March 16, 2009

Same Old Brand New You

And I'm referring to the Cuoco Dress & Violet Voile Dress.

As I was cleaning out my virtual closet {& still am}, I noticed these never-been-worn vintage clothes have "magically" transformed into MUST HAVE pieces! For me, at least.
Yes, I've never considered wearing them since its release light years ago because well, y-e-a-h they were nice but uh, these dresses were graphically challenged. The Cuoco Dress was dotted by bright neon doodles & the Violet Voile Dress was just flat . No texture, no detail. Just a plain cut-out of violet construction paper with grey outline.


The details are just impressive! The colours are more vivid & the feel & texture of these clothes are intricately enhanced!

Good job, Stardoll!

I'm not quite sure why they picked these two specific dresses to refurbish but can I just say, I am loving both of them! And for sure I'll be wearing these very soon!

Has anybody noticed other clothes getting an overhaul?

Oh also, where's Noelle?




  1. Wowww!
    This is pretty cool.
    I think that Stardoll is like re-vamping everything because their graphics used to suck

  2. They changed the DKNY Pink Sequin Dress & the DKNY Shearling Fur Jacket as well.

    They look really ugly now.

  3. They did not just do random clothes, they had a problem with a lot of things and had to re-do them or delete them all together. They decided on re-creating.

    Some look decent, I like the new vampire dress, but for the most part, they look more virtual.

    Couco multicolor top
    Lady green dress
    Sequin DKNY
    Vampire dress
    Flounce skirt (pink, like shorts)

    It is very obvious which are changed and which are not, you can tell by browsing closets

  4. I must've overlooked the Vampire Dress. .. . Will check on that later.


    They also added a few details on the MKA Chiffron,

    I wish they'd redo most of the flat & "cartoony" vintage clothes. And since Stardoll is re-releasing most of its pieces, why not give those dresses a facelift while they're at it?

    Oh well.


  5. ♥ Still here hun... still here... I know you know why I am out of touch lately. Ü

    Isabella, let's do something about the shit-ty photobucket. The pictures aren't showing up.

    Luv yah!


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  7. I was shocked by the improvements, i noticed the Couco dress too in my closet!

  8. They also changed the Shakira dress and the purple t-shirt with the different colored polka-dots on it. :)


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