December 05, 2010

Did you change?

It has been nearly a week since I decided to change my Stardoll Presentation and until now I haven't done a thing with it expect adding a few links of the blogs I own or write for.

I am sure everyone knows that our very own Noelle, Isabella & Jenny have a portrait of their MeDoll on their presentations. That inspired me to add a portrait of my MeDoll to my presentation hoping it would be a good start.

I gave a look to my Stardoll Party Pictures Collection to see if I could find something good. I didn't find anything good but seeing those pictures made me realize how much I have changed on Stardoll.

(Picture from a party when the Lady GaGa hair got released.)

( The "banner" I used on my very 1st post on Perez Hilton of Stardoll.)

(Aquamarine Inspired Look. I can say that was my 1st good look ever.)

(Chic look I created with a DKNY Scarf & Sonia Rykiel Bow. I had it for over a month.)

(A look I had for a few days...)

(The portrait that Isabella & Noelle then modified to look as amazing as it does today on the Blog's sidebar & Banner.)

This pictures are some looks I have had on Stardoll.

I think that my doll has been changing a lot, now I see a more mature doll, more chic, more fashionable & more liked by others.

Small Game:

If you think your MeDoll has changed please give me in comments (only) 3 pictures of her, 2 old ones and a present one. (You can upload them in Tinypic, Photobucket or Imageshack.)

I will put all pictures in a post and I will also open a poll where everyone will vote for the one whose change they like the most.

The winner of the poll will be rewarded with a prize of 100Stardollars.
* The last day to enter is December 20th.

Lots of Love,


  1. 'how did you changed?' wow, you sure know how to use grammar.

  2. Lolita, I like your current look the most :D Might enter the "Game" if I have more time.


    ~ Zoë

  4. Here's my "Timeline":

    The first picture was waaayyy back in the beginning

    The second was when new hair was released

    The last, the new and (hopefully) improved me.

    Stardoll username: sugar103

  5. I'm In ;D

    (Sorry for the bad quality.)


  6. 'did you changed' isn't any better, do I really have to tell you how to spell it right?

  7. Thanks for joining in girls.

    @ Anon. - Wtf are u talking about?

    my 3 medolls, i think ive changed alot :)

    xoxo vicki95


    Haha :D

  10. All entries are amazing, I'm really glad to host this small game. :)

  11. wish i could enter.. however i cant actually get into stardoll today.. -.-

  12. Hi, this is my entry..


  13. Username: Princesspea105

    I took the two old pictures from my sceneries. (:

  14. Am definitely entering :)
    I don't have any pics of my medoll in her horrendous stage!!! But I have progress from the past year, one pic if the header for my blog, which I epic-ly need to change!!!
    They are in order, so oldest first, then middle and then present:

    Thanks, Love K xxx

  15. Oh, forgot to say, stardoll username = sparklewand12 :)

    Love K xxx

  16. This is how I looked at the beginning.(without make up). xD
    But I found this pictures from my cousins scenery,:

    This one is when it changed in time, but it's from scenery too.:

    This one is how my medoll looks now:

    Stardoll user: Julia6ta

  17. Luckily I catched up some time to upload these pictures in tinypic. - right doll is owned by me - again, right doll is owned by me - My current look

    xoxo ELisabetha

  18. Hi im in:)
    here is my changes (when i was nn ss i bought those makeups when sd make us ss for 1 day)
    first day ss the girl with the white hair. when i got this hair


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