March 21, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11 is here!

Proudly reporting to you from MDM, this is the beginning of the official Stardoll Fashion Week takeover! It's a huge honour to be here, and a big thanks to Noelle for this, especially given it was so last minute.
Later today, we'll be bringing you our spoiler, inspired by the ever amazing Mary [writemarycat] and created by Plamena [plami161], featuring our amazing Face's of Stardoll: Ioana [iovanca], Grey [fierceismything] and the beautiful Nicole [coconut_nicole]; our schedule for the week ahead, and maybe a few spoilers! All week long, expect all the news on this blog.
Every day I'll be giving you updates, a few interviews from designers of the day... but I'm not alone in this! The lovely Gillian [juciimami827] and Nicki [tapstar321] will be doing official reviews as a part of their Queens of Style column, and more reviews, as well as Best Dressed lists for every star-studded evening will be found on Tyler's Top Trends, recently taken over by best friends Eamonn [fashionman.] and Kimberley [xxlovexx]! We're so proud that in their debut week in the helm of the fashion blog legend, they will be doing some coverage for us, and can't wait. Thanks also to Gillian and Nicki, I can't wait to see this!
Our amazing graphics designers will be revealed later, but first, we'd like to announce something closer to home: our fantastic Starbazaar designers! For one week only, Monday to Sunday, these girls will be releasing their stunning prints in two items. Thanks to Stardoll's new sales restrictions, these really will be very limited, so act fast!! Click on their names to go to their couture boutiques:
 - eeleenyte10
 - AbiiBabeh..x
 - iswim19
 - jelizaveta123
 - catlover103
 - sparklewand12
 - Jay.Pattinson
 - Lieve by Lolita, AKA Miss_LolitaF
Also, we are very proud to have the wonderful Gillian selling a special edition NOH8 print for SFW. The logo has taken on an 80's retro look, and you only have one week to snap it up, so rush over to NOH8.Org's boutique. And on the final day of SFW, Gillian will be holding a very special NOH8 raffle for the people who bought her tops, for some fab prizes! But I'll let her tell you more about that later in the week.
On the topic of prizes, from later today the official lottery tickets will be on sale again from FashionWeekSD, and three lucky winners at the end of the week will win a special photoshoot and interview in Eternity, as well as a 100 stardollar prize! [on that note: yes, Eternity is returning! But we'll leave that until after this week..]
More news coming your way later, but until then, it's back. Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11 has begun!!
Love Becka


  1. Great intro, Becka! One thing: tapstar321, not tapstar123 ;)

  2. One question,

    What is SD fashion week?? I haven't been on Stardoll for to long.

  3. love it! looking forward to see all the amazing designs!

  4. *Sobs*
    Most the Stardesign is gone :(


    @Yumi: Basically a virtual fashion week, where designers show off their talent and skill ;-)

  5. The link to my starbazaar doesn't work *cry*

    I'm sparklewand12 btw.

    Love K xxx

  6. I am already anixously awaiting the lines to be released...

    I have been waiting for this week for ages!!

  7. Just wanted to ask can some other ppl show their colection - ppl like me :) ? Just wanted to ask

  8. Excellent choice of a venue. MDM is classy and upscale. Great partnership!

  9. Hey! My designs have restocked, for any potential buyers.


  10. How do we buy tickets? Are the tops tickets?

  11. This is the best fucking thing that has ever happened to Stardoll, right after that MizzMileyCyrusHackerChick left for a while ;o

  12. I can't wait to see all the collections for this season!


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