August 04, 2011

Can You Make It Up? - Scene Emo

Hello! I am here again with another make-up themed competition. This time's theme is..

Scene Emos!

The reason I choose this is because not many people enjoy the scence emo hair, clothing style, and sometimes make-up, and some just think it is just a stupid teenager who claims to be orginal and isn't. But whatever you call it, I thought it would be fun to see others prospective what what the emo 'style' is like to them while also challenging you guys!

So what I want you guys to do is create your very own original scene hair + make-up collab! Originality is key, so try to be as bold and colorful as possible!

My Example

Also for this theme, I do NOT what to see the Stardoll emo style at all!
  • Meaning bows, hair-clips, or moles over the mouth.
  • And no bundles of those huge lashes to the point I can't see your eyes.
  • And please, not cluttering your FACE (I don't care about hair being cluttered) but not litter your face with moles, bows, or hair-clips either.
You have until the 8th of August to enter!


Description of look:
The winner will receive 150 Stardollars from me! 
And second place will have a chance to receive 50 Stardollars
(but fail to receive second place prize within 2 days, it will be rejected from you.)

My Personal Rules! 
(If you fail one of them, I will ignore your entry!)

*You may change your doll's skin, hair, eye color, eyebrows, and colors, but please do not change your doll's features (i.e. Eyes, lips, nose, and head-shape)

*Please post the link of your entry, your username, and a description of your look.

*You may also do this in the Starplaza but please zoom out to show shoulders like I have above (regardless if you did this in the plaza or not).



1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.

2. Entries that were digitally enhanced (ie: photoshop) will be disqualified.

3. Print screen your look and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM or WWW.IMGUR.COM (non Tinypic or Imgur links will not be clicked on)

4. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.

5. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of Starcoins in their Starbazaar and gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.


  1. omfg i will do this!

    yay first comment!

  2. Do I have to use only my Medoll?Because I haven't got anything to make an emo-look!!!:(

  3. @Sandra - I don't understand what you are asking..

    If you don't have a lot of items, then you can go to the Starplaza and use make-up/accessories there too.

    As long as you properly crop it of course.

  4. aislinvictory
    I based my look off of the "southern scene". With super short fashion mullets, trashy makeup,and a face full of metal.

  5. Oh loving this task :) I never really pictured my doll as emo/scene before but I tried my best X
    I guess I just incorporated the things I knew about emo/scene's b4. (the look) . I used the only hair I could find in the Beauty Parlor that I found best suitable and played with it a bit ;) I added bangs to the side and some dark make-up..
    I find it pretty similar to the real-deal.. :) Hope you do too..
    Username: Sta988

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  7. zoey-good_girl
    I based my look on my very little knowledge of 'Emo' which was that Emo was a prettier, sweeter version of gothic.


    (im not sure how good mine is...)

    I personally hate scene people; so I just came up with this kind look that I have seen around my school

    user- jojonico

    This is my first time doing something like this so i don't know how good it is...Hope you like it!

    I'm not very good at these, so getting in would be awesome. This look is what I created using random pics off of Google Images.Nothing "whole" was copied, XD

  12. ...This is necessary:

  13. Oh and here's my entry:

    I apologize if I failed, I didn't have a reference photo =ω=

    My username is sakutaro :D


    By --rihanna----

    Well, actually I have no idea of the Emo culture , so I tried to create something soft and cute.
    I'm not a big fan of emos who are too slutty, but I'm in love with these wo manage to stay pretty and reasonable while showing their passion against Gothic!

  15. I'm a fan of the Scene look. Too bad I can't log in SD,it's not working because I'm in AUS and they can't connect to AUS's server. I would have done this look though :( Oh well, Good luck!

  16. Oh and here's my entry's description: I am a fan of the scene style, so it was kind of easy to put together a look for it :)

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  18. username: megle654
    Description: I was inspired by the emo peeps of stardoll. I added my own little touches (bows, PANDA EARZZ! :D) It turned out much girlier than i called 4 but i'm happy with it. and i hope u r 2!

  19. Juciimami827
    I want my picture to speak for itself(:
    I think my hair is dead-on and I am really proud of it, since it did take a while to do. I have a close up on the makeup and then I have a shot that shows the head and all the hair.

  20. Username: shewasonceit
    Description: My MeDoll is meant to incorporate the main colours that many 'scene emos' use. I hope its original and is inspired by heavy grunge metal emos.

    iovanca ^.^

  22. Here's My Entry,

    Username: LhaDella

    i hope it good enough,BTW the makeup look little blurry, so if you want to see clearer just come to my suite,;)

  23. i used to style my hair scene like everyday.
    so i just make my doll look like me in real life..



    Thank you and good luck all!

  25. noahskies
    OK mine's a bit awkward because my doll is a boy and I tried a girl look, I get it if you don't like my entry for that but I based it on the common scene.

  26. alw1234

    I went for a more colourful, playful look rather than 'Peircings, dark eyes and, more peircings,' because emo's are what they feel, and they don't all feel miserable and depressed, so I decided to do a happy look as being an emo is expressing yourself, and I'm a happy person :)

    I have to say, that some of the other emo looks are really good! :O



    Scene doesn't have to mean looking like you were dragged through a rainbow by your raccoon tail. I used the Gothic-Lolita as a starting point - the pale pink hair and lipgloss brought the girly element and bought in the emo element with the heavy eyeliner and crazy piercings.

  28. sd name: fatima135


    lets say mine is a very simple emo look :)

  29. A lot of these are more goth than scene emo, in my opinion, and some are just... o.o Aislin's was my favorite so far, and Gillian's would have to come after that.

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  31. sd name: EmoBella

    I was going for the more simple emo/scene girl look

  32. My entry:

    Well, i'm not really into emo world... lol! so I tryed my best (I didnt use any model picture or image); I made a combination of red-hair with black, and also played with a dark-purple make up (which I really like the result). I like how the asymetrical hair looks... and I also added a few colour with small bows! Hope you like it! ;)


  33. Mine is finaly done.have made 3 a blond red and black, i have chosen the RED go's no one has chosen that color.


    not realy my thing but tried my best and i think it worked out well

    Stylish emo girl!!!!

  34. alice2078

    To create this look, I used my prior knowledge such as bright colours, piercing and fully dyed hair and downed played it with more darker colours such as black to incoporate what I interpret as ''emo''. I added funky geek glasses and bows and voila!
    Thanks. ×



    Unicorn vomit :)<3

  36. @ Sofi - Agreed. Most of the entries are thinking of gothic girls, not scenes.

  37. Shamefully and regrettably this is the clique I hung out with in high school. I was that girl with neon pink hair wearing a pickachu shirt and neon green zebra print skinnys. Yeah....
    Anyway here's my entry

    I admire scene queen Audrey Kitching (we share a first name <3) so I based my look off her slightly

  38. Am I too late, It's not the 8th of August yet, its the 7th. :D


    Username: No.1...Ellanor

    I tried to make it look cute.

  39. -Paniccookie-

    I used bright colours for the hair and make-up. I tried to make it sexy and fierce but cute in the end.

  40. username: pinkbg

    My look is a classic scene with the pale-ish skin, big black eyes, piercings, geek glasses and the long, thin hair with hair dye.

    Good luck to anyone elts!

  41. *oh an add on*

    Since i am scene in real life i made it kinda look like i would like to look like in real life or closer to what i look like + i used classic scene hair long and with a side bangs/fringe

  42. Username: Mery.-

    Description: Perforations; Pink; Black; Painted Hair; Scene

  43. Username: starchic319


    Description: Basically, kept it simple, using 3 main colors: black, pink, and purple. I modeled my medoll after Taylor Momsen, well known for her role as Jenny Humphrey on the CW's Gossip Girl. Hope you liked it!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?