July 15, 2012

Running a Race

 We're constantly running a race. A race to be perfect, accepted, or just noticed. No matter what our aim, we're always running; never taking time to stop and smell the roses, however cliche that may be. In our paths, obstacles arise. We either find a way around them, or we turn away, running in another direction. Whatever decision we make, it will ultimately affect our overall outcome.

Lately I've been running a race. A race to be in control. A race to be perfect. As expected, there were obstacles along the way. And the more that appeared, the more frightened I became. So I eventually gave up. And for a while I had accepted that. I felt no remorse. I felt no sadness. I felt no desire to begin again. And I now realize how sorry I am for that.

This race is just a blog, and being accepted and understood by those who read it is just as well as being perfect. I felt alone before. I feel alone now. But at this point I have realized that you never run a race alone. Whether it be a partner running alongside you, or an entire team, you're not alone. Those who prepare you for the race are also in it with you. And it's a sad thing to ever forget that. But sadly I had forgotten, until now.

All in all, I'm just trying to convey my apologies to all of the writers and readers of this blog. I'm sorry for leaving you high and dry. I know that it may not be as big of a deal as I am making it, but it means something to me. In the scheme of things, this blog has or does mean something to each and every one of us. Even if it is a small something. I'm having some hard times in life, right now, and this blog is my resting place. I can lose myself here and forget all that is undesirable. I do hope that you'll all allow me to do so.


  1. I've never thought of it that way, but now I see it.

  2. I Agree with Nicole, I used to resort (and still do) with the blogs I was comfortable with to immerse myself out of the reality I was in. This was a great eye-opening post.

  3. Touching post.. Made think about some things

  4. maybe if you got that stick out of your ass i would actually give a fuck

  5. maybe message the individual writers instead of just posting it to the whole world? and if you find it so difficult then just quit and get off sd, it's not gunna benefit your real life.

  6. @anonymous. Its so stupid to hide with a mask. If you got something to say dont hide your name and say it face to face with the writer, cuz now in others eyes ur just a stupid person who is afraid to tell everything with his/her real name so hides. Well thats my opinion. I hate anonymous comments. They all are from people who dosent have a life.

  7. OrangeAnnax:

    The anonymous was rude but regardless of their behaviour, they have every right to remain anonymous. YOU are anonymous. I don't know who you are, I don't know what your name is, I don't know where you live: All I know is that your screename is apperantley "OrangeAnnax" and you are a Stardoll member.

    "I hate anonymous comemnts. They all are from people who dosent have a life."
    1) *DON'T
    2) Just because someone is an anonymous doesn't mean that they're bad. True; most anonymous comments are very harsh and rude but not all of them.

    Long comment, sorry, but I felt the need to let it all out haha.

  8. Hi, my username on Stardoll is ChocoMushroom, but my actual name is Michelle.
    This comment has nothing to do with this post but with your header. Your outfit is cu-te. Just wanted to let you know.. especially your shorts.(:


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