December 22, 2010

Welcome to the MDM Family zoe_COUTURE!

Zoë is the name.

Zoë is 16 years old and she is from the picturesque Corona Del Mar in the United States of America.

This girl is a traveler and an artist by heart.

She's got the drive to see the world, and explore things to satisfy her zest for life.

Anything beautiful excites our sweet Zoë. Amongst other things, writing is one of the things she is passionate about. She feels she can express words only the heart can say and the mouth cannot speak through writing.

Know Zoë Brooke more, only here at


  1. Zoe looks so classy.

    Love love love it!

    Welcome to the family! :)

  2. So Zoe, THIS was the blog you couldn't tell me about you sneaky girl ;D ^^

  3. Hooray :D Congratulations Zoe! I'm So Looking Forward Towards Your Posts [;

  4. Woooo :D

    Another blog on her huge list of blogs :D Woww.That girl is awesome xD

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  6. Congratulations Zoe! Welcome to the MDM Family!

  7. Congratulations Zoe! Didn't she win the 12 Day of Dresses Competition?
    Man, that girl is fabulous.

  8. Oh my gosh, you guys are the sweetest!!

    Thank you for such a warm welcoming! ^^

    ~ Zoë xoxo


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