April 04, 2011

Job Posting: Competition Host

Have you got what it takes to fill in this spot?

As MDM gives back to its loyal followers, a brand new competition will be launched within the next couple of weeks.

We are looking for a COMPETITION HOST!

If you are / have:

- A loyal MDM follower
- An excellent eye for beautiful outfits (or beauty in general)
- The commitment to make a competition post or result on a regular basis
- Know how to screenshot
- ...a decent grasp of the English language


Tell us in the comments why you should be hosting this competition and keep your fingers crossed!

Just in case, somebody will try, we are looking for someone with a good clean reputation. It's on top of the qualifications list.


  1. Mr. States-the-ObviousMonday, April 04, 2011 6:28:00 AM

    You already have like 75 people writing for this blog, most of which never post anything. Why not have one of them do it and start finally pulling their weight? lol

  2. WoW I didn't know that! Like seriously? I have 75?! That's a lot!!! Props to your math prowess! :)

  3. Mr. States-the-ObviousMonday, April 04, 2011 7:15:00 AM

    Always so condescending. Not an attractive quality in a person.

    I know you understand hyperbole, Noelle.

  4. Condescending? am I? I never thought you were so sensitive.

    You're laughing out load a while ago weren't you? Such irony...


  5. Sarcasm is best concealed by cowardice isn't it? *cough* using a pseudonym *cough*

  6. I'm in! I have my own blog and I hold comps on there too. Get me please.

  7. @Mr. States-the-Obvious fuck off (or fuck yourself) and do yourself a favor.

  8. I'm interested. Is this just a histing stint? Are we allowed to write about anything on the blog too just like the other writers?

  9. Mr. States-the-ObviousMonday, April 04, 2011 7:48:00 AM

    I wasn't being sarcastic. You DO have plenty of writers on MDM who don't post at all and could take on this project. Not sure why that simple comment inspired such animosity (veiled in pretentious, condescending detachment, as usual).

    And yes, you are extremely condescending, that isn't news to anyone who has ever seen you respond to a reader you disagree with.

    If you have a problem with pseudonyms, and anonymous comments in general as you've repeatedly expressed that you do, then you should just remove the option to comment that way. Otherwise, it's probably best you get over it.

    Oh look, an anonymous comment sticking up for you, and oh so eloquently!

  10. Mr. States-the-Obvious-just-an-fyiMonday, April 04, 2011 7:48:00 AM

    Mr. States-the-Obvious, Jenny, Aislin, Chad, Bruno & Isabella left already and are no longer contirbutors on the blog.

    Just in case you want to know

  11. You found so much of an animosity on my response?

    Anonymous folks have the right to write what they want and react the way they want (like the eloquent anonymous comment sticking up for me above).

    I believe the same privilege extends to me and to all those people who chose and choose to comment using their blogger accounts.

    A lot of my comments are condescending? You must have been following me a lot. :)

  12. WoW I didn't know that! Like seriously? I have 75?! That's a lot!!! Props to your math prowess! :) <-------- ROFL!!!!

  13. Mr. States-the-Obvious-but-just-doesn't-have-the-balls-to-say-things-using-her-real-account-and-still-got-pwned


  14. Mr. States-the-ObviousMonday, April 04, 2011 8:02:00 AM

    That first sentence makes no sense.

    If we have a right to comment anonymously then why always throw the fact that we're anonymous in our faces as if it's a bad thing? Is it because it's your only line of defense against criticism? Someone expresses an opinion that disagrees with or criticizes you and the best you can come back with is "You're an anonymous coward." It's just tired. Some anonymous comments have merit, some don't. Same as people with blogger accounts, and btw some of those might as well be anonymous.

    I read your blog, so yes I've seen your comments to people before. What's your point? Do you think everyone that reads this blog and the comments is stalking you or something? Lol, okay...

  15. Noelle is a self-important bitch, why does this surprise anyone?? Move on Mr. Obvious, you're wasting your time.

  16. Jenny is apparently having a funeral that she isn't even attending. So yeah she's gone, she's not writing here anymore. Or on Perez as Soulless Entity either! =D

  17. I&#39;m Anonymous! SUCK IT!Monday, April 04, 2011 8:06:00 AM


  18. REALLY stating the obvious!Monday, April 04, 2011 8:10:00 AM

    I think Isabella is gone, and now Jenny, because Noelle got tired of having to manage 3 accounts at the same time!!! :-D

  19. LOL!

    If you're gonna comment using different anonymous accounts, at least be miondful of the timestamp.. so as not to be too obvious. :)

    @wtf... yes, she did. :)

  20. OMG! you caught me!!! You're so smart!

    Yes i got tired of managing all three accounts. Oh my... I'm such a tired woman.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Edward Cullen really is the creepiest love interest ever in literary history. I mean he stalks this girl, breaks into her house and watches her sleep, admits several times he wants to kill her, and then when he finally talks to her and they start dating all he does is boss her around. Eat your ravioli! Have a normal reaction and be afraid of me damnit! NO WAIT DON'T I LOVE YOU!! Don't talk to the werewolf! I want a white wedding! OR ELSE NO SEXY TIMES!!

  23. @Anonymous commentators, no matter how constructive your comments are, that still doesn't change the fact that you are doing it concealed. It's still cowardice.

    I didn't find anything sarcastic on Noelle's responses. It's just witty. You people don't like it when people make you look like the obvious don't you? Like stupid.

    Doesn't this blog have an IP tracker below? Anonymous commentators can easily get caught with that.

    They're getting really obnoxious now. Not just on this blog but on other blogs as well.

  24. LOL!! and like why would someone want to be with a statue? isn't edward like made of stone?? lol are you the same person that did the twilight theater on psg????

  25. Oh no Patrick commented at the same time as me Noelle, does that mean we're the same person?!?! Oh noes!

  26. LOL @ WTF Twilight?

    @Patrick - I've been wanting to ask you this. Are you Devie44? about the IP address thngie... i wouldn't bother. :)

  27. No I'm not, I don't know what twilight theater is.

  28. ohhh... Probably... who knows... maybe there's just three people talking on here with all the 28 comments. Scary shit huh?

  29. This Patrick says he isn't devie44, but he is.

  30. Oh no now WE just commented at the same time!! Am I Noelle and never knew it?!?!?!?! :O

  31. I wonder if I can do graphics now! Now that I am you! I hope!!

  32. This is the craziest most hilarious trail of post I have ever been on! ROFL! Hey Noelle, I want the job! I'm a bitch and you need more of those on your blog. All you have are wimps and welites.

  33. REALLY stating the obvious!Monday, April 04, 2011 8:24:00 AM

    Edward isn't made of stone! He's just stone-like!!!

  34. Oh you will be doing a lot lot more now that you're me. :D

  35. I'm not. But i guess that's irrelevant now.

  36. I stalk Noelle w/ pride!Monday, April 04, 2011 8:26:00 AM

    what's the difference between made of stone and stone-like? basically he is a walking statue people, who wants to date that? really, who??!

  37. Okay this has nothing to do with this post, why are we talking about Twlight?

    but since we're already on the subject I really hate people that don't get it! It's a love story! I don't think he's supposed to be like a stone, he's just cold.

  38. That's not true, he *is* supposed to be like a stone. The author describes him as hard as granite, and as heavy, and when he gets slammed against the floor in the movie for New Moon his face cracks like a marble countertop!

  39. Usually this level of comment incoherency only takes place on PSG. This is ridiculous! Funny, but ridiculous.

  40. Patrick, you are just as anonymous as any anon commenter, so you're a coward too.

  41. Edward also comes off as kind of an old lady. Like I can imagine him, all those years living with a family full of madly in love couples going at it 24/7, and he's all alone in his room knitting. Or like putting puzzles together.

  42. Noelle, please fire Maggie. She's like steam to any dish. She's alweays there when it's hot and eventually disappears.

    She's on every Stardoll project there is. I'm so fucking sick and tired of her.

  43. Yes!! Puzzles and scrapbooks! :D:D:D:D

  44. ROFL!! Edward scrapbooking, that would be awesome. He'd have like ~*Hunting Trips*~ written out in glitter. Then pictures of Emmett wresting a bear while giving the camera the finger.

  45. Emmett would fuck with him and hide his arts and crafts stuff too, sending Edward on a vamprage. WHERE ARE MY GLITTER PENS?! WHERE ARE MY STICKERS!!?

  46. LMFAO!!! we should re-write these books!!!

  47. Oh, wow, these comments got a little off topic...*cough cough*

    Well I'd love to contribute to MDM in anyway possible! It is definitely one of my favorite blogs, and so many great people work for it. I guess I'll just go though the list and let you know my qualifications. So first of all I have a very clean reputation, I always try to be nice to everyone. I do believe I am a loyal follower (albeit a new one). As far as an eye for outfits, the only thing I have to show for that is that I won TTT's preppy competition, and their "trendiest" competition, which, once I made it into the finals, was viewer voted. It's funny that you should mention an eye for beauty in general, because that's what I've always seen myself as having. I like to see the beauty/potential in everything, and then put it together with something to make work. This is something I pride myself as doing in my sceneries. I think you can count on my, because I understand the commitment it takes to running a competition. I run my own modeling competition, and I always try to stick to a schedule. I know how to screen shot. End of story. Well, by the end of this ramble I think you should be able to grasp that I have a very firm grasp of the English language (: And that just about sums it up.

    -Lia (liajm)

  48. I'd like to apply for the job

    I was picked to possibly write for The Stardoll Insiders and I am one of the 4 remaining writers on the training blog. I'm really creative and I have a good eye when it comes to creativity.

    I won't be able to supply prizes as I can just afford to buy my own superstar but I could sort something out


    To all those people offending Edward you are just jelous :)

  49. Lmao, haven't we been over this whole "Noelle/Jenny/Isabella are identical" theory? And that's a PSG argument anyway :P

    LOL. It just made me crack up how they don't keep track of the time stamp. Are they just completely daft?


    I'm interested :-) I'm a current judge for comps on SMW, and I'm also a writer there. My English is quite decent, as it is my first language. I make sure I go through every entry and give each and every contestant a fair chance-whether there is this "Elite" tag to their name or not.

    Hope you choose me-or, if not, at the very least, consider me :P

    Noelle rules-F*** the anon's!

  50. ^^To the hate comments, your opinion is not valid here. Good day. :]

    My entry: Well, I just love reading MDM! I love how it really is a lifestyle blog, and how it just doesn't write the same news over and over again. I love posts like Jenny's abortion post, and how Noelle uncovers all these mystery hackings. To be included in such a high-standard blog would just be amazing. I write for a blog boutiquestardoll.blogspot.com, and I try to make my posts as entertaining and informative as the ones I see here. Another reason I would like to write for this blog, is because I'm "unknown" on stardoll. I've just become superstar today for the first time [:D], and I haven't done anything major, because I'm never offered the chance. I lose out on things just because I haven't had much experience, and I'm not as famous as some other entrants. I think that I do have good fashion sense, although I'm not always able to apply it because of expenses. I would just love the opportunity to show everyone what I've got! I would give everyone a fair go, not just the elites, and I think I have a pretty good reputation. Consider me and you will not be disappointed ;D

    Joanna [juicy-much]

  51. To say that thios got off topic is an understatement. It made me crack up though. :-)

  52. LOLing at the "in case somebody will try" part... Mizzmileypsycho9 hasn't been on the coments yet, so don't worry.

  53. I've been a follower ever since I discovered the world of Stardoll blogging about five months ago.
    I love looking at all the incredible suites and dolls around Stardoll.
    I write for/own two other blogs and every night I arrange time to make a post on them.
    I can screen-shot. (:
    Plus, I want to be a journalist and my first and only language is English.
    I'd love to be a part of this blog; it's amazing. (:

  54. *robynnrocks is my Stardoll username, can't believe I forgot that. :')

  55. My username is StarTishthe2nd.

    I really like MDM, it's 1 of my favourite blogs. I really like it as it's Stardoll related & also about lifestyle, it does get quite boring reading the same stuff on blogs.

    I like looking around at people's suite, outfits & me-dolls on Stardoll. I really like making sceneries & shopping at the starbazaar/Starplaza.

    I go on Blogger everyday & try to post on every blog I have. I also have my own blog to run too.

    I know how to screen shot. I kinda know how to put 2 pictures together, even though I'm a bit crap at it.

    English is one of the languages I speak. I also have good grammar & punctuation.

    I'd love it to be a part of MDM, it'll be a great opportunity for me.

  56. I have what it takes. Is there an application form somewhere? If you want a sample of my writing, just ask. :D

  57. I love MDM, I refresh it at least 5 times a day! I've always wanted any writing spot on here really, because I love blogging, and all those update blogs are really boring since there are so many of them and everyone posts the same thing! I missed my chance to apply as a writer, but now I hope that I will get this chance (I promise, I won't let anyone down). I do have a clean reputation, and have been blogging for a long time now. Please consider, Noelle!

  58. I'd like to apply [: Though the applications are very intimidating to my small Curriculum Vitae :L

    BTW, Noelle and State-The-Obvious dude, that is the classiest arguement I've ever seen!

  59. @PwincessSara/Sara
    The time stamp thing proves nothing, lots of people come on and comment on something at the same time, that doesn't mean it's the same person. Noelle herself commented at the same time or right after other people's comments, does that mean it was her typing all of them? No.

    It's obvious that Noelle and Isabella are the same person. Jenny isn't, she just copied their style. But please, people have been saying that behind Isabella's (or Noelle, or whatever her real name is) back for years. Gia just had the guts to come right out and say it.

    -They both act like prissy little holier-than-thou bitches.

    -They have IDENTICAL suites.

    -They layer their ensembles in the same extravagant way.

    -When one is on top, the other disappears, and vice versa.

    She'll never admit it, and that's fine, but you can't blame people for stating the obvious.

  60. Uhuh. We're just the same person. And so do other people who have extravagant suites, who layer clothes or are seen as bitches.

    When the other one is on top, the other one disappears. I intended to do it that way. To make it more obvious and see how smart you folks are. pft! :)

  61. I have strong reasons to believe that they are the same person before. But because of the reasons stated by the previous anon above, I am doubting that possibility now. The facts are pretty obvious. Darn too obvious to be true.

    If I will be creating another account of mine, I will exert extra effort to make the other seem real different from the other one like what Perez did to her other account *ehem!*

    Isabella and Noelle seemed like stuck up bitches alright but they sure aren't stupid. There goes the facts as I see them.

  62. I have strong reasons to believe that they are the same person before. But because of the reasons stated by the previous anon above, I am doubting that possibility now. The facts are pretty obvious. Darn too obvious to be true.

    If I will be creating another account of mine, I will exert extra effort to make the other seem real different from the other one like what Perez did to her other account *ehem!*

    Isabella and Noelle seemed like stuck up bitches alright but they sure aren't stupid. There goes the facts as I see them.

  63. I have strong reasons to believe that they are the same person before. But because of the reasons stated by the previous anon above, I am doubting that possibility now. The facts are pretty obvious. Darn too obvious to be true.

    If I will be creating another account of mine, I will exert extra effort to make the other seem real different from the other one like what Perez did to her other account *ehem!*

    Isabella and Noelle seemed like stuck up bitches alright but they sure aren't stupid. There goes the facts as I see them.

  64. Sorry I didn't mean to spam. The comments took too long to show up.

  65. Hi. This is Fins here. My username on Stardoll is FinskytheGreat. Well, I follow MDM and read the posts, like, every day. Its great to know the opinions, juicy gossip, and arising topics of Stardoll! I find myself extremely good at creating outfits, finding good outfits, and finding the beautiful faces Stardoll has to offer. Im not sure if you need to know, but I have never lost a fashion show. Ever. And I have participated in more than a few ( like, 30+). When I make a commitment, trust me, I don't ever let it go. Ever. Seriously. I am extremely commited to anything I do. Of couse I know how to do a screenshot, make it a JPG, and post it. I consider myself better than most adults when it comes to computers. Wow, did I just say that out loud?). Well, when it comes to the english language and a 13 year old, I excel. This school year, I have read 75 books, unassigned. And, I know what antidistblishmentarianism actually means. I also have a clean record on Stardoll and real life. Reading MDM is fun enough, but writing and being a competition host is the real rare treat! Thanks for reading, Fins.

  66. helloÜ

    Why I should be a writer LIST
    - I'm totally amazing
    - My oufits are 100% unique.
    - I love posting
    - I have an eye for gorgeus ofits
    - Chanel fan
    - My medoll is stunning (mini_12_5)
    - I won't give up.
    - I love cookies :3
    - Peace
    - Love
    - I'm funny person ...
    - ... that loves sarcasm
    - English is almost my first language
    - :)
    - Fashion is my pasion
    - Just smile.
    - I love weekends :p
    - I'm serious ... few minutes.
    - love to smile : D
    - Know how to screenshot 8)
    - beutiful
    - And specially I have good, clean reputation [[[:
    - I'm also nice .. most of the time.
    - I love talking.
    - blah blah
    - Just take me ! :D


  67. Well I think that I'd be good for this job as I update my doll's clothing regularly and I am updated with latest trends. Also I have had a lot of experience with working on blogs, not particularly in this sector of competitions, but I have had blogging experience. I am reliable and I would really adore to work on such an excellent blog. Oh, and about my English. I think you could pretty much grasp that from my 'application'. I am from England so...

  68. I would do it. I hold comps in my club, 1000+ members, I love reading the posts on this blog and look at it everyday, sometimes even refreshing the page to hope there's more posts! Lol... I sounds like a stalker haha!

  69. I would like to be one of the new recruits you are hiring to be your competion hoster. I think I have what it takes as I have the qualities that you all are looking for.On top of that I have a clean reputation AND I'm available any time. Of course, not midnight.I'm quite active, I know how to take screen shot's, and lots more, so I really hope I will be able to fit into you're specifications.

  70. hey my name is jazmine and i have a wonderful eye of fashion i get my inspirtion from noelle_page and im absolutey belong here cause i would never like to waste my great fashion!

  71. Hey my name is Jazmine and i have a good eye for fashion i get my inspiration from noelle_page and i absolutley belong here you just cant let a fashion die!

  72. They didn't say just "bitches" Noelle, they said "prissy little holier than thou bitches", that is a very specific attitude to have. Just as the way you dress and decorate your suites is very specific, not just similar styles but nearly identical. And you happen to be best friends. Who are both talented graphic designers, whose graphics are also in nearly identical design styles, and who have nearly identical writing styles, to the point where I can't tell you apart at all without being told who did what. COME ON! Do you really blame anyone for thinking you're the same person? Brush it off all you want, sarcastically joke that yes you are the same person, blah blah I did it on purpose blah, but it's so obvious that it *is* true that it's almost insulting for you to expect us not to notice.

  73. I want this job!! Gimme!! Haha, just kidding. I am, in fact, a loyal MDM follower; well, not per se, but I do look at the posts every day. Every. Single. Day. Honestly.
    If you ask whether I have a good eye, well folks, that's a yes or no question, so I'll give you a yes or no answer. Yes. In fact, I was considered to write for E! Of SD, MDM's media partner. I'm the PA,
    but I was supposed to also start doing a piece called "How To Get The Look", yes, about style, but Alice had to go shortly after.
    Anyhow, I would be very committed, I do have a decent amount of spare time on my hands, I would be very loyal when it comes to posting here.
    I know how to screenshot, obviously ;). As for knowing how to speak English, I'm from America, which means... No hablo ingles! Just Kidding.
    I DO have a good, clean reputation. Seriously, no drama on my plate. Sweetie, I'm pretty new and unknown to the stardoll world. You get to mold my image however you want. I can be The Big Bad Bitch, Lil Sweetie, whatever. Although, from the postscript, I guess you don't want the Big Bad Bitch.
    Anyhow, I hope you choose me, 'cause there's tons more... but when it comes to comments, who REALLY wants to write a book? Oh, wait, that's right, I already did! Whoops!


    - Evie

    Contact info:
    Stardoll name ---Neon---
    @Noelle: Dollmail me for more info.

  74. @Sarah - Who told you I was sarcastically brushing it off? :) That's great! I mean... you guys figured it out! NICE JOB! :D

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. I would love to contribute to MDM as i am a loyal reader. I think i have much to offer to this blog.

    I have a great sense of style,i can spot a good and bad trend and comment on it without being overall bitchy.Most people can't manage that.

    I have a clean record as i try my best to be nice to people.But there is that tiny chance that someone hits below the belt then i come of as not so polite.That's just me though,but i generally am a nice person.

    I'm a loyal follow,albeit a bery new one.I have read this blog for ages but only just made a blogger account so..yeah.

    I think everything and everyone has the potential to be beautiful.I pick out peoples best features,in looks and personality,and i make them shine through their flaws.Though,their flaws are perfect,if that makes sense.

    I have a firm grasp on the English language and my vocabulary extends each day.

    I really hope you consider me as i think i have great potential and i think this will help me grow in my writing style.


  77. I'd love to be the Competition Host for this competition for many reasons, Firstly, I'm a big fan of MDM and admire their writers and staff, Secondly, I would like to start fresh, and if I could get to something this big, and something I never thought I'd be able to get, then I'd be really committed to the job knowing that someone appreciates me, for me. Thirdly, I always tell myself 'There's no harm in trying' so I think that I should try, and even if I don't get it, At least I won't wonder what would've happened. There are many more reasons that are too hard to explain in text, but just to get to the point, I'd love to.

    Username: Miss00lee99

  78. Hey medollmemoires i think i have the abbility to all of ur wishes - A loyal MDM follower
    - An excellent eye for beautiful outfits (or beauty in general)
    - The commitment to make a competition post or result on a regular basis
    - Know how to screenshot
    - ...a decent grasp of the English language
    i am a great person to be a part of the team! My username:EmoBunny1230

  79. I thought I might apply :)

    I love MDM, I come one whenever I am on Stardoll, which is every day. I enjoy what the writers have to say as they are rather different to other writers and know how to get the attention of readers. But anyways, I like MDM and I don't feel the need to suck up to you than just stating the obvious :)

    I think I have an eye for beauty, and I’m a big believer in inner beauty too. I like people who follow their own style and don't go with the trends, so I pretty much LOVE originality. Now we pretty much just seem the same things over and over, which really annoys me. I'm into many different styles so i know what I’m looking for.

    I'm very committed. If I was to get the position I would feel honoured and do my absolute best to live up to the job. I can post as many times as necessary as I am on every day.

    I know how to screenshot and the whole Tinypic and everything, so there are no issues there.

    I know English well, it’s my birth language! I cross check all my posts for spelling errors and punctuation errors, I cannot stand bad grammar!

    It would mean a lot to me to get this job. I would like some experience like this and I feel after 5 years on Stardoll it's time to explore and try different and new things.

    Thanks, I hope I get to hear from you :)

  80. Thought I might add too, my username is the same as my Blogger name if you needed to know :)

  81. @Noelle-

    Just notifying you that this is my blogger account and I posted before not logged in.

    I'm ---Neon--- aka Cleo, but I posted it under Evie (long story).

    ANYWHO, the thing I wrote about writing for your media partner E! has recently been confirmed.

    And as I stated before, it is in fact ABOUT style. It's called "The Look".

    Just thought I'd let you know some more of the story... and now I'm an official follower of MDM since I finally got around to getting a blogger account!!! Yay!

  82. me? be a competition host for this blog? it would be the greatest thing i would ever do! i LOVE hosting competitions! i do them all the time :] i would have lots of ideas and i have a good eye for fashion i stop people on the streets to take pictures with my camra of them saome times because their oufits would be unbelieveibly unique and beautiful! as for beauty... i want to study make up and beauty when i am older too. i love doing my medoll's make-up. and my own in real life. i love experementing with my medoll so i have no such style... so i would be fair. i would put stardollers into this. i am on this laptop of mine everyday for 2 and over hours.

    thanks soo much for this oppertunity.

    -caoimhe♥ (xxcaoimhezoexx)

  83. Hi my username is jordache-xo

    I do follow the blog on a google account but to be honest I never take the time to sign in,I would really like this oppurtunity, I have a very big intrest in fashion and it would be such an honour to even work on one project for this blog so I would love to be considered. Thankyou :)


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?