January 26, 2011

'Blogging' Rights

I opted not to use my usual banner this time as i want the poster above to be the focus of this post.

Graphic design has become one of my very few outlets in such a short period of time.

I am always astounded as to how some combination of colors, textures and shapes can amount to something so magnificent and extraordinary.

And as you all know, another passion of mine is writing.

I am taken into a whole new dimension when I write. Through this, i am able to express feelings that may be too cheesy for some and even those that are too harsh for others if communicated through words.

In coming up with the MDM's Next Top Blogger competition, I have just planned to look for a new writer for this blog.

It's as simple as that.

Weeks of planning passed and finally it was time for the 18 finalists to go through their first challenge

...Little did i know that it will most likely become a first challenge for myself, the judges and you our dear followers instead.

When i read all the posts, i got lost for words... i am impressed beyond belief and i found myself bowing down to these 18 young souls.

The competition is far from over but i believe that as early as now, 18 blogging stars have just been born.

(Read what they've written here)

I know for a fact that when this competition comes to an end... or when a finalist gets eliminated, each and everyone of them (the winner included) will grow as bloggers or should i more appropriately say... writers.

There will be tons of opportunities coming and doors opening for them which brings me to address all the other blog owners out there.

In bringing two of my most favorite things together (graphic designing and blogging), I have resolved that the poster above will be a first in a series of graphic posters showcasing blog owners and their blogs, Stardoll writers amongst us and those people who are serving to be true inspirations to many (myself included) in this virtual world of ours.

Through this simple gesture, i am expressing my deepest gratitude to our followers and our media partners and affiliates.

...and to all my 18 MDMNTB girls, in or out of MDM, you are stars. You deserve the BEST. :)


4 new writers who happen to encompass all that i've mentioned above will be revealed through the Poster Series.


  1. WOW! This is a whole new level.

  2. That's awesome! I am also blown away by those MDMNTB girls. This competition will truly open the doors for them :)

  3. That is wondeful and your poster was very well made..


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