June 25, 2011

Thank You For Nothing Stardoll!

Hey guys!

First, I'd like to say thank you Noelle for handing Haute Buys to me to run. I won't let you down!

What a lovely Friday am I right? Sadly I wake up to it in udder shock of my occurring dilemma I have on Stardoll.

Let me back track for you guys, shall I.

Before we had nails on Stardoll, on my medoll forever it seems, on her left hand holds a giant, purple ring that I bought in '08. Its one of my favorites aside from the Voile Gents ring I also own. So lets just say I've been wearing the ring for a good 3 months, right?

But then Stardoll created the nail design options, which also came with the nail preview thing in medoll's suites. The VERY VERY annoying nail preview pop-up that does NOT let you click, drag, or use your medoll's hands very easily.

Relate with me, haven't you wanted to adjust the way gloves were on you hands, and bam, nail pop-up, and you still couldn't move the gloves after 10 tries. Or when making an exciting scenery, BAM, nail pop-up, and right in your way!

Now here is the start of MY issue..

A little after the nail options were made, I decided to take off my ring, right? So I go to click on it, and bam(I like saying bam, hee hee) nail pop-up and yet no success removing it! So lets fast forward about a month, since that pretty much how long ago nail options were made.

About 4 days ago after weeks of trying to remove the very ring in question, I contact Stardoll about it. The reason I contacted them about it is before, my Voile Gents ring was stuck in my medoll's neck (Don't ask..) and I asked for them to remove it, and then did. So then I decided to request the ring to be removed. And here was their reply.

(click to enlarge - you should read it)

And after seeing this, I was thinking.. 'Obviously no one can VISIT MY SUITE and look at my hand for a ring.'

So then after replying, here was the message I got today..

(click to enlarge - the best message yet..)

So I was thinking, 'So they are mother-effin' telling me I can't layer anymore?!! Let me go check my suite to see which 'items' were taken off.. It better be that ring! '

And THIS is what I come to find changed.

I come to find the items they took off were my purse, bangles, hat, shades, and a pair of my shoes.. Yet oh look! The ring is still THERE.

And then I  sholl over the hand trying to see if I can remove the ring myself, which no, I couldn't, but then I see this change!

The after is what I saw when I scrolled over my hands... so then when I went to my Beauty Parlor to fix my nails and show you guys whats the difference.. I notice my medoll's face!

Not only did they change my medoll's nails in my Beauty Parlor, they also changed the very look I gave her with the moles! I was so in shock.

And so I decided to conact them again! And here is a printscreen of the message I sent before sending it.

(click to enlarge)

Lets see if they can finally comprehend my dilemma.

*UPDATE - Thanks you guys suggestions about removing the nailpolish, I did it myself! :D

What do you think about this? 

Do you think Stardoll has good services to the community?

Love, Dei


  1. Ahahaha :) Its amazing how careless Stardoll is.

  2. WOW! Stardoll has REALLY got it wrong this time!!! good luck with haute buys too ;D

  3. Sheesh! That's awful. I can't stand the pop up, especially when it comes to making sceneries...It pops up everytime I hover over the hands, no matter how covered up. Then it doesn't disappear for ages. So annoying, though nothing on the scale of poor you!
    I hope it gets sorted!
    - Miloshki

  4. OMG! I honestly say : poor of you. It happens to me with my gloves! But I tried hard and I get how. But no with that ring, I don't know. Even, I'd have done the same by contacting stardoll, but their company is really... Well, first it takes at least 2 days for them to reply and then most of the time they don't get what we're saying... Yes, they have some problems and even they can't admit it because I don't think they found a solution to your problems yet!

    Btw, congrats for hosting Haute Buys! You're such a fashionista for me! So I'm very happy Deidra! :)

  5. If they dare blame you again, so help me.

    It happened to a doll called CorkyH once, eventually I think they removed it. Did they even read the message?

    The pop up is crazy in sceneries, who needs nails in sceneries anyway and I can't put my handbags on right :(

  6. Hey, I know your problem, the same thing (with a different ring) happened to me... to take it off, you just need to remove the nailpolish, and save. Go to your suite, and now it should work! If you look at non-ss, who only have their nails in different lenghts, but no nail polish, try to hover over it, but nothing will pop up... if you need anymnore help, don't hesitate to contact me :)

  7. I can feel your pain. Stardoll is sometimes really lame and awful.

  8. Well, they did allow me to change my username, so I guess that they aren't all bad. I always used to wear these awesome leather biker gloves and now I can't make them go on right because of the goddamn nails! Oh well, what are you gonna do, it's difficult enough to get the flash working :/


    Oh my God, Stardoll is dumb.

  10. Dude,what the eff!? How hard is it to understand,I want a ring to be taken off.

    Okay,let's see here,which ring?THE ONLY ONE YOUR EFFING FINGER,THAT ring.Dude,you didn't ask them to remove anything else, and they removed your nails,medoll,clothes,I would seriously be messaging them every hour saying this is shit,you removed what you didn't need to.You,at stardoll, are seriously fucked up.


    Sorry,it bugs me because the exact same thing happened to me. >:( Except it was a bracelet, and they removed my makeup,and change my entire outfit to jeans and a shirt.

  11. @Chihiro, how did you do it? I tried but they declined me

  12. that thing never pops up for me because i didn't bought any nail items.. and I won't buy any XD

  13. http://www.sdcdn.com/camera/19/674/19674361.jpg


  14. is that the ring stuck in your neck?

  15. oh my god girl, you just got like totally violated by the stardoll staff

  16. @ Габи - LMAO! No, that is a bracelet I wore as a necklace, the ring was like, behind my head.

  17. @Milena Petrova - See, my account was given to me by my friend, and he named the account after his real name, so I begged stardoll to let me change it for his safety, and they approved :D

    [By the way, my word verification was Kinky OMGOMG!]

  18. It's funny, how they removed like, 10 of the moles. It's like they did that on purpose, to mess with you.

  19. XD Like what was stardoll thinking: Maybe if we remove some moles it will work...After 5 min...Nope ...Ohh i have an idea!!We will blame her!! XDDD

  20. @Dei // To_Royal thank god you didnt put an ring behind your head..they probably would of remove your head O_O lol

  21. Try saying you lost the ring, and see if that works?

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I swear it's just a machine on the other end, picking out keywords so they can answer what they're programmed to answer. I sent them a message once, saying that a room I'd just made (Which had taken me forever) got ruined, half the stuff wasn't there! And they sent me a message back saying, "Make sure you don't give out your password, and be sure to click save" when I pressed save about 10 times! -.-

  24. Hahaha, stardoll, stardoll, stardoll...tsk, tsk. How do they not understand that the only problem was the "RING!!" I'm not sure but, it's like they just skimmed through the whole thing and assumed that the problem was like EVERYTHING unless the stardoll staff is plainly stupid, unless it was a computer -.- Because I wouldn't think that stardoll would read millions of stardoll members problems. :/

  25. I just about have a conniption fit every time the hand thing pops up. I always have to take all my nail polish off before I make a scenery because once it pops up is a scenery it's really hard to make it go away! Once time I was doing a really complex scenery and I forgot to take a sticker off....lets just say that was a nightmare.

    Well at least stardoll's trying....sort of...Every time I message them they DON'T REPLY! So I don't even message them any more.

    Why didn't you just take your nail polish off so you could take the ring off?

  26. HAHAHA That is so funny what Stardoll did, and it's really hilarious the way you said 'BAM'
    And I know! I hate those nail things that pop up. They pop up when I'm making a scenery and NEVER go away so I have to start the scenery again!

  27. I messaged stardoll about the thing on scenery where the nails thing pops up and doesnt go away and they told me they were fixing it soon and I still have problems with it.
    How could they possibly mistake 1 item for several and an item you clearly stated too! unbelievable.. actually no i do believe it, it's a thing stardoll would do ;/

    Lmaooo they can't be serious? That's some crappy customer service I see there. Gladly I am not superstar anymore, I don't have to fee guilty for paying them.

  29. Lmao! I was laughing sooo hard! But if that hapened to me I'd be pretty pissed off...Stardoll must be getting some pretty crappy service...

  30. Lmao! I was laughing sooo hard! But if that hapened to me I'd be pretty pissed off...Stardoll must be getting some pretty crappy service...

  31. LoL!! I have problems with the nails too... yesterday I put a clutch on my medoll's hand and then I tryed to put the white chanel flower on it (from Decades)... and horror!! the chanel flower stay stucked on the hand XDD
    After long time trying I found the solution: I made my medoll bigger and then I could remove it!! :)

  32. When this whole nail pop-up thing was first introduced, I bitched and bitched about it. The first thing I experienced was trying to put gloves on: NOT. I hate that pop-up. I never use it on my doll or anyone else's unless it's by accident.

    So sorry to hear about all your problems; unfortunately it doesn't surprise me at all. Keep trying. That's all I can say!!

  33. I couldn't help laughing even though I know I'd get pissed if it were me. Sometimes I think they hire apes to solve our problems...

    Like a couple of weeks ago, I placed a bag on my medoll's head, thinking I could use it as a hat, and I couldn't remove it. I contacted Stardoll and they fixed the problem quickly, even though they removed ALL the hats out of my medoll's wardrobe and I had to put them away --'

    I think it was a smarter chimp that solved my problem...

    Glad to hear you managed to remove the ring. And you didn't even need help from Stardoll

  34. Wow.

    I had a similar problem to you with the ring but I was able to tell them what the item was called (it was a Chanel cuff) and they took it off without a problem. Their customer service can be quite bad though.

  35. OMG! So they take off the stuff you WANT to keep on and after all of that they don't even take of the RING! Sorry, I just can't help myself! LOL!
    Although no, I shouldn't be laughing, because this is just SAD. Is this how stardoll really treat their customers? Obviously, yes.
    My GOSH. That must be so irritating.

    Personally I really hate it when I'm creating a scenery and it comes up, like you mentioned. Especially when you work so hard and then it comes up and you end up not being able to complete the scenery!


  36. I hate the nailwindow as well. I don't hve a ring for my doll but everytime I'm making a scenery it pops up and it doesn'tclose! Then my work is lost ... Stardoll service is truly awful. I contact them about my problem and they said they'll working on the site and they'll fix everything ... Just lies!

  37. What a bunch of idiots "/

  38. another idea is to zoom in...i had to do it a lot especially to remove a necklace:)


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