December 05, 2010

Evil Doppelgängers?

In fiction, folklore, and popular culture, a doppelgänger is a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil. In the vernacular, the word doppelgänger has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person.

6AM Manila time.
I thought I just had the best sleep of my life... only to wake up to these:

*click on the images to read*

Just a few days ago, PSG prime blogger Baya Nikolas (EliteNews) was a target of a certain poser who jumped from one guestbook to another leaving nasty comments. Click to read the article here.

Isabella deleted what she wrote on hers but it read:
"I am so much better than you and Noelle. I am Baya Nikolas."

I don't want to make any assumptions at this point but it seems like Blog owners and writers are being targeted by this, should I say, New Trend: Doppelgängers.

...Here's what I saw in Isabella's Guestbook:

On Jenny's (bubblyminty):

...and on Lolita's:

We at MDM are having a dose of it now.
This person apparently has forgotten about Bruno.
Lucky him.

All these Evil Doppelgängers seem to have been created by one user (i doubt if this is a main account though...).

mangaloversam (Bates).

The girl is obviously Schizophrenic as evidenced by her talking to herself in her guest book.

Psycho alert!!!

Based on her presentation (if you can ever consider it one), she's out to create her own clan of elites.

"I am starting my own clan of elites as I am already an elite obvosuly. If you wanna join, conact me ok? I will see if you are elite enuff."

Aside from having terrible grammar and spelling, she / he or IT is a clear nut case.

This new trend is SICK... not to mention STUPID.

Have some Stardoll users really lost it already and got into the CRAZY BIN altogether?

Or is this just a ploy to divert our attention elsewhere from something worse?

Scary? Or just plain CRAZY?

You decide.


  1. How come they only targeted the MDM members (except Bruno)? I bet they're all the same people on separate poser accounts

  2. Noelle, there is a girl which has written that she is making a circle of "elites".

    Chad wrote on LNWC about it and that girl, yeah I think it is only 1 is a psycho.

  3. Wow, that bitch! Who ever has created that account needs to find something better to do with their life.

  4. Holy Crap...She threaten ppl,because they're famous? Omg,girl,you're such a brainless nut,without hobbies and a life.Develop yourself fame! After this Action,you'll never get!

  5. Envy is realy bad. They don't know who to be and want to be like you. Stupid posers.

  6. OH they r so so so so mean ! I meen someone should teach them a lesson to not play with amazing girlz like u guys ! :L they or "she" i think she should go to LOL :)

  7. Excuse my French but she is a..


  8. I am shitting myself, the italian mafia are threatening to hack me :SSSSSS

  9. A lot of people are getting hacked nowadays. Do you think using manual proxies in regard to getting freebies and stuff in Stardoll has got something to do with it?

  10. On one of the pictures, She is talking about me. Mileycyrussss is my username. She was making fun of me because I was standing up for Lolita and how the one chick was a poser.

  11. Talk about sad. But its so sad its funny. No wonder she made my hate list and is staying there.- Guess who?


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