February 21, 2011

Instead of the NOH8 Dish, How About A NOH8 Ashtray? Yuck!

"Smoking? Is It Bad for you? 

Smoking is the Number ONE cause of preventable death in america, Obesity #2.
What NOH8 has done is talked about #1.

What is in Cigarettes?
What is in Cigars?
What is the difference?
Are cigars safe?
What potential threats can smoking cause?

Aside from everyone knowing that your lungs shrivel up into a ball of black stinky tar and tumors (AKA Cancer, AKA may be Terminal, AKA- you can DIE)
What is the reason people smoke?

All the questions answered in ONE post.

"Starting with Cigars and Cigarettes. Most teens think that cigars are a safe alternative to cigarettes. They Are Wrong. Many people believe this because, indeed it is easier to get addicted to cigarettes than Cigars, but it is VERY Possible to become addicted. Here is something most do not know- you can become addicted to ANYTHING. Yes, Anything. Heck, most of you are addicted to stardoll- whether you admit it or not. I know to this day, I am not admitting anything, but I just may very well be."

Topic: Smoking
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Also, after you have read an commented on the post, there is a post under it that AislinVictory has done, telling the world a confession- hoping to inspire all.
Check it out, Thank you.


  1. Great post, Gillian! This is a great cause to spread awareness on!

  2. Smoking is a horrible thing and it will kill you! You would have to be very dumb to smoke in the first place!


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