October 25, 2008

New HB! New Brand! NEW LOOK!

Has anybody seen this?

No no no no no. .. . not my MeDoll minus all the vibrant make-up, big, bling & black couture & layered bangs cramped in a claustrophobic dressing room, silly. I meant the pink dress I have on. Correct, that short unfamiliar one. So, have you?

Only a few, perhaps.

Before I continue this spill of juiciness, I just want to say that I haven’t really introduced myself formally on this blog yet, since I am amidst a glorious vacation here in Manila. Nevertheless, I still log in at Stardoll at times when I'm letting my tan sear to a golden honey like this refreshing dewy morning. Ah. .. . I could stay like this forever!


With only my MacBook Pro as my trusty steed, I JUST have to make this short post after reading a quick tip from a good friend!

Linkin_Girl whispered that a NEW HB from a NEW BRAND has been secretly released at StarPlaza!


ONLY 5 Stardollars!


Don't you just love this kind of rush?

So, follow these simple steps to get a hold of this candy:

StarPlaza ~ Search ~ Pink ~ Page 15


Indubitably, pink is STILL the new PINK!

Can I just say, why wasn’t this released on the advert of
10 HOTBUYS for October ?

Unless of course, they've recently revamped it to include this newest addition.


Okay, before I sizzle into a crisp, I must take a 5 minute soak in the tempting Boracay waters before I have my all ~ Philippino breakfast buffet!

And for once, I am not doing any mirepoix!


All you girls {& girly boys, or boyish girls} enjoy the dress, enjoy the weekend & hopefully enjoyed reading my first article. And again, THANK YOU Linkin_Girl for the heads-up! You truly made my morning, & surely everbody else's {evening to some} worth all the excitement for!

Oh, & Noelle, don't worry, I'll zip back to the city to make it on time for our usual Saturday Clique!

9pm still, right?

~ xoxoIsabella


  1. Thank you so much for informing us! :)

    Oh! You're back in the Philippines?!

    That's wonderful! :)

  2. Isabella I love your writing!
    Thanks for the scope!

    PS: Do you and Noelle know eachother in real life?

  3. I know! I saw Ellie wearing it this morning, so I rushed to the StarPlaza and I could not find it in the 'new section'... So, I searched for it under pink dresses and I found it! :)

    By the way, great post Isabella!


  4. The dress isn't THAT quality, it looks like real, but that is only as for me. I would like to see a new Real Brand in Plaza, anyways!

    Anyways, thanks for Kate aka Linkin_Girl!

  5. Excellent Post Isabella.
    And Have Fun SunBathing!

    -- Marie Ox

  6. Amazing first article Isabella! :)

    Love the blog. :D

  7. Oh yes I got that dress about two days ago.I am not that big of a fan of pink but I do love the color in it's all. :)

    Great first post.

  8. They probably didn't put it in the October Hotbuys because it's from the 'New Look' brand.
    It's alright I suppose, the other day they had it as the pick of the day on the home page.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?