have this kind of realism to them. It's like breathing life to a MeDoll reminiscent of that of Queen Hippolyta to her clay baby.


Wonder Woman