July 10, 2011

Can You Make It Up? - Porcelain Doll

Hey guys! Remember this comp I did about a couple of weeks ago?!

Well I decided to do it once more!

So I decided for the theme to be.. *drumroll*

Theme - Porcelain Doll Makeup
Explanation - Porcelain dolls are usually considered to be a doll made of glass or plaster and very delicate and fragile with larger gorgeous eyes and the face of a sweet angel. What I want you to do is recreate your very own porcelain doll look! I want you to be as original and unique as possible!

My example

*You may change your doll's skin, hair, eye color, eyebrows, and colors, but please do not change your doll's features (i.e. Eyes, lips, nose, and head-shape)

*Please post the link of your entry, your username, and a description of your look.

*You may also do this in the Starplaza but please zoom out to show shoulders like I have above (regardless if you did this in the plaza or not).

The winner will receive 150 Stardollars from me! 
You have until the 13th of July to enter!


Description of look:



1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.

2. Entries that were digitally enhanced (ie: photoshop) will be disqualified.

3. Print screen your look and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM or WWW.IMGUR.COM (non Tinypic or Imgur links will not be clicked on)

4. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.

5. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of Starcoins in their Starbazaar and gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.

Love, Dei


  1. Username: MACdollxx
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/hf9U9.png
    Description: I was inspired by not a cute, happy doll, but some sory of scary, evil doll, kind of a twist to the unexpected. I hope you like :)

  2. User: LoveGossip4life
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/KbD2H.png
    Description: You might think that my medoll has a lot of makeup on, but I remembered when assigned with this task about my mom's porcelain doll, it was just so elegant, and my favorite feature of it was its super pale skin. I also remembered its heavy makeup, making it look so gorgeous, I especially loved your picture of the vibrant red lips. I hope you enjoy my look :)

  3. Username:AislinVictory
    Description: I went for a play on contrast. A very pale complection with a bold eye.

  4. User: iswim19
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/HHnps.png
    Description: I was inspired by sirens, 'mermaids' from the sea whom lured sailors to their deaths. I always imagined them to kind of look this way.

  5. Username: Lilith_Babalon
    Link: http://tinypic.com/r/nw0l5e/7
    Description: I decided to opt for a warm metallic glow to the porcelain doll look. The eyes are very emphasized, the cheeks hold only a whisper of colour, and the lips are bold & bronze. The whole outfit can be seen here, if you wish: http://tinypic.com/r/vwxrvk/7

    Fun contest!

  6. User: hotgirl1501
    A closer look:
    What I Used:
    Description: I was inspired by Llily Cole which I believe was the right person to get inspired for this comp since she has a sweet look that makes her look adorable and yet elegant in every picture.

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  8. user name: MMAlovergirl
    link: http://tinypic.com/r/257gks9/7
    i was inspired by the classic china dolls with large eyes and pale skin.
    hope you like it =]

  9. Username: RockinEllee
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/jZQbw.png
    Description: I really wanted the makeup to still represent me. I adore the combination of Black, white & red. The winged eyes are kind of my signature eye. Anyways hope you like it ;)

  10. Username: juicy-much
    Link: http://oi54.tinypic.com/a3p6r4.jpg
    Description: I have my own porcelain doll, so I decided to base my looks around her appearance, so my eye colour, hair colour e.t.c are almost identical to hers. I decided to use a pink/red colour scheme, because that just jumps into my head when I think of doll. Most of my make-up was inspired by the looks I found on google, and I hope my renedition measures up to them!

  11. I remember Lizs doing a tutorial on this :)

  12. Username; Princessvx
    At first, the task seemed very simple to me, because to me, the perfect image of a Porcelain doll is controlled colors, some solid colors, and maybe some edgy colors for the hair color & Lips. However, the task really did take my imagination for a ride, as I went to research on the internet for more ideas of how a Porcelain doll may present her make-up. My look is really a very edgy but soft look that is attractive to whoever meets the eye. I was trying to get a sense of the more striking side of that type of doll with the red lipstick and really define her cheekbones and face, with the blush.
    Thanks (:

  13. Username: alw1234
    Link: http://i51.tinypic.com/153lc8h.png
    Description: I wanted my dollie to be simple but effective, I was kind of going by the theme "Black 'n' White" because I love those colours: but also, as you can see, I put some red in there aswell to give it.. colour! If I was honest, I'd say she looks a bit sad, hahah, but I think it all works :)

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  15. Username: Sta988
    Link: http://i51.tinypic.com/124c369.jpg
    Description: I was inspired by the perfection of her their skin. I went with the pale skin and blond/whitish hair so it wouldn't draw the attention away from their gorges lips. :)Also my doll kinda reminds me of Marlyn Monroe. Probably cause of the red lips? :) x

  16. Firstly, can I just thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition.

    Username: shewasonceit
    Description: The creepy, inhumanly beautiful porcelain dolls from my childhood, in which haunted every dream I dreamed. I aimed to create contrast with sunset eyes, yet the surreal creepiness I hope still remains in the dolls realistic eyes.

    x :)

  17. Username: I-Love-Pigs
    Link: http://i51.tinypic.com/2prg0e8.jpg

    Description: I decided to go with a typical porcelain doll look, with widened eye whites and dainty red lips.

    I hope you like it (:

  18. Username:
    I really love the look of the creepier porcelain dolls, I was inspired by one that I own. I took part of my inspiration from a makeup advert, also. I thought she was a little different, and I really like how she turned out :) Hope you like her ♥

  19. Link: http://i.imgur.com/5HIds.png

    Description of look: No makeup? What? I was inspired by African porcelain dolls and they're not like the examples you gave, they don't use that much makeup. No makeup at all. I love my African porcelain doll.

  20. Username: Tinkertayzbell

    Description: I have gone for a pale look, white, with heavy fake eyelashes & mascara! it is my interpretation of a porcelain doll! xx Tayy

  21. Username: Mary271
    Link: http://i53.tinypic.com/29eknxs.png
    Description: I was inspired by the classic porcelain dolls. They seem really perfectly to me because of their white skin and I think they're very beautiful. I wanted to give mine a black touch, though :D

  22. @Rania - I don't know who Lizs is.. :s

  23. Username:vitalstatistick
    Description: I have a very girly colourful doll, inspired by your third pic:)

  24. User-name: Lel1996
    Description: For this doll, I wanted it the entire face to stand simple and the eyelashes to be the main centrepiece, thus making the skin as white as I could to create a contrast. The main reason why I wanted the eyelashes to stand out as I always remember the majority of porcelain dolls for their sweet, innocent "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" looks and long luscious, perfectly cut eyelashes. I blended pastel eye-shadows together to add to her innocent look and to bring together the accessories.

  25. Username: RulerofRoses

    Link: oi54.tinypic.com/30iyuev.jpg

    Description of look: Bold eye and lip.

  26. USERNAME: Laia_Fergusson_
    LINK: http://oi52.tinypic.com/301pr90.jpg

    DESCRIPTION: My make-up is inpired in a pastel colors (Pinks, Orange, & Withe) Big & Long Eyelashes, a patel tone for the lips a Long hair, with a head band, Is lovely :)

  27. Username: Welsh_Witch
    Link: http://i51.tinypic.com/4j9u9k.jpg
    Description: I decided to go down the Harlequin doll root here, rather than the creepy porcelain doll root. A minimalistic palette but with dramatic twist and slick hair.

    PS - where have the scenery competitions gone?

  28. Username: kiti_milky
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/ENKmB.png
    Description: I was hugely inspired by porcelain dolls cheeks, which is greatly reflected in my makeup look. I decided to use pale, muted colours for this look. To achieve to big doll-like eyes I placed lashes higher and lower than they would usually be applied. I used a 'white out' effect on my eyes, which makes them appear larger and wider. I also lined my top lash line with a black liquid liner to blend the fake lashes with the real and to define the eye shape. The cheeks are a mix of a strong pastel pink colour with a creamy purple placed gently on the cheekbone as a highlight. The lips are created with two shades of pink and lipgloss, to give them more dimension. A sheer blonde colour used on the eyebrows and hair intensifies the pale complexion of a porcelain doll's skin.

  29. Username: superjuniormfan
    Link: http://i51.tinypic.com/28tx7if.jpg
    Description: I'm into strange dolls, so, I've seen a few dolls with red demon eyes(The picture is NOT demonic in anyway),and, one of them had it's hair all tied up and elegant.

    I made the eyebrows thin, because, I thought it'd make it look more like a doll, less like a human.

    I made the lips open, and kept them a natural colour, because red seemed too harsh... I don't own a lot of makeup for my medoll, so, I used the best I could.

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  31. User: Rose8971
    I did medoll as if I where a porcelain doll. Im not the biggest fan of the angel looking dolls; so I went with a kinda dark of look with a sweet side.

  32. Username:
    Description of look:
    She`s typical doll:
    misterious but classy,
    sexy but cute,
    I know the lipstick stands out but if you look in the eyes you`ll find that purple dramatic look

  33. http://i52.tinypic.com/2drxroi.png
    Username: Vintage.Lady00
    Description: Mine is just kind of like one of those sad dolls in a cute way. I just thought it just went together in a sort of weird way[:

  34. Username: -lovely2009-
    Description: believe it or not I was inspired by whores, the other day I went to Barnes and Nobles and I found this book full of paintings and vintage pictures, it was beautiful and one of them was this prostitute seating sleeping, she had a lot of makeup on but she was really pale so she really looked like a doll. It was just inspireing and at the same time sad to see this picture cause such beautiful lady could have been something in life.

  35. USERNAME: constantine12
    LINK: http://i53.tinypic.com/az83yu.jpg
    DESCRIPTION: I like to call my porcelain doll a sort of old fashioned plain girl. This is how I usually see them at stores :) Hope you agree!

  36. Username: Ciaraleanne

    Link: http://i55.tinypic.com/a17foj.png

    Description of look: This was actually really difficult lol. Because I find these dolls a bit creepy, that's kinda the look I went for. I lightened the skin tone & chose bleach blonde hair. The eyes are the main part of the doll I wanted to stand out, I find them a bit scary! I added tonnes of eyelashes to make the eyes pop even more. As the rest of the doll was quite pale, I chose darker vibrant colours for make-up.

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  38. Username: daisy-croatia
    Link: i.imgur.com/rVNmp.png
    Description: When someone says "porcelain doll", this is what I think of. Pale skin tone is a contrast to a dark eye makeup. And red cheeks with a bit of red lipstick .

  39. Username: miloshki

    Link: http://i53.tinypic.com/s43oyc.png

    Description: I love dolls, but I feel like they're trapped in their perfect skin, so their eyes are always melancholy.
    I wanted to get that through by sucking the colour out of her makeup - She's the doll that time forgot.
    I was going for a creepier, rather victorian edge that might suggest she'd declare revenge on her owner if she could.

  40. My makeup is inspired by the dolls I had in childhood, There were usually gifts from my grandparents and they were always so pretty, had white skin, big eyes and a lot of eyelashes, and they always were like princesses to me, and they had to have some kind of a hair decoration, usually a hat of some beautiful hairstyle with flowers, that's what I tried to incorporate into my new "porcelain doll". also I always had the impression that my dolls were very pretty but weren't happy since they didn't have souls and they couldn't feel emotions, however in spite of this they often had rosy cheeks and this was the thing that brought happiness to their lives, so I tried to make my doll "pink".

    Link: http://i.imgur.com/YlACx.jpg

  41. Username: -LimitedEdition
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/whlOq.png
    Description: I wanted to create a childlish/Japanese girl look by using a lot of items from 'Sunny Bunny' shop. So it is a traditional porcelain doll look and Japanese anime girl mix.

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  43. supa_star4real
    I must live under a rock because I've never heard of Porcelain Dolls until now. I mean, I think I've seen them before, but I didn't know they had their own name and everything. So I when by what I thought could qualify for this theme. A light skinned girl with cute cheeks, deep eyes and delicious hair.

  44. Username: snooki.pixie...
    Link: i54.tinypic.com/nczjg4.png
    Description: I was inspired by an add for a makeup line, that had this purplish/pinkish color as the main color, and then I did my own twist on it...
    The eyes kinda creep me out, because I had never tried to do anything like this before, so, sorry for that ;b
    The lips, I was trying to go for the porcelain doll lips, but I'm not sure if they worked out very well...
    Anyway, I hope you like it (:

  45. Username: Melix11
    Link: http://i55.tinypic.com/2kfndu.png
    Description: I was inspired by the typical surreal girl, who believes living in a world completely happy, without malice, like a fairy tale, because it has everything that she want, live as a porcelain girl in her porcelain world. But of course, it's just a porcelain doll. Using typical large bows and red lips, but not the typical blonde doll in this case represents a brunette doll ;]
    I hope you like it :]

  46. Usename: Shiriniroyale
    Link: tinypic.com/r/mjmli8/7

    Description: This doll i chose is called Molly Brown. She lives in the 1700's and shes a part of the royal family. Very profound, elegant and yet a little haunting. considering i did not own a baroque dress like her, i have tried to peruse the doll through the big eyes and baby lips.

  47. Username: Princess_Kiara1

    Link: http://i.imgur.com/yWhiE.png

    Description: I wanted to achieve that very innocent and sweet porcelain doll look, you know, big, dark eyes, long lashes, curly hair, etc. I also wanted to make her look kinda alive. I used mainly dark eye makeup, which I spiced up with a pop of dark red eyeshadow in the middle of her eyelid, this made her eyes to match the bright red lips, cheeks and hairbow. The fair hair is kinda the key feature, as the medoll gives a completely different impression with for example, black or brown hair. For me personally, as I tried it many times, to make a medoll actually look like a pretty porcelain doll and not a pale mess, seems really difficult. But this time I'm actually really happy with the final look.

  48. Username: Baby_v_16
    Description of look:

  49. username :Nadine86

    Description:Sugar candy colors.i had a lot a porselain dolls when i grew up always thought they looked so enchantingly beautifull always wanted to have that porcelain skin.so my doll has a fabulous porcelain skin with bigg lashes.

    On de lower side of the eye and on the upper normal lashes, the fake ones on the brow suppose to look like the brow's have picked fake lenzen go's of the glassy look that fit's a porcelain doll.Hope you like it .:)

  50. Username:Nadine86


    I removed something i didn't liked.
    It is still the same but just without the upper lashes .
    Description:Sugar candy colors.
    I had a lot a porselain dolls when i grew up always thought they looked so enchantingly beautifull always wanted to have that porcelain skin.so my doll has a fabulous porcelain skin with bigg lashes.

    Remove my other post pls ... :)

  51. username : pinkgirlbarbie8
    link : http://i54.tinypic.com/1446utd.png
    description : I was inspired by an old fashioned porcelain doll I managed to make her eyes seem wider hope u like it

  52. username: laadiva15
    link: http://www.sdcdn.com/camera/53/322/53322453.jpg
    -makeup of my doll is inspired by the inner beauty of a young girl who always consider ugly ... I look for in pole inside of her personality that helped her look and get ready to surprise the boy of her dreams

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  54. this is the link to the photo of my doll: http://i.imgur.com/BkdoM.jpg

  55. Username : mariaa_justinb
    Link :http://i.imgur.com/YHsVI.jpg
    (and a closer look here: http://i.imgur.com/DKRnm.jpg )

    Description: The make up I've put is very soft ,with sades of white and soft pink, and I've given emphasis at the cheeks by adding a mix of burnt orange and flame red blush. My main inspiration for that was Selena Gomez at her new music video pretending to be Marie Antoinette (I think she kinda looked like a porcelain doll there :P).I believe my doll looks really innocent and cute in this make-up(my sister said she's like an angel fallen from heaven:P) and I hope you really like it :)

  56. here is mine:
    username: megle654
    link: http://oi52.tinypic.com/2cscm0n.jpg
    description: I was inspired by the third photos color scheme. I wanted to make my porcelain doll makeup a very princessy one, but at the same time i got inspired by the doll picture in sunny bunny withe the long lashes so my doll has a little bit of edge to it!

  57. Username: Starchic319
    Link: http://i50.tinypic.com/e8lfmd.jpg
    Description: I decided pale skin, huge eyes, and dark red lips would make my medoll porcelain-like. I was going for a simple, light makeup look (:


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