May 12, 2011

This Makes Me Shake My Head

Will it ever end? I have hardly been around the past 2 weeks to Stardoll (and other forms of internet social networking sites). And so when I come back and check around the site, new options scare me, and so does the pointless blog posts I see.

 All about the same things: HotBuys, Spoilers, New Store, blah blah blah.


Stardoll.. has.. changed?

I don't really know how to explain it but.. the site has lost its flare! Its glamor to us as users. I've lost the want to use my imagination for outfits, to buy SS or new clothes (I haven't bought an item in 4 weeks :D) And don't get me started about 'Dollywood', lost it's luster.. the vanity of it is too clean and snorable(I wish that was a word).

No longer is there drama since either people are afraid to speak their minds without being an anon, or they are a fame whore. To me, only older/veterans to the Dollywood world we have are the only ones I ever see never back down or over-do it. Hate it. The class level and sophistication of this fantasy we've made has been dying for years now.

But who knows, maybe the Dollywood fantasy is like a phoenix? It is engulfed in flames and has a burning death and turns into ashes and waste, but then hatches a-new and burst with color yet again.

Maybe. But I doubt I will know unless I keep using Stardoll longer than I thought. To be honest, any day now I might quit, but I don't care about that now anywho. Maybe when my last SS membership payment runs out, which is like later this month? Possible. But I do give up on buying Stardollars anyway. And the new currancy is stupid to me.

To me, its Stardoll doing what other game/RPG/online social game already does (which is have a free currency and then one you have to buy) so its not like it is something special, all I can say it is nice for them to finally give us a free currency after all these years.

And I find it so sad.. why do people broadcast so MUCH?!

The photo above is a screenshot of the 'Now Showing Broadcasts' and 'Top Broadcasters'. I can see why I stopped sending broadcasts in the first place.. One thing is that they take FOREVER to send, and to be honest, its obvious Stardoll should put their name as the Top Broadcaster!

But then I notice today's top 'caster must be REALLY desperate.. It says they broadcasted 1007.. ONE THOUSAND AND SEVEN. For Americans.. 1,000 Stardollars equals $25.00. A broadcast costs 5 Stardollars. 5 times 1000 is 5,000, plus 5 times 7 equals 5,035 Stardollars are required to broadcast.. which means.. IF they bought all those Stardollars, it would cost them over $125 dollars for ONE day of broadcasting..

Lovely. Just fantastic. Love Stardoll users now-a-days.

Love, Deidra 

So far the public is voting to KEEP the anon commenting.

I believe most the people who say no are people who anonymously comment. :D

Your thoughts on Stardoll? The blog poll?


  1. Eh, I'm not an anon and I voted for hell no.

    .....I'm not a fame-whore(I'm kinda sure), or an Anon. I just think they don't really deserve all this hate.

  2. I do think that anonymous comments should be disabled since people should know that if they want to express themselves they should do it openly and without the fear of being rejected by other users. I really believe in freedom of speech but I also think that anonymous users are really annoying sometimes:)

  3. I really don't get why people waste their money on broadcasts. $125? That is just plain crazy.

    I also think anonymous comments should be disabled. I'm all for freedom of speech or whatever, but I think people should be RESPONSIBLE for their words. Plus, I don't really see anons saying anything particularly profound. I just posed my first "real" post on this blog yesterday, and the 2 anonymous comments I got both called me a bitch. Like what? Where in my post was I ever being anywhere close to that? So out of pocket.

  4. I saw a girl who sent 2500 broadcasts. That's insane!

    And yeah, Stardoll has lost its glamour, feeling and number one, happy members. :(

  5. Stardoll sucks. I terminated my account yesterday with no broken heart and left cuz I wanted to. Starcoins are definitely a big fail and I'm sooooo sick of hearing the same stardoll crap over and over again. Bye stardoll I won't miss u! :D xx

  6. I have thought about packing up and leaving soon but its hard because I have been on there since paper doll heaven started and I used to be so connected to this site but people have ruined it and made it disgusting, Nearly all of my old friends have left (I even met one of them in real life 3 years ago!) but soon I might have a perfect reason for leaving, because I am moving. (sorry this is long)

  7. I voted for no , coz , personaly I dont think it is THAT big deal :/

  8. I loved reading it, and I am so sick of new stardoll, makes me wanna just sell all my stuff and then leave, but it is hard to do that after all work I put into my account.

  9. Your screen-shot is beast; sixty nine "yes'"... call me immature? x'D

    This post is very true. Stardoll is becoming dull.

  10. I voted that the anons should be taken off, I just thought it would be better and more interesting if people could say it straight, if they didn't want to say it as themselves, then they didn't need to say anything

  11. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Saturday, May 14, 2011 11:43:00 AM

    People are insane thses days...I miss old SD so badly....

  12. Now they are making us us use star coins and there dumd (come see my blog about them called starcoins fun or dun


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