July 04, 2011

The Classique Awards Are Back!

From the little feedback about it from various friends and others.. I have officially decided to re-open THE CLASSIQUE AWARDS!

If you haven't already heard me saying before, I love to entertain people! And it seemed more people than I thought wanted the awards back. I am glad I can please so many people with this project of mine. I truly am.

Nominations have already started! So if you would like to nominate, you first need to join my club TheClassique - HERE!

And then, if after you join, or are already a member, you need to go to the nominations discussion - HERE!

I am really hoping you guys will have as much fun with this as I am trying to make it. Because really, if you aren't happy with them, I am not happy with them.

EDIT* For those who didn't read the nominations discussion, the category descriptions are located here and now here. So now there are not just one but two ways to view them.

Love, Dei


  1. I am more than happy that the awards are back! But, upon visiting the discussion I saw the names of the awards and thought WTF?! Maybe a little description for each one would help people?

  2. There are descriptions for each award.. You visit the link or the blog's section for TCA...

  3. Well, the "risky" part is shown in the ad...(Just saying).

    But I'll check it out ;D

  4. So glad this is back! These awards are a lot of fun!


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