October 22, 2008

Redemption Will Come...


These past few days of my MeDoll's life, from the time that fake Chanels took over Stardoll country, the latter seems to be doing everything (no matter how small and unnoticeable they are to some) to redeem itself. Leaving the endless pour of Voile dresses behind (I wonder if they would ever stop?), the biggest change so far was the renovation of our very own Starplaza. Everything worked smoother and faster since then and waiting for the whole thing to load from out of oblivion became a thing of the past.
Looking back farther, who can forget being treated to the best looking hotbuys collection in Stardoll history for a month. I can just imagine how dry the throat of the most addicted fashionistas went as soon as those peepers caught a glimpse of the fabulous October collection. The items are well composed and the whole collection is not a hodgepodge of ukayukay (cheap bargain) finds (as what we've grown accustomed to a few months back).
And if that ain't enough yet, to satisfy the insatiable thirst of the well dressed few for the beautiful and exquisite, extending the extravagance for another month is nirvana. Behold, the November collection.
Tonight, as I was rounding up my last set of nightly sit ups, the familiar message alert tone of my p1i sounded. It was a text message from Isabella. When her message finally went up the screen of my mobile phone, a familiar feeling came over me. The feeling of being given a present and anticipating what's inside although it's already within your grasp and just waiting for you to open it. "There's a new set of lips available!" Long before her second message came, I was already loading my Styling Studio...Ü

I know a lot of you still remember this advertisement:
Did you, Fab Stardoll Fanatic, not wish that in a sudden twist of fate, those luscious puckers would be seen on your MeDoll's face? Did you not fantasize with a little tinge of hope that those lip glossed smacked smoochers would be among the choices you have in the Styling Studio? Well, wish and hope no more...

Those fashion savvy lips are now ours. The best looking amongst all the available options in my own opinion, the new puckers have an expensive sheen to it, and so the richest elites (or so they claim) won't be mortified to use it. It has depth and character as evident on its silently smiling angle, as if saying and validating: I know you want more.

I moved my cursor to the leftmost tab and lo and behold...
The Paulina tresses could already take its much needed rest (thank God!)... These are just a few of my favorites from all the other new ones and if you are going to look closely, there are a few more to come.Ü

Stardoll may have a wronged us in the past and may have done some injustice to some extent, but with an effort such as the one that we are slowly seeing, Stardoll.com, redemption is on it's way. And to you Fab Stardoll Fanatic: To err is human. To forgive is almost always... fashionable.

...I'm out of here.


  1. Those lips only look good on some MeDoll's...
    On yours, fab! :)

  2. I'll try them on...
    Let's see if they work!

  3. Yay.. I Contacted Stardoll So Many Times About The Advertisement Of The MeDoll. Im Glad They Listened To Me.. Even Though It Took A While For Them To See My Point Lol :D

  4. And now it's just wishful waiting that those beautiful sparkly eyes will appear in the stylingstudio aswell, fingers crossed!


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