May 14, 2011

The winner is...

The winner is....
Congrats! You are the winner of 50 stardollars! We had some really nice entries (about 30), and i was so impressed.  Here is the winning entry:

It seems that 44% of our voters thought her style was haute.  We did have a second place: MariKate14 with 27% of the votes.

Thanks to everyone who entered!  You all did great!

Soooo.. Next week... Our new competition... well, it starts on Monday and is due on Wednesday, when the poll goes up.  Be ready for even more haute! You ready?


  1. Congrats to both of you, you both look SO GORGEOUS<3

  2. Haha, Sierra! <3
    Tahnk you for featuring me:)

  3. Oh congratulations Amanda! You did great. [:

  4. Congratulations Amanda. Your outfit was gorgeous :D You deserved it!


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