December 31, 2010

Where Art Though My Vuitton?

In just a few hours, Manila time that is, we will be ushering in the new year with a bang.

Although it has been 1 week after Christmas, considering that I still have my post Christmas jitters all intact, I'd get you all in on a little Stardoll wishlist I have.
In the not so distant past, Stardoll had given us real Designer Brands in the Starplaza which were all nothing but divine

 We had Just Cavalli  and Sonia Rykiel just to name a few.

A few months earlier than those brands, as if an angel went down from the heavens to grant God's minions their wish, Chanel  jumped on the tribute-shop bandwagon as well.

There's just one last brand I am really thristing for.

For ages now.

Any guesses?

Uhuh. That's right.

Is this just wishful thinking?

Or will Louis Vuitton, by some divine intervention, would one day open it's doors to 80 million MeDolls itching to get their hands on those handsomely monogramed eye candies?

Well, I know that somehow, I am not aiming for the stars here as from time to time, Stardoll managed to "sneak in" little pieces of this brand in their existing stores (Starplaza).


*photos courtesy of & Stardoll Magazine*

It is quite interesting to see these inspired-by pieces, yes, but it is different to have the real thing (in Stardoll terms of reality that is).

Wouldn't you like to click-drag one of your purchases and a pixelized Louis Vuitton label would dangle itself in front of your very eyes and move with every twist and turn you do with that item?

And as much as I am wishing that, I also wish that this store spoiler will manifest itself within this lifetime.


I just have one question...

W-H-E-N will I be able to get my hands on these???

As the now-missing-in-action Miss Isabella Arci had stated months ago, these clothes and bags are more virtual-money worthy compared to even the first season LE (Limited Edition).


Until this store materializes, I shall just content myself on dressing up our medolls with Louis Vuitton masterpieces....

in Photoshop.

 Pathetic? Nope! Just desperate.

Here's an example.

The banner for Maggie (Findurlove) and myself's latest MDM collaboration.

Since this will be the first in this blog, that two writers will be writing in one column, this needs to be as fierce as Maggie's idea.

And nothing could be more fierce than the Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2010 Collection.

So if you are dying to have that much needed advice, see a review on an event or a paricular designer brand or collection... or just wanting to get an unsolicited opinion on a certain topic, send us a holler through the comment and we just might consider sharing our points of view on it. 




December 30, 2010

New Year Resolutions

In a matter of days, the new year will begin. Although festive, it's also a time to  get a fresh start. Well, with yourself, at least.

I've been thinking a lot lately about New Years Resolutions. There are some that are actually quite bothersome, but in the end they will make life easier/more amusing.

Here are a few of mine:

1) Don't take twice as many projects as you can handle.
Been there, done that.

2) Do make sure to stay more on task and put more work into Forever Chic Magazine.
I give my staff too much work.

3) Be open to opportunities to make new friends, don't shut people out.
Even if they are no-one. Lots of undiscovered talent out there ;)

4) Erase your addiction to stardoll!
A small obsession will still be permitted...

I am still working on my New Year Resolutions list, it's not even near to completion.

When making the list, don't add too much. You want to make it something you can stick to!

What's your list? I'm curious ;) Give everyone some inspiration. We all need a little ;)

December 29, 2010

Stardoll's Christmas Gifts?

                      This Christmas, I received a lot of presents. Some of these gifts are nice and some are...... not.

Stardoll's gifts to us this Christmas aren't good either. Stardoll gave us a free sequin crop pants, a clutch and a free blue Christmas tree.

It's a little disappointing that stardoll gave us these items. Christmas is the season when us, members, expect some bigger gifts! Last couple of years, we received stardollars, much better Christmas trees and more, and now they're going to give us these?

To make this situation worse I noticed something familiar in the suite shop, yesterday.
I saw these 2 Christmas trees....
I got it! these are the 2 Christmas trees we can get FOR FREE, last year! and now, stardoll's selling them in our suite shops. I don't know why they put these up for sale, but I do know that this is unfair. Don't you think so too? Let's just hope stardoll's going to give us something special for New Year, remember the DKNY Tank Dress?

Tell me what you think about stardoll's Christmas gfts this year.....
I'll be waiting
GossipGirl4Real a.k.a. Stacy Luane

Chad's Official Welcome!

The newest addition to the growing MDM family...

Chad aka Madworld
He's hot. He's witty. He's cool.

...and he's now here.
The guy does not need any more introductions. 

And as written on his profile:  

Welcome home Chad! :)


Holiday Dresses Winners!

Sorry this took a while to post.

Excessive consumption of sinfully delicious pastries from that unforgettable Christmas feast makes one lazy and dysfunctional.

Better late than never as they say, so here are four winners of MDM's Holiday Dress Competition!

The Fudge Holiday Dress

The Decades Holiday Dress

The Evil Panda Holiday Dress

The Tingeling Holiday Dress

Your 100 Stardollar-prize will just be in time for you to concoct that fab NYE ensemble I am sure. :)


On my previous post, I asked and dared all of you to surpass what has been done with the outfits before... 

And you did.

Choose the next two girls who will be 100 Stardollar-richer amongst all of us.

The Pretty in Pink Holiday Dress
*click to view full size*

The Fallen Angel Holiday Dress
*click to view full size*

Good luck to all of the finalists!

The last dress you'd all have to impress us all with is this:

I was really hoping to do the last two dresses together but of course, Stardoll never fail to surprise us... 

this time by making the last dress not only Superstar Only but Royalty Only.

What a way to start the New Year.

Now the gap amongst apparent hierarchies in this site will be wider than ever.



December 28, 2010

Dip it or Dye!

To the naked eye, this is an image of grown out hair roots.

To an eye dressed in Chanel, this is your newest accessory.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the Dip-dye hair trend. I guess I am bringing this look to your attention, as tomorrow I will be ''Dip-dying'' my own hair tips a pretty pink!

The look consists of dying your roots or tips a different colour from your actual hair colour and if done right, the results are...well, awesome! Take a look for yourselves:

I find it so difficult to pick a favourite, don't you?

Earlier today, I decided to try a few of the looks here on Stardoll. Of course, I did these in a matter of minutes and with only the current selection of colours so I have no doubt that it can look much better with a little effort.

Which look is your favourite - Tips or Roots?

And, will you or your MeDoll be sporting this look?

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo

December 27, 2010

Nicki (tapstar321) and Stacy's (GossipGirl4real) Official Welcome!


It's official!

Nicki (tapstar321) and Stacy (GossipGirl4real) are now regular MDM writers!

... and they have all of you to thank for. :)

As dictated by MDM tradition, here is Nicki's Portrait and Official MDM Banner:

Continue to support Nicki through her column,  The Rambles of Nicole Jones.

Of course, Stacy's portrait:

...and her official Banner for her column Stacy Luane's Fearless Notes.

We at MDM have been receiving a lot of inquiries for vacant positions in the blog. 

Because we are listening to you our loyal followers, we decided to open up more positions in this blog!

In the right side panel of your screens, you will see this icon:

Once you click on that, you will be taken to a page where you will have to fill up an application form.

Be sure to fill out the form completely! :)

Good luck!

Speaking of new writers, one more fellow will be joining us soon.

Will you be able to guess who this is?

Talking Fashion: Woe's Blow-My-Mind Spoiler

The first SFW's WOE Collection was a mediocre collection of shoes, bags, and jewelry. But when I saw the Fall/Winter 2011 RTW Spoiler, my jaw dropped. It's such a beautiful dress, first off. The shading and shine of it is beautiful! The face of the collection also looks stunning, but the official spoiler post doesn't reveal who the model is. The pose's shading is a  bit off, but other then that, it's beautiful, and the simple background really makes the dress stand out. 
Anyway, I'm not too familiar with the designer behind this collection nor her graphics other than this and her previous debut to SFW, but I can definitely say that I will be looking forward to seeing her collection!

What do you think of this alluring spoiler?

December 26, 2010

Out with the H8. NOH8 is In.

Stardoll is a virtual world.

It is a place of make-believe and at certain times, cyber-madness.

On very rare circumstances, and it is indeed inevitable, the real world finds a connection to this virtual one. Good or bad results I have no idea, but the most recent incident as such... I instantly knew that it was one of the best things that happened to Stardoll.

A few weeks back, Nicki (tapstar321), wrote about this campaign (You can read the whole article here). 

This movement struck a cord in my heart and at that very same moment, I told myself that this is one movement I will be fighting for not just for other people but for myself as well.

I have such strong feelings against discrimination of any kind.

Racial discrimination, discrimination against women in society and discrimination against the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and TransGender) community.

The fight against the discrimination against our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters is one thing I am particularly passionate about.

I HAVE lost friends to this ongoing and most often than not, ugly battle.

I cannot expect everyone to be as open-minded as I am.
There are billions of people all over the world and these people were raised in so many different ways.

Most of the time, things we do not understand scare us.

And the most common defense we will have up is HATE.

The fight against discrimination is not between people. 
It is a fight against ignorance.
...and the only way we can fight this is through awareness.

 At such a very young age, we were taught that God is perfect.
And that he created man in his own likeness.
If God is perfect, it follows that he doesn't commit any mistake.
Then maybe... just maybe, God created our gay brothers and sisters the way he wants them to be.

The way he intended all of us to be.

You see Tolerance is not the answer.
As to tolerate is to look at something less than how we look at ourselves.
The key is RESPECT. That is the first step towards UNDERSTANDING.

 Having said my piece, I am now telling each and everyone of you that MDM is sponsoring the official Stardoll NOH8 Campaign.

We will be at the forefront of this campaign...

from beginning to end.

Our very own Maggie, already expressed her support and I am so damn proud of her!

There are a couple of other things that this movement is standing up for and I am pretty sure that you will find something you believe in and can support.

You will be able to visit their official blogspot page by clicking the photo below:

You can also show your support by purchasing one of a kind NOH8 merchandise here at the NOH8.Org Stardoll account.

All the proceeds will go to future events we have lined up to promote this movement.

This post is a call to all the blog owners, and to all Stardoll users as a whole, to once and for all, support something that is right.

We are the next generation and change should begin with us.
And this change should start now.

Once again, let's prove to the whole world... and to ourselves as well,
 that we are more than fame, fashion and friends.