May 27, 2011

We Want You!

Just recently, i got hooked on reading e-books. 
I am just so amazed at how convenient it was (...and how tech savvy it is) since i can just download-and-read anywhere and anytime i want to.

As if planned by some higher power, a really good friend of mine (and one of the best writers i know on Stardoll) went to me with a wonderful proposal that turned that light bulb up my head again.

I know a lot of your interests got piqued by this graphic we launched a couple of days ago about Teatro del MDM.

It is what it is. An e-theater.

We promise to bring you 360 degrees entertainment here on your first ever Stardoll Lifestyle Blog  and we are sticking to that promise. We will bring you news, gossips, commentaries, graphics, competitions and now... fiction.

And so, this is a call to all 'ye budding authors, scriptwriters and playwrights out there!


We want you to take us to other places and dimensions through your writing and ultimately let other people know what writing is all about.

If you want to have your plays, series, novels or short stories published on here, Please drop by my Villa and leave me some doll mail. :)

...I'm waiting in anticipation.




Apparently, Anonymous commenting is here to stay. 

We asked. You've answered.

..and so it shall be granted.

You... Yes, you Anonymous Persona, can still frolic around the MDM gardens all day and night all you want.

...just don't pick the flowers.


  1. Frolic all you want, just don't pick the flowers. I love it(:

  2. Such a fantastic idea!
    You can be sure I'll be working on a script, hopefully I'll be dropping a script off by your villa soon ;)

  3. This blog just keeps getting better and better (:

  4. This blog is continuously raising the bar in terms of Stardoll blogging. Good job to the brains behind this blog. It has one thing that others do not and it is REINVENTION.

  5. Oh, and I almost forgot, I would still love to frolic in your garden. LOLZ!

  6. Ooooh!! Sounds fun!!

  7. I can't wait! I will work on something!

  8. I already have one story written, it is on

  9. I love books, I got an ebook this month for my birthday, I am amazed how handy and good it is ^^

    This sounds brilliant, it is really unique

  10. Sounds good (;

    "frolic around the MDM gardens all day and night all you want.
    ...just don't pick the flowers."

    Haha hilarious! :'D

  11. Wow. Great new idea Noelle (: I might like to take a shot at it, I love to write <3

    Hahaa, the last part of the post got me LOL-ing. :DDD

  12. I would naturally be giving something to you. The thing is I won't Be here! I'll be traveling this summer and will be on a stardoll hiatus! It sounds very enticing! I have my own ebook, but it isn't finished.

    A great site to read books by international writers, normal people like you~

    X♥X♥ N&W

  13. I am currently writing a story and posting it on my blog thing;


  14. Wonderful idea! I think I'll start writing a new script...


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?