May 20, 2011

"Ugh! That MDMer! A buncha untalented b!tches if ya ask me!"

I know, I am back so soon. Hee hee.

So recently I saw another sad attempt at someone making an 'original' persona, *yawn*. And its one of those 'lets make up a name so I can bitch about people without them knowing my real account' accounts.

Boring. Unoriginal. And obviously someone who is too afraid to speak proudly about their hate. Just a pathetic person.

I am not really offended by what they are.. doing? I don't even understand what they were posting about. Haters will hate, I guess. Why bothered being offended by a idiotic moron? I mean really, the idea of having a fake name to bash people is just saying,'hey, I am jealous, angry, and want to be 'famous' on Stardoll.'

Seriously people get sadder everyday! You can't even think of your own effin' logo without reusing another person's idea?!

 Its so ironic.. why replace 'NOH8' with only hate? I am not saying I hate the person, I don't even know them! But seriously, why must we hate people?

Hate is always branched from:
  1. Envy - Them being jealous, so jealous they are mad thus leading to hate you.
  2. Bandwagon Effect - They just are doing what they are told is okay to do and following what others say they should hate. (Ex. Religious people who hate gay people)
  3. Heart-break/Denial - Them being rejected, shunned, dumped, or dissed by the person which now hate which caused them to be hurt from said person.
I gave up hating people, why bother putting time an effort into negativity? It will just bite you in the ass later.

But the main reason I started to write this post is the reference to Mémoires Of A MeDoll.

Why does it matter that I write for this blog? Whats wrong with this blog?

Sure, I've seen people diss MDM, but in my opinion, its the classiest blog out there! There isn't the now unoriginal flow of 'SPOILERS' and 'FREE ITEMS' posts constantly on the blog, or 'NEW DOLL' or the now cliche 'NEW HOT BUY OUT + HOT BUY POLL!!'

Noelle revamped this blog with tons of different writers with each of them having their own creative appeal to their posts. She promotes each and everyone to write whatever they feel the need to post about (just so as it is appropriate).

So to me, the person only is saying they hate me because I am a MDM writer.. So I conclude that they are just jealous of MDM in general most likely.

So I thank this random, new, original, person, who obviously has a split personality disorder, for making me laugh at them making such a mockery of themselves in my eyes.

I guess this untalented daughter of a monkey should be going now, bye!

Love, Dei


  1. *Rises from pew and throws hands to the "heavens"*

    "Preach it sista!!"
    "Hallalujer! Amen!"
    "Praise tha lordt!"

  2. Wow, this person can't even capitalize their "I"s or use apostrophes, and they say the writers of MDM learned from a bunch of monkeys?

  3. Another sad attempt of Reece. The fag just kept on getting rejected from being a writer here and Noelle's continuously hiring writers except him. LOL!

  4. Love this post!
    btw, you're extremely talented and not talentless at all. love ya

  5. @ Anonymous, I can see that you're unhappy with Reece, though his sexuality has nothing to do with what he has done!
    It's another sad attempt of a sad little boy or girl hiding behind anonymous because they're too scared to say what they should face to face.

    I really couldn't care less what everyone thinks of me on here and neither should you...

    THOUGH, I do find it amusing that Noelle passes him when she hires authors for the blog xD!

  6. The person who wrote this quite obviously has problems. I mean, who lectures someone on their blogging skills and then signs off posts with a smiley face?

  7. Haters are so 2007! Move on haters, become lovers or something...

  8. I've noticed even in the past that this blog and whoever gets associated with it is often targeted with hate.

    I see it's coming from envy / jealousy because of how whenever a new writer comes in, he or she seems to be catapulted to elite status all of a sudden.

  9. Well the person who is behind this 'who we hate' thing has really bad grammar and is probably American. (I am guessing that from the way they spelt 'realised'.


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