April 19, 2009

LoVe LV!

Ni Hao!


Can I just say, I.WANT.THEM!


Isn't Stardoll.com THE Main Stardoll? So how come the "franchise" is more advanced? The clothes have a wider variety? And the availability of one-of-a-kind pieces are more outrageous?


I don't have an account at Stardoll.tom.com but if I only knew Mandarin, I would rather spend my cash over there in a heartbeat!

Indubitably, Louis Vuitton is way MORE WORTH IT than LE!

Hmmm. That got me thinking. Why am I spending too much on an ordinary line like LE when I can fatten my purse for some fab LV?

I so can't wait for this!

That is, if Stardoll ever decides to release LV on the so-called Main Star Plaza.

Keep you fingers crossed!

I know I am!



  1. OMG that's so weird!
    BUT they always release things before the real stardoll soooo maybe we are getting that too!!

  2. Its was in the starplaza of stardoll.tom.com in the store called Louis Vuitton
    but is gone

  3. Hmm. I'm annoyed - Our Stardoll is the 'main' Stardoll, so how come they get the Louis Vuitton bags?

  4. ooorr...i have an idea...Maybe you should spend money on REAL louis vutton instead on stardoll's virtual ones...i mean...this is pathetic...i don't get why are you so opsessed with stardoll...you should go out and live!:)

  5. i always thought stardoll.tom.com was far behind our stardoll, im surprised!

    i am dying to get my virtual hands on those gorgeous bags! that gives me an idea, i may just contact stardoll and demand some LV, ha!

  6. Asia always gets the goods first, U.S. I think tie with Canada.

  7. I have an account there, I'm a philippino but i just hate going on my account there, well at least im ss forever there


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