July 14, 2012

"You Tell Us" New LE Follow-up

Three days ago, I asked you all to answer with your opinions on the new LE collection- and you didn't disappoint! So today, as promised, I will be posting your best and brightest comments. I loved reading them and the intelligence of our readers is always amazing but not surprising, as I believe Stardoll's best does avidly read MDM (call me biased, but that's my opinion). Without further ado, here we go:

For the new LE collection:

OrangeAnnax said...
Graphic by Nicole/ Tcholas93
Sierra, Please dont take personal but my opinion is you live in the past. Times change and fashion too. well maybe i dont know the old LE (ive senn pictures tho) im in stardoll since 2010, but i think new LE is good. Congratz to stardoll that they finaly started to understand that there are boys on stardoll too. Good step forward. xx ♥♥♥ Anna

Jake/Hipster said...
I liked that there was guys stuff that stuff was nice. Way 2 go stardoll! LOVE DA LE!

Against the new LE collection:
Nastia Osipova said...
LE, in fact, any other store on Stardoll, are losing their value due to the circus-like pieces that are being released. I don't like this collection at all, because of the unneseccary details some pieces have. I have to mention that I no longer wait for new pieces to come to Stardoll and I have long-forgotten what shopping is in Dollywood, because chances are the clothes are going to be pieces of poor-graphic, oversized bull****.

Dei said...
My review of LE: Shit. Has no value what so ever, you know why? Because its not real! And yet... People spend hundreds REAL of dollars to load up on that crap.

Jackbitch/freeduck said...
antidote was better by a mile this season of le was an insult to my eyes

 Did you like this segment? Should I do more? Comment!


  1. Definitely, but I would prefer some things censored? :D There are younger readers on this blog, you know :D


  2. *osipova

    my name is nastia OSIPOVA :D
    btw, thanks for incuding me anyway :)

  3. I agree with all the 'dislike' people. I only liked 2 things this time around :P

    @Lovinjudas...Honestly there's been much cursing on MDM before. And even though I don't like cussing either having it censored isn't going to make it much of a difference

  4. @ Lovinjudas: Quit being such a fucking hypocrite, don't you have anything good to say? #GoAway

    Otherwise, I hate LE.

  5. @lovinjudas, you leave SD all ready right?? why are you here commenting? just go away.

  6. I don't think the new LE was a bad collection, I really liked this one. The male outfit was amazing, and I actually bought some of the girls clothes like bags, jackets and even dresses.

    Also most of the shoes were amazing...

    No need to hate it, to be honest.


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