December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Lovely Lolita

After a tiring orchestra session and having to walk back home though inches of snow I was confused, as usual. And not to mention numb with coldness.
I didn't even know what day it was today.
I look up at the calendar-15th Wednesday.

Just another usual day. I like to amuse myself by remembering what I learned in history and recalling facts that happened on certain days.

Did you know that on the 15th of December?:

Loud commercials in the U.S.A were restricted?

Or that in Venezuela thousand of people unfortunatley were perished in heavy mudslides?

And that John Paul Getty III was kidnapped?

Did anything else happen on this day?

Today something has, our lovely Lolita is celebrating her 18th birthday!

Lolita we all wish you an extremely happy birthday, do whatever your heart desires today and
enjoy the warm company of your friends and family.
Open those present and say your "thank-yous", and remember to eat your cake like a lady now Lolita, your 18 now, not 17.
We love you!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?