May 31, 2011

The Naked Truth

Thousands of years ago human beings roamed the earth in their full naked glory. Armed with nothing but spheres and bravery, they live their day to day lives unabashed of the fact that they are... well... nude.

As years went by and as men became more and more educated (or uneducated for that matter), brought about by civilization, they developed some sense of self consciousness and eventually, their naked way of life became taboo.

Before we begin, let me ask you this question: 
"What are you wearing when you are taking a bath?"

Well i thought so. 

Why is it that we are comfortable naked in solitude but not usually in front of another person?

Why is it that another person's naked body becomes too controversial even though each and everyone of us have the same exact thing that one person have? (well... almost.)

Why do mojority of us are so repulsed at the sight of a naked man or woman and yet... we can't refuse not to look... or even take a peek?

Your answers probably are just as good as mine.

Bringing this subject closer to home, I want to take all of you down Stardoll memory lane and have a glimpse at how nudity played itself amidst Dollywood and its uber conservative residents.

In early 2008, at the height of her glory, Style_Magazine shocked everyone when she appeared in her birthday suit on a blog banner for a column over at PSG.

The banner got mixed reviews, majority of which are harsh irrelevant ones, but this sealed Style's position as one of Dollywood's greatest celebrities.

The controversy eventually died down. Style's column got cancelled but the fact still remains that nudity is one subject that is to be left untouched by any peace loving Stardollian. 

Towards the end of 2008, MDM's very first graphic designer Vittorio came out with a graphic that again, shook the very foundation Dollywood was built on.

The Bare Beauties article generated more than a hundred comments within three days. Blogs after blogs after blogs wrote about it, again with mixed reviews and opinions. Some found it trashy. Others found it divine. 

Back then... i found in it pixels. 

The chaos didn't stop Vittorio from doing graphics and one of my all time favorite was the one he did of Steelone.

...Steelone who in early 2009 came up with a depiction of herself in her full naked glory... with all the family jewels staring back at you (no pun intended).

Come 2010, there came Cover Magazine with a butt naked YoToo on the centerfold.

History repeats itself as they say and by 2011, perhaps most of us can still remember Undamyumbrellla's infamous nipple dress.

Unlike majority of its predecessors, this design was met with a lot of praises as it caught the eye of a lot of Dollywood fashionistas... It caught the attention of the Stardoll Admin as well.

Kasia's account got suspended for a couple of days and she was placed under probation. The it-dresses never got to see the light of day again.

Just this morning as I was approving friend requests, one user directed me to a link.

And here's what i found:

Playboy now in Stardoll? 

Apparently... YES.

Hypocrisy aside, I am interested to see how this turns out. 

If things will come out tasteful and classy or if it will just fall within the expectations of a lot of people towards a magazine as such.

At the end of the day, we all ask ourselves these questions: 

Why do we find shame in something we do everyday?

Who decides on what is immoral and offensive against something that's just real and factual?

Is the new generation of Stardoll more open minded when it comes to things like this?

I guess, the answers to these questions will just unravel through time. I just hope that i'll still be around for me to know them.



  1. The way that its made, the model looks innocent enough, but the way the wording is already makes me believe that this new attempt at Playboy for Stardoll is going to be trashed so badly.

    But I don't care about nudity on Stardoll, personally, I wish my me-doll did not have that stupid bar and panties they make it wear, why can't they look like Barbie dolls and just not have any naughty parts? (Nipples, vagina, penis, etc.)

    But in real life, nudity is something that is pushed to equal trashy or whorish. I hate that. Though I am not saying I want to parade around naked, I just don't like the fact every time you see an indecent person they are some bimbo, porn star/stripper, or male-whore, rather than someone doing it for art purposes, like models and actors.

  2. Underneath my clothes I am naked. :P

    I think the same thing happened to society as it did in stardoll. Hundreds of years ago women weren't allowed to show ankles [correct me if I'm wrong!], it was just socially unacceptable, wasn't it?
    And on stardoll, just graphics with the illusion of no clothes on started uproar a couple years ago.

    But now people wear super short skirts and crop tops in public... and no one seems to care as much. And on stardoll when someone makes a nude graphic no one just seems to care.

  3. I think that Stardoll has been heavily influenced by reality and what is actually going on in the world today.

    Stardoll is just a reflection of reality; Magazines, blogs, gossip, Sd 'Celebs', the normal people with no attention, and of course just like it reality, Stardoll is now looking towards the more naughty part of the world... I mean, half naked celebrities, even half-naked people walking around the streets in reality itself, is what we see, so that is why some people are just simply going on at their business reflecting things from reality onto Stardoll.

    Awesome post (:

  4. The first thing I thought when I saw the Playboy article was that the graphics were really well done.

    Is that weird?

    I don't find it distasteful, but I think it depends on the context of the picture. Steelone's full frontal one had no purpose other than to shock, which seemed a bit distasteful to me, but if the nudity is making a statement (such as the beauties one) then whatever, no problem with it. It's not like it's porn.

  5. WHOOOOOOOOOOO is the CG? :O

    GREAT post girl!

  6. I believe there are two different sides to nudity. Not on Stardoll, but in general. And those two sides are all about how you portray nudity.

    If you display it with class and believe it to be an expression of art, then I am completely on your side. We should never be ashamed about our bodies, naked or clothed.

    However, there are some strange people out there. People that like to do things on the raunchy side. And when you make being naked, and the human body about nothing other than sex and filth, then you deserve to be pegged with stones and ridiculed.

  7. I don't mind any of the banners and graphics, but they are sort of meant to just be fashion and or beauty, but playboy is a bit different.

    I don't really mind, if that is what one member wants to do, but it isn't about art or beauty in playboy normally, I hope it proves me wrong.

  8. Several had tried to make Playboy..I have nothing against nudity but the concept of Playboy is degrading and sickening towards women.

  9. @Dei, I'd be very digusted if I visited a male's suite and he was naked with his dick..
    Rememeber that SD is also created for girls under the age of 12. So, why would an 8 years old girl see a vegina or a dick?..

    At-least in RL, Playboy is for a certain age.. but in SD, how can you know who's viewing the screan?..

  10. I've always been somewhat "on the fence" about nudity when I comes to Stardoll. Even if the artists see it as beautiful, their audience may not always agree. Sometimes I feel like people use nudity as a way to get attention. They know the amount of controversy that it will spark regardless of whether it's artistic or not.

    The concept of playboy on Stardoll is a bit much. We all know what Playboy stands for, I really see no artistic value in it. But I clearly remember the issue of Eternity where Mel was the model and she was nude on a few of the pages.
    Some of them were beautiful, but others were a bit raunchy. I depended alot upon the poses.

    I guess we'll have to see how this turns out. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  11. Great post. First time if ever been on this website. I am really surprised about the Playboy magazine on stardoll considering they will not let even say certain words. I'm interested to see how it turns out. I know there will be alot of negative feedback ob stardoll. There always is. To be completely honest I don't care about the nudity on Stardoll. I wish they wouldn't make us wear those hideous faded pink bar and panties. They are really ugly. I mean it doesnt have to be COMPLETELY realistic. But it could have some real qualites to it.

  12. Hey ! First issue of Lotus magazine is out !

    Don't forget follow and tell your friends !


  13. Nudity when you are by yourself is okay. Its a part of life!

    But those banners are sick, no offense! If someone was viewing a blog with nudity involved and Jesus was standing next to them, would that be right? I understand that Adam and Eve once walked around naked, but that was before sin. If they hadn't sinned, nudity would be natural! But in society today, nudity is unacceptable. Just because they are graphics that are expressing "art" doesn't mean that they are acceptable in the eyes of children!

    Unfortunantly, most men today would get a kick out of those graphics...

    But as a girl, like me, who follows the Word of God and the things I've been taught, those are wrong! To a parent of an 8-year-old to 12-year-old child? Those are innapropriate and nasty!

    I think this is a great debate topic, but I would have kept these graphics to a minimum! Especially the ones showing nipples!

    If you can't go nude in public, is online any different?

  14. You were born with your body. So , why hide it? Of course you don't want to see naked people walking down the street but a few years ago there weren't any streets or clothes. Humans made nudity so bad there self ; its only us to blame.

  15. Everybody keeps saying that 1000's of years ago nudity was no big deal. And that's true, but society has changed. That fact that it was acceptable then, doesn't make it acceptable now.

  16. @Naomi - I said made like Barbie dolls! Meaning the males would be Ken dolls. And I clearly said I meant for them NOT to have the naughty parts. Not FOR them to have the organs.


  17. @mskendall4198, there were alot of artowrks done by the masters showing nudity. These are artworks that are being discussed in school... in classrooms with children inside o' them. In museums, there are nude artworks and such and schools would often hold field trips on there. So how can you say that nudity in general is just obscenity?

    Not all nude pictures convey the message that you are saying. I am a man and I wouldn't get a kick out of looking at the picture of Venus emerging from a giant seashell in the ocean all naked... or would you?

  18. I love th graphic done by the person called Vittorio. Where is she now? That one made by Steelone is just tasteless and uncalled for.

  19. @justsaying

    Let me ask you this: Would you want your children looking at those graphics?

    And that question goes to anyone!

    Would you want your children looking at those pictures...or any pictures like that?

    Nudity is nudity. It is not something you go around flaunting!

  20. Oh yes! I would want my children to look at works of art by the masters (Birth of Venus, Oblation, Michaelangelo's Statue) for them to grow up as educated, sensible and open minded citizens someday. I wouldn't raise them as close minded conservatives just like yourself who let themselves be confined by the dictates of the society they are living in.

  21. Damn! breasts are breasts. Your mom has them, your sister has them, you have them... even your pet dog have them. So what's the big deal?

  22. So you would want your children to see people naked?

    These images aren't of gods and goddesses. They are of people. Real people in a virtual format!

    I wasn't asking if you wanted them to see "art". I was asking if you wanted them to see a huge sign with a woman covering her breasts! She's still naked, fyi!

  23. Oh, and it's not society choosing for me.

    It's from a strict, Christian home life. My parents raised me that way.

    I'm still a child.

  24. Well fyi too. A woman covering her breasts isn't necessarily nude. In the first place, the breasts are a symbol of being a woman, so where's the shame on them coming from?

    Also, I don't suppose you had Jesus Christ's naked body covered up in your "strict Christian household" isn't it?

  25. Also, the sculptures you see in museums aren't exactly and exclusively of gods and godesses. Those are modeled after REAL HUMAN BEINGS as well. Should we have them pulled out because they are displaying nudity and has gone against what the bible has taught? I don't think so, kid.

  26. Okay, so I want you to go around topless and bra-less today. If we shouldn't have our symbols of being women covered up, then you should be able to go around naked, right?

    And why must you put strict Christan household in quotes. Its true.

    Let me explain something to you: Jesus Christ let the soldiers strip him of his garments and nail him to a cross for us. So we could live forever in God's kingdom! In every depiction of Jesus naked, his parts arren't detailed.

    In the art at museums, they are.

    I don't mind pictures of Jeus on the cross. I look at those pictures and depictions proudly. I know because of what he did, I can live the life I have today.

    What can you benefit from looking at a naked woman? And leave art out of it, because THOSE PICTURES ON THE POST ARE NOT ART!!!!

    Like I said before.

  27. First of all, I am a boy so I can't wear a bra and I can go topless anytime I want to. Second, if I am going to follow your argument that Jesus' private parts are covered whereas in museums they are detailed, how would you explain sculptures or paintings of naked saints? Are they now unworthy of sainthood for having those works of art (which you think aren't art)?

    The painting of "Madonna and Child" exposes the woman's breast. What would you do if your son or daughter someday would be shown a picture of this in one his/her art or history classes in school? Will you sue the school or university for showing "trash" to your kids?

  28. Actually, you look, and people do go around in tank tops and shorts and no-one really says much.

    But if people think it's a crime to go out naked, then do others think it's a crime to cover up?

    My view only.

  29. Case closed.

    I'm sick of you bringing art into this.


    End of discussion.

  30. Being COOL isn't necessarily BAD. You know what's BAD? Being closed minded and BIASED towards certain things. That's BAD.

  31. Dei - I see..

    Also I wanted to say that YES we can go out naked it's VERY natural, BUT some ppl are dirty minded...

    It's funny how animals are naked all the time and we love them we adopet them but humans, arent.
    Kinda sucks ..

  32. @mskendell1498

    Considering I'm atheist and don't exactly care about god or 'sins'.. I don't really care about what you are writing. But, I do believe that children should be okay with nudity. Not in completely public but in their homes..

    There's nothing wrong in my mind with nudity.

    And, this is coming from a perverted 13 year old girl...... :33

  33. What if I told you... you are naked right now?


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?