March 22, 2011

SFW A/W'11: The Official Schedule

And it's official. The schedule is officially out! There might be a few little surprises as the week goes on, but now you know what comes out when. Ta-daaah!

Also, the official lottery tickets are now FOR SALE at the account: FashionWeekSD, so hurry - there won't be many out, and at the end of the week three lucky winners will receive a modelling spot and interview in Eternity, as well as 100 stardollars! Also, don't forget our AMAZING starbazaar sellers, click HERE to get all the links to their boutiques. The prints will be available for one week only, and with amazing brands like Lieve by Lolita and a special edition print from NOH8, why are you waiting?
See you on opening night!


  1. interview in eternity? haha we could wait an eternity and still never see a new issue of that mag..

  2. ever wonder if all anon comments are old elites/stardoll users that are gone now or less active but still have nothing better to do than troll posts...?

    just a thought...

    anywho I agree with the last anon loll eternity? WAT? mouth to mouth won't even bring that back to life

    I can't say that I'm excited for anything thats happening this time around but maybe I'll grab a tee and show up UNanon for a chance at that 100sds... just think of all the LE I WON'T be able to buy with that amount of moula ;)))))))

  3. Why the hell it is written WOE not WONDERLAND OF E?

  4. Ummmmm...I hate to be a squeeky wheel but no one is answering my question so I will ask it again: Will you still be completing the Louis Vuitton competition soon? I know there are only a few of us competing but I think I can speak for all of us when I say we would really love to know who the winners are. Honestly I think all the competitors in this comp are true winners because we have been very patient. Thank you very much!

  5. GoldenHearts Thread, yes we will just wait. Thank you. :)

  6. Thank you for answering my post. Time to sit back, be patient and enjoy SFW.

  7. Haha! Yup! Let's just give way to this amazing event. :)


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