June 16, 2012


This is probably rhetoric, but Hello, I am Amanda (better known as Manny) and I am a trial writer here at MDM.
- - -
As a year comes and goes, so much happens. We tend to look back and call it a 'blur' of sorts. Or, we just say that the year was slow and mangled us with the course of events. No matter how the year has treated us, it's always a sort of challenge to peek back into our past and realize how much we have grown or changed.
Now, you may be asking "Where is she going with this?"
Well, to be frank, my tenth grade school year ended last week, and even though I could tell you hands down that it was the worst year of High School I've ever faced, I suddenly realize that those 10 months of hard work felt like a smudge in my biological canvas of life.
We tend to take things for granted, and rather than live in the moment, I can easily say that most of us live in the future. Especially us Stardollians. There is some (not much) who nod their heads with whatever Stardoll doles out to us. Then, there are some who tap their feet impatiently, complaining about how Stardoll does this and does that. Those people, (I admit I'm one of them) always beg for more to come their way. Usually, when it does they swallow it up but give no recognition whatsoever to the source of the change.

Life is kind of like that. We complain with whatever we have, and then when we get something that is subtly different, we decide to categorize it into something small. I realized that as soon as the bell to dismiss school rang on the last day of school. My days of complaining about APEC and AP Biology were gone, and what felt like forever then, was just a surpassing moment now. I guess it's not wrong to dismiss those small things; Life is huge and those moments are just a drop in the bucket.
I sit in front of the computer now, Blogger open, poised to make a good debut post on MDM. As I read back through these words I've typed, I'm forced to 'reminisce' about first joining the blogging world of Stardoll, more than a year ago. I typed like a child then, maybe I do now, but I have to say: It's healthy to sit back and remember where we were six or seven months ago- or maybe even a year.
So, tell me then:
When you look back in your past, what do you remember about yourself?


  1. Oh for goodness sake. Copy the girl below you why dont you! Seriously, SHE WROTE ABOUT CHANGE. Then YOU WROTE ABOUT CHANGE! No offence just get some originality.

  2. Yeah, i sort of figured someone would say that.
    I won't argue with you, as from your perspective it probably looks like I copied.

  3. I enjoyed this post even though it was confusing you did seem like you put quite a lot of effort. I would like to see more of you. I hope you stay. :-)

  4. Go Manny! Loved this post :)


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