April 18, 2009


By now, you would have known how to snatch this Free Chihuahua from the Cinema. But doesn't this pup remind you so much of a comic royalty?

It does to me.

I wonder why Stardoll hasn't made a Doll out of
Dame Edna.

*scratches temple*

. .. .

Now try this one.

Look closely.Those piercing eyes. Strong nose. Perfectly arched brows. And signature dirty ash blonde layered bob.

No. Guess again.

No. Guess again.

No. Guess again.

Okay. Here's a clue.

They should've named the Latest Stardoll For Superstars

Martha Springdoll

. .. .

I suddenly felt a need to redecorate my suite.

(photos courtesy of Stardoll, Dame-Edna.com & Martha Stewart Living)



  1. LOL! Freakin hilarious, I actually love her site, they had the best DIY gifts for valentines and sewing tips/tricks, gotta love martha x

  2. Stardoll did make a Dame Edna doll, it got deleted.

  3. I will miss the Dame Edna doll so much.. :-\

  4. Stardoll probably did that for copyright reasons.

    As talkziki1213 said, they did have a Dame Edna doll, but it got deleted.

  5. There is a Dame Edna doll.. here's the link :)


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