January 08, 2011

So that solves it! Stardoll employees are not robots.

Slouching from my chair I find I have not a single thing to do. I am quite restless and in need of some entertainment...or anything fun for that matter.

Remember my previous post about my trip to Malawi? (that is where I should be right now!)

It has been cancelled. And yes, of course I am pissed. After days of quarrelling and inevitable compromises to do with goverments and foreign affairs, we have had to settle with journeying to the Ivory Coast. Maybe Malawi another time in the near future.

Ivory Coast in a week hopefully...unless another annoying hurdle turns up, which I will gladly kick back down.

Now for some other things to hear about. You know about Stardoll Royalty right?

It is basically a club or an "elite squad" as Stardoll calls it. Loyal Stardoll members who have paid for over one year's Superstar membership can become a member of this oh so exclusive club.

Speaking of Stardoll Royalty, I visited it to see my friends, before quickly getting myself immersed into the disscusions I saw a change.

The club has a new Owner?

When did Stardoll care about us?

*click to enlarge the images*

The red haired employee of Stardoll goes by the name of "Mette". Many of Stardoll's member have complained about the fact that there is a new club owner. I do not understand exactly why.

I think that this Mette girl is interesting.

I clicked on her username and was brought to her page...

She does seem to have many clothes, a well-
maintained suite and was even NCG recently for Norway. She is very unlike Callie!

Her presentation also gave us information that they are more of these employees for Stardoll in some other countries too, possibly the ones that have many members.

Apparently all the Stardoll Staff had a disscussion about Stardoll Royalty and thought that it should get better treatment so they let Mette take care of it.

Being a once active member on this club, I have seen that most people have not been posting or having fun in Stardoll Royalty as there have been complaints of too many members, not just any members, members who enjoy to annoy us and have a spamming addiction.

No wonder people are starting to abandon this once loved club.

Not all was lost thought, another keen member (ilovebears9) made a club just for the original and "nice" members of the club.

And another surprise.

Mette has agreed to be the club manager! Do these employees actually care about us?
Or is this just a temporay act to make up for the times that Stardoll has ignored us.

She also seems quite vain and full of herself! Read the part underlined in blue.

Seeing as we have real people that work for Stardoll, I think that this is the time that we bombard them with our only wish.
No, not lots of free designer clothes.

Well maybe that.
A safe trading system.

Many of us have pleaded Stardoll with our virtual hearts for a trading system so that we can share clothes without being scammed and losing hundreds or even thousands of our precious stardollars...well to no avail anyway.

We want to be able to be able to swap that rare Lottery dress for a
sought after Mary Kate and Ashley piece, without feeling the cynism of being scammed by another.

Mette, we are coming for you! :P

Now let us not get too excited. Mette is now a hated member and an enemy of many people, she has repeatly deleted perfectly fine topics from club Amy Diamond for no good reason.
After I heard this comotion, I visited the club and made a topic asking why. I got banned from the club, and so did many others too.

Some people have started endlessly making hate topics (only to be deleted by the Stardoll Staff who cannot take opinions) and some on even on the verge of starting petitions.
Many have reported her...that will not make a difference.

A new generation of Stardoll staff = A new generation of Stardoll hell.
Mette you are a self-glorifying...noob.


  1. It seems as if SD Royalty is turning into some kind of APG (During it's ending days,spam,etc.). I would be really curious to find out about the criteria for Stardoll Royalty,since so many..random members? are being accepted,and some really important Stardoll ''society'' members are being hastily excluded.

  2. I am sure it is for people who have been Superstar for a year or more. That is what I have been told, and I am sure that it is.

  3. Wow! This is the first time I have heard of this! I go onto clubs and people make topics all the time about 'I JUST BECAME STARDOLL ROYALTY!' And they have just joined. It's raelly weird. But what do you get if you join it? Because it sounds like just another APG, Like Estelle (clubklo) said.

  4. You just get earrings a sign and if you were lucky a beautiful red lace dress. It is very different from APG, the club used to be a close community, now that thousands of other members were put into it, it has not been the same since.

    Endless spams, attention-seeking topics etc.

  5. I am saying that she is still horrible, But I like her at the same time.

    She helped me get into Royalty. I have contacted stardoll about 5 months ago about how I have the criteria to be one and she got on and saw I had the criteria and wallah!

    Today I logged in and now I am Royalty :]


  6. Oh gosh, there are so many typos and mistakes in that post that I feel ashamed...I will edit the atrocious spelling soon!

    Excuse them for the time being, those three annoying typos. Yes I do have something obsessive with typos...;D

  7. I don't know if you need this or not but this is the acceptance mail from stardoll if you are in Stardoll Royalty:


    If you do use if you could kindly put my name. But you don't half too :]

  8. Mette you are a self-gloriflying...noob.

    I think I perished of utmost amusement as I read those fine words >_>

  9. While it is nice to know that the stardoll employees are not robots (as it seemed previously from all the automated messages and such). I think Mette has gone too far. Deleting all the rating topics? Banning innocent people?

    I think the only good thing about her is that she responds to EVERY SINGLE GB comment. I'm "Bannned" from SR, and I asked her about it,and apparently she's looking into it. Well that's more of a reponse than I ever got from mailing stardoll...

  10. @Nojarama: Are you laughing at my typo of self-glorifying (yes I am aware of the fact that I have mispelled it due to quick typing) or that I used the word 'noob'?

    I honestly did not know what else to use which was not extremely offensive. :P

  11. In my own opinion, I think she brought the Stardoll-employed-dolls close to being human.

    One of us.

    Although I am not entirely in agreement with restraining relevant but "Stardoll-offensive" topics in clubs, The appearance of these characters make Stardoll more interesting.

  12. OMG! That is unfair! I mean, sd royalty, is something you PAID for! And then they kick-you-out? Well, guess what! I will so report that to stardoll! Yes its great for us knowing they are NOT robots, but they are mean people that are full of themselves, and just delete everything?


  13. I asked Mette for opinions on my graphics and the dog went straight past my comments and answered other people.

  14. I think the text you put in you update is completely ridiculous.
    Have you noticed what a great job she does?

    Do you honestly think she deletes just for fun?

    People are breaking the rules in those clubs, and all she does is her job. She is cleaning it from rule braking topics.

    Of course she deletes topics questining her job, if she would have answered them all, she could have been answering forever.

    I was online the other night and I saw what horrible things were written in the clubs and in her guestbook.
    Just stop questining it and deal with it.
    Follow the rules, and don't be so rude and have such a bad attitude.

  15. (First time being an anon)

    Actually, not all of the staff are full of themselves, I've talked to the Spanish and Korean stardoll Callie variations, and they were extremely kind. I asked them a few questions, and they replied in a nice manner. I even asked the Korean one what her favorite Korean Bands were, and she replied listing them all.

    So not all of them are mean, or full of themselves.


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