December 27, 2011

"I'm Leaving Stardoll! Goodbye Forever!"

**To clear it up, I am not leaving Stardoll, and if I did, I wouldn't announce it via post. The title was just an example of what someone who leave might say. But I would like to talk about the topic though.

Define 'leaving Stardoll'. Honestly a person leaves Stardoll everyday when they log off, so what does it mean to permanently leave?


Technically, the only way I see fit that you can say you are leaving the website for good is if you delete your account along with your account details, therefor, it can't be accessed again.

But WHY do people choose that option? Its because they need a reason to escape. And though I think I sound crazy saying that, its true, people get or have gotten obsessed with Stardoll either in the past or now and then when their 'boredom' grows, they feel the need to tell the world, 'I am leaving and never coming back!!! I will miss all my friends Lulu, Fifi, Bob, and Willis! Love, xolovrgrl2301ox.'

But really, about 70% of the people who say they are leaving for good, they will come back within a week to 4 months tops. I will show a part of a previous post made by Zoe addressing the whole 'To leave or to not leave' drama that people who choose to face.

To see this photo in a larger view, click HERE.
Its so true. Its repetitive, the only way I would believe someone would leave because they don't care as much for it is if they just stop logging on. While a person who uses it everyday and ups and says they will leave, I will highly doubt they would truly respect their own decision to depart from Stardoll.

I find that kind of sad.. people get frustrated, angry, upset, and up and leave dramatically.. from a website. They are upset they spent this or that amount of money, they hate that they wasted this or that amount of time on doing this project, that graphic, this party, that competition. In all honestly, they are mad at themselves for escaping their real lives for a piece of virtual happiness.

I don't blame them, but I don't like it when people have tons of regret of things they do. Maybe if you are that girl who hacked a few people, maybe if you bought Stardollars to get a MK or first season DKNY object. Or perhaps even stayed up til midnight to buy the whole LE collection. But guess what?

You can't turn back time. You can't undo buying this, or that. Its said and done. So you can't blame a website for what YOU choose to do. So leaving it, no, running away is not the solution. Just accept it, you did what you did, because life doesn't hand out refunds.

I only want to leave if I feel like I have no purpose to come back. But you know what? I joined because I loved Paperdoll dress-ups, and you know what else? I make Barbie doll clothes in real life as a hobby. So I stay around because I like to dress up my own little doll. Not because of fame, fashion, or friends.

So if you plan to leave, think it through, why exactly did you come around, why do you plan to leave?

That way you can save the trouble of being just another one of the masses who leave, come back, do it again. And I am sure there are tons of people who have left, were too embarrassed to say they were back, and started their Stardoll 'life' all over again.

My ending statement for all of this is.. if you want to leave please don't make some huge fuss about it, think it through, have fun with your real life, and don't let Stardoll be your only hobby or thing to fall back on when life is low if you can help it.

Love, Dei

How do you feel about people who decide to 'leave' Stardoll?

December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the MDM family!

Christmas can mean several different things to millions of different people. For your family is could be a highly religious holiday that focuses on your beliefs. For others it could be as simple as spending time with family.

Whatever Christmas means to you, we hope you're enjoying it!

December 25, 2011

Update For The MDM Transformation

Hello and I am quickly updating and announcing a few things.

1.) We plan to finish the update by January the 1st. Since we are adding and editing everything on our private blog, it should only take us a couple of minutes to do it to the main blog.

2.) Applications for new writers ended a week ad a half ago, so please stop applying. Its my fault for not making it clear, since over this week I constantly kept receiving applicants, and I have to ignore them sadly. I love that so many people want to be a part of us, but we picked our writers a week ago and have yet to tell them, and will reveal them when we reveal our new layout.

3.) For people who applied to be a media partner, we will be finishing that most likely around or after we finish the makeover, that way, if you were chosen, you can receive our new icon.


That's all for now. Have a wonderful holiday!

Love, Dei

December 20, 2011

Where in the World?

First off I'd like to share the latest task winner of Editorialized's Next Top Model. It is Jelizaveta123, and here is her scenery:

click to enlarge

Her scenery is portraying the world wide issue of addiction to cigarettes and it's deathly effects such as cancer. Pretty powerful scenery, huh?

Next up is something very important, that I need YOU to help me with. 

The top 3 contestants of ENTM are going to be traveling to a country and, you can help me decide which one! 

I already started a poll in the club ModelingWorld, and here are the tallys:

Hmm not looking good for New Zealand....

Well here is a poll just for you MDM readers:

Let me know where we should go! 
I'll keep you updated on the results.

FEMME Exclusive

One of the newest Stardoll magazines, Femme, is now hiring new writers! If you think you've got what it takes, follow the directions below for a chance to have you work seen in Femme!

And  now an MDM exclusive! The newest Femme spoiler made by the ever-phenomenal Nika(princess_kiara1). Please excuse the tits and ass, but as you've probably already assumed, I love it. Feel free to check out Femme's blog and become a follower! Then you can anxiously await the arrival of the next issue, which I'm sure will be fantastic!

December 15, 2011

MDM, Now Hiring!

That's right, do you like writing? Do you love expressing yourself? And do you enjoy Medoll Memoirs? Well here is your lucky chance to be a part of the family!

We are looking for extra spice(s) to season our blog up for our new year make-over.

- Good writing skills.
- Ability to use spell check; its a must!
- Charisma; not too shy and feel like they can freely express themselves.
- Respectful and fair; someone who doesn't make biased opinions all the time if any.
- Has a Stardoll account.*
- Has a Skype and uses it when needed.

*The only reason I listed to have a Stardoll account is so we have another method to contact you. You do not have to be a die-hard lover of Stardoll or post about Stardoll to be a writer.

So if you feel like you should be chosen, you can fill out this short application, and if Aislin and I are intrigued by your form, then you will surely get an interview to possibly have a spot!

If you don't use your real last name on the internet, its okay, you can use a fake last name. And your middle name is not required either, its just if you want to show it on your banner.

And that, if you want, I will accept you to send me writing through my doll mail, so after you apply, add me saying 'Applicant', I'll message you back, and then I want to see what you have to show for your example(s) of your skills.
Application Form

First, Middle(optional) & Last Name:

Stardoll Username:

Skype Name:

Any experience? If yes, link us to 2 or more posts/writings by you:

What's your style of writing/blogging? What do you write about usually?:

And last, what do you think you can give to the table? Why should we choose you?

We haven't decided a date for when applying is finished, but I suggest you apply sooner than later! Try not to exzaggerate and hope to see you on the team.

Love, Dei

December 14, 2011

Change A Stardoll Life

This morning I received a guestbook comment from a user I don't believe to have ever spoken with, TheAwesomeDork. He asked me to post about his new "contest" on MDM. Normally I just bypass these things unless they are offering money(stardollars) to fund blog-related projects, or if I am actually impressed with their project idea. Honestly, I cannot actually come to terms with what made me decide to take a look at this user's blog. It's quite obvious that something about this person and their blog stood out to me.

As the title of this post states, the blog is called Change A Stardoll Life. And I suppose one could assume that this, dare I say, inspirational blog title was the reason for indulging in my curiosity. My first impression was an obvious one; The blog itself was customized using default Blogger settings and failed to stand out or make a statement that related to its title. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. I believe that it's safe to assume most people would not be impressed upon arrival to this blog site. However, many great things have emerged from seemingly plain places; so I gave this user a chance by reading the first and only post, entitled, About the Contest.

The English and grammar weren't great, so it took me a few reads to decipher the message that the writer was attempting to convey. You can read this post for yourself, here. The basic, condensed version of this "contest" idea is this:

TheAwesomeDork, or Austin as his Stardoll presentation states, plans to choose twenty Stardoll members whom he believes have miserable or unhappy "lives" on Stardoll. However, he also states that there will be applications; whatever that means. After this task is complete, he will assign these twenty people each a Stardoll member who wants to change their Stardoll life, so to speak. From my understanding, the Stardoll member assigned to the miserable member will shower them with gifts, praises, writing positions on Stardoll-related blogs, and maybe even Stardollars. And if the unhappy person isn't pleased with the offerings they've received after two weeks, the member providing the gifts and what-have-you, will be "out", or eliminated, I assume.

The person left standing at the end of this contest will receive 100 Stardollars, a custom Star-Design t-shirt, and a guest writing position for an undecided blog. In other words, he's basically bribing "happy" Stardoll members to shower "misberable" Stardoll members with gifts and such, in hopes that they'll receive Stardollars and gifts at the end of the contest. Though he goes on to say that the ultimate prize you can win in this contest is knowing that you helped make someone's life better. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I thought making someone's life(in general) better was a deed you did because you cared, and you wanted nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that they were happy. Not something you did in hopes of gaining happiness in the form of gifts for yourself.

My mom always told me that the best people you could have in your life were those who remained kind and caring even when no one was watching. 

Maybe this guy has good intentions when his mind ran across the idea to help others out, but I doubt it. Especially after reading his Stardoll presentation, which states: "This game is getting so boring. And it's gay for a guy to play it. :P So I won't be on much." After all the hype about working to make a difference in someone's life, you turn around and basically call every male member of Stardoll, gay. I find his statement confusing, considering his account was only activated a few days ago. Maybe he had a previous account. Who knows? The only thing I know for sure is that there are some wires crossed in this guy's head and he can't decide whether he wants to be a civil servant or someone who walks around claiming that boys are gay because they use a website that caters to females.

What are your opinions on this contest of sorts?
Will your participate?

December 13, 2011

Whats Your Wishlist?

X-mas is almost here! Only 13 more days until Santa presents you with the gift of your choice, hopefully. Schools around here are some to start letting everyone out for breaks and more vacation time around the corner for those with jobs since the new year is knocking down our doors.

I hope for all of you to be with loved ones and having a pleasant time.

Though for me, to be honest I don't really get along with my family. Quite honestly I haven't had a Christmas tree since I was maybe 11? 12? Or that the last time I wrapped gifts or got a wrapped gift was when I was 10 possibly. And that the last family dinner I have had during a holiday was when I was in middle school, and I am out of high school now. And to be honest, I never got a chance to believe in Santa, so I can't really get excited when I see one around in a cartoon or a mall. So Christmas isn't really my.. favorite holiday.

BUT! I plan to make the best of it at home with possibly a nice home cooked dinner and a cool movie marathon while I play with whatever I get for Christmas.

Which reminds me, I remember when I was a kid and my parents were still married, every year since I could write and spell words, I use to write out my big wants for Christmas, usually it was some toys and dolls, and then my two Santas, mom and daddy, would take me to Toys R' Us or Walmart to find my wants and get what they thought wasn't too expensive and bought them all of to go home and have me wrap all of our gifts at the same time.

As the years went on, my lists skrink. As with my holiday cheer, but I guess it was for the better. And eventually I asked for nothing, though my family still found it in their hearts to get lil' ol' me a present or two. And so I found my spirit and here I am, making lists again this year. Though its a very short one.

Dei's Wishlist
- A new Nikon digital camera
- Xbox Live & Netflix for my Xbox
- A workout machine (I am starting to loose weight)
- Money to put in savings for my car insurance with I get my license

So far, I already have most of the things I asked for, mainly because my mom help get me two things and one thing was virtually free for her, so I was extremely happy about that.

So what did you ask Santa for Christmas?

Love, Dei

December 10, 2011

"N.O.E.L.L.E. I.S. A.L.I.V.E."

After a long day of none holiday shopping and settling in at home to linger onto my Blogger account, randomly, I decided to choose 'Beg For More' as my first Stardoll blog to read of the night, and surprise surprise it has a very interesting post made by a very keen eyed Joanna, (juicy-much), talking about an occurring topic that has been bothering me for sometime, the Noelle rumor.

"Eliteprotect has replied to my guestbook comment I sent a month ago, 
and all she had to say to everyone was to read her presentation very carefully.

At first, I thought the message only contained a die-hard fan's words of praise, but I'm not one to give up.
I read it over slowly, and suddenly, a lightbulb flicked in my head.

In the 315th episode of The Simpsons, "My Mother the Carjacker", Homer finds a message from his mother by looking only at the first letter of each line.
I decided to attempt it, not really having any hope for something to work, but I tried it nonetheless.

The first letter of each line leaves a message that says:
- Quoted from Beg For More

To be honest I wouldn't have known this would of been on her presentation since lately I haven't visited Stardoll for longer than 2 minutes and barely visit people as it is, but I am glad someone has opened my eyes to this strange 'eliteprotect' account yet again.

And then I check the comments to see how others reacted to and Alice,(hunnigall), aquired us on this sorce of infomation.

I guess Aislin and I aren't important enough to be featured, *tear*, but anyway, I am wondering what the fack is the 'handing her friends a letter' deal is about? Just.. why..

Is it some logical plot that is an askew of twists, turns, and a finale that will blow our minds, or is eliteprotect just extremely bored and is pulling our legs some more after her story about Noelle's death?

Honestly, I think that's terrible to play around and create false stories about someone's very life like that, even if the story is just all for fun and games, I wouldn't like to come online and people have been making up stories that I died then are creating mind games from it all. But if Noelle was the one behind the account, which I doubt but kind of hope it is in a way, but if she was, then she has a very strange sense of humor and loves to mind fuck us with her shenanigans. 

Love, Dei


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December 09, 2011


Now that you already know who I really am. I am more comfortable to post about my experiences and thoughts in life.
Right now, I wanted to talk about make-up.

Make-up, in my own words, is the type of products that people use on their faces for them to look better and gain more self confidence. Me, even though i'm a guy, I use makeup. I use it to prevent oily skin and to minimize my imperfections in the face.

I started to use make-up last October. I decided to try it after catching an advertisement on TV. Another factor why I tried it is that I've always been insecure about my face. Ever since my adolescence years had started, my face produced more oil and pimples started to appear and goes away with a mark. Sleeping late also caused me to have dark under eyes, that's why every time I look at the mirror I can't help but cry and feel bad about these insecurities.

On my first make-up trial, I did it perfectly and naturally by the help of various tutorial that are available online. My imperfections were all gone, and I was so pleased by it. A lot of people also noticed my new look and complemented me for it. After that moment, I started to use make-up everyday until now...

Using make-up everyday is hard to do.
 Since i'm going to school. I'm gonna have to rush eating breakfast and taking a shower just to have extra time to put some on. I also need to touch up my face during recess time, for it not to look cakey or be dissolved by sweat. I'm scared to let people see the imperfections that are hidden under it. Until I started to realize that i'm using make-up for all the wrong reasons. Instead of using it to look better and make myself contented on my look, i'm using it for other people to see and think of how perfect my face is compared to others.

Back then, make-up seems to be the best idea for me because I loved its results and a lot of people notice my new look, by complimenting it. But now, I feel like it's a curse. For ever since I started using make-up, I can't leave my house anymore without it. I am pressured to be perfect :(

I know some of you can relate to me about this issue, and I need your help on how I can break this curse.
Peace and Love

State of Emergency

The processes of modernization and globalization are key requirements for reaching our perception of an ideal world. These concepts define the status of a country; as developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. However, the world this year is at a standstill, countries such as the United States are facing protests concerning their socioeconomic needs. Countries of the European Union are threatened by the failure of the Euro, and the brink of extinction (well if they do not find a solution to their economically-failing companions namely Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain). The middle east face intense political protests calling for reforms in several countries such as Libya and Syria.

Not only do these citizens' constant needs restrain the movement of their respective country's process of modernization, but in some cases countries have been affected so much that their economies went back as much as 50 years. Globally, the world is in the state of emergency, not are the country's facing critical problems that can be solved in a matter of years. The issue we face is that these protests are ongoing, and as much as we'd like to think that the economy can temporarily 'pause' it does not. The economy of a country is ongoing, the fall back in production of one day - however minimal - will have an enormous effect on its economy. Just like trust, an economy can only be built in years and can be destroyed in a matter of days.

Initially, the problem is within the citizens of the country. Often, citizens end up needing so much that at one point they do not want to give anything to get their needs. That, my fellow readers, is the problem we face today. 'There is no such thing as a free lunch' is the main concept we have to understand. If you want higher wages, then the businesses and firms will have to raise their prices to meet the standard of living. If you want the prices to remain the same or even decrease then many firms will get bankrupt in a matter of years. Overall, the decision the government issues is not entirely up to the politics of things, the government needs to consider its economy, how it will be affected, how the entire community will benefit.

The community however, consists of several different people with varying educations. I may be a college graduate, but my friend may have dropped out of school. This difference in education makes people think that the government has the option of making everyone happy (and to an extent its true) but they often don't think of the consequences. This can be because they haven't been taught in the art of Micro and Macroeconomics, but in most cases, its because people have this rush of adrenaline when they're protesting and demanding for 'rights' and so they forget to think about the consequences.

In conclusion, modernization is the essence of a successful country. Thus, in this upcoming year, we should work collectively rather than be secluded into our individual groups. Let us work harmoniously rather than work with constant objection. To ensure safety and prosperity to our children, community and to our country.


December 08, 2011

The Problem of a Nation

Today is a religious holiday here in Portugal (and to clarify we are not part of Spain) it’s called “Immaculate Conception”. It is the last time we will have this holiday because of the crisis, the Portuguese government cut off some holidays. I am not very religious but I think these days are special and part of our culture it is very sad to put it to an end. It is true we have more holidays than most European countries but this shouldn’t be an available option, to just scratch off some holidays.

I don’t think most of you know much about other countries realities, and because Portugal is such a small country some of you don’t even know where it is. I can’t blame you. Here the Christmas spirit is not like other years, the news are all about everything that will happen next year. Portuguese people are a little depressed and not welcoming as they were. It's as if people were losing their soul, their identity.

It’s is sad that we have to go through this, but hopefully we will succeed.

Store Review: Dior Holiday Tribute Store

Hello, and I'd like to welcome you to my content review of the new holiday tribute store Stardoll has released today with is for the brand Dior.

For obvious reasons, most likely they chose Dior because it seems like EVERYONE had their Dior logo StarDesign hanging up.

(As seen on AislinVictory)
As if only the letters are enough to mean 'glamorous', that may or may not be the case, but I am not here to talk about the name 'Dior', ON WITH THE POST!


The Store's Presentation:

My rating: 4/10

Review: Its boring. The only exciting thing about the store is the garland and little diamonds they put on the Dior board in the back. The Dior sign it's self is awfully tacky, it could do without the sequins or whatever purpose those diamonds are suppose to hold, definitely not to be stylish. And the floors? The walls? The WHOLE room screams boring, dull, stale. I would of rather wanted them to copy a real room's image and pasted as a room over this.


The Clothing:
My rating: 7.5/10

Review: The graphics are nice, but they don't match up with the detailing of the Dior A/W 11/12 that was released during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. I know they can't make it an exact match due to Copyright Infringement, but its clear what was inspired by the Dior line and yet failed to look somewhat decent to it, and this Dior line was not even that great as it is.

I can see that they mainly based the 12 outfits mainly on the start of the collection, though I would of rather them do the soft gold and white parts over the loud 80's prints, the odd moo-moo like dresses, and the gowns. The shoes are a fail to me, no they aren't that horrible but compared to the actual shoes, they could use an improvement, a.k.a. the heel of the shoes.


The Prices:

Like all the Tribute stores, you need to be prepared the have at least 15, 30, or more Stardollars if you plan to buy a key outfit items, but minor pieces and accessories have a nice price I guess. I usually don't buy from Tribute stores anyway, but I can see this one just being bought because it is Dior, nothing more, nothing less.


Overall Value: I give the store a 6 out of 10. Meaning, if you like it buy from it, but it is not a big/glamorous catch.

Love, Dei

How do you like the store?
Bought anything from it?

December 06, 2011


Now we're all fans of designers around here, right? But what about designer babies? It a term that is used when parents choose characteristics of their child. They chose traits like gender, hair color and eye color. 

It's a really controversial topic, and illegal in many places like Great Britain. But what's the big deal? These days almost no one keeps their natural hair color, and colored contacts are also quite popular. And hey, some people even change their gender. 

The "big deal" is not now, it's in future speculations. What happens if scientists find a way to insure that you have a "smart" baby? 

Would specially selected smart babies over power the rest of us? After all "designing" your baby costs around $12,000 and therefore would not be widely available. 

It's obvious that people have strong opinions on the subject.

Although I have no idea what issue this person has with prams....


Anyways...What are your views on the subject? Do you think it should be legal?

PS: Sorry this isn't about stardoll, but it's always interesting to hear opinions on different subjects, and I hope you found this post at least somewhat educational and maybe even slightly entertaining (: