March 05, 2009

20 Days Too Early

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And aren't you glad it is?

. .. .

Philippine Time, that is.

It is March 5 today, right?


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As I made my usual rounds at the Star Plaza, one piece looked familiar. I remember seeing this somewhere before. As I searched my memory (& Stardoll Magazine) I figured this Bisou Trousers is set to be released on March 25. Not that I'm excited at this piece
(not really a fan of trousers, especially THIS one)


This quite confused me.

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I found myself rechecking my iPod calendar.


The one on the advert is a tad too silvery whilst the one for sale recently at the Star Plaza is darker. But at the info given, it's the same brand name AND stamped as Hot Buys. Nevertheless, Hot Buys Collectors would be ecstatic to own this whatever the aesthetic may be & despite the undeserving 14 stardollar price tag.


And can I just say, I love these kinds of Stardoll glitches. This equally jumpstarts my morning like that of my own crunchy triple chocolate trouffles {Arci Trouffles} which I enjoy every 6am. Trust me, chocolate boosts you more than caffeine! And it gives your eyes a hint of sparkle . .. .


Aaanyway. Back to Hot Buys.

So, did Stardoll make a mistake on putting March 25 on the release date at the advert of the March Hot Buys? Or did they just release this 20 days too early? Regardless of global time zones, almost 3 weeks is a HUGE difference.

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To those Hot Buys Collectors (guilty on my Isabella.A.Two account)
who need this Hot Buys Bisou Trousers for their collection earlier than everyone else:


*hurry hurry lover come to me*



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Friends FINALLY show up at the Scenery! So to those Scenery enthusiasts like me, this is THE day to start squeezing your creative juices! And I've got one on the works. Barbie style!

I shall be recreating this:

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(photo courtesy of Angelic Dreamz)

I already pre-ordered this GORGEOUS doll {which happens to be released on my Birth Month!} since this strikingly resembles my MeDoll.

Or so I wish . .. .

I SO LOVE Stardoll for generously sharing this exact same exquisite ball gown to every member, both Superstar & non-Superstar! And for FREE!

Wish we had more days like this.



  1. Long post Isabella, but a great and informative one! barbie=Hot mamma [: LOL
    I can't wait to see what you do with your next scenery!
    Noelle xoxoxo


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?