January 10, 2011

12 Days of Dresses Last Winner & Tag a Friend Rewards Program Week 1 Payout!

Hi there Loyal MDM followers!

I do hope all of you had a great weekend (because we at MDM sure did!) :)

Anyway, the results for the last winner of MDM's 12 Days of Dresses Competition is in.

And the 100 Stardollar prize will go to no other than....

It was such a close fight (as in really close!) beween miladyfashion and iovanca!

Anyway, the best still had to win so miladyfashion will be 100 SD richer than all of us today. :)



On another note, and as promised, today will be the first payout for the first ever user-created Rewards Program in Stardoll.

The MDM Tag a Friend Rewards Program!

We got a really strong response from this as evidenced by the constantly increasing numbers of our followers!

Thank you everyone!

The following people will be receiving their payouts today either through the Starbazaar for Superstars or as gifts worth of payout for non-superstars.

AbiiBabeh..x = 10 Stardollars
Alice2078 = 20 Stardollars
crystality = 20 Stardollars
dimpledall = 30 Stardollars
FashionistaT = 20 Stardollars
Mileycyrussss = 30 Stardollars
RoyaltyEye = 10 Stardollars
Sugar103 = 40 Stardollars
winniegirl123 = 10 Stardollars

That's just a total of 190 Stardollars Week 1 payout!

There are still comments and blogger profiles I am unable to verify so please, for those people who invited these guys, ask them to allow verification on their blogger accounts!

...and don't forget to tell the people you invited to put a comment on the Tag a Friend tab at the top of the page...

How do you think will I be able to know who invited who?

I can't read through minds behind computer screens guys! :P

Again, keep inviting those friends of yours because each successfully verified follower that you invited will get you 10 Stardollars in cash (for superstars) and worth of gifts (for non superstars).

10 Successful invites in a week will give you 100 Stardollars!

To refresh all of you with the instructions, click HERE.

Got it?





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  2. cool! So I joined because of crystality. Am I allowed to invite more people or since I was invited I can't?


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