December 18, 2010

Real World Issue: Size

I decided to do an off-topic of stardoll post today ;). Searching across fashion photos on a blog I like called Inkblot Photography and look what I found, I just had to post it:

Crystal Renn by Derek Katella for Paper Planes F/W 2010.
A beautiful, slim girl. In fact, I think the legendary Crystal Renn must have lost some weight....but she's a plus sized model.

It really sickens me that the modeling industry thinks that she is plus sized. Or that they expect their models to be like a hanger, a stick to put clothes on. 

Really, when you think about it, mankind has always liked the unhealthy, the things that are hard to achieve.

Think back: It was a few hundred years ago, and being curvy (what would now be plus sized) was an attractive weight. Being skinny was considered disgusting, skinny and tall. That was a time with much less food, so being what is now considered considerably overweight was hard to achieve, so it was considered attractive.

Now, food is in abundance. So staying skinny is hard, but overweight isn't. So what's the new wanted figure? Mega-skinny and tall. It's interesting how it was the opposite. There must have been an amazing middle point, the in between territory, where an attractive weight was not skinny but not obese. The healthy weight. 

So what's your take about the ongoing debate of size, especially in the fashion industry?


  1. Well, I believe the issue has in-fact been taken into consideration by many designers and now either choose healthy models or a bit plus sized models, but other than that they are propelled to stick to ''standard procedure''. However, designers such as Givenchy, Dior and I believe Chanel have used anorexic models in the past few years. The fact remains fact, if you have a certain habit you cannot get rid of it, because that habit is by definition you and what you do to showcase yourself, or in this topic, that designer's ''vision''. Furthermore, I believe the only way to stop this is to spread awareness to the models themselves, and not to the designers, because the anorexic or at the tip of getting anorexic models are those who are losing their lives and health because of the fashion industry. However, its been years since people tried to raise awareness but I am supposing designers still have their mind set to models who are anorexic.

  2. Yeah, It's not good to be too skinny or too fat. I think that the models on many of today's catwlak are in need of a good meal. It's quite sad.

  3. I loved this post! I believe that people don't see the behind the scenes and that models are just born that way-they have it in them. But the amount of trouble they may go into to gain thier achieved weight is completely anonymous.

  4. I think that the change should start within each and everyone of us. I mean, those standard were dictated by society. Us.

    If we just learn as a whole to see beauty beyond our senses, then the world will be a much more better place to live in for all of us.

  5. I agree with everything you said in your post :)

    I am quite skinny, im not anorexic or anything, i love food so very much but alot of people say that im skinny and it hurts. I dont think i am that skinny, im 7 and a half stone and 1m 69
    Although ive put on alot of weight since halloween which makes me happy :))


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